The Niven New Year Party

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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 These were taken in low light hand held by my Olympus camera; clearly I have much to learn about automatic focus in low light. Still, they are going to have to do. These were all done New Year's Eve 1998, and many of them prove I need to learn more about using the camera. These were the good ones. Oh. well. They may be interesting to someone.


Happy New Year.

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pc310003.jpg (45664 bytes)

Artist Frank Kelly Freas. Kelly did the first cover illustration I ever had, Spaceship For the King, ANalog, 1972 or so.

pc310004.jpg (51004 bytes)

Frank Kelly Freas and Dr. Laura Brodian Freas. Laura is an art and music historian. They've been maried about five years.

pc310005.jpg (50480 bytes)

Same, showing more of the parlor. Niven's house is BIG.

pc310006.jpg (45636 bytes)

Radio/TV announcer, actor, performer, etc. Gary Owen. We met Gary at a book fair years ago. Turns out he's a science fiction fan.

pc310007.jpg (59116 bytes)

A general shot of the game room. One of a number of rooms...

pc310008.jpg (45820 bytes)

Outside the house from the back. As I said, it's big...

pc310009.jpg (38560 bytes)

Niven showing off his carp pond, or Koi Pool depending on what you think of overgrown gold carp.

pc310010.jpg (41660 bytes)

Larry Niven, host, author, and raconteur

pc310011.jpg (40984 bytes)

Another picture of the house from in back. Dead ahead is the dining room, the kitchen is in the center, and the game room is on the right.

pc310012.jpg (56656 bytes)

From the musician's balcony. That's Roberta in pink. Mrs. Arleta Owen is seated, and Jayce Foss is staring up...

p1010013.jpg (49756 bytes)

Niven works here. It's not usually this neat although it's always neater than Chaos Manor. They're installing book cases and counters.

p1010014.jpg (51464 bytes)

The office unfinished.

p1010015.jpg (54568 bytes)

From this angle Niven's desk looks a bit like Chaos Manor. Only a bit...

p1010016.jpg (49604 bytes)

Literary agent Ashley Grayson and Carolyn Grayson. They'd never seen Niven's new bedroom. Bigger than some houses, it is.

p1010017.jpg (48988 bytes)

It really is that big

p1010018.jpg (50256 bytes)

Corridors aren't interesting, but this one is LONG...

p1010020.jpg (57252 bytes)

More gayeity in the game room

p1010021.jpg (49524 bytes)

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Barnes. Steve does TV scripts and novels, and is of course co author of Legacy of Hereot with Niven and me.

p1010022.jpg (50480 bytes)

My lawyer. John Hertz, Esq. He is also the Regency Dancing Master. And about as elegant a dresser as I know...

p1010023.jpg (55672 bytes)

He also pretends to be a waiter sometimes.

p1010025.jpg (59124 bytes)

The Nivens and a refrigerator. I don't know why I took this picture.

p1010026.jpg (56020 bytes)

Happy New Year. There's a TV over there somewhere counting seconds or whatever.

p1010027.jpg (57192 bytes)

Marvin Wolfman, creator of Blade and other comic super heroes.

p1010028.jpg (54300 bytes)

Marv Wolfman again, proving I don't know how to take pictures.

p1010029.jpg (52816 bytes)

Me, with Larry's robot doorman Stanley in the background.






And that ought to be enough. It was a splendid party. I was a bit exhausted having done better than 2,000 words for Mamelukes ending about 6 PM. We got there at 7:30. 




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