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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

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This is a long list of previous headers, which is to say the sometimes unimaginative tags I have given to the lead item in View for the day. Some of these topics have continuing interest, and may well be worth visiting. They have been moved here to unclutter the home page.

A Hot Day

Taxes Done; new Mail up

Tax Day Excitement

The Way to Balance the Budget: Raise Taxes

Budget Victory. Update on Fukushima

The deficits rise, but the government is not shut down. Victory?

An Important Lecture by Charles Murray: watch it


Libya: the rebels are displeased.

Goals and War

Strategy and Tactics in the Middle East

Legitimate Government?

NATO: the entangling alliance. Musa Kusa defects.

Reflections on Revolution

A matter of sovereignty

Japan; Libya; Plumbing

TV Interview; Paperback Show


The Libyan War

Gaddafi Can't Fly

Libya and Japan

No teddy bears -- yet.

Some sanity in NPR; al Qaeda cheers no-fly resolution

Dihydrogen Monoxide loosed in Japan; Gaddafi ordered not to kill civilians.

So Far: Worse than TMI, nothing like Chernobyl

Saving Libya; still not time to panic over Daiichi

Still not time to panic

They ain't melted yet.

Tsunamis; meltdowns; and Gaddafi remains unacceptable

Nuclear tsunami

Revolution now!

Education, tenure, and seniority

Dithering on Libya

He gives despoty a bad name

Libyan Civil War

A New Climate Change Debate?

No Fly and the Battle of Britain

iPad 2

Cairo and The Shores of Tripoli

Rejoice: Hidden benefits from the Federal Government

Weather; Libya; Arms Control

The Revolt of the Masses

Reality TV continues

Reality TV

The End of History?

Interesting Times


Strategy of Progress and the End of the Industrial Revolution


A Spectre is Haunting the World

Quiet in Cairo; Inquiry in Science

The day after

Mubarak Resigns


Quiet in Cairo

Newt Gingrich and Energy Policy

It's COLD out there; OATH available on Kindle

The Mamelukes depose a caliph

Mameluke rule in Egypt?

Green Energy and Ham

State of the Union: Education: Path to nowhere

State of the Union

Saturday. Allergy Season. Rational Climate Discussion

New Developments in Climate Science

Madness, ethics, and empire

Drought, Flood, and Theory

More on freedom and madness

Madness and Preventive Detention

Saturday hard at work

Blood Libel

Madness and the Law; Trouble not the sage...

Antimatter in Thunderstorms?

Musing on Madness and Freedom

Monday. The Arizona Shooting

Thursday at CES

CES: The new concept of Press

In Las Vegas

OFF TO LAS VEGAS; SEE TWIT from yesterday

Happy New Year With Pictures

Hyperinflation and dimmitude

More on climate models

Orchid and Onion Nominations

New Year's A'comin'


Christmas Eve Blessings

FCC Grabs Internet; The Legions and Lake Wobegon

Lame Ducks, START, and Net Neutrality

Britain Freezes in this hottest year in history

Earth's Magnetic Field Strength


Getting the Government You Pay for.

The Compromise

Is the sea rising?

It's Warm Outside -- in LA

And Yet More on economics, politics, and goals

Hurrah for Pelosi; Distributism; What should we be debating?

Not a Tax cut; query on ERBE

Science Project Suggestions wanted

The Dragon Flies: A significant event

Data; Taxes


Just How Hot Was 2010?

Sam Cohen and the Neutron Bomb

Decline of the West

Open Covenants Openly Arrived At

Back among the living. Column done

TSA Once More

Optimizations, Danegeld, and Energy X-projects

Airport Security Debate Required

Views on TSA

The System Works, So They Say

Much Ado About the TSA

Questions for a New Congress

Inventing the Future

The nature of the climate change debate: trashing Dyson


Veteran's Day

A New Legend; Cold Weather Reported in Inferno

Mystery Missile off California Coast

Net Neutrality Goes Down

Presidents in the Far East; The Great Game Continues

President visits Bombay

Israel; Morning after continued

The Morning After

Wall Street and Tea Party

Wireless Net Threat

Democrats run scared; Iron Law at work

Scientific American, Alas

Maximum Effort


The Juan Williams Affair

On Earmarks

The Goals

Internet Neutrality

Church and State

Il Postino

Education and voters

Climate, school reform, and more

Meeting Iron Man

Columbus, Tyranny, and other matters.

Dialog on Questioning Science

Scientific Integrity

The Goal of Public Education is to Pay Bad Teachers

Mercenaries and the Republic

After November

Wall Street and Horse Betting

War on Science

Much Good Mail

Recession or Depression

California Nanny Exploited!


David Friedman on O'Donnell

Stuxnet and other such problems; and lots of mail.

Mickey Mouse?

Eternal Vigilance


Haley Barbour Gets It

Noblesse Oblige

Tea Party Time

The cost of self government, and other matters

Ground Game and Nuclear Options

More mail on temperatures

Burning Books, and mail about space policy, and a lecture on temperatures

A Day to Remember


More on Koran Burning; and Important Mail with comments

Burning the book

Catching up

Labor Day

H0pe in November?

The end of August

Taking the Earth's Temperature

Post Obama?

Ice and the Maunder Minimum

Musing on Science

Notes on Legions

Some matters of concern: what is science?

The Presidential Fundraiser

Several Important Matters

Taxes; Legion Votes; on racism

The Age of Chivalry is Dead

The Sky is Falling, and other matters

On Ice, Rational Debate, and AGW Denial

On publishing in the future

ObamaCare and Business

The Atomic Bomb decisions; Afghanistan facts

Global Warming and Rational Debate

Judicial Power and Horses in the Senate

Gay Rights and Judicial Power

Global Warming: the debate

Democrat Apologia; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Consequences of the WikiLeak

Tea Parties and Political Parties

Wikileaks, Treason, and the Afghan War

Education Reform



Flash Opera

Operatic Insurgents

More lessons?

Natural Gas

Rush to Judgment

Eagle has landed; confidence and unemployment

The Ruling Class

A Nation at Risk. Again

The Sons of Martha and other lessons

The iPhone 4 incident; Pournelle eats AT&T Crow

Mann defends his hockey stick

The July Column is up

Bastille Day

Tea Parties, road maps, and educrats

Climategate Whitewash

On the oil spill: discussion and a correction

Freeman Dyson Blacklisted

Reset taxes and regulations. Now!

Recess appointment and the train wreck

President Sues Arizona

Independence Day

Isaac Asimov On The National Anthem


Sowing the wind

Natural Rights

More Hearings

Farewell to the Cyclops


Germain and -- who?

Vae, Caesar

McCrystal and Maiestas

Father's Day

Oil, Water, and Marshes

Malice and Incompetence

Sowing the wind.

Not the end of the world...

A new tempest

A game changer: Gold Rush in Afghanistan?

Sunday: lots of mail; notes on Mideast

I told you so

Plugging holes and going to space

Now for November

Still a crucial time

A very crucial year for the Republic

A BP Question

Safe in Charlotte

Israel, Ratings, and Afghanistan

It's an oil spill, not the end of the world.

Memorial Day

Mail on many subjects

 We're too broke to be this incompetent

Creeps and Nuts in alliance?

The Ratings Game; Creeps and Nuts

Spinrad Success; Dream Act Demonstrations

Critical Times

Bye Bye Specter

Tuesday. Iron Law in action

Policy Options

Jays, snakes, and oil

Relax and smell the roses

Firefox and security; fixing computerized panic sales

Bailout Lifts Gloom?

Will Atlas Shrug?

Sunday Walk with Blue Bonnets

Talking heads and regulations

Black Thursday and the Greek Omens

Times Square

Sable's operation; Civil Defense

All American Canal

The Gizmodo Affair: Ethics?

The Gizmodo Affair: a lawyer's comments

England and decivilization

Gizmodo 2 and a reading recommendation

Ransacking a Journalist's Home

Too Big to Fail Part Two

Volcanic Ash, Plankton Bloom, and CO2

A night at the opera

Hottest year since 1009 AD

A Ratings Fairy Tale

April 19: Concord Bridge

Volcanoes, wePads, and Gene Patents

One Price of Empire


FDA grants monopoly on a folk medicine

Gasoline Powered Alarm Clock wins Green Star Certificate

Energy and Freedom

War on Interns; Return of the Misery Index

Deterrence and Defense

Was HCUA right?

Bright Water and Global Warming

Punishing American Employers; On education research

Jaime Escalante, RIP

VCR, DVD, Publishing...

The Warmest Winter on Record

Hope and Change Next November: Anger Management

More on Equality and other matters


A bit of good news

They did it. Time for Maximum Effort

Vernal Equinox

Frantic maneuvers, Mortgage failure, and the future of publishing

Constitutional Crisis; Off to Dallas

Kindle PC needs no Kindle

Climate Change Data: where is it?

Health Care Reform; Slaughter Rule Crisis

Education, Reading, and School Reform

Entitlement, Investment, and Universities

The Constitutional Cost of Health Care


DSM and Health Care Costs

Health care reform coverage


The Summit Ends; Italian Madness

Climate data; I may have been wrong

Creeps, Nuts, and Independents

More on Tenure; Arcana of Hollywood financing

Tenure and the Public Schools

On Devil Mountain; and Assasinations

On Neo Conservativism

Nukes; Toyota and computer languages

Building consensus; iPad vs. Tablet; Irish Death Spiral

Crumbling Consensus

Happy Valentine's Day

Greece, PIIGS, and California

The Google Settlement

Adamant or agnostic?

Gingrich and others on health care 'reform'

Press Conferences and Tea Parties

Industrial Policy

America's Looming Energy Crisis

Common Sense

World class education

Contrarian research, war on business, and other matters

A wormy weekend

The President goes calling

Whether you like it or not.

Tax and spend and corporations

Parties and Principles

Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds

Nuts and Creeps and GooGoos Oh! My!

All your cloud data are belong to us

No New Taxes!

Haiti and Colonialism; God help the Czar; Financial Engineering

Haiti and Armed Clowns

Haiti and order

Witchcraft in Salem

A simple solution to health care costs

Earthquake and the Bogeyman

Chaos Manor Reviews; A crucial election

Politically Correct

War on Terror and Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace


Babel, the End of History, and other musings


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