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Current Mail Page

This is the general mail page: think of it as a "home page" for mail. There is a new mail page every week. Some of the back issues are extremely interesting and a few are important.

Search: type in string and press return.


  atom.gif (1053 bytes) Anything you send not CLEARLY marked as not for publication may appear here

atom.gif (1053 bytes) If you don't want something printed here BE UNAMBIGUOUS and UP FRONT. I respect confidences, but if they are buried in the middle of text I may miss the instruction. If you want to be anonymous, that may be possible, but again BE CLEAR!

OUTLOOK strips off headers when I copy mail, so PUT THE SUBJECT and your MAIL ADDRESS in the BODY OF YOUR NOTE if you expect people to see the subject and your address. If you do not want your mail address published, do not include it in the body of the text, but do include a name to be printed with your letter.

More Boiler Plate below.


MAIL AFTER January 1, 2001


Go to PREVIOUS MAIL WEEKS:  1       4   5   6   7   8   9   10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Fair warning: some of those previous weeks can take a minute plus to download. After Mail 10 they're tamed a lot. The list above ends with 29 since I now put the previous week above. 


Mail started in summer, 1998, and in general there is a page for each week. It is not well indexed, and there are dozens of topics. Much of it is very much worth your while. If anyone wants to volunteer to index any or all of this, you will have my gratitude.

Much of the best of mail ends up as Reports. See the Reports Page for summaries.

THERE IS ALSO alt.mail which is generally confined to social and political observations.


Please keep mail as unformatted as possible. See Instructions if you are not clear on this.

For what's going on, try current mail or the VIEW pages. Current mail means the file in which I am currently posting mail. Usually there is a new one every week, but not always; it depends on the length and download times. MAIL often has links to mail that was put in a topical page such as LINUX or The Yorktown Affair or the Microsoft Halloween Papers, or the Operating Systems Debates or...

Before you send mail to be published, click here. This is particularly important if you have a lot of questions you hope someone on the site will answer. Finally, to get a sense of what else is here, do see WHAT IS THIS PLACE?  


I try to answer mail, but mostly I can't get to all of it. I read it all, although not always the instant it comes in. I do have books to write too...  I am reminded of H. P. Lovecraft who slowly starved to death while answering fan mail.  I'll get at the mail when I can. I'm dancing as fast as I can...




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