July 26, 1999

The Burning City by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle will be published by Simon and Schuster in Spring, 2000. They wanted photographs of the authors for the cover. Tim and Zack Griffith, Larry Niven's nephews, along with Roberta, Larry, me, and Sasha the Husky set out to find a good outdoors location in our local wilderness conservation area (which is just behind my house). We went up to The Tree People at Coldwater and Mulholland Drive, and here are some of the results.

  p7260001.jpg (64360 bytes)

Tim and Zack set up while Sasha looks bored

p7260002.jpg (63428 bytes)

Niven watches the setup

p7260003.jpg (63704 bytes)

Found a location. Looks good...

  p7260009.jpg (59772 bytes)

Up by the Tree People Hq. Zack focuses on Larry while Tim holds the reflector

p7260011.jpg (59656 bytes)

A good shot of Roberta as she supervises. One of the most important New York portrait photographers once offered her a job setting up pictures.

p7260012.jpg (63560 bytes)

Roberta shows off the shirt I bought her in Avalon during our 40th Anniversary trip

p7260013.jpg (62376 bytes)

And an interesting discovery. The worm marks on that log will turn up in the next book in the series. That's me, looking a bit fatter than I am. Not flattering but there it is...