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This is my personal journal and day book. Subjects include civilization and technology, strategy, climate, energy policy, space access, and other issues that interest me. In general this site assumes interest in rational discussion of technology and civilization.

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    Some topics of continuing importance

      <How to get my job: the secret of becoming a professional writer.

    A Nation at Risk. Again

    How To Get To Space

    Want to teach anyone to read English?

    George Mosse Lectures

     Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy

    How To Publish Your Book as an Ebook

    Pournelle's Iron Law and a Defense of the Teacher's Unions

    Work In Progress at Chaos Manor

    "If a foreign nation had imposed this system of education on the United States we would rightly consider it an act of war."

    Want to teach your kids to read?

    Why the Kids Can't Read

    Ice Age and Fallen Angels  

    What this place is about: Jerry Pournelle's Web Site, including Chaos Manor Mail. Accept no Substitutes. This page is generally updated daily. Most of the action here is in The View from Chaos Manor, and Chaos Manor Mail. Many of my observations are given as comments on  Mail. View is mostly my comments and mini-essays on many topics. One popular permanent item is HOW TO GET MY JOB.


      [Original Blog] I can make some claim to this being The Original Blog and Daybook. I certainly started keeping a day book well before most, and long before the term "blog" or Web Log was invented. BIX, the Byte information exchange, preceded the Web by a lot, and I also had a daily journal on GE Genie. Both of those would have been considered blogs if there had been any such term. All that was long before the World Wide Web.

    I note that a Google Search on Blog doesn't show me, at least not in the first 10 or so pages, but then I long insisted I don't "blog" because I find the word ugly. But I have a fair amount of traffic and a quality readership, so I can hardly complain. This site is supported by subscribers on the "Public Radio" model: if you think it is worthwhile, please subscribe.

    This Web Site supplements my column that ran in the print version of BYTE for twenty years and continues  at Chaos Manor Reviews. This web page adds more, including mail to both me and the column. You'll find: Computers, Blogs, Blogging, Operating systems, Linux, Features, Journals, Day Books, Mail, Discussions, Current Topics, Science Fact and Fiction, Space Policy, Defense Policy, Population Density, Global Warming, History, Republic or Empire?, and Other Stuff I think is interesting. It is mostly text. The main action here is in VIEW and MAIL which are updated more or less daily. There is also my work in progress. If you have not the foggiest notion of what you've found, click here. 

    NOTE: Mail sent to me not intended for publication should be clearly marked as such.

    Order Windows Version Reading TLC Now

    Report Electronic Piracy Sites to

    REPUBLIC AND EMPIRE: A continuing discussion

    The Topics Page

    A Serving Officer in Iraq: Letters

    The Sons of Martha

    How the Ashkenazi Got Their Smarts

    See Chaos Manor Reviews for regular columns and show reports.

    Saving the space program: things change slowly. The latest is Getting to Space: Prizes. The older relevant papers are still relevant. Start with Getting To Space. You might also look at The Megamissions Paper about military policy. For my testimony to Congress about what to do with NASA and what we learned from DC/X, see Why Have Nasa? Most 0f the space papers are summarized in this Space Reports index page.

    You will find my essay on The Voodoo Sciences (what's wrong with social science) here.

    Much of what we do here ends up in  Reports. The summary page is here. There are many subjects.

    There are a lot of reports. Each reports folder has a summary page. Contents vary among from Republic vs. Empire (and incompetent empire) to the Yorktown Incident through Christening of a godchild to the opening of a corpse plant to picture reports of rolling my Bronco in Death Valley to a stroll along a canal in Japan. How a report ends up in one folder rather than another seems largely to be whim, but they all have quite a bit of good stuff accumulated over the years.

    There also photoessays about trips to Paris and Rome.

    How to get my job: the secret of becoming a professional writer.


    Summary Pages:

    Chaos Manor Reports

    Are you a professional?

    More Chaos Reports

    Teach Anyone to Read English


    The SSX Concept

    If you got here looking for the MegaMissions paper, click here. I find that my space papers are not well organized or indexed and are very hard to find. I'll try to do something about that. The other paper referenced in my recent talk is Getting to Space.

    Some not very Current Topics which continue to generate interest:

    How to get my job: the secret of becoming a professional writer.



    George Mosse Lectures

    The Iron Law of Bureaucracy

    Special Reports on many subjects:



    The Chaos Manor Columns

    Paying for This Place

    The Chaos Manor Reports Page Index: various reports of interest.

    This is a content oriented site. You are not likely to find pretty new graphics here. This is not a course on web design. I do try to make things readable, and keep the download times small. Topics include: New machines, chip reports, book and game reviews, musings on many matters.  The View From Chaos Manor is updated almost every day. There is a great deal of mail, on many topics. If you don't know why you're here, try VIEW, then  "What Is This Place?"     It can be confusing here, but many like it that way. Reminds them of The Adventure Game.

    WARNING: this place is updated frequently. RELOAD/REFRESH early and often. Good Luck.

    We have testimonials for my wife's READING PROGRAM. If you know anyone having problems reading English, you should look into this. If you home school or know people who do you need to know about this.



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