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Saturday, May 15, 2010

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The BYTE Fiasco

From time to time, Chaos Manor contributing editors submit special reports on topics where they have particular interest or expertise. Here, latest first, are these special reports.

OPENING CHapters of Mamelukes, a novel in progress.

The Singularity Conference at Stanford

Basics of VBASIC: letters and an intro to doing VBASIC if you have some experience with the older kind of BASIC

A Millennial trip to Japan.  I was one of the guests of honor at the Nikkei Business Publication Convention. These are two photo essays I did while there. The first has to do with parts of the show. The second report was done on a walk through a harbor and beach area, and has some observations by a Westerner in Japan for the first time since Korean War days.


Internet World 2001 : A photoessay on the Spring convention; may still be of interest.

INSS MacArthur Some photos of the model

A Walk In the Hills The hiking area that Niven and I go to

Amorphophallus titanum, the Corpse Plant. An event at the Huntington

The Christening of Julian Elise Miller

A short photo expedition


SEE however, the Reports summary page, which organizes this stuff a bit better.

There is also a REVIEWS summary page. Q.V.

      Netscape and Cookies: explanation and annoyances Robert Bruce Thompson

      Death Valley Adventures by Jerry Pournelle

Diskeeper 4.0 Preliminary Report, Robert Bruce Thompson

Juggling Windows NT Servers, Robert Bruce Thompson

Partitioning Blues, Russell Kay

Finishing the New Pentium II Box, Robert Bruce Thompson

Extending the UTP Ethernet, Robert Bruce Thompson

Discussion of Digital Video, Alex Pournelle

Upgrading Old Kerby, Robert Bruce Thompson

Sony Mavica Digital Camera, Robert Bruce Thompson

A Workstation Rant, Peter Glaskowsky

Backing Up Windows NT Workstation, Robert Bruce Thompson

Open Source Development, Talin

SIGGRAPH 98, David Em

David Em on Graphics



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