Wednesday, March 16, 2005




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 Be warned: some picture files can be BIG files, although I have tamed them down a bit with thumbnails and links.

Various pictures taken with the Olympus Digital Camera. These are in jpg format. To get them to this, I used Adobe PhotoShop. That turns out to be harder to do than you think. The camera saves the pictures in PDD or PhotoDeluxe format. That's Adobe software that comes with the camera. To get them into PhotoShop you have to rename them to .PSD format; at least to get PhotoShop to accept the first one I had to do that. If this doesn't make sense don't worry about it.

 Once they are in PhotoShop you have to click LAYERS then FLATTEN if you want to Save As jpg format. This is not only not intuitive, there is nothing about it in the help file. Oh well.

That's all pretty well obsolete now: the newest software takes these directly from the camera to jpg format, and FrontPage automatically makes thumbnails and links them to the big page. This makes it easy to do.

The newest Olympus software now comes with the camera. I had to go find it on their web site on a page not referenced on their home page. It will batch save your pictures in full information jpg (i.e., compressed but with full information preserved), so it's very easy to move them onto a web page. Olympus keeps improving their software, and I really like their camera. I had rather harsh things to say about the software in the column, but it's now really excellent. Olympus software originally wasn't easy enough for Aunt Minnie to use without help, but it is now. Get an Olympus and you'll like it. A lot.

I am finding that Paintshop Pro does a good job of photo manipulation and is easier to understand than Adopbe PhotoShop.

Now that I have the new Front Page "autothumbnail" capability I expect to put up a lot more pictures. Real Soon Now.

JUST for fun: A picture of Jeremy Bentham, founder of modern Liberalism, stuffed, ready to attend a Regents Meeting of the University of London, and no, I am not making this up.

Death Valley Days: thumbnails with links to pictures; my Bronco crashes in Death Valley. See also text. And there are a couple of shots of the Compaq Armada after the crash. Still working. Sort of.

DragonCon, Atlanta, September 3-6, 1998. Harlan and Susan Ellison, Larry Niven, Ray Bradbury, and some Klingons with a friend.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox world premier opening gala.

Roberta in concert at St Cyrils

The Christening of Julian Elise Miller, our goddaughter, on August 1, 1999

Some photos of Niven, Roberta, and me when we went looking for a site to take book cover pictures. July, 1999.

Larry Niven's New Year Party, December 31, 1998 - January 1, 1999

The Epcot Center, pictures and some comments, Spring, 1999

More Pictures (July 1, 1998) Various trips and a mixed bag.

Chaos Manor Pictures. Fair warning: there are several pictures here, so this may take a while to download. I have thumbnailed all but one, so it should download quicker now. These are shots of Chaos Manor in various stages of decay... New Pix added August, 1999 include editor Paul Schindler.

 NASA Administrator Dan Goldin's Mars Cake Encounter. Early release of photos of the August 10, 1997 meeting of the Citizen's Advisory Council on National Space Policy.



Pictures of Roberta and some of the stars of The Marriage of Figaro, taken at a reception at the Los Angeles Italian Culture Center, June, 1997. Same warning: there are several pictures here in jpeg.

Writers of the Future awards Ceremonies, September 1999.




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