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Special Reports

This page isn't updated often enough, but there's not a lot I can do about it... It's still worth looking over to get an idea of just what is in this place, but it is about 2 years old as of June 2004, so only use it as an historical tool.

The BYTE matter ended honorably, and I now write a column for but I expect you knew that.

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In any event, buy STARSWARM. And Buy The Burning City by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.  Do so now...


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There is the Black September War page which describes pages on that subject.

We have added to the Velikovsky Discussion and also added a page on the origins of the First Dark Age.

Infantry in the Modern World: observations and a discussion.

WORK IN PROGRESS: an updated page on work I'm doing.

Some comments on Strategic Defense

What kind of computer to take to college?  See discussion in alt.mail.

New reports on Viet Nam in the FPRI Reports section. See Winning the Viet Nam War and Who Were We in Viet Nam?


A really well done debate on Evolution in Alt.mail.  There are other discussions in Alt.mail, and there are a lot of new REPORTS

Discussion on Free Trade

New debates on the future of the military.

What do you want computers to do? Discussion here.

Two partial reports on my trip to Japan. [1] [2]

There is a Work IN Progress page on what I am doing.

This isn't "new" but it's new for most: there's a report on a visit to Mount Wilson

Picture report on Writers of the Future Awards.

This definitely needs updating, but at least now there is a search function.

We have a photo-essay on The Corpse Plant at the Huntington Library. Thousands of Angelenos turned out to see a plant that stinks like rotting meat and only blooms once every generation...

There is a bit of a flap about an article Norman Spinrad did about me, Space, SDI, and the Space Council. I've given it a page of its own. The discussion keeps expanding.


Two short photo groups: the Christening of Julian Elise Miller, and a short expedition by Niven and me to take cover photographs for The Burning City.

A new TOUR GUIDE to this site; tries to describe what's here. 

Taiwan and the Two Chinas: Essay by me, and report from FPRI

Good letter on Upgrading to Windows 98 SE with good advice.

 updated.gif (168 bytes)There's a new page about Spinrad's LeMonde article about me and space and SDI.


The Debates section has been organized with a home page, and there is a new essay/debate on SMP and the Future of Computing.

We are trying to reorganize with sub webs. Wish us luck. Still working on getting

VIEWDEX sort of indexes the VIEW pages. View is my daybook/journal.

Give indices to earlier pages of VIEW.

MAILDEX an index to  Chaos Manor Mail is now available.

Previous include Maildex1, Maildex2, and Maildex3

Currentview and currentmail will always have those names. Note that this means links to interior bookmarks in either of them by that name will be broken at week's end when currentview is renamed to the proper sequential number and a new currentview page is begun. Similarly for mail, of course. Links to the page title will work, though.

The REPORTS section has been organized. New Feature: Moshe Bar's Opinion, reprinted by permission; if you do Linux or want to you must read Moshe Bar. See the Reports summary page for more. His report on family Linux is priceless.

atom.gif (1053 bytes) New  Table of Contents and A Search page.

 atom.gif (1053 bytes)ORDER OUT OF CHAOS: Indexes to THIS SITE, View One, and Current View

Problems with Internet Explorer 5 Beta, a report by Russell Kay

A special report by Robert Bruce Thompson on cookies: what they are and when they can be an annoyance. With a reply, and discussion.

My Death Valley Crash: what I did on my way home from Comdex. With Pictures

atom.gif (1053 bytes)Pot of Gold.gif (580 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) The Linux Papers: An ongoing story. See View 23 for organization.

atom.gif (1053 bytes)New: The Halloween Papers. A meta journal. Much more on Linux. And the beginnings of a major essay on The Second Computer Revolution along with responses from Readers.

An odd exposition on the Dean Drive

atom.gif (1053 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) A new Special Report by Bob Thompson on Diskeeper 4

 atom.gif (1053 bytes)Pot of Gold.gif (580 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) The Linux Papers: An ongoing story. See View 23 for organization.

The Linux Installation Adventure: Log book of the adventure

  • Linux Adventure


 atom.gif (1053 bytes)A new Special Report by Russell Kay on Partitioning Blues

atom.gif (1053 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes)  A new Special Report on building the Pentium II box by Robert Bruce Thompson

atom.gif (1053 bytes)  Extending the UTP Ethernet: Special Report by Robert Bruce Thompson

atom.gif (1053 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) A new structured index page! Thanks to John Rice.

atom.gif (1053 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) Special Report: Discussion of Digital Video conducted by Alex Pournelle

atom.gif (1053 bytes) How To Get My Job: (from the December 1996 BYTE)

atom.gif (1053 bytes)New pages on Linux: Adventure and Linette Install

Reorganized MAIL and VIEW for easier indexing.

Special Reports by Robert Bruce Thompson: Digital Camera and Upgrading Old Kerby

Pot of Gold.gif (580 bytes)A new rant by Peter Glaskowsky on stealing the Workstation Terms

atom.gif (1053 bytes)The Microsoft Monopoly Debates

atom.gif (1053 bytes)atom.gif (1053 bytes) The Yorktown Affair: The USS Yorktown was towed back to port after a problem with NT-- or was it? A Chaos Manor Discussion.

Pot of Gold.gif (580 bytes)Special Report on Backing Up NT by Robert Bruce Thompson

atom.gif (1053 bytes) Special Report on Open Developer's Conference by Talin. This report generated the Yorkton Incident discussion.

atom.gif (1053 bytes)DAVID EM's Siggraph 1998 Report

atom.gif (1053 bytes) The trials and travails of Win 95 and more. See View for the week. A series of horror stories. In Mail there is the removable IDE drive bug and its fix.

Pot of Gold.gif (580 bytes)Beginning of a new section on GAMES.

atom.gif (1053 bytes)An essay sort of on programming philosophy. By me. Updated with reader comments.

atom.gif (1053 bytes)A kind of movie review of PI, by me.

atom.gif (1053 bytes) MELTDOWN: the Microsoft Direct X Conference. Another special report by Peter Glaskowsky  If you have any interested in Direct X, this is the report to see.

compass.gif (28218 bytes) Some musings on James Hogan and the Velikovsky Affair

 atom.gif (1053 bytes) DAVID Em on Graphics: a new report.

atom.gif (1053 bytes) A special report by Peter Glaskowsky

atom.gif (1053 bytes) Monday July 6 reorganizing Mail and View yet one more time. New stuff in the Windows 98 discussion. Mail has material on how to get the AOL AIM monster out of your Netscape, and how to make mailing lists using Outlook. And more.

atom.gif (1053 bytes) NEW Sunday July 5, 1998 A new Space Paper (actually several years old but still current).

atom.gif (1053 bytes)NEW (Wednesday July 1, 1998) More Pictures. Just starting. Will be updated often.

NEW (Monday, June 29, 1998) Alex on Word Weirdness

atom.gif (1053 bytes)NEW (Monday, June 29, 1998) Windows 98 discussion.

 NEW (Saturday, June 27, 1998) Web construction details, largely Front Page

 NEW (Tuesday, June 23, 1998) Spacemail

book.gif (1625 bytes) NEW (Tuesday, June 23, 1998) The return of the Book of the Month

NEW: (Monday, June 22, 1998): David Em's Graphics Report, updated daily this week.

 NEW: (Sunday, June 21, 1998)


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