The Great Desert Adventure

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

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On Thursday, November 19, 1998 I lost a tire and rolled the Bronco II on the Death Valley Road. See View 24 for details. These are pictures. I'll add to the story as time goes on.

The following are "thumbnails;" click on the picture itself to see an expanded version. The actual story is on a separate page,  and I recommend you read that before you go through this one.

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1. Coming into Death Valley

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2. First view. I'm alive.

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3. A bad self portrait.

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4. Later. Stuff piled up.

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5. Getting darker.

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6. Next morning. Dramatic..

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7. AAA to rescue.

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8. Bronc's Last Ride

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9. At Bun Boy in Baker

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10. Bun Boy view.

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11. Pretty Banged up

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12. Farewell, thou good and faithful servant.




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