Monday, May 23, 2011

  SEE ALSO the page  SCIENCE.HTML which is a summary page of SCIENCE REPORTS; and also see the CMREPORTS folder, which summarizes a walk in my local hills, a photo report of a walk in Tokyo, and other such matters.


This page summarizes the Special Reports available on this site. Like everything else here it's constantly and it certainly could be better organized, but it ought to be useful, and it will have to do.

Some of the older reports are not in the standard format I hit on later. They're all and every one worth reading. More will be added as time goes on.

There is an older summary of some of these reports that includes some I have not got in here YET, but this will be the one I keep up. It is worth a look. But do have a look at what's here. Some may surprise you.

Royal Marine Commandant's speech on warfare May 12, 2011

My thoughts on UFO's: my preface to Carl Pflock's book on Roswell.

An Adventure in 2000: a story of an adventure on American Airlines in the days before 9/11

Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy

Mercenaries and Military Virtue is an essay written for the 1983 anthology THERE WILL BE WAR

Report on Global Cooling, July 1, 2008 (needs updating)

There are TRIP REPORTS from Paris and Rome and an informed if bitter view of the EPCOT center. (Why I am bitter is part of that report). There is a report on my Death Valley Adventure (in which I rolled my Bronco and had to walk 28 miles to the nearest paved road. With pictures.)

I also put in notable reports from the Foreign Policy Research Institute

See also the REVIEWS summary page, and the COLUMNS summary.

For a SUMMARY PAGE of CHAOS MANOR REPORTS including my Death Valley Adventures:

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Special Reports:

The Day of the Tyrant, an essay first written in 1983.

Hamas and Israel: Jerry Pournelle and Joel Rosenberg, another dialogue.

Books for Sue: A reading list

Is Israel Finished? Jerry Pournelle and Joel Rosenberg, a dialogue

Jerry Pournelle on Growing Up Smart

Francis Hamit on electronic publishing

McCaffrey report from Iraq

Frank Forman Cochlear Cyborg (Living with a Cochlear Implant) February 2007

Notes from a Survival Sage: a column from Survive Magazine for March 1983

Report from Korea (One Foot Inside North Korea)

Joanne Dow Diatribes on Women and the Muslim World

Sample Chapters from Mamelukes

Columbus by Joaquin Miller

A new debate on Iraq, October 2006

EXAMPLES from the California Sixth Grade Reader of 1916

The Bravery of Regulus (example of supplementary reading materials)

An Exchange of Views about Lebanon: Jerry Pournelle and Joel Rosenberg

Russell Seitz on Explosives and Security

The 2006 Stanford Singularity Summit: Pictures and conference report.

Barry McCaffrey Reports from Iraq

Letters From Iraq: Letters from a serving officer in IRAQ

A 911 Memorial

Republic and Empire Page One and Page Two



STAR OFFICE: early report by Joel Rosenberg



Moshe Bar

 Edmund X. DeJesus

David Em

Francis Jeffrey

Peter N. Glaskowsky []


Russell Kay


David Mitchell

Alexander Pournelle

 Jerry Pournelle (Includes some discussions and debates)

Intellectual Capital Columns
               These ran for several years. They're being put up as I find time.


J Neil Schulman on Moral Ambiguity and Libertarianism


Talin (

          Talin has many contributions scattered through mail; I'm beginning to collect them here.


Robert Bruce Thompson [ and there are other addresses]



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