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Sunday, June 03, 2007

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Joanne Dow is a very old friend. She is a communications engineer, a veteran of the Genie days, and has a wealth of experience.

She has taken up the task of documenting the subject of Islam, particularly as regards women. I do not agree with everything she says. Joanne has both detractors and fans. Her diatribes tend to be long, and there are a lot of them, so I have decided to give them their own page.

I will fill in some past editions over time. I also update this in batches rather than daily.

I want to make it clear that I do not agree with everything she says, and my views of Islam vary depending on the country and the sect. Joanne generally concentrates on finding the most extreme positions, and it would be easy reading only her posts to get a false impression of the world situation. I'm willing to publish replies but they must be in a reasonable format, at reasonable length, and in language no more intemperate than she employs.

My Turkish friends in particular are appalled at her diatribes. I understand. Most Turkish intellectuals support the Turkish constitution which mandates a secular state, and would strenuously resist imposition of sharia and other strict interpretations of Muslim law. This is not what Joanne complains of. Those who have long known me know that I have a high regard for the Turkish Army. Turkey sent troops to our aid in Korea, and I for one will never forget that.

I post her diatribes because she finds incidents that ought to be thought alarming by everyone, Christian, Muslim, secular humanist, atheist, or indeed anyone civilized.

This is the first page; it got very long so I cut it.



 * * * *




November 16, 2006

Robert Spencer reports that "Iran sent 700 Somalis to fight Israel" as further evidence of the international character of the jihad, and of Sunni-Shi'ite cooperation against the infidels. The article he pointed to is at the link below.




And Robert reveals Iran has cast iron cajones. They make threats all the time against Israel. Israel makes a veiled threat to bomb Iran and they're off whining to the UN to censure Israel for it. I gotta give Ahmadinejad for having something better than brass ones. Follow up with the link below the Reuters link. It delineates one such threat to Israel.


"Germany "well on the way to becoming a Muslim state by 2050""

"If demographic trends continue. "German Population Plunge 'Irreversible,' Federal Stats Office Admits: Expected that one third of all European children will be born to Muslim families by 2025," by Gudrun Schultz for LifeSiteNews, with thanks to David:"

This is not good. Do remember that the jihadists desperately want their terrorist nukes. If they take over Europe by default, by out breeding the non-Mohammedans, they get the European weaponry, which is generally better maintained than their own. At least I'll be dead by then. But it is not a rosy picture for the future of the human race.

We need to get into space fast and be able to live there without major resupply from Earth within 30 years. We currently have all our eggs in one wicker basket through which the jihadists are poking swords, and worse.

link (via Robert Spencer) 

 And Robert reports that the US Military Academy has "discovered" that killing Osama bin Laden or Zawahiri would not really crimp the jihadists style, plans, or momentum. It's too far along and too spread out for that to stop it.

_r=3&oref=slo&oref=slogin&oref=slogin  via 

Pakistan moves to make it easier for a rape victim to obtain a conviction for her rapists. Quite predictably the Mohammedan Fundamentalists are outraged. Remember this the next time you hear a Mohammedan denying that the religion is wonderful for women. After all, Mohammedanism DOES allow a woman to see her rapist punished even before the laws changed. All she had to do is produce four witnesses willing to testify on her behalf. That's 8 women witnesses if all she has is woman witnesses. A woman is worth a half a man in court. There are moderate Mohammedans; there is no moderate Mohammedanism, I am afraid.


Michelle reports about the illegal immigration loop hole for religions workers. This seemingly legitimate R visa provision turns out to be a major path for terrorists and radicalizing imams into this country. Homeland Security agents busted 33 people on the 15th for abuse of this process and using forged documents.



November 17, 2oo6

Subject: Daily Diatribe

So I thought that today's meeting with the Pope to discuss marriage for priests was an indication that the religion might be considering a change. (I did not expect one. I expected consideration.) Pope Benedict XVI nixed the idea in no uncertain terms that Catholic priests were expected to remain celibate. Ah well, this may not show that some religions evolve. It does show that if and when they do it is a VERY slow process that seems to get slower the older the religion.


The agents at the point of entry caught him on the way in with nearly $79,000 and information on nuclear material and cyanide. It turns out he is unemployed to boot. I think they caught us another terrorist to be.

He IS a US Citizen. Robert Spencer points out that his name is very common among Nigerian Mohammedans.

And regarding the recent changes the TSA has made to train agents to spot "stress" one might note that the people manning the inspection desks for people entering the US via plane or ship are well used to detecting people with something to hide that should not come into the US or at least should require payment of import duties. They read most people like open books. People with those well trained instincts are one of the tools we need for TSA. Of course, with that special facility they should not be considered "cheap replaceable parts" who are paid close to minimum wage. It'll be expensive. But it can help to make the TSA experience much less annoying with the knowledge that the agents have some form of idea what they are doing rather than mindlessly going through the motions.


The JihadWatch video at hotair today is quite worth watching. He takes on Pelosi, Conyers, and Ellison. It's not a combination we need or really want.


Of course, the Republicans have their collaborators, too, witting or unwitting. Daryl Issa has been recommended for the Republican Policy Committee Chairmanship by several respected Republican leaders. Mr. issa is a very determined sympathizer for Syria and regularly spouts the Syrian and Hesbollah lines.


Robert Spencer points out a Patrick O'Hannigan article asking "Has anyone asked Tony Snow whether people in the president's inner circle learned lessons from the life of Mohammed"? This is a very interesting question. From reading Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald for several months now I can see where the Iraqi fratricide would be quite predictable for people with a good understanding of Mohammedanism. It's pretty clear they have not picked up an accurate picture from the "experts" (CAIR and other major Mohammedan organizations rather than scholars) they have had briefing them.

So I sent the following note to Robert suggesting he might let us know the sort of information that might be used to brief the President and a course for staffers to bring them up to speed as much as possible with what we're facing and why. ===8<--- "Has anyone asked Tony Snow whether people in the president's inner circle learned lessons from the life of Mohammed"?

Might I suggest that this is an interesting point that might be addressed constructively?

Suppose somebody in a dark suit approached you and said the government has two jobs for you. The first is to prepare a one hour talk with the President in which you will give him a briefing on what the Muslim holy books say about the jihadist terror complete with notes that staffers can pursue for verifying statements you make. Second prepare a one week course for the offices of the Presidency, Cabinet, and State Department.

What would your one hour discussion contain? What would the briefing documents contain, and what in general would the syllabus for the one week training program look like?

I ask because this is a briefing that the entire US should take. These jihadists are human, like we are, but their thought processes are from such a wholly different mind set than ours that they might as well be aliens from another star as far as our understanding them goes.

It is hard to imagine people so implacably against what seems to us here in the West to be the core needs for the human soul. But more have to learn. And we have to learn how to reach out to the coworkers we may have who have managed to "Americanize" and become more moderate.

{^_^} Joanne XXX, <address> reaches me as does <alternate address> even though the comments above were intended to suggest articles more than a direct response to me. May God be with you as you pursue your perilous journey. ===8<---

I hope he takes this article idea to heart and writes something up. It would be most interesting.

the link that inspired this: 

Iran REALLY wants a supply of Uranium. It is willing to, and indeed IS sending very sophisticated weapons to Somalia with a request for uranium in return. This is not good. Iran needs to be slapped down HARD. Bolton is the best shot we have to ensure this happens. It's a shame he will not be confirmed.


Robert also points to this article as a reminder that it is quite unfair to say that the dominant form of Islamic teaching, which is salafi Islam, taught in mosques and universities, is peaceful. Tawfik Hamid, a former Mohammedan convert to Christianity has this to say about that idea he quite obviously considers preposterous. The article is by Michael Coren of the Canadian "National Post" about Mr. Hamid. His view is that of a former insider and is probably about as clear as any we can get. He is a former jihadist, or Islamic Terrorist if you want to phrase if that way.

links to article about Tawfik Hamid then Robert Spencer's comments today

And for today's last note I like LGF's take on this item about the UN investigating Israel - by putting an Israeli hater in charge, Peanut. Yes, the UN wants to put Jimmy "Israel is an Apartheid State" Carter in charge of the latest commission to investigate Israel. I repeat, so often it must be boring to others, "the UN is NOT our friend."




December 2, 2006

The Times of London has "uncovered" how Mohammedans treat Mohammedans "of another sect." Sunnis are being killed in hospitals by Shi'ites often acting under cover and payment from the Ministry of Health security. The price of a human life in a Baghdad hospital is $600. And if a paid assassin find a potential victim he will be provided with the drugs for the killing. The Mahdi army is using hospitals as headquarters. They are not "targets" so they are ideal as headquarters. Primitive and radical Mohammedans disgust me. But by their logic they are sending the victims to Allah, which is the goal of living after all. You would think they could show a little class about it, though.


I have to note that the Litvinenko assassination most likely shows that the Russians are just as brutal and utterly lacking in class about dealing with enemies as any Mohammedans. The Mohammedans do not have a monopoly of any kind on brutality and casual disregard for human life.
It looks like this assassination is about to become a nasty political incident for the Russians. Their relationship with the British is about to disintegrate. Note the astounding Daily Mail article at the end of the link of lists. This is developing FAST.


I made a comment to a nutcase liberal (avowed Communist) about how serious the danger from the Mohammedans has become. He declared I was both lying and exaggerating the danger. I made a prediction to him that would outline the danger. The prediction was something like "Lebanon is going to be a Mohammedan nation under strict Sharia law in under 5 years."
I may have vastly over estimated. Hezbollah is working at this moment to undermine the Lebanese, primarily Christian, government and force it to resign. They are resorting to mass demonstrations and thuggery to force the issue so they can take over any new government that comes along. I do not see the US reacting to this. If we do not react we will be sitting out the jihad conquering the Southern Mediterranean areas and much of Europe before the Crusades started to take it all back. If we act NOW we will not have the same pain as we will have if we wait.

At any rate Lebanon is a textbook case demonstrating the reason for not tolerating multiculturalism, particularly with Mohammedans. Not all Mohammedans are radicals. But the percentage is high enough that it MAY be a majority of all Mohammedans in the world. Various parts of the world are more virulent than others. But even the so called moderates in the US indulge in their little attempts with 6 imams to make it easier for future attackers to get on airlines.


An Mohammedan terrorist (<sarcasm>which is assuredly a contradiction in terms if you believe CAIR </sarcasm>) Robert Spencer posted about today has me musing about some "wisdom" of my younger days. This "wisdom" is something like this, "Recent converts to a religion are often it's most fervent practitioners." This fits converts to Mohammedanism to a tee. One of the most vocal Mohammedan ultra-extremists in England is a convert.
One of the London bombers was a recent convert. The American Taliban was a recent convert. And so on. Here is yet another example from the place a recent expatriate ham radio friend is living these days, the Philippines.
I wish Art well. But, I fear life there is going to get "hot" well before life here in the US heats up. But, then, I am reminded that in this regard I seem to underestimate, often egregiously. The liberals in this country could easily make up for our being slow to welcome terrorism to our daily lives.


In a development I utterly distrust there is a move afoot, actually a Mohammedan Demand, that there be a Mohammedan only prayer room at every airport - so that the Mohammedans can collect in there, arrange their tools, rehearse their arrangements, and walk out knowing they are well prepared to "do" another airline. I hope, but doubt, that the authorities will simply say, "No Way Achmed."


"Ahmed Tharwat is the host of a weekly show on Twin Cities Public Television (Ch. 17). In "Ahmed Tharwat: Imams at airport should have known better" in the Star Tribune (thanks to Paul), he ascribes the USAirways/Imam Rage controversy to American "paranoia" -- and completely misrepresents the facts of the case." Do read the carefully organized claims of Islamo-phobia presented by this bozo. He ignores the fact that these imams went out of their way with OTHER actions to create this incident. Also note that it was a setup job. They were already in high gear complaining on TV about the incident by the time one of the people who saw this happening managed to fly and drive to her home.

Robert Spencer has a pointer to a nice write-up, too. It appears that this attempt may backfire on the imams. After all, it is pathetically obvious that Radical Mohammedans ARE a problem, arguably most Mohammedans are radicals, and by a LARGE margin most Arabs are Mohammedans.


Then we have the home grown terrorists, the Dallas students who were training for and planning some fun quiet little jihadist activities.

link (Thanks Robert Spencer)

Robert Spencer has found an anti-Islamo-Fascist organization. But he does not have much faith in its leader's ability to plan and lead such an organization. His knowledge of the enemy is worse than even mine is, and I'd not BEGIN to think I should lead such an organization. (That is to say, he's not ignorant of Mohammedanism. But this self-proposed leader does not have a firm grip on the data yet. There is a lot of room for growth as Robert sees it.)


In another, "I know I'm right, my Qur'an told me so," article Robert Spencer found we see nice peace loving Mohammedans who decided that it was time to kill some Christians for Mohammed. This time it was in Ethiopia. The Christians would not come out and be properly beheaded so the Mohammedan peace lovers poured gasoline around the midnight religious service the Christians were holding. "Fifteen individuals from the church suffered severe knife wounds and six people died as a result - two priests, two elderly women, and two men." It's all in the name of peace, to be assured. Mohammedanism is a religion of peace. <insert bovine excrement scatology here>


Robert Spencer pointed out a very long and very brilliant and sometimes heated exchange, "Symposium: The Pope and Islam," conducted by Jamie Glazov at FrontPage. This is a very good backgrounder on the long long tradition behind violent jihad related conquest. It's a must read. It's a terrific amount of "homework" one might say. Having read it is the reward.

I like the way the discussion highlighted "there is no compulsion in religion" passage in the Qur'an. There is no compulsion in the choice. But once made the consequences of the choice are often quite bleak.


I commented a few days ago how about Mohammedans can change with the change in rape laws in Pakistan. It seems they really can't. There has been a huge outpouring of rage at the rights this new law takes away from the rapists. The law may get tossed. It is actions like this and the nice demonstrations of "peace" which give me a rather dismal view of any sort of peaceful world with Mohammedans in any numbers living in it.


Any religion which demands or even condones disemboweling and murder for teaching girls is no religion of peace. It is a religion of slavery.
(But then you know that already if you read the long frontpage piece mentioned above.) In Afghanistan school teacher Mohammed Halim was taken away from his home, partially disemboweled, and murdered. He was guilty of teaching girls in school.


Remember the uncovered meat comments that caused a furor. It seems that Gaza is now a bad place to be a woman, particularly an uncovered meat type woman.

link (lgf)

I presume most readers have already figured out that I have a grudge against reporters who fabricate their news, particularly with "fake but accurate" reporting. If it's fake, guys, how do we ascertain what you are implying is true really is the ground level truth?

Not that this seems to bother journalists at all as a concept. In the "hallowed halls" of Columbia University journalism students are cheating on their exams. And even better it seems that the cheating may have been abetted by a leak. Since leaks are sacred to Journalists it seems only appropriate that no investigation seems to be taking place.





December 4, 2006

Brigitte Gabrielle hits too close to home. Mohammedans are moving to disrupt her appearance in Detroit today on the 4th. The evening news should be interesting - except the MSM will never cover it.

"Brigitte Gabriel, the courageous and insightful author of Because They Hate, is scheduled to speak at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor this evening."

"However, emails have gone out to Muslim students urging "all Muslim brothers and sisters to do what they need to do to disrupt this event." One email said: "Muslims, Arabs, and their friends and allies should give Gabriel a proper welcome.""

The truth hurts. And those it hurts try to prevent it's being heard.


"In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep" is the title of a good piece by Robert Spencer.

"Framing this discussion in the context of (radio host Jerry) Klein's radio stunt gives the impression, which no doubt is just what Bernd Debusmann wanted to do, that any distrust of any Muslims in the U.S. is an exercise in crypto-Nazism."

Robert offers four prescriptions for the Mohammedans if they really want to ease the "Islamo-phobia" they scream about while they ignore their rabid Kafir-ophobia. End the "look what you made me do" nonsense, teach compulsory classes against violent jihad, stop saying hateful things about kafirs when you think they are not around to hear, and actively work to identify and apprehend violent jihadists within Western Mohammedan communities. Off hand I do not think any Mohammedans who matter will listen to those concepts. Don't miss the clip from the Chezh Republic with material secretly recorded in a mosque in the Prague. It is a classic piece.


Robert Spencer has found a substantive case based on Mohammedan tradition for overturning the traditional Mohammedan death penalty for apostasy, converting to another religion.

""Surah Yunus 10:99 also states that 'Had your Lord willed, everyone on earth would have believed. Do you then force people to become believers?'," she said in a press statement yesterday."

Indeed, if Allah, as seen to be transcending powerful were, to wish everyone on Earth to be Mohammedan it would happen when he willed it. Obviously Allah wills freedom of religion, freedom to make mistakes. (My gosh, Allah is a libertarian!) Seriously, though, this is a good start towards making Mohammedans good neighbors rather than risky neighbors.


Gaza is increasingly not a nice place for women. A woman who was dressed immodestly had acid thrown in her face. A new ultra-radical group has surfaced there called "Just Swords of Islam." And the acid was one of their acts. Radical Mohammedans figure women are chattel. Well, it is in the Qur'an that women are as tilth to be developed as the owner, the man - husband, chooses.


I bet this assistant journalism professor that Charles Johnson found gets drummed out of the journalism corps. He just published a new book studying the massive corruption in Western mainstream media. He goes so far as to call the media "anti-democratic institution".




December 5, 2006

The good news for the day is that Brigitte Gabrielle's speech in Ann Arbor Michigan went swimmingly with an riveted audience of over 300 in attendance. I was worried yesterday when I heard about her speech and the word that local Mohammedans were working up a protest. The protest apparently never got off the ground or was rather mild. If you ever get a chance to hear her speak in person I am betting it's a treat worth the time and effort. It will also be highly educational.

Brigitte is a Lebanese Christian who was living in daily fear of dying her whole life in Southern Lebanon. She was fed propaganda from the Hezbollah occupiers of the area that stated the Jews were horrible and would virtually eat you alive for sport. She and some of her family made it out to Israel and was utterly astounded at the pleasant and indeed concerned way the Jews in Israel treated her and those with her. She also noticed how impolite the captured enemy she saw treated were in response to their treatment. Hezbollah never thought to look after any local Christians who were injured let alone Jews discovered in the area. Just who are the persecutors and who are the persecutees? I know. I simply invert what Hezbollah claims about how others are treating them to learn how they are treating others. And they have the sublime gall to demand I respect them. Hezbollah, respect is something earned by actions and deeds. Your actions and deeds lead to utter disrespect.


The Washington Examiner has figured out that the 6 imams were fishing. Do remember that lies to kafirs is sanctioned and indeed required if it is convenient by the Qur'An.

link (Nod to Robert Spencer)

For those who disbelieve that Saudi money is behind a lot of the recent transformations from moderate Mohammedan practices to radical practices Hugh Fitzgerald talks about how the transformation is taking place and has taken place in Niger, based on reports from students horrified at the changes when they return home from studying over here. The Saudis are NOT our friends. They never have been and never will be.


Semi-ironically we have an item about Niger Mohammedans protesting against a women's rights bill. Women are not supposed to have any rights according to the radical Mohammedans.


More from the truth hurts department has CAIR getting very strident in their attacks on critics of newly elected Congressman Ellison, their pet Congressman. They especially do not want critics, such as talk show host Dennis Prager, on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. Do remember that the latest radical Mohammedan word is that the Holocaust never happened. They want to rewrite a little history.


From the "We are our own worst enemy" department Michelle Malkin has pointer to a NYPost must-read by a Marine talking about his reception and insults at Columbia University. Diversity is super good. Intolerance is super bad. "Unless you're in the military."


The crooked media (hm, how many are from Columbia University?) is still trying to stonewall about the atrocity which never happened. Michelle has lots of meat here. Yup, we are our own worse enemy.


Snerk, snark, I can't stop laughing. The Saudis want to turn Saudi Arabia into a tourist destination. So they are giving the Mutawwa, their religious police, sensitivity training for dealing with non-Mohammedans. I STILL will not vacation in any Arab or Persian country run by the Mohammedans. It just is not safe for a woman.


More details keep coming out of the investigation into the 6 imams incident. It has been revealed now that more than one passenger complained about suspicious activity. The seat belt extension requested by one of the imams was never connected even though he claims a stewardess helped him set it up. The passenger in the next seat over had it in her hand after he left. It had been on the floor, never connected.

The imams claim they were handcuffed and lead away. They were not in handcuffs according to eye witnesses, not when they were initially lead off or later when they were allowed back one at a time to reclaim their possessions. They may have been later. But they were never handcuffed on the plane.

The passengers, including many Mohammedans, cheered the actions taken by the airline and crew. The 6 imams worked very hard to press all the buttons. This was clearly a probe designed to weaken USAirway's security. So far they are resisting. More power to them. If I have to fly at this moment I would prefer to fly their airline.

LINK (Important - eye witness accounts are cited.)

And on a slow news Monday you get rumors reported, especially if they hit the right buttons. The Sunnis MIGHT have caught up with al Sadr and Abu Deraa, known as the Shi'ite Zarqawi. The latter may be more real than the former report. But - treat them both as raw unfounded rumors until more can be verified.





Subject: Daily Diatribe 20061205

So the Mohammedans are complaining about a Crusades video game. They claim it is a force of evil. So reports the Times of London. That is the first link. The second link to the Telegraph is an article about video games attracting young Hezbollah. These are unabashed jihadist child indoctrination videos.

So it's OK for the Mohammedans to do evil. But it is not OK for the non-Mohammedans to do evil. Scroom. (It took seconds to search for "jihadist video game" on Google. The second entry pointed to Jihad Watch which in turn pointed to the Telegraph entry. The first link is to ABC News claiming the Jihadist video games are urban legends. The third link is to yet another Jihadist video game.


MEMRI reports that King Abdullah II of Jordan is under a death threat from the people of the religion of Peace for trying to surpass his "treasonous grandfather [King] Abdullah I. Religion of peace they can try to claim as much as they want. Their actions speak louder than their words if you have more brains than a Murtha or Pelosi.


Rusty Shackleford at "The Jawa Report" notes a detail that seems to be utterly missed by Western media. There was a roundup of terror potters in Egypt. And most importantly one of the people picked up was an American. We are growing our own, folks. This ride is going to get bumpier before it smoothes out. And it can only smooth out for us if we win. There is also an article about it at Jihad Watch. Why nothing in the MSM?


While we are more or less on a theme of "if Mohammedans do it anything goes but if we do it nothing is acceptable" I note this little gem. Israel has documented Hezbollah war crimes and the world yawns. Israel offers videos to answer critics of the war. So the NY Times spins it to make it all "Israeli allegations." But of course, anything Nasrallah's buddies say is gospel. Give me a break! Our media WANTS us to lose. The fall of the US will be a HUGE story. They'll get phylthy rich selling newspapers. They seem to ignore the detail that once we have lost their papers are gone, dead, state owned, and reporters mostly dead. Ah well, thinking is not in any way required of a modern journalist. All that's needed is lots of good intentions. This is getting ridiculous. Honesty? Accuracy? Whazdat?


Two Mohammedans may have finally done it. They urinated on a Bible in Melbourne. Enraged Christians poured into the streets of many major cities smashing shop windows and setting cars on fire shouting "Crucify them!" and "Death to the Moors!" Sounds like a good idea, to me. Unfortunately it will likely go too far and include too many actual moderates who have managed to adapt to peaceful coexistence along with the radicals they nail. <sigh> Can't win. Maybe at least their eyes are opened now.


MEMRI indicates that there is a new Iranian Sci-Fi TV series which stars Mega-Evil Jewish Queen. They have excerpts at the link below. Now if we were to have such a show with Mega-Evil Mohammedan Jihadist they would scream bloody murder at us, wouldn't they? (Charles has the video from MEMRI-TV.)


LGF reports that "Ray Robison has been examining the seeming ties between the Associated Press and Al Jazeera...." Apparently there is yet another example of AP and al-Jazeera being in each other's pockets. It's rather disgusting. The AP has sold its soul for the hatred in the soul of its CEO.

/?entry=23557_Media_Enemy_-_Whats_the_Difference&only has a long piece detailing what those who have been watching the blogs already know. The 6 imams who were kicked off a US Airways flight and detained in Minnesota are lying and they acted very consciously and intentionally to provoke the incident. Huzzah for Investor's Business Daily for having the courage to print facts and truth. The AP may be broken. But some honest journalism continues. I find it all the more impressive that the IBD article goes on to actually quote the Qur'an and the WHOLE passage the imam Shahin has been spouting in a truncated form. They go on to note Shahin's intimate ties to terrorism.

link (Thanks to LGF)

Marisol provides telling highlighting for a story that shows the LA Times is not all dead in the head. The article by Raymond Ibrahim is titled, appropriately for today's theme, "Double standards do not make for International Justice." The article speaks for itself. But do check out Marison's highlighting first.


I have a modest proposal. There are some legitimate protections awarded to genuine journalistic media and their journalists. However, when the media becomes a propaganda organ rather than a legitimate news organ, when they start using fictitious sources they should lose these protections. And so should all their journalists so we can get to the facts of the falsified and fictitious reporting. Of course, any news medium that uses these falsified reports without further investigating should suffer the same fate. This Sword of Damocles above their heads MIGHT make the AP and rags like the New York Times a little more careful about what they are doing. (Of course, NOTHING could ever touch Dan Rather.)



December 7, 2006

Memo to Ahmadinejad: "If any nuclear device goes off anywhere in the world Tehran gets flattened. If any nuclear device goes off on American soil Iran ceases to be inhabitable." I wonder if he would believe that. For that matter I wonder if he'd give a tinker's damn. We should state that loud and clear. And we MUST be seen as meaning it.

This outburst is the product of reading this report about some experts who declare we haven't much chance at all of stopping highly enriched uranium at the borders. Smuggled uranium could be assembled into a simple nuclear weapon on US soil and detonated. That is the down side. It is the reason for the memo to Ahmadinejad above.

The upside is that "it ain't that simple" Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Lewis, regardless of your Kings College, London and Harvard credentials, respectively. Nonetheless that memo should be sent and meant. This is a nuclear line in the sand.

IMAO, given how much terror financing for the Sunni brand of jihadists comes from Saudi Arabia, I believe they should receive a similar memo. The holy sites of Mohammedanism will cease to exist if any weapon of mass destruction is deployed on American soil, which includes embassies around the world.

IMHO, Moscow should be included in that memo just as a reminder. They ARE supplying most of the stray nuclear know how and materials these days. In their case we simply isolate the country by creating an impassable border region. Then we let them starve until the citizenry effect Putin's removal from power. (Then we maintain the blockade until all the spambot herders and spammers in Russia are turned over for "blood letting.")

link (thanks LGF)

 Meanwhile, back at the Lebanese farm house Hezbollah is not letting up in the least on its pressure to bring down the elected government in Lebanon so that it can form a substitute Sharia based government. And the world sits, watches, and can't even raise a ho-hum about it. Damn but this is frustrating to watch. A slow motion train wreck is always painful to watch. The West is as suicidal as the Jihadists only in a more "sheep like" manner.


Mark Steyn hits the nail right squarely on the head and drives it home discussing the Iraq Study Group's report. He closes the interview with the sound bite that summarizes it all. The situation in Iraq is worsening. The report is correct in that regard. But they offer nothing practical or substantive with regards to what we should do in response.

One suggestion I'd have is that we no longer give mosques a free pass. We discovered in Korea and Vietnam that giving the enemy a free zone to play within leads to a stalemate. Attack the enemy wherever he goes even if it is onto the soil of another country. The other country can bloody well police its borders and prevent the crossings if they do not want US to cross in hot pursuit.

link (video)

\"...her afternoon prayer was interrupted by a fellow patron..." That is what most of the MSM coverage of "gymgate" amounts to. What is not said is that the woman whose prayers were interrupted was blocking the locker used by another woman who wanted access to her belongings. The Mohammedan woman failed to respond. The woman went to the manager. More and more the Mohammedans are demanding concessions from us that they do not accord us in return. This is unacceptable. It needs to be more widely reported. And as a nation we need to deal with it. "You are in the United States of America. You will not demand more of its people than its people demand of you. You will abide by our laws. You may abide by Sharia laws where they do not conflict with our laws. You may not go further than that. You will not demand special privileges for your religion. If you do not like this then lump it or leave the US." Yes, I used the dreaded "l-word" that caused such a furor in Australia. We should use it here more often to those who cannot see fit to become Americans rather than remain foreigners with or without American citizenship. There is no room here for foreigners who are not becoming Americans except on business visits.

Wryly I note today's Americans are not necessarily worthy of emulation. We seem to have a "can't do" attitude rather than a "can do" attitude.


Just a note, Charles Johnson, the LGF fellow, reacts the same way I did to Raymond Ibrahim's article that escaped past the LA Times censors. I mentioned it on the fifth. "How did this get past the editors at the Los Angeles Times? Islam gets concessions; infidels get conquered." Yup, he's another person from the Los Angeles area. (He bicycles all over the Palos Verdes Peninsula most evenings.) If you didn't read Raymond Ibrahim's article on the fifth it's still readable as of the time I am posting this. It is a HIGHLY accurate accounting of how the Mohammedans whine to victory if they cannot win otherwise.


On this anniversary day for the Pearl Harbor attack that propelled us into World War-II let us compare Pearl Harbor with Twin Towers. 2000 died in Pearl Harbor, mostly military personnel. Nearly double that died in the Twin Towers, almost all civilians. We lost some war vessels in Pearl Harbor. We lost two buildings and shut down America's financial center in the Twin Towers attack. We responded to Pearl Harbor by entering World War II and winning it. We are responding to the Twin Towers disaster by trying to tear the country apart politically and micromanaging a war in Iraq with utterly ridiculous rules of engagement. We were not afraid to lose young men and women in World War II (mostly men to be sure). We are deathly afraid to lose any soldiers in our pathetic response to the Twin Towers. "Can do" was the Pearl Harbor attitude. "Can't do" is the country's utterly pathetic attitude today. In comparison with WW-II the US is a collection of utter wusses protected by too few brave, loyal, and dedicated young men and women. Thank God we have them. May God bless them all, past and present. LGF has a simple poster. But THIS is the America that should be. It has taken only 64 years to decay this far. As a nation our shame is great.

Everybody has commentary. The above is mine. JihadWatch has its commentary. Robert's observations are good. We need to learn, very viscerally, that we're fighting an ideology not a nation or nations. Michelle's coverage is excellent, as usual.


Charles notes that reactions to the Iraq Study report are coming out of the Middle East now. Basically they all agree that the report shows that the US is a collection of paper tigers. Allahpundit has noted this as well.

Yup, we are wusses, aren't we? Is there ANY line these creeps can't cross without engendering an honest and full WW-II reaction of "Enough is damnit enough?"


"Ahmadinejadization" is a Robert Spencer neologism for the process of being subjected to Ahmadinejad's unreality field. He seems to project the same sort of field of befuddlement as Steve Jobs. He discusses it in this video on HotAir.


Robert Spencer takes on the UN over its urging freedoms for Arab women while saying that Mohammedanism is not to blame. "Never mind all that (and there's lots more where that came from). Islam is not the problem. Islam is not the problem. Islam is not the problem. Why? Because the UN really, really, really doesn't want it to be." Now, my take is a little different. How many UN members are tiny little enclaves of Mohammedans hardly big enough to be called a legitimate country? How big a percentage of the UN to they make up?

If each state in the United States has ANY sovereignty at all we should have 50 seats in the UN, IMAO. It might be a nice step towards good sense with regards the little Mohammedan states that seem to be cropping up and dominating more and more of the UN operations.


I figure that's more than enough for one day. Please, please, people open your eyes to what they do and contrast it with what they say. Which is reality? I maintain that reality is what they do. Mohammedanism is not a religion of peace. It is not going to stop for any Baker report's dialogs. They are determined to effect a genocide on every non-Mohammedan in the world. The religion must be transformed into something quite different from what is is. This must be done by careful logic and carefully discrediting the basic documents as they stand. The "editing" that took place when the Umayyads, who were very secular, were replaced by the Abbasids. The latter purged the religion of all traces of the so called false traditions of the Umayyads. This is "editing" which took place in a religion that claims their tradition and Qur'an is the pure unedited work of Allah. We need to make use of this.





December 9, 2006

"The three Azzawi brothers, Hussein, Qadam and Ali, loved their home. Their late father had picked the two-storey villa because it was big enough for his sons to marry and raise children in. He hoped that they would always live there."

So begins the tail of the three brothers and the al Qaeda memo which told them to leave within 24 hours or have their heads cut. Note the reactions of their Sunni neighbors, who were NOT part of the al Qaeda activities. Note the memo at the end citing Qur'anic verses to justify the actions. Mohammedanism is not a religion of peace by any stretch of the imagination.

Also note that it is not US, it is not other sects of Mohammedanism, it is Mohammedanism itself that creates war and strife whenever anyone chooses to get rigorous in its interpretation. It surely would be nice if we learned how to discredit that rigorous interpretation, perhaps by discrediting the base documents themselves.


MEMRI today features excerpts from an article by the French-Algerian scholar Dr. Kamal Nait-Zerrad. About midway through the excerpts we have him asking, "Have we already forgotten Afghanistan and its Taliban, Algeria and its terrorists? It is true that the scandal of the amnesty granted to fundamentalist terrorists in Algeria is hardly discussed anymore; they are even granted indemnities, and are simply reintegrated into society, with a compensation package!"

I am afraid we HAVE forgotten how the Taliban took over. We cannot face watching how Hezbollah is taking over Lebanon. We ignored how the Mohammedans have taken over Indonesia and Malaysia. It was not by force of charms instead of force of arms, to be sure.

Further down the page he cites the "fatal" passage 9.29 in the Qur'an which specifies Christians, Jews, and perhaps Zoroastrians have only three options, convert, be humiliated and pay jizyah taxes, or die. All others have only two options, convert or die.

He agrees that the religion must be transformed. Although he uses the word "reformed" instead. Reformed has connotations of going back to root virtues. The Mohammedan roots are fatally lacking in virtues such as to make it fit for the modern world. So as I see it the religion must be transformed rather than reformed.

The original article is in French.


The 10th of December is going to be a critical day in Lebanon. The Hezbollah leadership has called for participation in a mass rally on that day. It is designed to bring down the Lebanese government.


 Rampant fraudulent reporting out of the Middle East or about anything pertaining to Mohammedanism out of the Main Stream Media is one of my hobby horses. First I was on Reuters, hard enough to lead to the breaking of a very long relationship. They were doctoring and failing to report as staged pictures out of Lebanon during the "fun" there when Israel decided it had tolerated enough and invaded to try to wipe out Hezbollah. There were posed victims in rubble, staged ambulance runs where no run was needed, doctored photographs, mis-captioned photographs, and so forth. AP was noted as being in the doctored and staged photograph mil, too.

AP has gotten itself into a mess with Jamil Hussein, who appears not to exist let alone be a spokesman for anybody. AP is stonewalling the issue as more and more people are calling them on this bias and forgery. HotAir has a nice write up. And do not miss the pointer at the bottom to Robert Bateman's remarks. This is NOT a new thing with the Associated (with the enemy) Press. They did this in Korea as well. (In that episode they used a mechanic who never saw combat yet claimed to be a witness to a very regrettable incident to inflate No Gun Ri into images of US soldiers intentionally gunning down civilians at short range.)

When news services start using falsified reports and evidence as fact they are in the entertainment business rather than news business. They should lose all the special protections accorded to the news media. And they should be held VERY accountable for the RESULTS of their false reports. The rest of the media, if they are serious about honesty, should come down on the likes of Associated Press and shame them very publicly with banners that read "This is an unverified report from Associated Press."


Lest we get complacent yet another terrorist plot has been busted up by the FBI. This one was rather miniscule as plots go. The fellow was planning to set off some grenades in a local mall in Illinois. Yes, he is Mohammedan. No, he is not part of a terrorist cell. Yes, he is a nut case.

There are some significant points not brought out in most media. It was a "brother" Mohammedan who turned him in. (See, Virginia, moderate Mohammedans DO exist, praise Allah!) And since it was a one person setup that was caught, how many OTHER such honeypot traps exist within the various communities, Mohammedan to KKK? One hopes it is "enough."

And my paranoid bent needs to let a few words out, too. He references a local mosque near the mall. There is one in Dekalb. The local Moslem Student Association shares the same address. Was this fellow enough of a loose canon (sic for the pun value) that he was sacrificed by the more hard core in the MSA or was my first remark about real moderates existing more correct?

LGF has a good summary of the day's reporting.


But let's not leave Michelle Malkin out of the discussion. She wonders if "Who is Jamil Hussein?" is the modern "Who is John Galt?" It seems apt.


I like Hugh Fitzgerald's strategy in his rebuttal analysis of the silly Baker report. We do indeed dialog with Syria in a very friendly way. Seal your borders to the Hezbollah terrorists. Give up ambitions in Lebanon. Give up aspirations for the Golan Heights, you'll never get it back, anyway. Stop allowing insurgents to cross back and forth in Iraq. In return we give you your life. No, we are not going to kill you. If you do not cooperate we will air your dirty laundry to the 70% Sunni population that you "genuine Moslem" Alawites lord it over. THEY will do the killing with Saudi money.

Then we approach Iran and dialog similarly. Only 50% or Iran is Persian. The rest are Kurds, Azeris, Arabs, and Baluchis. You can face a major uprising and a partitioning of your country or you can stop meddling in Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere. We help the Kurds to revolt. The Saudis help the Arabs in Iran revolt, and so forth. Got it? Good.

Now THAT is dialoging done right. Congratulations for the ideas Hugh.


Speaking of the Baker report something interesting to note is that Baker's law firm is defending a Saudi Prince who funneled money to al Qaeda against the lawsuit brought by victims of 9/11. The defense is, of course, that his funding al Qaeda was an official government act hence he is immune to this attempted prosecution.

In case nobody notices this I'd like to point out that this is very up front and official notification that Saudi Arabia is THE major support for al Qaeda and is not in the least ashamed of this.

It also means that Baker is happily playing both sides of the terrorist game without blinking an eye. Only a lawyer, a quite unprincipled lawyer, could do that.


Robert Spencer found a remarkable article by Bruce S. Thornton titled "Why the Pope should call for the return of the Hagia Sophia". As Robert declares Mr. Thornton makes a great deal of sense.

Mohammedans DEMAND that we RESPECT them. But they accord us no respect in turn. This is not something we can afford to live with. Respect is and must be a two way street. Otherwise it is subservience. But wait, doesn't the Qur'an make the subservience point quite clear. Ah yes, it's that old nasty 9.29 again, convert, accept subservience, or die. I do believe that the Mohammedans are mistranslating their word as "respect" when they make their demands. It plays better with the liberals and those afraid to fight.


This points to a video of the Sudanese Wafa Sultan. No further recommendation should be needed. So I'll shut up and give you the link.





December 10, 2006

Well, Grand Rapids Michigan has taken a giant step towards the bad old days of masked men and shoot 'em ups. They have made wearing a veil, and along with it full hijab, which hides ANYTHING, on buses in the city. In the name of catering to the Mohammedan women's supposed right to wear a veil anywhere at any time life for the Mohammedan terrorists has been made easier. I consider this to be a monumentally bad mistake. Besides, it establishes a church or at least a church based behavior as being above other churches in Grand Rapids. It MIGHT not be quite Constitutional.


Don Feder's speech to the Americans for A Safe Israel National Conference ("America And Israel - The Present Danger") held in New York City on the 3rd of December raises a collection of telling points. They all fall to one word that, in the words of Mark Steyn "begins with an "I" and ends with a "slam."

Feder lists the Mohammedan terrorist and plain old peaceful jihadist activities since 9/11. It's a partial list. It's a dismal list.

That is bad enough. Then he goes into some numbers that are very bad. We are being out bred by the Mohammedans, the people who want to wipe us off the face of the Earth. And as they are breeding their young are being turned into good little violent jihadists.

I figure that if we do not act soon we will not be able to act at all without some amazing form of atrocities. "If you face an enemy that to the last one alive is dedicated to the utter destruction of you, your kind of people, and the ideals we hold dear is it genocide to wipe them out instead of turning over and accepting the grave?" We had better act now or we will find ourselves facing this question and its corollary question, "Can we face that, accomplish it, and not become monsters?"

Act now or face your children having to die or become monsters. Yes, that is inflammatory. I'm sorry. I feel I'm simply the messenger here. Shoot the idea, if you can.


If you can believe AP, which in this case you probably can because they are bragging about Iran, the Iranians have begun installing 3000 centrifuges to expand their refining operation. "We will be able to produce our nuclear fuel once we install 60,000 centrifuges," (Ahmadinejad) said.

Sweet dreams. (This MIGHT be enough to cause Olmert to act and NOT stomp on his military's toes about stupid rules of engagement.)


So we face this fun with a leadership that is about as clueless as it comes about who and what we are facing. So they accept a report that suggests something close to surrendering the chicken coop to the foxes. Iran loves it. Iran REALLY loves the report. Even Time Magazine gets that little detail.

The Kurds get it, too. And they do NOT like the report and suggest they will take action to separate their part of the country from the rest leaving a bankrupt hulk in the South if Iraq. (Wouldn't that be perfect for breeding little terrorists?)

And Jeff Stein (The New York Times) has been ending lengthy interviews with US anti-terrorism officials with a little zinger question, "Do you know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?" He hastens to add that he's not seeking a theological answer. He just wants basics, like which makes up al Quaeda and which makes up Hezbollah. He draws blanks and utterly stupid wrong answers.

As I see it we DO need new leadership. Bush is not it. I'm pretty sure McCain is not it. I am dead sure Hillary or any of the anti-war Democrats is it. I'm not sure about any of the others out there in the field, left or right.

We DESPERATELY need leadership that can come up to speed enough about just who are the enemies, how they are arrayed and financed against us that we have a chance of not losing everything. This leadership needs to be able to convey this information to the people of the United States in an understandable form that does not set us off at the throats of ALL the Mohammedans living in this country. They are not ALL nasty terrorists or terrorists in training. These moderates need our support so they can come out from under the direct threats of death from those in their neighborhoods who are terrorists.


Here's a nice article about the publicity stunt suicides at Gitmo. The chief thing it tells us is the lengths these terrorists are willing to go to in order to advance their cause. (Both links from the HotAir page are interesting. But I think they draw more conclusions from the reports they cite than I do.)




Subject: Daily Diatribe 20061211

Not everything is Ahmadinejad this and Ahmadinejad that in Iran today. Some Iranians are acutely aware that Ahmadinejad is making Iran look very bar on the international stage, particularly with Holocaust denial conference. He was faced with a protest.

"Dozens of Iranian students burnt pictures of President Ahmadinejad and chanted "Death to the dictator" as he gave a speech at a university in Tehran yesterday."

Allahpundit has video at the second link below.


MEMRI has an interesting piece about the insides of Saudi palace political infighting. "Saudi Oppositionist: King 'Abdullah is Trying to Keep Prince Na'if From Acceding to the Throne"

Na'if is the head of the Interior Ministry, which has more religious police than there are military and intelligence personel. Indeed, he is the head of the APVAPV, Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. I suspect it would be very bad if he came to power. And that might be very good. It might spur us into dealing with Saudi Arabia to shut down its terrorist financing.


And word from yet another corner arrives regarding the Baker nonsense, the ISG report. The editor of a reformist (read VERY moderate) website, AAFAQ sharply criticizes the report. The author delineates three disasters looming in the near term. First it appears Iran and Syria will be accepted as part of the solution instead as part of the problem. Second it will put Iran and Syria in place to guard the chicken-coop. Third is the abandonment of spreading democracy to all,


The Jerusalem Post has a story by Herb Keinon from Berlin about Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert finally admitting that Israel has nuclear capability. Nobody really knows whether it was an intentional statement or a mistake on Olmert's part.


Do we owe Iraqis any sort of refugee status here in the United States? Any program to grant this status will let some Jihadists into the country, even if the refugee status is limited to Christian Iraqis.

Some people are working hard to equate these refugees with those from Vietnam. The Vietnam refugees were largely Christians and Jews, neither of which arrived with "a ready-made societal model and an imperative to replace the culture and mores and laws of the society to which they were coming." At least some of the Mohammedan "refugees" from Iraq will come with such a model in place.

Personally I see no safe way to allow ANY Mohammedan refugees from that part of the world. As for the Christian refugees, a nice meal of pork tamales would be a good way to deal with the would be terrorists. They eat the pork and forfeit all chance of Heaven or they don't eat the pork and reveal themselves for what they are. I agree with Robert that the State Department needs to state clearly that provable Christians will have preferences and any Mohammedans allowed in will have to note that they will have to live by US laws not Sharia laws where there are any conflicts between the two. Even the Christians need to be made aware of the fact they must become Americans with an Iraqi flavor rather than Iraqis living in America if they plan to stay here any length of time.


"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." -- Omar Ahmad, founder of CAIR.

This is a self-professed moderate Mohammedan. Of course, CAIR, with all its terrorist support and leanings could fully be expected to have leaders and founders who will provide nice quotes like the above with great reliability. (And note which organization is supporting Shahin's lawsuit over his treatment in the 6 flying imams situation.)

Robert Spencer has (much) more on the quoted statement above, which Omar Ahmad denies, in the second link.


Katherine Kersten has more today about those six imams in Monday's Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. She delineates even more terrorist links for the six.

"The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the imams' legal representative, is an organization that "we know has ties to terrorism," Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said in 2003. And the Muslim American Society, which is also supporting the imams? It's the American arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to the Chicago Tribune, which called it "the world's most influential Islamic fundamentalist group.""

link (for the expanded article) 

Robert Spencer takes issue with Economist Mahammad Yunus over his "get rid of poverty to stop terrorism" prescription. Mr. Yunus has a point in that given something to lose people are more loathe to do something that will cost them their accomplishments. With Mohammedans this does not seem to be the case. Almost all the terrorists seem to be better educated and have better prospects for their lives than most of their peers. I think wiping out poverty is not the answer. But I think it is part of the answer. Read Robert Spencer's take on the issue at the link below.


For a snapshot of the process by which the Mohammedans take over a country, piece by piece, check out this word from Thailand where there are fears the Buddhists will be moving out of the territory the jihadists claim due to the jihadist terror tactics.


I have some friends over in London. I hope they can get out before Blair gives away everything. He is now declaring that a Mohammedan can be PM. Essentially that means Britain becomes Mohammedan shortly thereafter. Blair has taken leave of what senses he may have had as he tries to embrace multiculturalism.

It appears the US may have to go it alone as the Mohammedans gobble up the rest of the world. Maybe the Chinese will gobble us up and then deal with the Mohammedans in their characteristic far less tolerant manner.


"Hello from Fjordman. I will run a multipart essay over the coming few weeks where I will explore whether Islam is compatible with democracy. This is published in cooperation with the Gates of Vienna blog. The various parts will be published at Jihad Watch first, and then the full essay will be republished at the Gates of Vienna, similar to the Eurabia Code. Here comes part 1:"

This was the introduction on Nov 30th titled "Is Islam Compatible with Democracy." It is a long read. It is educational. There are more parts coming. Links for parts one and two are below.

In part one he investigates "Democracy" as a concept and then states preconditions for Democracy to work. For example it needs a "Demos", a group of people with a shared pre-political loyalty. He cites some reasons Mohammedanism does not appear to be amenable to a Democracy when fear is a standard political modality. (Do remember Mohammedanism is as much a political system as a religious system. The Qur'an sees no distinction between the two concepts.)

Then he goes on to cite problems with the European "Democracies" in which people are more "subject" than peer making decisions on such simple things as raising and spending taxes. (That sounds dreadfully familiar to the United States, too.) In this regard he reaches very familiar conclusions about other things a Democracy requires in order to function for the betterment of its citizens.

Then he makes this "heretical" statement, "Our goal is not democracy in itself, meaning elections and one man one vote, but freedom of conscience and speech, respect for property rights and minorities, the right to bear arms and self-defense, equality before the law and the rule of law - and by that I mean secular law - in addition to such principles as formal constraints on the power of the rulers and the consent of the people."

Then he develops the thesis that this is utterly incompatible with Sharia law and its concepts of "blasphemy" and "apostasy" with their often gruesome death penalties.

In part two Fjordman adds depth to the above. One of the cites you really do want to understand is this one: "But in the words of the celebrated 14th century historian Ibn Khaldun himself:

"in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force." In Islam, says Ibn Khaldun, the person in charge of religious affairs is concerned with "power politics," because Islam is "under obligation to gain power over other nations" (Muqaddimah, trans. Rosenthal, p. 183)."


"Ibn Khaldun wrote about Christians: "We do not think that we should blacken the pages of this book [Muqaddimah] with discussion of their [Christian] dogmas of unbelief. In general, they are well known. All of them are unbelief. This is clearly stated in the noble Koran. To discuss or argue those things with them is not up to us. It is for them to choose between conversion to Islam, payment of the poll tax, or death."

(The link for the Ibn Khaldun quotes is below at the muslimphilosophy site.)

He follows this quote with several examples of the Mohammedans implementing these statements and the infamous Qur'an 9.29, convert, be a virtual slave paying annual tribute, or die.

This all is a long read, well reasoned, and highlights just what problems we are facing in Iraq. We did not understand the enemy. We went in presuming our values were universal. We've been slapped down in that regard. Although the number of close to apostate Mohammedans in Iraq who DO want an honest Democracy and secular government is remarkably high all things considered. It is a rewarding read. You come out of it with a lot more understanding of what we are fighting.

Be sure to see the Wall Street Journal quote for blood money prices. Note how much a Mohammedan mail is worth compared to a Mohammedan woman. Then compare that to say a Hindu woman. There is a 33:1 disparity.

I am looking forward to the next part.




December 12, 2006

What a way to start the day. The MSM have happened on something the bloggers "knew" for a week or so, Saudi Arabia may poke its nose, and money, into Iraq to aid the Sunnis. Let's pour some gasoline on the fire.


The blogs are one step ahead. Captains Quarters notes that the Saudi ambassador to the US was called back to Saudi Arabia on VERY short notice. He left his very influential posting to return home in an incredible rush. The usual parties for a retiring ambassador never happened. Maybe Abdullah is ill?


One of my readers commented about being a little confused about whether I believe there are moderate Mohammedans or not. For the record I believe there are. Most are complacent and very afraid to raise their heads. In polls something like 50% of Mohammedans world wide are said to support the violent jihad with as many as 20% saying they'd take part in bombings.

MEMRI has a nice article by one of the few vocal moderates, Tunisian columnist Cayed Krichen. Krichen notes the golden age of Islam when it was new, open, and free. That would be when they were under the Umayyads. When the Abbasids took over this freedom of thought along with the documents and doctrines that went along with it were extirpated from the official religion. It has suffered with this for 1100 years now.

Krichen then recites a partial list of mere violations of freedom of thought perpetrated in the religion's name since 1925 when in Egypt "Sheikh 'Ali 'Abd Ar-Raziq is expelled from Al-Azhar University and his writings are banned [because] he advocates the separation of religion and state. His book 'Islam and Principles of Government' is declared heretical, and banned."

So, yes, there are moderates. They exist. Most are silent. Some have the courage to express their thoughts. They routinely find their way into religious prisons or death sentences. I hope Tuniaia is not that backwards and Krichen can continue to express such thoughts. The religion could well benefit from it.


MEMRI also has a clip and transcript of an interview with several Saudi intellectuals. It seems the US is not the only place where the education system is already in Hell let alone digging a deeper hole in Hell into which it can immerse us all. Here are some additional more or less moderates decrying teachers at private schools abandoning the curriculum and teaching the Taliban ideals and other such nonsense. At least with a private school the parents can intervene and see such teachers fired, in theory. I wonder if Turki Hamad did that with his son's teacher.


Then MEMRI has excerpts from an interview with Mash'al Al-Mutairi, a Saudi oppositionist about trying to keep Prince Na'if from Acceding to the throne. These attempts are not his alone. King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan are also in there pitching. But Na'if is in an incredibly strong position. (And he is rather an extremist.)


The jihadists from the religion of peace have been thwarted again, this time in Spain. A terror cell has been broken up. They had a plot that was moving from the planning stages to actual implementation. So it was time for the Spanish authorities to sweep them up.


LGF has a video from Fox News featuring Debra Burlingame, the wife of the deceased 9/11 pilot of flight 77. She is highlighting the wee little detail that the 6 flying imams were seriously fishing for an incident. At the end the blog was mentioned (full link below.) She declares the full 24 page police report will be posted. Apparently it is a shocker. We SHOULD have put the imams through a much more thorough wringer for virtually shouting bomb on a loaded airliner. (I tracked down the full report at pajamasmedia. Link below.) Page 11 is where the report gets down to business and describes the incident. The information basically confirms the reports that have been circulating on the blogs. The imams were fishing, with dynamite in a barrel, for some insults and "abuses." As such they abused the passengers on the flight. IMAO THEY should go on trial for their behavior and its results.


Charles Johnson highlights the truck driver who was pulled into custody for questioning after he was anxious to learn to drive trucks but was not willing to bother learning to back up. 28 year old Mohammedan, overstayed a student visa, drivers licenses from multiple states, wasn't interested in learning how to back up a truck at a truck driving school - yup, he was up to no good. Betcha CAIR jumps on this with their Islamo-phobia screams and nonsense. (I may have reported about this before. It is slowly making its way into the MSM, - maybe. Te Boston Herald has it up now.)


The moderate Mohammedans are VERY silent, it seems. I believe I have worked with several such over the years. I don't hear their voices anywhere, though. I do hear the voices of the immoderates. In this case from Oz. A young Mohammedan woman who won the NSW Young Australian of the Year award is now under death threats from the jihadists in Oz. Such lovely and loving folks these loud immoderate Mohammedans are. The world could do without them. There is also question about a frame up involving cocaine and Ms. Hage-Ali. At any rate the plot thickens - and sickens.


Michelle Malkin points to a nice cheat sheet for those who do not quite understand Sunni and Shi'ite differences. The cheat list is the second link below. She has other goodies on her posting in the first link.


Tafsir, Hadith, Sunna, and Sira, what do three mean. Robert Spencer explains in an interview with Michelle Malkin on HotAir. It's worth the time to listen to it.


Bryan Preston has a nice writeup on how Reuters (and other agencies) can operate within tyrannies. Basically, they play ball with them on their terms. When they play ball that way how can they report honest news from such situations? I don't believe they can. As such they are not doing you and me a service reporting laundered pseudo facts.




December 13, 2006

"The poet Ali Ahmad Sa'id (b. 1930), known by his pseudonym "Adonis," a 2005 candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature, left his native Syria for Lebanon in the 1950s following six months' imprisonment for political activity. In 1973, he received his Ph.D. from St. Joseph University in Beirut; in 1985, he settled in Paris, where he now works as a writer and literary critic. Among other occupations, he has edited the modernist magazine Mawaqif (Viewpoints), and translated some of the great French poets into Arabic." He is also another Moderate who is coming forward and stating that the Mohammedan world has fatal flaws.

One of his more telling comments comes near the beginning of the interviews, "In our case, political rule was based... Ever since the struggle over who would inherit Prophet Muhammad's place, political rule was essentially based on religion."


Time magazine seems to have slipped up in its unending blizzard of lies and falsehoods about the Middle East. In "The Big Lie About the Middle East", Lisa Beyer says, "In lumping the Iraq mess in with the Palestinian problem--and suggesting the first could not be fixed unless the second was too--the Baker-Hamilton commission lent credibility to a corrosive myth: that the fundamental problem in the Arab world is the plight of the Palestinians."

A little further on she declares, "In a decade of reporting in the region, I found it rarely took more than the arching of an eyebrow to get the most candid of Arab thinkers to acknowledge that the tears shed for the Palestinians today outside the West Bank and Gaza are of the crocodile variety. Palestinians know this best of all."

I've declared the point that they have no legitimate gripe and know it for many years now with various angles of proof. By embracing this concept former President Carter in his book and the Baker report from the ISG create serious damage. It gives the terrorists some legitimacy even they know is not there. It encourages their continued violence. And it obscures that the problem is not our, yours and mine, behavior. The problem is our not being Mohammedans in the idealized fantasy world the violent jihadist Mohammedans maintain for themselves.


The New York Times is at it again with a raggedly dishonest piece that attempts to whitewash the Mohammedan Charities that the FBI declares are terrorist support tools. The "Internet Haganah" slaps down the NYT story quite thoroughly. It includes a long list if corrupt, terrorist supporting, Mohammedan charities and law suits filed against them.


CAIR has setup a hot line so that Hajj pilgrims can complain about any hints of less than deferential behavior towards them from airline or security personnel. They provide a crib sheet for harassing airline and security personnel. CAIR needs to be shut down, HARD. MASSIVE counter suits complaining of THEIR harassment are called for.


The Saudis are stepping forward with a warning that they intend to intervene in Iraq if ethnic cleansing takes place or of the US leaves Iraq. The Saudis intend to use their vast resources to become the dominant influence in Iraq trying to supplant the Iranian influence.


"Spencer: Tony Blair Renounces Multiculturalism - Sort Of"

The Lord giveth, "British Prime Minister Tony Blair declared last Friday that "no distinctive culture or religion supercedes our duty to be part of an integrated United Kingdom." He listed "respect for this country and its shared heritage," along with "belief in democracy, the rule of law, tolerance, equal treatment for all," as the things that "we hold in common" and give "us the right to call ourselves British.""

The Lord taketh away, "Blair himself, however, doesn't seem to have intended his speech to be taken as a rejection of or retreat from multiculturalism. He explained: "It is not that we need to dispense with multicultural Britain. On the contrary we should continue celebrating it.""

The article is worth the read simply to watch Blair stumbling through the British briar patch of political correct thought and speech. He surely seems to be making an arse of himself lately.


A devout and moderate Muslim comes forward detailing his personal pain with the charade put on my the six flying imams. He supports the various TSA measures that are taking place to try to make flying safe. He acknowledges "those of us with the first name Mohammed can also attest to humbling profiling." He accepts it. M. Zuhdi Jasser is a Muslim worthy of respect. I note the web site is a wonderful revelation. It is Muslims fighting the extremist jihadists.


Just so you know Robert Spencer has noted that "UPS refuses to deliver to Jews, not Muslims." They won't deliver to "Gush Yeshiva [DS: A yeshiva is a Jewish academy] in the Gush EtZion." They will deliver to Ramala. For reference DHL has no such problem.


And in a surprise out of Canada the Federal Court finds that belonging to a terrorist group is not a right. (I would hope this could come to trial only in Canada. But I fear we'll see the likes of it here in the US.)


Michelle Malkin is putting her time and perhaps life on the line in taking up an offer to accompany Eason Jordan to Iraq to find the elusive Jamil Hussein, the seemingly fictitious source for quite a few AP stories about Iraqi terror. At least she has taken Eason Jordan's offer to pay for her trip to Iraq and even accompany her. I wish her luck and health if Eason was not bluffing and they all embark to find Jamil. (Yes, this is "the same Eason Jordan who reported from Iraq and hid the atrocities of Saddam Hussein from the world while everyone was debating whether or not Saddam was really guilty of all the horrible things for which he was accused." (From Wizbang see link below.)

Hot Air has more on Jamil-gate worth a quick read.


Michelle has a nice update on yesterday's illegal worker raids. The illegal aliens were working on stolen identities, one of whom was a Border Patrol agent. These victims of identity theft are being dunned for back taxes they never paid on earnings they never received for jobs they never had. Our borders MUST be sealed tightly. The cost of illegal aliens is more than we should bear.

Once the borders are sealed illegal aliens using stolen identities must be tossed out after taking DNA samples, finger prints, and any other form of positive identification we can think of. Then if they are found in the US again they are eligible for a death penalty.


Hot Air has part two of Michelle's interview with Robert Spencer. It is a must watch.


There is more to day on the young woman who was up for Iktamil Hage-Ali's Young Australian of the Year Award has handed the award back as word of the cocaine charges against her surfaced. Of course, she has not yet been found guilty. But the there is the appearance of wrong- doing that provides the leverage for rescinding the award.



December 14, 2006

This should be worth watching for developments given German laws. MEMRI reports that the "Iran Holocaust Denial Conference Announces Plan to Establish World Foundation for Holocaust Studies - To Be Eventually Based in Berlin and Headed by Iranian Presidential Adviser Mohammad-Ali Ramin Who Has Said: 'The Resolution of the Holocaust Issue Will End in the Destruction of Israel'"

This goes neatly with the MEMRI article discussing the role of the holocaust denial in the Iranian regime. It traces the demonization of the Jews taking place now noting its parallel to the Nazi demonization before they started their pogroms.


Read this. Don't ask questions. Just read it. Eugene wrote it. It is about his family. (I suspect the Eugene in question is Eugene Volokh; but as it's not formally signed that way I can't say for sure. It's simply Eugene's Blog. If it is Eugene Volokh I trust what he is saying completely.) "How my grandfather invented the Holocaust."


Hamas has revealed its relations with the IRA. It is nominally in the interest of learning how to negotiate and achieve peace.


The not so loyal opposition, John Kerry, is in Egypt criticizing the US. But I suppose doing that is nothing new to junketing Senators. While Kerry was fiddling Rome burned or at least Hamas took over control of the border crossing into Egypt. There was a ferocious gun battle with the Fatah people who were at the time in control.

Kerry is busy calling for dialog with Iran and Syria. I suppose he would have counseled Elliot Ness to dialog with Al Capone, too. God what a self serving vile and stupid man you've created in Kerry. It is quite obvious that Kerry thinks the average US citizen is dumber than a toad.


There may be a bit of a turn around at the UN. (Now, I do not expect a HUGE turn around, mind you.) The incoming Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, calls for censuring the Iranians over their Holocaust Denial Conference. I wonder how long he is going to last in his job.


I am reluctantly willing to give Glocer his argument even though I do think he was whitewashing decades of bad behavior of this sort. He has come out and stated that Reuters has new standards for Photoshop work AND more importantly, perhaps, in attributes to photos and the circumstances under which they were taken. (LGF and others raked Reuters over the coals for their coverage of Lebanon.) I can't accept an apology that does not mention their near complete lack of coverage of the death and destruction Hezbollah rained on Israel. But then, none was issued.

I do remember during the actual combat phase of Gulf War part II that Reuters played some clips over and over again until they got it cut just right, usually in a manner to make the US look bad. I was watching several of the live feeds out of Baghdad when I noticed this. Now, what they were doing MAY have been simply trying to get a clean feed. Editing over a satellite feed would be stupidly difficult. It still raised the hairs on my neck. Their coverage was consistently such as to make the US look bad compared even to CBS's feeds.

I also remember the neatly misattributed ambulance pictures. I also remember the "Reuters Van Hit By Israeli Missile" incident in the Palestine territories. (It was very obviously not hit by a missile. It had a large chunk of concrete dropped on it. What hit was certainly not explosive.)

Charles concludes his report on it with these words, "Thanks to Mr. Glocer for the nice words. Now what about this? Reuters: David Duke a 'US Academic'." The link is to an article describing Duke as an Academic disregarding his sordid past in the KKK and all that minor stuff. Reuters not biased? Hah!


Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune (MSP area) muses on the real reason for the 6 flying imams nonsense. I figure it's a "Well Duh!" But I guess most people are not paranoid enough to see the connection of this publicity blitz with the bill John Conyers (D Mich) wrote called the "End Racial Profiling Act." Under it the TSA will have the burden of proof if it can be shown they questioned a disproportionate number of Mohammedans. Nancy Pelosi is a proud cosponsor. Ellison, the Mohammedan in Congress, is expected to get on the band wagon, too. This is a VERY bad law. I hope Congress or the Senate has the courage to kill it. I REALLY hope that if it gets to the President he flat out vetoes it.

If it is statistically more dangerous to step into an open manhole than a closed one it makes sense to put most or all of your guard rails and signs around opened holes. Under the manhole equivalent of this proposed law to avoid discrimination all manholes would have to have signs and guard rails around them opened or not. Think about it.

Race is simply an identifiable fact about a person. It is like the state of a manhole, opened or closed. An open manhole on a busy street is going to hurt somebody, likely badly. A closed manhole can hurt people in some circumstances, such as when its slick surface triggers a loss of traction while making a panic stop or when one slips on it while crossing the street. They are even dangerous for slips and falls when they are in the middle of a sidewalk. So one must be aware of all manholes just as one must be aware of all people around oneself. But when they are opened manholes present a greater danger. So taking note of this is rather important if one wishes to stay unharmed. The same is true with regards to people who are of Middle Eastern descent. This is unfortunate. But it is a fact. This also does not mean we ignore all others.

Note that those boarding the airplane with the 9 were willing to cut slack for Mohammedans praying. THEY "RACIALLY" PROFILED THE MOHAMMEDANS! They KNEW this was a Mohammedan activity so they considered it odd but something one could overlook. But the imams kept piling on abuse of profile after abuse of profile. Finally too many passes of this led to suspicion which led to their denied boarding. The imams in effect are demanding racial profiling to ALLOW them to do extra outrageous things that the rest of us cannot. Scroom.

links (Thanks LGF & JihadWatch) 

"RABAT (AFP) - They might have Islamic names like Mohammed or Ali, but every Sunday these Moroccan converts to Christianity go discreetly to "church" -- to the ire of Islamic militants and under the suspicious eye of police."

""There are about a thousand of us in around 50 independent churches across the big cities of the kingdom," explained Abdelhalim, who coordinates these evangelical Protestant groups in Morocco."

"As we are tolerated, but not recognized (by the state) we must, for security reasons, conduct ourselves as a clandestine organisation," said the 57-year-old, who preferred to use a pseudonym."

Thus is the life of converts to Christianity in Morocco, which is not nearly as virulent about apostates as many other Mohammedan nations. I note this is also the life of ANY Christians in Morocco let alone those who convert to Christianity. This is called Dhimmitude, the near slavery status non-Mohammedans "of the book" may adopt if they pay their jizyah taxes and accept humiliation.

The rest of the convert's day to day life is quite a bit worse than that of those who were originally Christian and stayed that way. For example the converts are still regarded as Mohammedan by the state. If they marry they either must use a Mohammedan ceremony and Sharia law or risk being declared adulterers and killed for that. This is regardless of any Christian ceremonies they may have undertaken.

It seems Morocco solves the "death for apostates" issue by simply denying that anybody CAN convert out of Mohammedanism. They are still treated as if they are Mohammedan and judged entirely under Sharia law for Mohammedans, where it's convenient. Otherwise they are judged under Sharia law for Christians.

link (Thanks JihadWatch)


(Get your Dick Durbin's Terrorist Interrogation Kit here.



December 15, 2006


(If the last two paragraphs are "too hot" feel free to trim them. But the association I made there is rather strong when you look through Mohammedan history and contemporary actions.)

[EDITOR NOTE: In general I do not edit these; they appear on a separate page, with appropriate introduction. If I find something obviously libelous I will remove it, but I do almost no editing of these posts; I have known Joanne long enough to trust her judgment on such matters. Note again that my publication of these papers is NOT an endorsement of all of her views, nor an assertion that they are all factual. I post these because she has gone to considerable trouble to assemble a record that needs some commentary and explanation from those who disagree with her. I have several letters from Muslim friends, particularly Turkish intellectuals, who protest that they are not like this and don't do such things. This is obviously true. Alas, I haven't seen much from the intellectual leadership of the Muslim world denouncing such actions as are recorded here. In some cases I well understand that to do so would invite a death sentence. Which may or may not reinforce the point. Denouncing the Pope doesn't get Catholic intellectuals killed.

But let me emphasize that Ms. Dow's conclusions are her own, not necessarily mine. Her viewpoint is that of a rather thoroughly liberated but also feminine woman.]

"Terrorists win in web-savvy stakes" is a New Scientist headline. The cited MIT study is correct. Which points out something that people seem to forget. Arabs may have some bad habits that make them seem like Keystone Kops from time to time. But to accuse them of being dumb is extremely foolish. They are as smart as we are and far more motivated for their cause than we are for ours.


So we now have Russia not only supporting Iran in the UN but also selling Iran nuclear fuel. In an exceptionally ill advised move Putin has authorized the sale of nuclear fuel to Iran. "Sergei Shmatko, head of Atomstroyexport, Russia's state nuclear fuel exporter, said last week that preparations to send fuel to Iran would start next month and the first consignment was expected to reach the Islamic republic in early spring."

Yup, Russia is NOT our friend, regardless of how enthusiastically we may have embraced Russia after the Soviet empire fell. And Putin is still basically a KGB operative. So do not look for anything other than utterly autocratic government and dictatorship from him. (Note that he stopped opposition demonstrations.)


Somalia, the peaceful Sharia loving neo-Mohammedan nation, is beating the drums of jihad, quite predictably. And quite predictably they are spilling over the Somali borders into Ethiopia. Anybody who is not Mohammedan is an enemy to be defeated any way possible.

"ARMS are flooding into the city by sea and air, mosques are filled with a call to jihad and foreign fighters are arriving by the planeload: Mogadishu is once again braced for war."

You can bet those arms are not coming from the US or any sane western government. Look to Iran for the arms and money source. (The Somalis are accusing the US of being in an alliance with al Qaeda! No lie is too big to be employed by these radicals and believed by others.)

For 1400 years Mohammedanism has a chief record of bringing death and destruction to the world. Isn't it time people woke up to this fact? The closest to a positive record they ever had was their first 300 years which were erased by the Abbasids.


For something REALLY disgusting about the Mohammedans consider that in Tunisia disaster relief funds help Mohammedan vigilante force lash woman tsunami survivors in public for breaking their version of Sharia law.

"...militant Islamists have since imposed sharia law in Aceh and have cornered Indonesian government funds to organise a moral vigilante force that harasses women and stages frequent displays of humiliation and state- sanctioned violence."

Yup, right on target. Mohammedanism is a religion that breeds death, violence, and destruction rather than creativity even if most of its adherents are "moderate." It's a shame so many people wasting their lives on such destructive activities.


Zia Haider Rahman decries the 100m pounds spend to provide translators for multi-culturally English deprived people in Britain. She notes that the multi-cultural approach raises language barriers that keep her fellow Bangladeshi in low level trades or unemployed. As such it provides an ideal breeding ground for extremists and terrorists. She declares, "It is perhaps not surprising that, according to an NOP poll last August, 45% of British Muslims believed that 9/11 was an American-Israeli conspiracy, and 36% wanted sharia to be adopted in Britain."

She basically blames it all on multi-culturalism. It's pretty obvious that as a concept it is busted and needs to be dismantled completely. I wish we'd get that message here in the US. Join the culture or leave.


MEMRITV has a video Deputy Secretary-General of Hizbullah speaking to a massive demonstration in Beirut Lebanon. It speaks for itself.


Here is an example of what the Mohammedans teach their children about the Holocaust and Jews. It is not pretty anything except pretty disgusting to contemplate. It explains the Holocaust denial. It explains the rabid hatred for Jews and Israel. It demonstrates Mohammedanism is a religion related more to death, violence, and destruction than peace, prosperity, and growth. (The ray of hope is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali who wrote the piece for the LA Times is a Mohammedan who raised above this filth.)

Surely the study of hatred cannot lead to peace, prosperity, and growth.


The UK police are reporting one religion is disproportionately the victim of hate crimes. And no, it's not the Mohammedans who are the victims. They are more often the perpetrators with Jews as the victims. Jews are the victims of 4 times more hate crimes than Mohammedans on a per capita basis. One in 400 Jews are victims. One in 1700 Mohammedans are victims.

"A report by MPs in September said British Jews were more vulnerable to attack and abuse now than for a generation. Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, who sat on the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, said it was "perverse" that not all police forces recorded anti-Semitic incidents and said that some forces "verge on the complacent". The Acpo directive was ignored by most forces, whose systems are not designed to record religion, though they routinely record ethnicity. Acpo said large organisations take time to adjust to new systems.""

The religion of peace seems to be crying crocodile tears when they complain of faith based crime directed their way. A subtext of the report below from the Telegraph is that the Jews were most often the victims of Mohammedans, members of the religion most often associated with death, violence, and destruction. Yes, I am getting repetitive. This point needs to be driven home, HARD.

link (Thanks Allahpundit)

All this happens to support a question I asked myself this morning. If Mohammedanism is a religion most associated with death, violence, and destruction rather than peace, prosperity, and growth just who is "Allah?" This is a tough question. If you look through religious literature Satan is the "entity" most associated with death, violence, and destruction. But then so is the Old Testament God in many parts of the Bible. I have to look to the teachings of Jesus to notice that God is forgiving and not very demanding about how a person lives. Satan remains as the icon of death, violence, and destruction.

I'll leave it to readers to figure out the connection I have probably made concerning the Qur'an, Hadith, Sunnah, and Sharia law as I encounter them in my reading. I think I will stick with God.



December 17, 2006

I am unsure whether it is a good thing or bad thing that Ahmadinejad's allies have stumbled badly at the polls in the latest voting in Iran. On the good side it indicates a loss of support for the extremists. It shows courage on the part of the voters to buck the extremists. But, this rather leads to reduced tensions which is bad for waking up the sleep walking US voters. So, as I stated, I am not sure if it's a good thing. I am sure it is an important thing.


CBS News and 60 minutes are not always far out in left field and lost in bias. This week's 60 minutes was astounding. It took three survivors of the Holocaust, who lost the rest of their families in the prison camps. What was discovered from documentation and their memories ranged from astounding to disgusting.

As DrMalaka comments on LGF, "I thought it was a fine piece of reporting. The one thing that strikes me is the passage of time."

"When I was younger, 25+ years ago, these survivors were still in their prime, 45-55 years old. Now they are all old men and women. Everyone in NY knew someone closely related to the Holocaust, a friend's father, a teacher's family...It was a tangible event."

"I wonder if today's young generation has the same feel for what happened as I did when I was I kid. It seems so detached from today's youth who probably have never heard the phrase "Peace in our time.""

I had the same experience in Detroit and in College. The holocaust was very very real to me. I knew people with tattooed on numbers.


"65% of the rapes in Oslo are commited by "non-Western" types (aka "youths"), even though they comprise only 14.3% of the general population." The only sizeable non-Western population in Oslo is Mohammedan. 80% of the victims are Norwegian.

link (Thanks LGF)

"O, Muslim town of Bethlehem..." is Charles's link to the story of modern Bethlehem, which is a graphic example of how Mohammedans routinely treat Dhimmis. There are differences in details. But the overall story is always persecution and death.

Hot Air has a similar take on it. Life for non-Mohammedans in a Sharia based society is pretty darned dismal - and often shorter than is reasonable.


Life in Southern Thailand is not pleasant, either for Mohammedans or the Buddhists they routinely butchered. Robert Spencer has more on this. It's the basic religion of peace sowing death, persecution, despair, and gratuitous violence. The Buddhists of a village one mile from a Mohammedan village were good friends with the Mohammedans, until the killing started. Now they rejoice, even when former good friends die. I just can't believe this is the will of God. If it is, then one must ask whether there is any salient difference between God and Satan other than that one has better PR.


"A poster at [JihadWatch] recently asked: "There is an excellent PhD just waiting to be written re. the peculiar mental pathologies that Islam inculcates in its adherents....Has that PhD been written?""

Hugh Fitzgerald comments about it. He provides a distinctive list of the various brands of Mohammedanism in his discussion. It ranges from the rabid Salafists to the Ibadiya Islam in Oman run by Sultan Qaboos. He then comments about the State Department's knowledge of all this. Whatever you think the level of their ignorance is worse than your nightmares.

(At least good old Newt Gingrich has come out with some indication of learning and good sense declaring that the six flying imams should have been charged criminally.)


In one of the finer displays of double think Mohammedan scholars in Pakistan have declared that the new rape laws will turn the country into a "free sex zone." On the contrary, they will stop the free sex by rape, one hopes. Of course, it will probably get watered down or completely shut down. The Mohammedans in Pakistan like their "free sex zone" they have now where they can rape at their pleasure and the woman gets punished for being raped and cannot accuse her rapists and see them punished.


"Saudi blackmail over al Qaeda intelligence ends British Investigation"

"Two questions: What are the Saudis hiding, that they would find it necessary to take this measure? But also, why should it be the end of the line for the investigation? Surely London could respond with consequences of its own."

Oil. Pure and simple, it's about the oil. That is why London backed down, I bet.

From the article quoted, "Saudi Arabia threatened to stop sharing vital intelligence - particularly intercepted communications between al-Qaeda members active there - unless Britain suspended its investigation into a controversial arms deal, The Observer can reveal."

This, of course, has me wondering about the real validity and worth of the Saudi intelligence.

I do admit to being prone to overly emotional responses to such events. With that in mind take this recommendation with a large grain of salt. I do think, however, that a quiet word to Saudis that stopping the intelligence reporting or a severe decline in its quality might result in Mecca becoming a place of memories. That is to say, I think it is time to take off the kid gloves. Of course, an investigation into BAE officials paying bribes for the Typhoon jet contract might not quite be worth getting this extreme, eh?


The TSA locks the front door, the passenger/customer door. How about the back doors? Florida Today investigated. The age old question arises. "If you do not lock the back door what good is locking the front door?" And it appears people are not even watching the airport perimeter fences or maintain them and the locks on the gates. It's a sorry story.

link (Thanks Michelle)



December 18, 2006

How droll... How predictable... The Gaza truce is already in shambles. Hamas (fast jihad) and Fatah (slow jihad) are already back at each other's throats. If only they'd kill each other off and leave the rest of the world alone.

This MIGHT be the solution to Iraq. Get a good civil war started, leave, let them duke it out, then are the first international misdeed from Iraq do it all over again, maybe without even bothering with the land invasion.

To keep oil flowing leave troops present but do nothing other than protect the flow of oil. Take a fair profit on it and feed all sides of the internecine struggle.

LGF was going to post something about this cease fire but it ended before he could compose his comments. {^_-} He notes how difficult a time AP writer Karen Laub had trying to make it seem as if there's a real "truce". It tied her article up in rhetorical knots.

Charles asks, "How do they write stuff like this with a straight face?" Joanne asks, "What makes you think they have a straight face? Besides, AP has forked fingers - the modern tongue."


Gee, if a rapper can "get it" you'd think a Pelosi, a Murtha, a Reid, a Reyes, a Kerry (well, no, not a Kerry - ever), or any of the other get out of Iraq with our tails between our legs Democrats could get it. The Mohammedans hate us simply because we exist. So in turn he lays a grand diss on them in a rap. (For God's sake turn the music down to save your hearing. Off is good. A link to the lyrics appears below the video in this LGF posting.


Cindy Sheehan lies discredited in the dustbin. The Moonbats needed a new heroine. They selected a "peace grandma". Associated Press is on it. Of course, they say she's new to the scene and "an unlikely peace activist". In reality, she as a long rap sheet of being involved in "progressive causes." AP lies entirely too much. It is hard to believe their reporting anymore, even when I like what they might say. Only when it is corroborated by a separate chain of evidence do I believe what AP might say, once I subtract out some of their typical blandishments.


Dumb as dirt US Senator Barbara Boxer gives an award to a CAIR extremist. The Democrats NEVER learn. I guess since the Democrats are so deep into the doo-doo of double-think and double-speak they appreciate those who are deeper into doubles. It's an alliance made in - well - you name the place. Click the links to learn just how nice and moderate this creature and this organization she honored isn't.


To the Mohammedans a cease fire does not mean what it does to us here in the West. It seems cease fire or no the Palestinians are still digging tunnels under the various walls for smuggling in weapons and explosives. They do NOT have any peaceful intentions at all. They are NOT, repeat NOT, any sort of "Religion of Peace" no matter how much these extremists may prattle about it.


From the terrorists among us desk we have Michelle's gem about how Talal "Ted" Ali Chammout loves our country and is a responsible merchant. Um, yeah, he just wanted to sell weapons, missile launchers, and the like in his invisible store catering to jihadists. But he loves our country! He owns expensive land here.


For some positive reporting from Iraq consider Bill Roggio's reporting from Iraq. He is embedded in Iraq with 3 Company, 3-2-1 Iraqi Army in Southern Fallujah. The Iraqis are all volunteers and all highly motivated. They are a little shy of armament, though. This is mostly an Iraqi effort by the "3 Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division". We do not HAVE to lose in Iraq it win means leave a stable modestly US friendly government in Iraq that is unlikely to favor terrorists.

link (Thanks Michelle)

Look for Saudi involvement in Iraq if they feel a need to become (more) involved. And appears there are 77,000 Sunni insurgents just waiting for the Saudi involvement. 60,000 of them are ex-military or Saddam fedayeen. If we DO demonstrate to the world that Americans are wusses this development may see the Iranians and Saudis fighting it out in Iraq. "Fascinating."




December 19, 2006

Mohammedans are the new Jews to a new Nazi persecution according to Muhammed Abdul Bari, the head of a Mohammedan radical front group calling itself the Muslim Council of Britain. At the same time he disses the Jews by calling for a boycott of the Holocaust Memorial Day. Double think is very Mohammedan, it appears. War is peace; non-persecution is persecution; persecution of Jews by Mohammedans is not persecution; and so forth.


Baker report redux - "Because we trusted a mad man."

link (Powerline has the larger display for the video.)

The Internet Archive site is now becoming a nice repository for Jihad recruitment and for death and destruction porn.

link (Thanks Charles)

The Iraqi chief thugocrat plays the Jesus card. Marisol explains why. The Mohammedan view of Jesus is VERY different from the Christian view. Marisol then explains that, too. Be sure to follow the "see 11, 12" link to see the Shi'ite narrations about Jesus. That is not your mother and father's Jesus, to be sure.


In what might be a big break in nailing Osama bin Laden, for whatever good that might do, may have taken place in Afghanistan. A Pakistani intelligence agent with al Qaeda ties was arrested while carrying highly incriminating documents. He has admitted to escorting OBL on at least one occasion. It'll be interesting to see what effect this has.

link (Thanks Allahpundit.)

 James Ujaama, an American jihadi, has been caught in Belize. "Remember him? He became a disciple of UK terror honcho Abu "Captain Hook" Hamza in the late 1990s, visiting the Finsbury Park mosque at which Hamza ranted and managing an extremist website for him."


"After they arrested him they found he had documents about poisoning water supplies."

We DO grow them at home, ya know. That's what happens when you allow the Mosques and imams who preach jihad - that IS the violent overthrow of the US, by the way.


So how is the Iranian economy doing through this incredible terrorist thrust and all the chaos it produces? As it turns out it is doing quite well according to NewsWeek. (Make that amazingly well.)

link (thanks

In Iraq Sadr may be on the way out. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has tentatively approved a coalition government with the Kurds and Sunnis backing away from his former demand that Shi'ites dominate any government formed. This may remove Sadr's "protection" leading to the government taking Sadr out with or without US assistance.





Blair declares that the Arab world must see the threat Iran poses.
That's a laugher to be sure. They see it and approve of it, if they are Shi'ites. If they are Sunnis they are upset by it and mount their OWN threat to match Hezbollah, although al Qaeda is in somewhat of disarray outside of Afghanistan, Pakistan (their safe haven), and Iraq these days.

He simply doesn't get it or is utterly afraid to say it out loud.
The it being the fact demonstrated through 1400 years of history that the Mohammedan religion fosters violence of this sort and indeed wallows in the violence. Blair is "Bakering".


Then we have a critic in the same newspaper declaring that Blair is attacking the wrong nation, that Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is the nastiest regional power. Now worrying about this is silly. They are BOTH nasty.
And Saudi Arabia is starting to make noises about working to become the nastier of the two. It certainly has a chronological head start on the international nastiness scene. They've been financing al Qaeda for decades now. Iran is maybe a decade into Hezbollah spreading across the world. BOTH must be stopped dead cold in their tracks.


The AP news source, Jamil Gholaiem Hussein, is still remarkably hard to track down. One possible candidate, one Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim, almost fits the rank and posts attributed to the AP source. And his last name (grandfather's name) is close to a homonym for the middle name (father's
name) of the purported source. But when approached he vociferously denies talking to AP. This all begs the issue since the precincts served by the two posts in question do not include the areas where most of the Jamil Hussein reported incidents took place.

Apparently the AP is now attempting ridicule as a defense against the bloggers who are raking it over the coals.


Even Ireland is infested with jihad cells as revealed by Tom Carew.

"On Monday evening, Dec 18, 2006, the Irish State-owned RTE 1 TV, on its flagship current affairs investigative program, "Prime Time", after the main 9-9.30 PM evening news, broadcast a 1-hour report on the Jihadi risk within Ireland. It quoted from intelligence reports, both police [Garda ] and military [G-2] sources, and interviewed on-air recently retired US experts, such as John Brennan, 2004-05 chief of their National Counter-Terrorism Center, and Dan Coleman, ex-FBI OBL Unit, as well as many Muslim figures in Ireland. The program research seemed very thorough, balanced and comprehensive in range, and led substantial weight to the extremely disturbing conclusions which emerged."

"Prime Time estalished five central and troubling issues."

"Firstly, there is a Jihadi propaganda operation active in Ireland."

"Secondly, there is, within the Muslim community in Ireland, high- level sympathy for Jihad."

"Thirdly, there is a small [15%-19%] element in this community, which supports such terror."

"Fourthly, several active Jihadi terrorists have been identified with Irish links."

"Fifthly, a significant Al-Qaida figure is based in Dublin for some
25 years, and has acquired Irish citizenship."

He goes on to discuss each of the 5 points establishing proof of the assertions.


"What else did British authorities expect to happen, when they decided to allow people wearing full body masks to go through airport security unchecked? Police killer suspect fled Britain in a veil."


The religion that claims it is very kind and nice to its women has just put a Saudi woman, and her child, in prison because she was involuntarily divorced from her husband by half-brothers. Her only crime was not having a legal male guardian and being unwilling to return to the "custody" of her family. My conclusion is that women are pure and simple property in Saudi Arabia. Observation also suggests that this is the case almost anywhere. This IS what the Qur'an requires. THIS is what is the truth behind the lies Mohammedans spread about the status of women under Sharia law.


Robert Spencer's book "The Truth About Muhammad" is entirely based on documentation from the Qur'an, the Hadith collections of Bukhari and Muslim, and the two earliest biographies of Muhammad, which, he said, were "both written by pious Muslims: Ibn Ishaq and Ibn Sa'd."

One can pretty well take this book as being an accurate report based on primary documentation. So the Pakistanis have banned the book claiming it "was found to contain "objectionable material" about Islam's founder." It seems the Mohammedans are allergic to the truth.




The rulers of Somalia, who are members of the Religion of Peace, have declared war on Ethiopia. They've been building up to this for months now.
So it should not come as any sort of a surprise. Ethiopia is probably doomed.


The droll and predictable news for the day is that AP is still in a non-response mode about Captain Jamil Hussein of the Baghdad police force who doesn't really seem to exist. Inaccuracy at this level should result in some loss of "journalistic privilege" for the news organization involved.


Of course, if we took doing that the New York Times would be under arrest by now. How about their coverage of Cat Stevens (now Yusuf Islam)?
They do not mention "his donations to Hamas, his association with the "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel-Rahman, or his support for the Islamic death sentence for author Salman Rushdie." The only thing left of his past history is the pathetic comment, "Mr. Islam is a British citizen and has spoken repeatedly against terrorism."


The British police are bracing for a Christmas attack. They are making several discrete arrests in an effort to prevent it. Note that the US is under the same threat. (We are the ones who passed the warning on to the


There is a big brouhaha over Congress-man elect Ellison swearing in using a Qur'an. Republican Rep. Virgil Goode's is receiving heat over his contention that Ellison should swear on a Bible. Robert Spencer has a long article with some interesting points that would be pertinent if swearing in ceremonies actually took place with a formal swearing in on a holy book of one sort or another. In point of fact the swearing in takes place for all Congress-critters at once. The fancy pictures with hand up and other hand on a book or whatever are a photo-op that takes place afterwards and means zilch.

I suppose many Congress-critters bring in a family Bible or the line and hold it while the whole corps is being sworn in. Some are not allowed to by their religion. They still swear to uphold the Constitution.


A side point touched on by Robert in his discussion is the point that
3.28 and 16.106 makes the Qur'an unsuitable for oath-taking because it allows Mohammedans to lie to unbelievers. He misses the mark by a hairs breadth. The Qur'an makes Mohammedans unsuited for taking oaths to any unbelievers Qur'an present or not.

Robert notes that some people have looked up 3.28 and 16.106 for themselves and wondered how they justify lying to unbelievers. He addresses it in the update at the bottom of his article.

"UPDATE: Some people have asked me about my statement above that Qur'an 3:28 and 16:106 allow Muslims to lie to unbelievers. Here is the relevant section on 3:28 from the Qur'anic commentary of Ibn Kathir:

"..."unless you indeed fear a danger from them" meaning, except those believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers. In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly. For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda' said, "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.'' Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, "The Tuqyah is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.''"

Note that not only Christians, Jews, Pagans, and all the rest of the world are unbelievers but the other sects of Mohammedanism are generally regarded as "questionable" at best and "expendable" at worst.

(This is an important point to remember, too. It causes one to wonder about things one should not wonder about. "Prince of Lies" comes to mind.)




We'll let you leave. All you have to do is turn Iraq over to us. Thus sayeth the terrorists. I hope Bush replies with an appropriate middle finger gesture if he doesn't simply ignore the nonsense. We REALLY do not want Iraq to become yet another terrorist supporting state. Saudi Arabia and Iran are fully enough.


Of course, our Democrats should see to it that this happens. Al Qaeda sent the Democrats a congratulations note. In the note Al Qaeda takes credit for the Democrat win. So it stands to reason the Democrats should be properly thankful and reward the terrorists by giving them control of Iraq. I think not, though, spoil sport that I am.


"Police are trying to trace a gang of British Muslims who are thought to have returned to plot terror attacks in Britain after being trained abroad for more than a year by al-Qaeda, Nine Britons, all said to be in their twenties, were among a group of 12 Western recruits groomed by al-Qaeda at a secret camp near the Afghan border to set up new terror cells in London and other Western capitals."

Oh goodie, "Western capitals" includes Washington DC. Maybe we will get another wake-up call about terrorism. We should not need it. But as a nation we've worked doubly hard to deserve it. <sigh> The British have an intensive manhunt under way on for the "English brothers". They are British, apparently. But as British they'd likely be able to move fairly freely in the US as well. And we are FAR easier for them to infiltrate than Britain might be. We have wide open borders both to the North and to the South through which various forms of illegal substances as well as illegal people penetrate on an hourly or worse basis.

Michael Barone provides a link to Michael Leeden's new blog on the PajamasMedia blog site. Leeden's comments have some serious bite to them regarding the Executive branch chopping off all contact with their Iranian sources right after those sources had provided information that had saved American lives. "But immediately thereafter, Secretary of State Powell and Director of Central Intelligence Tenet threw a hissy fit, and demanded an immediate and total end to all contacts with those people. In a grotesque confirmation that no good deed goes unpunished, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld even instructed his employees in the Office of the Secretary of Defense to terminate all contacts with Iranians, especially "Iranian dissidents.""

Leeden blames the intelligence community and the diplomats for this idiocy.

Michael Barone provides a double dose of Leeden with a pointer to Leeden's latest in the National Review Online. In that article he laughs at Western media's fascination with Ahmadinejad the wacky President of Iraq who effectively is a mouthpiece with no real authority of his own.


Over at MEMRI Nimrod Raphaeli discusses the coalition of extremists over which Iran presides. We have "Hassan Nasrallah's Hizbullah in Lebanon; Muqtada Al-Sadr's militia, known as Jeish al-Mahdi (the Mahdi
Army) in Iraq; and Bashar Al-Assad's Syria - Iran's principal ally, and Iran's subcontractor for guiding and arming Hizbullah, and for providing the political and financial support for the Hamas Islamic (m)ovement in Palestine."

He also breaks down the sub-levels of this such as the terrorist groups which consider Syria as their "home" or mentor. Arguably at the moment Iran may be the bigger of the two major terror sponsors well ahead of Saudi Arabia's al Qaeda for wide spread raw power. Iran is unabashedly pouring huge amounts of money into terrorist organizations all over the world. (For example, do remember that Hezbollah has moved into Venezuela with Chavez's permission.)


With the above in mind the note that Iran is expected to foment violence in Saudi Arabia during the pilgrimage season is all the more creditable. The mad ayatollahs of Iran are flexing their muscles with the intent that the foreseen unification of Mohammedans will take place around an Iranian nucleus. We should rather have it around an Arab center, I suspect.


Charles Johnson gets the satisfaction of seeing someone in the MSM pick on one of Charles's more interesting revelations. It seems that the Mohammedans were not quite so innocent with regards to the Holocaust.
The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was in Germany for much of the war in active collaboration with the Nazis. Max Boot has a nice article.

"In Ahmadinejad's view, shared by countless others across the Middle East, whatever the Nazis did is no business of theirs, so why inflict the "Zionist entity" on their region? It is only a small step from this position to claiming that Israel's destruction is justified."

"Pointless though it may be to argue with a madman, it is worth noting that Muslims were not as blameless in the genocide of the Jews as Ahmadinejad and his ilk would have it. Arabs were, on a small scale, cheerleaders and enablers of the Final Solution. The most famous example was Haj Amin Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem (and uncle of Yasser Arafat), who took refuge in Berlin in World War II. A rabid Nazi, he personally lobbied Hitler to kill as many Jews as possible and even helped out by recruiting Bosnian Muslims to serve in the Waffen SS."

This needs MUCH more exposure in the MSM. Although a Max Boot column in the LA Times does positively count for something. The segment of our populace who should see this would be at least exposed to it this way.

Boot notes that "Mein Kampf" is a perennial bestseller in the Middle East. Think about it when someone prattles to you about the innocent Palestinians having the horrid Zionists inflicted upon them. One of the Jewish persecutors was the top interpreter for Sharia law for Jerusalem.


U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth has ruled that US relatives of the victims of the Khobar Towers bombing may seek their compensation from assets that have been seized from the conservative Islamic regime in Tehran.
Charles asks, "What will it take for the United States to acknowledge that Iran is openly at war with us, and has been for decades?"

Charles, it will take a very long time. Look how long it has taken for the same thing with regards to Saudi Arabia. The whole world is too utterly dependant on the Middle East for a hydraulic commodity, one with VERY little flexibility in demand that is spelled O I L.

HotAir notes that this potentially costs Iran $254 million - if the families can collect in foreign courts now that they are allowed to sue.


Note that a journalist for the Iranian's chief rival for the post of Caliph of the World, Saudi Arabia, has declared that "Iran has become more dangerous than Israel itself." Robert Spencer has interesting commentary about the report. He basically notes that nature abhors a vacuum and that the vacuum in Iraq is not being filled by anybody capable of holding a position of power.


Robert Spencer provided a pointer to a World Net Daily report that Hamas is "debating whether to carry out attacks against the U.S. may hit American targets if the U.S. continues to support the Palestinian Authority." Lest we forget Hamas is the Sunni/Wahhabi fast jihad group in Palestine. As such one can expect they are Saudi financed.

It is becoming time to let the Saudi's know we mean business and they should rein in their terrorists and terminate terrorist support worldwide from Saudi Arabia.

Tony Blair agrees, for whatever he is worth these days. (Well, he is worth mentioning as another mostly clueless wonder leading a government.)


Meanwhile we have "Syria building 'death trap' villages for Hizballah- inspired conflict with Israel". The Syrians are building death trap villages for a prospective Israeli attack. Syria has learned from the Hezbollah successes and is modifying its military stance in the border area. They are creating death trap villages such as were moderately successful against the Israelis in Lebanon. Look for much squealing about civilian casualties and all that, most of it not real. It worked once.
So why should it not work again?

The important thing is it looks like Syria is tooling up for a war with Israel and may well strike first, especially with Israel basically paralyzed by political leadership these days.


It's modestly expensive when Saudi Arabian princesses break US immigration laws and locking up her domestic servants' passports to force them to work for low pay. She was ordered deported. She gets six months home confinement probation and another year and six months of additional probation at the end of which she gets deported. She is also ordered to pay $206,000 in restitution to three of her former domestic servants, pay a $40,000 fine, and perform 100 hours of community service. What she did is perfectly normal in Saudi Arabia. It is also Mohammedan arrogance which led her to disobeying laws of the U.S. Dhimmis. Unfortunately we are not Dhimmis, yet.


For your holiday travel fun and personal security it should be noted that the TSA is missing thousands of jackets and badges. HotAir has commentary and a video. For sale at a local thrift store!? Really!
The total unaccounted for runs up to 3791 badges and uniforms.


Ali Sina has an interesting idea for defeating Mohammedanism in general. The key concept is ridicule, ridicule them until their eyes bulge out of their sockets; and, they are gibbering madly. Then ridicule them some more. The Danish cartoons revealed this Achilles' heel. He suggests it be exploited intelligently.


CAIR is foaming at the mouth over virtual violence in a video game.
It is a Christian video game, "Left Behind Eternal Forces". The author reveals 5 salient facts about the game.

1) No Muslims are depicted or represented.

2) The "good guys" only use force when attacked.

3) Violence is discouraged in the game.

4) Players are penalized for every "death" they inflict.

5) Trying to convert others by force will cause a player to lose the game.

"To our knowledge, CAIR has never condemned the killing of American troops or tried to discourage fellow Muslims from taking the lives of Americans in uniform overseas - although they have tried to foment rage against the troops by publicizing negative stories, most of which were previously obscure."


This a long one today so you get dessert. This is the story of some Marines home from Iraq for the holidays a ride for their last leg home when the storms put the kibosh on their flight for that leg. Paul Deines saw to it they got home. Thanks Paul. And may God bless you.





UN imposes sanctions. Ahmadinejad raises middle finger in the general direction of the UN. Now we wait for the next round. At least this new resolution has teeth - member nations are supposed to enforce the sanctions with whatever force is needed except military force. Which I take as meaning "business as usual" because nobody is going to be able to apply real muscle to the enforcement process. (And the Baker idiot wants us to deal with this Ahmadinejad critter. <sigh> Reality for the idiot must mean a type of TV show and nothing more.)


Taliban treasurer Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Osmani was nailed. (Hm, other reports had him as an important military commander. "Whatever") FoxNews and other sources simply say he was being followed closely. The Times of London declares that his cell phone was being tracked.

The Times says, "Military souces said he had been killed by a strike on his vehicle as he and his aides left a village in the Zahre area. An RAF R1 monitoring aircraft is believed to have been tracking him. The aircraft was working with a US special operations team, including members of Delta Force, plus intelligence specialists from a unit known as Task Force Orange who tracked him on the ground."

"The satellite telephone signal allowed the RAF aircraft to pinpoint Osmani's location. As he headed out of the village in a 4x4, a US plane dropped a smart bomb onto the vehicle."

Fox News declares, "A top Taliban military commander described as a close associate of Usama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar was killed in an airstrike this week close to the border with Pakistan, the U.S. military said Saturday. A Taliban spokesman denied the claim."

"Whatever" - at least the critter they nailed was supposed to be important. Of course, the Taliban insist he was not killed. So let's see hat time tells us over the next few weeks. Let's hope it reduces the planning and warfare capabilities of the Taliban at least a little.


How about watching our government waste more Tax dollars catering to Mohammedan terrorist supporters? Yup, the "US Govt and American Muslims Engage to Define Islamophobia". Of course the Arab News is crowing about it. LGF and Robert Spencer have other views. For a man who declares his job is to protect this country Bush sure gets some things so wrong you wonder if he is playing in the same galactic sandbox as the rest of us.


Robert Spencer cites CAIR's mastery of the victimization game wherein CAIR perpetrates an annoyance and screams bloody murder when someone has the audacity to complain. (Yeah, this is the CAIR that supported the 6 flying imams who worked so hard to get kicked off the US Airways flight from MSP.)


The next couple weeks may be a joy for law enforcement in Britain. All manner of stories are surfacing about potential terror plots. HotAir cites jihadi Internet chatter, FoxNews cites a Chunnel threat. And so forth. The plots that Britain has been halting on a weekly basis as well as 7/7 and the failed 7/12 bombs trace back to one expat British citizen, probably Rashid Rauf, who is controlling everything from Pakistan. (Hm, Pakistan is another government that is fence straddle friendly to us as well as to terrorists. At least they did allow the extradition of Rauf to Britain on the 13th.)


Barbara Boxer, in a show of sudden intelligence, has rescinded an award to the Executive Director of CAIR-Sacramento, Basim Elkarra. I bet this annoys CAIR.


Karen Armstrong's article, "The Muslim prophet born in Bethlehem", in The Guardian managed to tick off Robert Spencer due to perceived inaccuracies when Armstrong declares the Mohammedans revere Jesus as much as or more than Christians. She does not mention that the Jesus in the Qur'an bears little resemblance to the Jesus that Christians revere. And of course, the Mohammedans say THEIR picture is the right one and Jesus was really a Mohammedan whose teachings were co-opted by corrupt Christians.
Robert's article is a good read to understand how Jesus figures into the Mohammedan doctrine.


Powerline Blog has the COMPLETE back story on Congressman elect Keith Ellison. His involvement with Nation of Islam is far more intense than his claimed "18 months around the time of the Million Man March in 1995."
He has been deeply involved in anti-Semitism and Nation of Islam from
1989 through 1998 or even 2000. His trick is the use of several aliases for his articles and statements such as Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison, and Keith Ellison-Muhammad. But he hates Bush so that's his in card with the Democratic party's far left.



Mostly Christian Ethiopia has declared war on the Somali Jihadis. Just who started the fracas is unknown. But the Ethiopians are bringing in the big guns in support of the UN sponsored government in Somalia. The big gun that bugs the Jihadis the most is air strikes. I hope our government has the courage to support the Ethiopians enthusiastically and look the other way when the Ethiopians get a little more "enthusiastic" than is polite in our part of the world. They live in a different reality and morality.
Enforcing ours on them is foolish.

Charles Johnson notes the local (US) CAIR reactions to the Somali Jihadi government was an unqualified "it's a good thing". Then the Jihadis got just raw enough that CAIR figures it was time to temper their open support. They pulled their former support posting from their website so quickly it left a 404 response.


Ehud Olmert has taken leave of any senses he may have had. He seems to be falling for the Palestinian sob stories. In spite of continued rocket fire from Gaza during a cease fire Olmert is releasing $100,000,000 in Palestinian money in a peace bid. One can HOPE this is a ploy to prove that there is no satisfying these creatures. But I am willing to bet it isn't.


In an article titled "Cherry Picking" Robert Spencer takes on critics again. It seems when he does this he produces some of his finest off the cuff responses. A central declaration in his article reads as follows:
"Nor am I "bent on depicting the faith of 1/5 of humanity as intolerant, violent, and anti-western." I am bent on showing what the jihadists use in Islamic texts and teachings to make recruits and justify their actions, and bent on asking self-proclaimed moderates like Louay Safi to deal with that material forthrightly."

The quicker we learn and the more who learn that the Jihadis use the Qur'an and other central Mohammedan literature to fuel their hatred and terror the better off we will be. We need to understand that it is not us, you and me, who have done something wrong that has these Jihadis against us. They hate us because we are not Mohammedans. (Even if we were they'd still hate us if we were Shi'ite and they were Sunni or vice versa. If we were Sufi both would hate us. If we were Ahmadiyyad both would be foaming at the mouth at us just as they are right now.)

Robert describes a strong basis for this hatred and warfare this way:
"As for context, in his sira, Muhammad's earliest biographer Ibn Ishaq explains the contexts of various verses of the Qur'an by saying that Muhammad received revelations about warfare in three stages: first, tolerance; then, defensive warfare; and finally, offensive warfare in order to convert the unbelievers to Islam or make them pay the jizya (see Qur'an 9:29, Sahih Muslim 4294, etc.). Qur'anic commentaries, tafasir, by Ibn Kathir, Ibn Juzayy, As-Suyuti and others also emphasize that Surat At-Tawba -- the Qur'an's ninth chapter -- abrogates every peace treaty in the Qur'an."


Israel and Jordan plan to connect the Red Sea and the Dead Sea with a canal. Egypt has gone ballistic over this. They are screaming to get the Red Sea port of Eilat back from the Israelis who took it in the 1948 war and are not about to give it up. The proposed canal will at least partially neutralize the Suez monopoly. Life could get interesting. (And it could serve as a way to bring water back to the Dead Sea.)


<sigh> "UK PM shelves ban of Islamic group working for Sharia, caliphate"




Marisol on Jihad Watch writes, "Abdul-Rahman's caseload representing Mansour al-Timani and his wife, Fatima, the couple divorced without their knowledge by Fatima's half-brothers, and a rape victim sentenced to 90 lashes. More ridiculous rulings by our "Friend and Ally" are described below. Sharia Alert. "Saudi Lawyer Takes On Religious Court System," by Faiza Saleh Ambah for the Washington Post:"

Rahman's successful cases include
a chemistry professor sentenced to
"40 months in prison and 750 lashes for "trying to sow doubt" among his students by speaking positively about Judaism and Christianity" and "Another client, Rabbah al-Quwai'i, a journalist, was arrested this year for "harboring destructive thoughts" and accused of promoting homosexuality by commenting on Internet forums that it was a genetic predisposition. The case was thrown out of court."

Rahman is trying to force Saudi Arabia into the 21st century by wiping out the extremely powerful and corrupt religious police who are without oversight and perpetrate atrocities such as kidnapping two women as they left a house and got into their car for the trip home.
The women's driver was beaten up and drove off with the women in the back of the car. Supposedly they thought the women had been meeting a man for sex. They were leaving a relative's house after visiting female relatives.

Civilized Mohammedans do exist. Abdul-Rahman is one such. May he live long and prosper.


After apparently having a killer disguised in a hijab escape Britain on a commercial airplane flight veils will be lifted at British airports to allow identification of the people under them. Whodathunk the British would have such good sense after all the idiot things they have done of late?


From the Miami Herald we have word terrorism in the Caribbean.

"Trinidad's first ever terrorism trial will feature a familiar defendant -- a former coup leader recently acquitted of conspiracy to murder."


"The trial, scheduled for next month, targets Muslim leader Imam Yasin Abu Bakr, who in 1990 led 113 members of his organization, the Jamaat al Muslimeen, in the Western Hemisphere's lone Islamic revolt -- a six-day coup attempt during which 24 people were killed."


"The trial has thrust Abu Bakr again into the spotlight in Trinidad and Tobago -- a twin-island nation of 1.3 million people nearly evenly split between descendants of African slaves and East Indian indentured servants."


HotAir has a nice Christmas video postcard from Iraq. It's worth the few moments to watch it.





Moderate Muslims? Yes, they exist. And at least some of them are Kurds.
A group of mothers visit the sites where their sons died to find a sense of completion for their losses. Everywhere they met thanked them for the contributions of their sons and his peers. One mother handed out wallet sized pictures of her son. One Kurdish woman who received a photo had lost her husband and two sons to Saddam. She put the photo into a picture frame with a picture of her two sons and declared, "Your son is now my son, too."

We are in Iraq to give THESE people a chance. The insurgents want to take that chance away. The Democrats in the US want to take that chance away. We're being too nice to the insurgents.


Afghanistan brothers still insist that if they could they would not allow their women out of the home without wearing a burqa. He'd not let them go to school, not even to learn English. "Conditions do not permit..."

25 years ago women were employed in Afghanistan in all walks of life.
They were even judges and lawyers. 25 years of war have wiped out that memory. Now it's only primitive Mohammedanism replacing this former freedom.


Charles has a pointer to a review of a book by David Pryce-Jones:
Betrayal: France, the Arabs, and the Jews. Please note the quiet little parenthetical comment Charles added to the review excerpt in this blog entry. It gives one an uneasy feeling about a new certain congressman elect.


Speaking of that congressman elect, Keith Ellison is sounding more and more like a typical fanatical Mohammedan. To shouts of "Allahu akbar", the Jihadi war cry when shouted out, said that Muslim activism is part of Allah's plan to teach justice and tolerance to the United States. <urp> I get indigestion reading that. Charles points out some of Ellison's less savory links with radical Mohammedanism.

Robert also has some telling commentary interspersed with his quotes of the same story. Together they painting an unflattering and possibly dangerous picture of Ellison. He writes the following regarding Ellison's support from and ties with the Muslim American Society.

"The Muslim American Society has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and does not deny a report published in the Chicago Tribune in 2004 that it hopes to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Qur'an. According to terror expert Steven Emerson, the Islamic Circle of North America "Another individual who was quoted in the New York Times was an official of the Islamic Circle of North America, again portrayed as a mainstream group.
What they didn't reveal is the Islamic Circle of North America "is a Jamad Islamia group, which is on record as calling for jihad in the United States, to promote the notion of an Islamic world. ICNA also published something very recently saying that they are against suicide bombings, except when it comes to killing Israelis.""

That reads to me dangerously like openly advocating the violent overthrow of the US government.


And Hugh Fitzgerald on JihadWatch has an essay trying to determine what it is that Ellison believes in. He states, "Whether or not the Qur'an is actually used in the ceremony hardly matters. What matters is that Keith Ellison believes -- with the firm faith of the convert, a faith that is often much more firm and often much more fanatical than many a Muslim born into Islam -- that the Qur'an is the uncreated and immutable Word of God. And that Qur'an is full of things about the duty of Jihad, about the duty of behaving toward all non-Muslims with at least ("do not take Christians and Jews as friends" etc.) and at most sheer murderousness ("kill the Unbelievers" etc.)."

Then he spends the article examining that assertion and others. Then he demands of reporters out doing interviews that they ask these questions of Ellison to get answers.

Now. I note that depending on his beliefs the answers received may not necessarily be true. There are justifications in the Qur'an and Hadith for lying to unbelievers if it is convenient. That even makes holding his hand on the Qur'an a meaningless gesture. So why bother to ask? Examine his personal history and political ties instead.


Daniel Pipes writes in the New York Sun that we might actually lose to the "Islamists (defined as those who demand to live by the sacred law of Islam)" or at least suffer greatly at their hands.

"They could even win. That's because, however strong the Western hardware, its software contains some potentially fatal bugs. Three of them
- pacifism, self-hatred, complacency - deserve attention."

Regarding complacency he remarks, "Box cutters and suicide belts make it difficult to perceive this enemy as a worthy opponent. Senator Kerry and too many others dismiss terrorism as a mere "nuisance."" I note that the box cutters, suicide belts, Katyusha rockets, and all that "primitive stuff" is surely killing lot of people in the Middle East, VASTLY more than we are killing with our fancy military machine. (See the second link below.)

In the second half of his article he lists many of the things that the Mohammedans bring to the table. (The phrase "a complete lack of conventional morality towards non-Mohammedans" sums it all up. But the summation loses the breadth of the details.)

link (thanks Robert Spencer)

And Robert points to an LA Times piece regarding Taliban support from Pakistan. There is strong indication that Pakistan is working hard to protect and promote al Qaeda and the Taliban within its borders.


For a touch at American politics consider this story about Jon Carry eating alone in Irak. (Maybe I should have saved that for dessert?) It was an utter non-event. Contrast that with the reported reception Bill O'Reilly received. He had soldiers lined up and waiting two hours for his autograph and to shake his hand.


So France supported Iraq and Saddam right from the beginning, right?
They have been steadfastly against the US presence in Iraq. They are also under threat from Zawahiri and have scuppered 3 terrorist attacks in the past 18 months. I say again, "WE HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG TO EARN THIS ENMITY. WE EARNED IT BY NOT BEING MOHAMMEDAN. WE'RE NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING BAD." That needs to be screamed out loud and clear. But I doubt the guilt mongers and their victims will bother to listen. <sigh>


Islam Watch has a rather long article regarding the Religion of Peace aspect of the Jihadi lies. It drags out the intolerant verses, puts them into chronological context, and analyzes them. The results are virtually a description of what the Jihadis are doing and the reasons they cite. Again, it is because we are not Mohammedans, not because we have committed some imagined wrong on the Mohammedans.

"Deceptive Muslims would normally scour the whole Koran to extract a few verses which sound relatively reconciliatory, yet hardly worthy of any value for peaceful coexistence in the modern civilized society. Brig.
Zaman (Bangledeshi author of the article being refuted) has done exactly the same, ignoring scores of cruel, aggressive and retaliatory verses in the Koran. He also did bother to consider the temporal context of these apparently non-aggressive verses. Weren't those verses revealed during the early days of Prophet Muhammad's preaching mission when his community was only a feeble force? Isn't it true that all the hate-filled and retaliatory verses in Koran were revealed only the Muslim community had become a fighting force?"

Alamgir Hussain has written a must read essay here.


The LA Times comes forward with another 9/11 claim that has been found baseless.

"WASHINGTON - The Senate Intelligence Committee has rejected as untrue one of the most disturbing claims about the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes - a congressman's contention that a team of military analysts identified Mohamed Atta or other hijackers before the attacks - according to a summary of the panel's investigation obtained by The Times."

link (from Pajamas Media)





It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. It appears the military may have nailed shut the coffin on Sahib al-Amiri. A man of that mane died in an attack on his home. He was a top aide to anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. Specifically he was al Sadr's bomb making expert. The U.S.
military described al-Amiri as "an IED facilitator who conducted illegal activities."


Bat Ye'or, Brigitte Gabriel, and now Wajeha Al-Huwaider - women who know what it is like to be a woman in a Mohammedan world and have seen what a free woman's life can be like seem to find their way into reformist movements. Wajeha Al-Huwaider is from Bahrain. She is living in Saudi Arabia and works for Aramco. She ahs managed to get a high enough profile the religious police, who'd love nothing better than to get her out of the way permanently, can't do much more than harass her with hours of questioning and coerced signatures on documents declaring she'll cease her campaigning. She still writes for reformist Mohammedan Arabic websites. More biography and some excepts from her writing appeared on MEMRI's site today. Read it and see why women who have tasted freedom do NOT like the strict Mohammedan repression.

Life as an Mohammedan Arab woman is not as nice as life as a terrorist prisoner in Guantanamo. Quite naturally that troubles me.


Charles Johnson has a good dense article with a lot of links regarding how the "Associated Press and the New York Times have both been misstating the terms of the so-called "roadmap to peace," in order to accuse Israel and the Palestinians of equally failing to live up to their agreements."
Among the links is the roadmap itself. Trying to tar Israel with the same brush as the Palestinians is despicable. So, of course, the Associated Press and the New York Times revel in it.

The roadmap to peace has been the roadmap to unfettered Hamas attacks and rearmament.

He also discusses how the Palestinians can fire rockets into Israel at will without breaking the roadmap. But let the Israelis renew attacks designed to stop the rocket attacks and the AP screams about their breaking the roadmap to peace. The AP is utterly without shame.


Greg Sheridan traces the death of religious tolerance in Malaysia for "The Australian".

"LAWYER Malik Imtiaz Sawar seems a most unlikely person to attract death threats. A small, softly spoken, friendly man, the impression he gives is above all one of consideration."

"What has earned him the death threats is his appearance in court on behalf of Lina Joy, a case that has become a battleground of Malaysian political and cultural identity, and of freedom of religion."

"The case highlights what some analysts believe is the Arabisation of Malaysian Islam, a dynamic that can also be seen in Indonesia."

"Lina Joy was once a Muslim but has converted to Christianity. She didn't do so to make any broad point or to lead any social movement. It was entirely a private decision. But in Malaysia the state takes official notice of your race and religion."

It used to be this was a no problem situation. Now it invites death threats as the Arabization of Malaysia takes place. The Saudi Arabians have exported their Wahhabi sect's radical and vicious brand of Mohammedanism to Asia. It is taking hold. Violence, death, and terrorism are spreading. And our President fiddles in Iraq as the world burns. It MAY be time to do something very dramatic in Saudi Arabia. But then, it may, also, be quite a bit too late for that to work.

This quote from the article of a statement by the president of UMNO in Malaysia is telling.

""Today is the culmination of two decades of the Islamic situation.
Islam has a more conservative colour today, yes. Default position is a more conservative one. It also has something to do with the post-9/11 world. There is a feeling that Muslims are under siege.""

This highlights the Mohammedan "victimization" stance while they are being the aggressors. But the Qur'an REQUIRES them to be the victim of attacks before they can attack in return. So they manufacture the attacks.
Yesterday's long article from Islam-watch exposes the notion that Mohammed himself, the most excellent example for human behavior, was not above this ploy.


In an update to the report of Iranians, including two diplomats, captured in a raid last week has appeared in the New York Times. (For reasons unknown they did not suppress it.) Apparently the detained Iranians all were involved in "illegal activities."

Robert Spencer has the link to the article and the original report.

"In its first official confirmation of last week's raids, the military said it had confiscated maps, videos, photographs and documents in one of the raids on a site in Baghdad. The military confirmed the arrests of five Iranians, and said three of them had been released."


Iran is also working to expand its influence in Afghanistan to supplant the Sunni based al Qaeda.

link's headline picture today is telling. The caption is a slice at a certain congressman elect, "Keith Ellison told a crowd of Muslims in Dearborn that they can "teach America" about what "tolerance"
and "equal protection" mean under Islam. We're guessing that Americans might learn more from this young Christian survivor of an attempted beheading in Indonesia."

The young lady in the picture is going to bear a hideous scar for the rest of her life. At least she did escape with her life.



Daily Diatribe 20061228

India has decided to exercise its governmental gray matter and ban burqas after a string of robberies. You guessed it. The robberies were committed by customers wearing burqas. The surveillance cameras were worthless even through they caught the whole thing. (This applies to Hindu women, some of whom wear a veil, and any others like say the Mohammedan men and women. Yes, Mohammedan men do pull the transvestite gag as a good disguise while committing crimes or escaping countries.)


Maybe Olmert's latest attempt will bear fruit. Hamas has been rearming through Gaza border tunnels. So Olmert has allowed 10,000 guns and a million rounds of ammunition across the border to Fatah troops. Maybe if Hamas and Fatah kill each other off some good can happen. (But I doubt it. Do remember that the Palestinians (and most Arabs) grow up being fed remarkable volumes of hate propaganda about Jews.)


I am not sure I can say I am astonished at this. But I had not expected to have dark suspicions satisfied so quickly. It seems Hezbollah in Lebanon is paying Palestinian splinter groups "thousands of dollars" for each Kassam rocket they launch into Israel. The actual amounts depend on the casualty rates imposed.

Robert Spencer tosses in an interesting little tidbit. All the money and arms come from Hezbollah money. MAYBE we can get the Arabs killing each other off. Maybe not.


The Human Rights Watch Report on the Lebanese ambulance attack is out.
And refutations to it are floating around the "blogosphere". Charles has a collation of pointers to the report and refutations. It's almost comical if it wasn't so deadly serious. "Zombie" at has been leading charge about the ambulance hoax. Zombie has a refutation plus pointer to the report. It's the second link on the article below.

One thing Zombie touches on briefly that strikes me as most important is the supposed near vertical trajectory. For that to happen the projectile would have to have left the launch vehicle and lost most of its horizontal velocity while retaining vertical velocity sufficient to puncture the roof, gurney, floor, and alleged road all without leaving any other damage than narrowing holes for each progressive puncture. It seems the Israelis have invented a magic projectile that gets smaller as it penetrates and leaves no particles in its wake. And that projectile still has sufficient energy and strength to completely disappear into a hole it made in the road.

"I don't think so." Nor does Michelle Malkin in her report.


Pajamas Media has a nice capture from the NY Times. Apparently Pakistan is going to mine its Afghan border. They cite one little problem, while Pakistan claims it will mine only its side of the border the exact position of that border is in dispute. Whose line do they plan to use? Is this a sneaky plan to justify a land grab? Afghanistan seems to think so.

I see a second problem as well. Are the mine fields going to be laid out to stop anyone crossing any direction or will the Taliban know the safe ways through?






Saddam Hussein is dead, hanged for some of his crimes. This is a good and necessary thing, even though it is a shame to kill anybody. Sometimes the human race coughs up one so obnoxious he must be removed, executed. Saddam was such a person.

There is a troubling aspect to his abrupt demise. It cut short the investigation into the Halabja mass murder of Kurds. That was trial was supposed to be VERY symbolic to the Kurds. This denies them their victory over the monster. I suspect the decision to avoid further trials and get rid of Saddam was done as much as a political slight to the Kurds as it was a gesture of being done with the monster. Time will tell.

Of all the sites I looked at the Fox News site had the most "lurid" headlines. CNN was perhaps the most tasteful. That's "interesting" in some way. I am not sure what it tells me, though. LGF might be the best, a simple announcement and nothing else. He is a nice contrast to CNN's wall to wall Saddam.

(forget most of the links - it's EVERYWHERE. {^_-} )
LGF: Breaking: Saddam an Ex-Dictator


Hugh Fitzgerald has posted an essay about the execution of Saddam. In it he notes that the Arab nations never once raised a voice or finger in Saddam's direction for his various atrocities. The ONE exception in the Mohammedan world was Iran, who were "annoyed" that Saddam had killed so many of their soldiers using chemical weapons. Hugh has some of the same misgivings about the execution that I have.

Fitzgerald: The execution of Saddam Hussein


I agree with Charles that Olmert is in trouble. Israeli policy has been oscillating out of control with mixed signals. I'd look for a change in government in Israel. This is not likely very good for "peace in the area". It may be good for Israel, though.

Israel Weighs appeasement


Pigs fly over at Little Green Footballs. He has awarded Kudos for the event I mentioned last week (23rd). Barbara Boxer has rescinded an award to CAIR.

"Boxer's office confirmed to NEWSWEEK that she has withdrawn a "certificate of accomplishment" to Sacramento activist Basim Elkarra after learning that he serves as an official with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). After directing her staff to look into CAIR, Boxer "expressed concern" about some past statements and actions by the group, as well as assertions by some law enforcement officials that it "gives aid to international terrorist groups," according to Natalie Ravitz, the senator's press spokeswoman."

It astounded me, too. It must have floored MSNBC so much it has taken them 6 days to get around to reporting on it. They're Charles's source.

And I *LOVE* the response from CAIR that Charles found. Delicious is an understatement. It's CLASSIC CAIR "Islamophobia" rhetoric. And do not forget that the purpose of this rhetoric is to convince other Mohammedans of persecution so that the clauses in the Qur'an that prohibit violence unless in retaliation for persecution or warfare against Mohammedans can be twisted to allow and justify the violence.

Barbara Boxer Rescinds Award to CAIR


Keith Ellison is not faring too well in the Conservative blogs. Robert Spencer has pointers to a couple interesting articles about him and his religion. Both are good backgrounders. Ellison is NOT a nice fellow.

Two good articles about Keith Ellison


Oh my, it's getting exciting over in the Middle East. Not only is Olmert about to be toppled; but, we also have a nice preoccupation for the Mohammedans in the region as an influential Saudi Arabian cleric has issued a new religious edict denouncing Shi'ites as "infidels." This should get exciting!

Influential Saudi cleric denounces Shi'ites as infidels


If you have a LOT of spare time, want to get educated, and are not in the least allergic to an incredible lot of reading Abdul Kasem can come to your rescue from Sydney Australia via the web. His home page on Islam Watch is not completely up to date. The second URL below is a "cheat" to get to the latest sections of a very long essay on Bisim Allah, In the Name of Allah. It describes what is ordered done in the name of Allah in the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and the Hadith. It isn't pretty.

In his essay titled "Who Authored the Quran?" he examines precisely that question and comes up with answers wildly at odds with Mohammedan orthodoxy, all using the historical Mohammedan documents as his sources.

As I say, it is a VERY long set of documents. You can be reading here for several days or even weeks. You will come out the other end perhaps with more questions than when you started. But they'll be far more knowledgeable questions, to be sure.

(On the second link go to the bottom and save off all the links. Then read them in order. His home page does not have the 8a through 8d links.)

Abul Kasem
Bismi Allah: Allah is Dictatorial,
 Racist and Misogynistic, Part IV




Daily Diatribe 20061230

(Bringing dates back in line with reality. I spun a day on the clock recently. I tend to keep "odd hours.")

Mohammedans are sometimes dumb as stones because of strictures in their religion. British hospitals have introduced anti-bacterial gels to be used by visitors to clean their hands before they go in to visit patients in the medical wards. The Mohammedans are refusing to use it because it contains {gasp} Alcohol! {sigh}

Regardless of how dumb or stupid an act may be if Allah requires it per the Qur'an, they do it.

Muslims Refuse to Wash Hands at UK Hospitals


Reuters has recorded reactions, in somewhat pro-Saddam terms, to his demise at the end of a rope. It affected al-Gaddafi so much with its solid reminder of the mortality of dictators that he has declared 3 days of mourning and eid celebrations canceled. Remember, Muammar, you too can be deposed, replaced, and hung if you get out of line. Ahmadinejad is probably musing on this now. But he's VERY sure the US cannot invade Iran. Of course, we might not get him right away. But it'd be more fun, actually, if we kept the idiot holed up in a cave somewhere deprived of his comforts of life.

All over the Arab world leaders are no doubt reflecting on this. NOW one must wonder what will be their reactions.

(Pointer from Jihad Watch.)
Jubilation and anger


Hugh Fitzgerald takes issue with a Robert Spencer observation that Saddam was a "secular Arab nationalist." Hugh notes that Saddam was aware of and more than ready to employ the levers of Mohammedan history when it was convenient. He also had pretensions of becoming the leader, caliph, of a pan-Arabic Sharia based nation. He used tools that were available, religious or secular, as long as they advanced him towards his goal.

He discusses Nasser, the Syrian leaders (Alawites), and others casting some light on the murky world of Mohammedan politics. He concludes, "But real "secularists" in the Western sense? Never. Not possible."

Fitzgerald: Arab secularism


Poor Oslo, I remember it well. I visited the country (briefly) while I was in college. From what I read today Norway is not the Norway I remember from the mid-sixties. They, too, are mired deeply in the multi-culturalism Mohammedan mess. It seems Somali Mohammedans are channeling money to the Mohammedan factions in Somalia. And almost all of the Somali Mohammedans in Oslo (that is to say darned near all Somalis in Oslo) support the Somali Mohammedans and their Sharia nonsense.

Many Somalis in Oslo support jihadists


The veiled woman who provided the "alternative Christmas message" reply to Queen Elizabeth's Christmas message has been (metaphorically) unmasked. She's not the moderate she claims to be. She is also the grand daughter of a British suffragette. Marisol annotates an article by Neil Sears of the Daily Mail in the UK. It appears she's not a particularly nice person.

Identity -- and pro-jihad work -- of veiled
 woman in UK "alternative" Christmas message revealed


World Net Daily has a long piece on Homeland Insecurity. It discusses the various idiotic nonsense going on in the TSA such as indoctrinating 45,000 employees with CAIR based "sensitivity training." Let's make it EASIER for terrorists while we make travel more of a hassle for you and me, eh?

Do remember that CAIR is VERY MUCH not a moderate Mohammedan outfit. They are also the sponsors of the six flying imams. "CAIR has also been dogged by the statements of Omar Ahmad, as reported by a California newspaper, that "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant," and, "The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Although the newspaper's publisher and the reporter stand by the quotes, Ahmad and CAIR dispute their accuracy."



The NY Times ombudsman describes how the story of a woman in El Salvador was convicted of strangling her newborn was morphed into her being convicted of having an abortion. It highlights how news reporting can get corrupted by remarkably little things. It's important to bear this in mind with regards to the ambulance stories and other aspects of what appear to be egregiously wrong reporting. At least the NY Times did not stonewall when it was pointed out that their article was a riff based on a factually wrong report.

NYT Ombudsman: Times fumbled
El Salvador abortion/murder story


We're trying to see to it that Iraq becomes independent and capable of governing and protecting itself. Sad to say it appears they are afraid of the Iranians. After all, Persians do have a reputation for taking over from the Arabs when the Arabs falter just a little. Anyway, the Iraqis turned loose two of the Iranian military commanders caught in Iraq with manifests for weapons shipments and plans for their use. Maybe it IS time to simply pack up and leave. Then once they DO revert to savagery repeat the exercise not bothering to try to be as precise and nice about so called collateral damage.

Iraq releases two Iranian saboteur/spies–over U.S. protests


Another unsavory part of the Qur'an is its repeated approval of slavery. This practice is again flourishing in the Mohammedan world with the overall resurgence of Mohammedanism in general. Amil Imani has a nice article about it revealing the passages in the Qur'an which support this vile practice. I still think that based on the general practices of fully observant and faithful Mohammedans that "Allah" was really Satan in disguise. Almost every bit of good that the Judeo-Christian West has eked out of our past and history is specifically negated in Mohammedan scripture, the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sunnah.

Resurging Islam-Revival of Slavery


Allowing veils and burqas (both essentially masks) is stupid for a people who wish to be able to protect their lives and work places from criminals. The police chief of a city in the Indian Kashmir region has been assassinated by a militant posing as a woman in traditional garb. When will people develop some good sense and disallow covering the face the way Mohammedans insist is the only proper way for Mohammedan women to face the world? We have a death wish, maybe? (I rather suspect the liberals among us all DO have such a strong cultural self-hatred that they DO have a death wish. They act like it so much this is a logical conclusion.)

Police chief assassinated in Indian Kashmir
by militant posing as a woman





Daily Diatribe 20061231 Good bye 2006

When you indulge in pagan rituals you can expect pagan rewards, even if you are Mohammedan. Animal sacrifice is a feature of the Mohammedan ritual held over because of popular demand from the pagans converted over to Mohammedanism in its earliest days. It was a fun feature. Now it's deadly.

When you live by killing and slaughtering your own food an animal sacrifice is no different from every day life. You just mumble a few special words and get on with it. But modern city dwellers do not spend their days slaughtering and dressing their own food. They go to the store. So when they try to perform the ritual slaughter, which is pretty ugly and cruel to the animals involved since they are not stunned first, bad things happen. This includes stab wounds, crushed legs from animals falling on them, lost toes, cranes used to lift the animals falling on your head, and so forth. Why, one might think that Allah was displeased with all this primitive pagan hold over stuff, wouldn't you? But then, you're sane. By education and indoctrination too many of the Mohammedans are basically not even close to sane. <Grin>

Animal Sacrifice in Turkey


"...unfortunately, the radicals hijacked the process," declares Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minneapolis. He was on about how the Jihadis and Sharia law is what is most needed in Somalia. Once they were adopted peace would be assured. (So would the practice of slavery, as I pointed out yesterday. So would the worse than slavery live of women under Mohammedanism, as I pointed out on the 29th. (Both are Abdul Kasem articles.) And so would warfare until all of the psychopaths were of one single strain of Mohammedanism.) People who fall for these self serving declarations of Mohammedanism as a religion of peace are people living in their own fantasy worlds with no touch on reality.

Minneapolis Muslims Support Somalia Islamists


1,500 in Minneapolis protest ouster of Sharia
government in Somalia


So quite conveniently tonight another round of slavery revelations takes place on Islam Watch. MA Khan points out the lies in a letter from Farzana. It should start to penetrate even the most die hard Islamo-phile that what the Mohammedans tell you about their religion is basic lies in most cases. We REALLY need to empower the moderates.

Letter from Farzana


On the truth in media front we have this amusing shift in story wording by Associated Press. It demonstrates how to lie with the truth, too. The trick is to "interpret" the truth to make it mean the opposite.

Associated Press Spins in Two Directions at Once


And just so you know, note that the biggest group of mourners for the late should be unlamented Saddam Hussein are the Palestinians he paid to kill Jews. (In Saddam's hands MONEY was a weapon of mass destruction.) They are vowing vengeance and all the usual Palestinian expressions hatred.

Palestinians Mourn Dead Tyrant


"Try to imagine a Muslim Washington, a Muslim Jefferson, a Muslim Adams, a Muslim Madison, James Wilson, Clay or Webster or Calhoun or John Randolph of Roanoke, a Muslim Lincoln, or for that matter a Muslim John Marshall, a Muslim Louis Brandeis, a Muslim Oliver Wendell Holmes. You can't. And you know why." Hugh Fitzgerald needs to take at least a day off to celebrate the New Year. But then, we'd have missed this gem. And in addition I am like the pot calling kettle black making that comment about Hugh. {^_-} It's a good read, as usual.

Fitzgerald: The re-primitivization of the world


And we have more lunacy out of Iran.

"Iran website heralding 'Mahdi' by springtime"

"State media: Shiite messiah to kill archenemy in Jerusalem, may arrive during next equinox." Riiiight. And Mickey Mouse is a real actual living being. I suspect we need to be ready for Ahmadinejad and his minder to do something really reckless by then. SIGH!



"Release of up to 80 jihadists puts Pakistan counterterrorism efforts 'back to square one'"

Oh goody gum drop, 80 more terrorist psychopaths let loose to run rampage in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. It's time to thumb our noses at the Pakistani government and flatten a few Taliban villages they are protecting - by mistake to be sure - on both our sides.

Release of up to 80 jihadists


"Another story highlighting the howling need for immigration reform, and underscoring its status as a national security issue. As the embattled Congressman Goode said, illegal immigration must be stopped, and legal immigration drastically curtailed -- with an eye toward keeping jihadists from entering the country. "Of special interest: U.S. agencies missing links between illegal immigration and terrorism," by Sara A. Carter in the San Bernardino County Sun, with thanks to Doc Washburn:"

U.S. agencies missing links between illegal
 immigration and jihad terrorism


If Mohammedans can be convinced they are being oppressed or persecuted in any way the provisions for violent attack in the Qur'an are triggered. So Marison makes an observation of the obvious regarding the comment in the "Scotsman" that Veil-wearing Muslim women are part of our fight: al-Zawahiri". It's all very simple once you start adding two and two. It's certainly not quantum cryptology math. Even a child could figure this out. (But I suppose Pelosi-ites can't....)

Veil-wearing Muslim women are part of our fight: al-Zawahri


Bill Rogio has a nice "State of the Jihad" analysis on his "The Fourth Rail" blog. In spite of some ups and some downs it's basically same old same old with promises of resurgence in 2007. It bears watching. I hope our Democrats in Congress do not shut our national security eyes in the name of freedom and multi-culturalism.

The State of the Jihad


India averts a major terror attack in New Delhi that featured bombs hidden in toys. Anything is acceptable to Jihadis as long as it kills infidels, and they do not care WHICH infidels they kill. We're all the same to psychopaths, sheep for the slaughter. We need to respect (and pay) our wolves in the military more than we do now. They and our security services are the thin human line between us and 7th century darkness. If I appear to be too harsh on ALL Mohammedans it's because I do not hear them raising nearly the same ruckus about this sort of nasty activities that I hear over the simple "Mohammed Cartoons." It leaves me feeling that the "minority of moderate Mohammedans" may be as small as "dozens" in the world today. If that is the case we're doomed to having to commit atrocities to save ourselves.

Bombs found hidden in toys - police


In some interestingly good news for this Christmas and New Years season consider the state of Christianity in Holland, the ultimate secular lead in Europe, or such is what most people seemed to think. Young Dutch people are moving back to Christianity in a very loud manner. Methinks they may have had it {I gesture above my head} up to here with the Mohammedans. It's not a post-Christian future. Perhaps it is a post secular future?

Holland's Post-Secular Future





Daily Diatribe 20070101

Well, the Shi'ite packed court got what I suspect it wanted. The Sunnis are erupting. They are attacking such Shi'ites and Shi'ite mosques as may exist in Sunni areas. Let's hear it for civil war.,2933,240543,00.html


Newly released documents reveal several gaffes and astounding events in Australia related to Mohammedans. "Thirty years ago Bob Hawke, then Labor Party and ACTU president, faced assassination at the hands of Palestinian militants for his strong pro-Israel views."

In 1976 security authorities warned of the rising tide of Palestinian terrorism. It also warned of the rising tide of Lebanese immigrants. Had the nation acted then Australia would have fewer problems today. It pays to listen when your security authorities issue warnings. Instead PM Malcolm Fraser denied a problem and tried to integrate them into Australian society. Of course, it did not work.

Declassified Aussie Documents Reveal Palestinian Terror Plots


LGF has an interesting comparison of two reports taken from the same interview. We have AP's "spin" as compared to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's report, the original from which AP extracted its fluff. IMAO the Associated Press should NOT have any news media privileges. They are an entertainment outlet and enemy propaganda mill.

(I become extremely conflicted when I find myself citing an NY Times article or an AP article. Neither fact checks at all well. And both tend to paint the facts in colors to suit their biases rather than simply presenting the facts as facts as colorlessly as possible.)

AP Eulogizes Saddam's Softer Side
Welcome to 2007: Fact-Checking the New York Times


Zombie of has reached the big time. He/she (nobody seems to know which for sure) is being cited, quoted, and mentioned by such <cough> illustrious MSM as the Beebe. Congratulations Zombie. Your coverage of the ambulance hoaxes has been astounding.

The Year of "Zombietiming" Dangerously


"Somali PM: Kismayo, last jihadist stronghold, has fallen" reads the headline. The article goes on to say that the Somalis already face armed bands of Mohammedans taking advantage of the power vacuum to create even more havoc and destruction. The government may be in charge of the cities; but, their status as such is tenuous at beat.

Somali PM: Kismayo, last jihadist stronghold, has fallen


When Mohammedans are in charge the life of people who hold to other beliefs is another tenuous item. It's quite common for Mohammedan's to exercise their "right" to intimidate their subjugated peoples. This report of a march through Nazareth is a case in point.

Muslims' march through Nazareth "meant to intimidate Christians"


Today Islam Watch takes on the Qur'anic Science advocates who claim that not only is the Qur'an your ideal guide for every day life but it is filled with "scientific miracles" such as predicting the atom, describing gestation, the airplane, and so forth. They have even gone so far as to claim the Moon split on Mohammed's command and later came back together. They claim NASA admits this. Now, NASA may do some idiotic things. But this is not one of them. Nor is it true, as the Qur'anic Science folks claim, that Neil Armstrong converted to Mohammedanism while on the Moon.

The article is a fun takedown of some really idiot assertions about the Qur'an and the world we live in. The Earth ain't flat guys, even though the Qur'an and 1982 fatwas claim it is.

Hypocrisy & Deception: The Koranic
Science Conundrum (2)




Daily Diatribe 20070102

The British played it cagey when they did not arrest Umran Javed, who stands "accused of soliciting to murder unbelievers and Danes and Americans, and of inciting racial hatred, in a speech outside the Danish Embassy in Central London in February last year." They waited until well after the demonstration was over before arresting him. Unfortunately they did not anticipate his wife would destroy papers the investigators had touched but not taken along because they were "unclean." Still, this is mostly a win on the anti-terrorism front.

Muslim on racial hatred charges


Oh my, now we have full encryption to deal with from the terrorists. The Global Islamic Media Front is about to release a computer program called "Mujahideen Secret" that features "the five best encryption standards." However, I suspect they have been using PGP quite successfully for years now. That's a very good privacy tool. But it's in English. That made it a little harder for the "Mujahideen", the terrorists.


Now former CNN head Eason Jordan is chiming in on AP's Jamil Hussein scandal. He calls on the AP to come clean about this fraud AND the *60* articles sourced to this name. Two governments and uncounted investigators have been unable to find Hussein, his family, his coworkers, or even someone who knows him well - other than perhaps other mythical AP personnel. THIS is what we rely on for a news agency providing the raw data from which we base our opinions and plans. This is NOT good.

So the AP continues to stonewall. "Kathleen Carroll, AP executive editor, told E&P today that she had not read Jordan's latest item, posted Monday, and likely would not. But she stood by the news organization's previous statements backing the existence of an Iraqi police captain, Jamail Hussein."

As I see it the time has come for those direct customers as AP may have should turn off the money feed by refusing to carry AP coverage of ANY sort. This might get that Carroll "person's" attention. A direct shot such as that to her stockholders gonads might draw some attention.

Eason Jordan Challenges Associated Press


A reporter takes off the blinders and estimates the chances Palestine has of ever becoming a viable state. Paul Sheehan writes on this concept in the Sidney Morning Herald. He concludes "no way."

"Not only won't there be a sovereign Palestinian state, there can't be."

"It's no longer viable. At every historic juncture since Israel was created in 1948, rhetoric has taken precedence over pragmatism in the Arab world. As a result, every one of these historic junctions has resulted, without exception, in material defeat for the Palestinians."

He analyzes the situation from a day one of 1948. He is right, ya know. The Palestinians have demonstrated they cannot build a nation or anything else other than terrorists, suicide bombers, rockets, violence, poverty, and children who grow up to be more of the same.

Thanks LGF. (The second link has more. Ban Ki-Moon doesn't get it.)
A sovereign Palestine? No chance
LGF: Sovereign Palestine? No Chance


It appears Canadian Mohammedans are part of the problem in Somalia. Two were captured after they fled into Kenya. The Kenyans were not amused by the way the Mohammedans fled from Somalia into Kenya and were waiting at the border to capture a few. Poor babies. Of course, this should be a strong heads up to Canada that they have an internal Mohammedan problem they share with the British.

Canadian Muslims Fighting in Somalia


Just off hand I suspect this is another CAIR "persecution plot". Palm Springs is NOT a place I'd chose to use if I wanted to mouth off about Jews. Haider Mohammad of Palm Springs (!) seems to have thought otherwise and "allegedly made terrorist threats inside a Palm Springs bar". Oops! It is time for a CAIR alert!

Palm Springs: Muslim arrested after
threatening to "kill all Jews"


The Sharia courts of Somalia were supposed to be popular because they brought peace to the area. Robert Spencer explodes this nonsense. He then suggests that instead of being popular in Somalia they were, instead, very popular here in the US with expat Somalis. Spencer notes that in many US AND foreign cities (Minneapolis, Oslo, etc) strong support was voiced by Mohammedans residents. Meanwhile, the residents of Mogadishu cheered the invading troops for rescuing them. THAT is how bad Sharia courts can be.

Demonstrations in Minneapolis indicate a potential serious problem brewing in that area. It may be time to suggest strongly, as Australia has done, that those who do not want to become Americans living by and abiding by American laws should leave the country. Sure, Minneapolis might lose a lot of taxi drivers. But they'd sleep better at night without the Jihadis in their midst.

Spencer: The Minneapolis Jihad


The State Department here in the US ran a scam on the people of their own country for over 30 years when they declared that there was no evidence that Arafat was associated with the murder of three US diplomats by Palestinian terrorists who had kidnapped them. Caroline Glick has a long story delineating just how pernicious this lie became over the years since the killings. It had to appear in the Jerusalem Post, of course. It's too heady a charge of dynamite to feed to the US public. Our MSM is mostly ignoring it the way then President Nixon ignored it - just like all our subsequent Presidents ignored it.

"The media's silence on the issue does not merely raise red flags abut their objectivity. By not availing the American public to the knowledge that Fatah and the PLO have been specifically targeting Americans for 33 years, the media has denied the American people basic knowledge of the world in which they live."

Thanks JihadWatch
Our World: The longest-running big lie


"Europe's got a huge problem, and they're just getting their minds around it now." They do indeed. Hugh Fitzgerald has an essay explicating just what the officials learn about the invading Mohammedans.

The Mohammedans quite clearly do not intend to become nationals of the countries. They remain Mohammedans with Sharia law as their goal. Forget about their being Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, British, Dutch, Germans, or even Americans. Our leaders never seem to learn this. Instead they learn all about multi-culturalism. It is time our leaders learn about the deadly passages in the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sunnah.

Sweden: Pizzeria closed after sheep
 slaughtered there for Eid


"A Christian woman who once served as an FBI informant on her husband's alleged support of terrorism now is seeking divorce from the self-described radical Muslim who told her he would be proud if their two teen sons blew themselves up for Allah."

That is bad enough for the woman. The "worse" is that the judge in the divorce court allowed her lawyer to withdraw, would not allow for other lawyer to enter the case, and would not allow time for other representation to be found. She stands to stay married to a man who would spirit her and her two sons unwillingly off to Syria. The eldest son expects a beating upon his arrival.

This is not your average Mohammedan she is dealing with. Her opponents include "the adherents of blind Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman." Read about it on World Net Daily.



The gloves are coming off over Bush's CAIRing approach to Mohammedanism in the US. Michelle Malkin demonstrates this. TSA getting sensitivity training is not going over well among Bush's growing group of former supporters. He is doing incredible damage to the Republican party at this time.

Monday morning blood-boiler: Bush kowtows to CAIR


Patterico posts his annual assessment of the performance of the Los Angeles Times. The Times comes up short yet again. And that is an amazing understatement of the facts he cites with a "bazillion" links to incidents of their egregious behavior and reporting - as their financials sink into the Pacific trench just West of LA at an ever increasing rate.

Patterico's Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2006


"There will be limited and targeted operations against members of the Mehdi Army," a senior Shi'ite official told Reuters. "The ground is full of surprises but we think around January 5 there will be some operations. I can say no more.".

Offensive against al-Sadr coming soon?


It is not healthy to be a moderate Mohammedan who has the temerity to be vocal. Kawee Prachumkayohmas probably knows this now. He's dead, shot four times in an ambush.

Religion of peace? Not on a bet.

Muslim Takes Stand Against Terror
 (Quickly Gunned Down)...


No good deed goes unpunished. Built a nice new school for refugee children in eastern Afghanistan and watch the Taliban burn it down.

Religion of enlightenment? Har har de har har.

Taliban Burn Down a Newly-Built
 School for Refugee Children...


Olmert have a spine? Not a chance. Hamas has graciously agreed to trade Gilad Shalit for ***450*** Palestinian prisoners. At some point the Israelis should write off the poor souls like Shalit. This is painful and harsh to say. But his release may cause the Israelis far more deaths than his alone.

Didn't the Jews USED to be smart? I suppose a high IQ isn't everything.

Hamas accepts Israeli offer of 450
 Palestinian prisoners for Shalit




Daily Diatribe 20070103
"Know your enemy." That is age old advice. Ellison is going to take his oath of office on Thomas Jefferson's personal Qur'an. Fox news cites this as proving religious tolerance extended to Jefferson's day. Or was this more a "know your potential enemy" document Jefferson kept? I don't see much if any evidence that the Qur'an influenced the Constitution, it being quite antithetical to the concepts in the Constitution. One often needs a bad example to judge the good.

(Note that with the Sunnah and Hadith commentary about the Qur'an it is considered quite proper and expected for a good Mohammedan to lie to infidels when it is convenient. So any oath on the Qur'an is worthless as I see it. So the whole bruhaha over it is pointless. From Robert Spencer, "3:28 and 16:106, in the mainstream understanding of those verses Islamic theologians and schools of jurisprudence; cf. Ibn Kathir and many others.)

Congressman to take oath on Jefferson's Quran
But It's Thomas Jefferson's Koran!


MEMRI cites the editor of "London Pro-Saddam Daily" commenting that Saddam went to the noose without any particular outcry from the Arab leaders of the area. Indeed more than 300 million Arbs stayed silent until a couple days after Saddam's hanging. So maybe the Arab leaders knew this was a rather bad egg being put away? Or were they sitting well aware that they, too, could face the same event in their own countries were the situation even subtly different.

MEMRI summarizes press reactions to Saddam's hanging.


Meanwhile Russia helps Iran build its defenses.

"According to the Tehran Times, "Russian contracts to sell anti- aircraft weapons to Syria and Iran are being fulfilled on schedule... At least half of the 29 Tor-M1 missile systems bought by Iran for 1.4 billion dollars had been delivered... The air defense systems are being stationed around Iran's civilian nuclear sites.""

And I remember the enthusiastic commentary when the Soviets fell how Russia was going to be our dearest friend. I commented that I rather doubted that it would be wise to bet on this quite frequently. Here we see the act of a nation that is NOT our friend, even our distant friend.

Tehran Times: Russian Contracts for Air
Defense Systems Being Fulfilled


Be sure you are sitting down. Click on the link. A French court has actually done something SENSIBLE! Who-da-thunk that was possible!

Pork Soup is Not Racist in France


Well, it's Associated Press destroying facts again. Charles has a pointer to an article in which they mangle the facts surrounding the six flying imams. The Associated Press is an utter disgrace. It is also a shill for CAIR and terrorists.

AP Misrepresents the Flying Imam Case
Las Vegas: German Muslim Held, Denied U.S. Entry


As if Al Jazeera terrorist media was not enough we now have al Qaeda terrorist TV. Really, there is an Al Qaeda TV based in Syria and broadcasting through a satellite. (It's not brand new. But it's getting a lot of attention now.)

Al Qaeda TV


"Iran is supporting both Sunni and Shiite terrorists in the Iraqi civil war, according to secret Iranian documents captured by Americans in Iraq."

Now this is a little surprising. Shi'ites don't normally support Sunnis. I guess "enemy of my enemy" is the operational phrase. The real surprise is that our intelligence services had NO IDEA that it was this far along and this bad. That is very bad news. At least we now have the heads up and can work with the material - if Bush is willing. It may be time for Bush to stand up in the UN for the US and make some "make or break" declarations about Iran and the support Iran is getting from China and Russia. A modest reminder that the nuclear armed missile option remains open, might be a good idea, too. Heck, we might even mean it, too. Yes, the documents are THAT bad.

Iran's Secret Plan For Mayhem


Perhaps the reason we have not crossed into Pakistan in hot pursuit of terrorists is recognition that Musharraf is walking a real tightrope to try to keep Pakistan as progressive and moderate as it is in its major cities. An example of the contrasts between the rigidly radical Mohammedan hinter- lands and the cities is exemplified by a cross dresser, one Begum Nawazish Ali, aka Ali Saleem."

"When She Speaks, He’s Breaking All of Islam’s Taboos". And the public in the cities laps it up. Moderate Mohammedans do exist. They just are too afraid in most cases to do something to foster the continuance and growth of their moderate beliefs.

This indicates that Musharraf's tightrope dance needs to be supported, perhaps at severe cost. I hope that cost does not get TOO great.

If Pakistan loses Musharraf, Pakistan loses a cross-dresser


Of course, this moderation and progressive attitude does not exist in the harshly conservative rural areas of Pakistan as this disgusting article reveals. A moral relativist may think nothing of the described event. But at least *I* know pure raw Satanic evil when I read about it.

Pakistani loses ears, nose for love marriage


Mohammedans are making demands for concessions from the Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport. They DEMAND their own prayer room where they can say their prayers (or is that coordinate their terrorist activities) without any unbelievers present. They are also demanding concessions for cabbies so they can refuse to allow dogs, alcohol, or anything else they consider against THEIR religion in their cabs.

I have the temerity to comment that they should either go home, back to Somalia, or learn to live in the US by US rules, regulations, and laws as superior to the laws they consider proper. They are in OUR country now, not theirs. They act like they think it is THEIR country. A pox on them.

Muslims issue list of demands to Minneapolis-St. Paul airport


It seems our intelligence community is unwilling to accept candidates for Arabic translation jobs who are not Mohammedan.

"Almost four fifths of both Arabic and Farsi speakers in the U.S. are non-Muslims: Middle East Christians: Copts, Maronite, Orthodox, Syriac, Assyrian Chaldeans, Mizrahi Jews, Zoroastrians. Add to that native American language specialists and apostate Muslims and you begin to see a pattern of discrimination in our national security agencies: FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, and others. It is largely a product of moral equivalency ‘blindness’ in the lackluster recruiting efforts of our national security system and intimidation by American Muslim community advocacy groups."

The author goes on to note that even when these people volunteer they are turned away as often as not. This is rather a disgrace, IMAO. Brilliant our intelligence community is one term that does not seem to describe or even remotely apply to our entire intelligence community. Idiot seems a much closer match. Can we protect ourselves from ourselves let alone the terrorists.

Scandal: Bias in Hiring Non-Muslims as
Translator Analysts for U.S. Security Agencies


Well, another American (Canada IS American - for now) college has taken Mohammedan money and erased crosses from its heritage and campus. The extreme liberalism and self hatred of Western society and its educational institutions is rather disgraceful.

Vancouver college takes Muslim money, drops cross emblem


Michelle Malkin has an update on her prospective trip to Iraq with Eason Jordan and "Curt from Flopping Aces" in an effort to find the most likely non-existent "Jamil Hussein." The AP is still stone walling. Do be sure to follow the second link, which is from Michelle's summary. Curt has some interesting new information, as well.

Going to Iraq
Who Is Quais Abdul Raazzaq?



Daily Diatribe 20070104
Life as a Mohammedan woman can be precarious indeed. The Turkish Daily has enumerated some 18 reported "honor killings" since August 2006 for such things as taking too many showers, working for a bus company, talking to a boyfriend on the telephone, or preparing breakfast late. And Turkey is supposed to be a MODERATE Mohammedan nation!

MEMRI: Turkish Daily Reports on Honor Killings
Too many excuses for violence against women:


To further highlight this issue in the continuing article by Shabana Muhammad on Islam Watch we have a short piece of chapter 9 with a picture and story of a woman stoned to death in Iran in 1994. The Qur'an calls for burial to the shoulders and stones big enough to do damage but not to kill outright with the first stone. The intent is to inflict extreme pain. The intent is torture. The woman, already blinded by having her eyes gouged out, dug her way out and started running. She was shot for her troubles. At least that ended her pain.

The modern Iranian means of killing such heinous criminals as rape victims is to be hanged slowly using a crane to lift them from the ground by the rope around their neck. Again, the intent is that they die slowly with great pain.

And these barbarians call us here in the US degenerate heathens. They are also intent on either converting, absolutely subjugating, or killing you, me, and everybody else IN THE WORLD.

The only heartening thing about this is that Shabana, apparently a Mohammedan, is speaking out against these Mohammedan horrors. The little detail is that Shabana, and his/her associates on Islam Watch, are a small band of Mohammedan Apostates who have LEFT Mohammedanism and are detailing their reasons for the rest of us to read. We need more of them.

An Introduction to Real Islam


Lest we forget, poverty is NOT the reason al Qaeda and other Mohammedan terrorist organizations are striving for our deaths. Charles notes that five al Qaeda terrorists were killed to day, among them a Yemeni prince. Also remember that Atta and most of the other 9/11 terrorists were well educated and had promising careers started.

LGF: Yemeni Prince Running with Al Qaeda


On the AP Jamil-gate front he may have been found. On a second search of its records the Iraqi Interior Ministry has "found" Capt. Jamil Hussein. This is ONE important point in AP's favor. Although this Captain's reports appear to have been far less than truthful and about regions of Baghdad well outside this officer's beat. Still, this is one in favor of AP.

The MoI is not amused about this unauthorized person talking to the press. An arrest warrant has been issued for breaking MoI regulations.

AP Locates Jamil Hussein?
Jamil Hussein development: "Faces arrest?"


It appears the Guardian (British) has declared that the British have it all wrong. Instead of pressuring the Mohammedans to integrate into British society that the British should integrate into Mohammedan society. With friends like this in their midst the British don't need enemies. Of course, the author, Sarfraz Manzoor, is pretty clearly a Mohammedan himself and a little on the radical side at that.

"Britain Should Integrate Into Muslim Values"


Marisol notes the Minneapolis airport officials response to the CAIR grievance theater.

"Officials at Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport are proposing stiffer penalties - including suspension of an airport taxi license - to Muslim cab drivers who refuse service to passengers toting alcohol or service dogs."

Of course, the Mohammedans are going ballistic over this. It's gonna be interesting, I suspect.

JWDW: Minneapolis airport officials propose
 stiffer penalties for Muslim cab drivers refusing service


As I've mentioned before Mohammedans get "testy" about Mohammedans who convert to Christianity. It appears Tehran has been experiencing a rash of this even though Christians are less than 1 percent of the population.

Mad dog Ahmadinejad has ordered a crack down on this requiring pastors file reports of who attends church functions. They also have to obtain a permit to celebrate mass. When is the last time we had a crack down on someone changing from Catholic to Buddhist, Anglican, Judaism, or even to Mohammedanism? The general take in the US by his or her former peers is that the person who did this made a bone headed mistake. Then they drop it and at worst ease away any associations with the person. Mohammedans take it as a mortal insult to their religion and often resort to killing the people who convert out of Mohammedanism. (That is what Qur'an, Sunnah, and Hadith require, ya know.)

JWDW: Iran: New crackdown on Christians




Daily Diatribe 20070106

The US, Russia, China, et al cannot agree on what to do about Tehran. Israel has a pretty clear idea of what to do. It involves low yield nukes and tomahawk-like precision placement. I guess they figure the Mohammedans cannot hate them any more if they do that than if they don't.

FN: Report: Israel Planning Nuke Raid on
Iran Uranium Enrichment Sites
ToL: Israel plans nuclear strike


Hot Air has some interesting two plus two thought on its report for the above contingency planning in Israel. (I suspect the planning is being made public to pressure the West to act and to remind Iran that if Israel fears it has nothing to lose it WILL act, big time.)

Report: Israel training for tactical nuke
strike on Iran’s reactors


The French have renewed my faith in their "French-ness". Awhile back a court made an astoundingly sensible decision. An extreme right group was serving pork soup to the needy. The court upheld their right to do so. If the needy could not tolerate the pork soup there were other alternatives they could patronize.

So a Council of State, the country's highest administrative body, has reversed that ruling. They called it a purely discriminatory measure, at least if a right wing extremist group does it.

Now, as I think about it how many different religious dietary laws are there? They can't serve a vegetarian only menu because that would insult and not feed properly those who will eat meat and won't eat many vegetables. Um. Bush the elder and broccoli comes to mind. {^_-} But you can't serve meat or even French fries cooked in animal fat because that would insult and injure vegetarians. The Council of State's logic simply does not run in a sensible direction. Viva la France! Nonsensical and politically correct to the end.

Yeah, it was aimed at Mohammedans. But if that's a problem let the Mohammedans start their own soup kitchen. Or are they only capable of incinerating cars - to the tune of 200 to 400 a night 365.24 days a year.

(I love Charles's remarks about it - see second link.)

FN: French Judge: Don't Let Them Eat Pork Soup
LGF: Breaking: Pork Soup Racist Again in France


Somali Mohammedans are fully ready and willing to heed al Qaeda's call for insurgency against the Somali government returned to power recently via Ethiopian aid. And, again, the fighter's "quote" CNN posts is a classic demonstration that Mohammedan loyalty is to their religion and NOTHING else.

""I am committed to die for the sake of my religion, and the al Qaeda deputy's speech only encourages me to go ahead with my holy war," 18-year- old Sahal Abdi in Mogadishu said in a phone interview."

The world is not facing sanity. It is facing faith in a religion that has been rendered Satanic by its extremist followers. And its extremists have the Qur'an on their side. The monstrous behavior was directly called for in the Qur'an, supposedly the direct word of Allah, whom they try to equate with the Judeo-Christian God.

CNN: Somali fighters: We'll heed al Qaeda's call


London may have been slow off the mark and may overly tolerate extremist Mohammedans in their midst; but, 7/7 seems to have woken them up from a stupor, at least a little. Their latest move involves Mohammed al-Ghabra who is described as an al Qaeda banker. His accounts have been frozen. The US government has declared al-Ghabra to be "someone who provides material and logistic support to Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations."

"MI5 has apparently targeted al-Ghabra while conducting an investigation into the so-called “pipeline” that is fuelling the terrorist insurgency in Iraq."

ToL: Londoner named as Al-Qaeda ‘banker’


As expected Basim Elkarra and CAIR are going on the persecution offensive yet again. He is claiming to have received a death threat and has the FBI investigating it. And CAIR is screaming about a video that came out talking about open season on Mohammedans.

Isn't this a case of CAIR protesting a behavior on the part of some other group or person which is a behavior CAIR tolerates and supports on the part of Mohammedans when Christians are the proposed target? It is time that CAIR is hoisted by its own petard and every one of its members deported. Let me see, I bet Palestine would be a fun place to dump them.

Stuck Mojo is the group who did the hip-hop video against Jihad and advocating DEFENSE against the Mohammedans. The videos CAIR ignores are directly inciting death for you, me, our families, and the rest of the country with us. CAIR is not very caring, eh?

Links below point to two LGF entries and Robert Spencer's comments on this subject. Please be sure to note Robert's comments about the CAIR whining and alleged death threat. Robert has received MANY death threats from Mohammedans. But AP has never seen fit to give them column space.
LGF: CAIR Seethes, Whines, Lies After Boxer Rescinds Award
LGF: CAIR Slams Boxer, Stuck Mojo
JW: FBI probes death threat against Muslim leader


HotAir posts a remix of the Stuck Mojo video that is somewhat more directly in the CAIR face. Maybe this is what they found so offensive. If so, "Poor babies. Grow up. Then there won't be a NEED for this sort of video."

HA: Video: “Open Season” — the anti-CAIR remix;
 Update: Stuck Mojo responds to CAIR


Spanish bishops remember well the reasons for the reconquista. They are sounding the alarm in Spain about the proposals by Mohammedans to make of Cordoba a Mohammedan magnet with a huge religious shrine. The ever growing number of large mosques is threatening to eclipse the Christian presence.

If for no other reason religions such as the Catholic churches have a purpose as a racial memory bank for the reasons behind events such as the crusades. They have reason to remember. They have long memories.

Purely secular humans do not have this form of long term memory working for them. No secularist bishop historians are present to warn us of the resurgence of the Mohammedans and their violence, destruction, hate, and terror.

Churches are a natural reservoir of racial experience. We should support them as such for their moral and ethical teachings even if we eschew their "superstition" and "mumbo jumbo." But I guess the atheists out there are afraid that belief is a highly dangerous and contagious disease or something. Of course, they have Mohammedanism to point towards to support that argument. Why do they always seem to point to Christianity instead? Hm? At least pick a religion WORTHY of your disdain, twits.

LGF: Spanish Bishops Sound the Alarm


"Canadian pol receives death threats for being "anti-Muslim""

This might not be remarkable. "Anti-Muslim" seems to be a remarkably common complaint lodged by the more vocal crypto-extremists such as CAIR when they address non-Mohammedans who complain about Mohammedan terrorist or terrorist support activities. But in this case it is rather remarkable. The Canadian pol is, himself, a "Muslim". "But after last year's terror arrests in Canada, he "expressed frustration that some Muslim community leaders had emphasized that Islam was not to blame for the arrests.""

His life is in danger now, I bet. To lodge this complaint against him strongly suggests these more extreme Mohammedans consider him to be apostate. That is, according to requirements in the Qur'an and Hadith, a mandatory death penalty offense.

Wajid Khan is also an "apostate" from the liberal party. He has moved over to the Conservatives, the latest one of many who have done so. He is also a Canadian at heart THEN a Mohammedan, it would appear.

JW: Canadian pol receives death
 threats for being "anti-Muslim"


The Sunday Telegraph (Australian) reveals more of what is known about the terrorist plots that were interrupted in Australia. They cite two of several proposed targets, the American Express office in Sydney and the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor complex. This was apparently the real thing and the Australians are lucky the plotters were captured. Alas, 6 of the 7 launchers that may have been involved are still out there in the hands of a gang or terrorists. (The gang leader and initial purchaser of them is helping officials recover them.)

vis JW: Terror nuke rocket attack plotted


"...why does Bush or someone else..."

Hugh Fitzgerald asks that repeatedly. Why have they not brought together a collection of the hate pamphlets from Saudi financed mosques in the US. Why have they not placed them all on a table and then invited all the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and other Mohammedan nations to view the table and answer for its contents with the entire DC press corps in attendance to watch their reactions? We must ask them formally what they think they are doing. It is time to make they pay for the results of their hate ridden religious messages. It seems to me it is time, oil be damned. If they try to cut it off we simply take it as payment for the grief they have caused us. About $10 trillion dollars ought to be enough recompense. That is how much money has flowed into those nations over the years. It's been spent on causing the west grief in the name of spreading Mohammedanism until it is a universal religion for the world. Meanwhile Arab nations themselves remain backwards and evil places to live.

In particular it is time to call Saudi Arabia and Iran to account.

DW: Fitzgerald: Saudi Arabia ridimensionato


Al-'Afif Al-Akhdar, or as the French render it "Lafif Lakhdar", is a leading Muslim reformer. At least read the excerpts from this article about him on MEMRI which Robert found. Ideally read the whole thing. It is a Tunisian Muslim's view of the Mohammedan jihadists. It isn't pretty. It also mentions he has been declared apostate, a death sentence in the Mohammedan world.

DW: Muslim reformer: In many Islamic countries
 "non-Muslim citizens are still treated as dhimmis"


Berlin... That rings in the ears as a "Western" city in the middle of a free "Western" nation, Germany. Don't believe that feeling for an instant. Seyran Ates is a lawyer. She sticks up for the rights of Mohammedan women. Her offices were in Berlin. She has finally had to terminate her practice after suffering beatings from enraged Mohammedan husbands over divorce proceedings Seyran was handling for her women clients. She has received innumerable death threats. She has been shot and badly wounded. She has been beaten. The police guard her home. She finally decided to end her law practice because it is too dangerous. Mohammedans have essentially run amok - in Berlin.

How long will it be before we see this happening in the US. And will we, the citizens of the United States of America, the bastion of the Free World, have the collective will to deal with it as it must be handled? I sincerely hope so. I fear that we won't deal with it before we have to get rather dramatically forceful with it AND have our own military fighting on our own land to recapture our own country. Imagine the ignominy of that if you will. How many soccer mom SUVs would it take to make up for this when it happens?

DW: Turkish Women in Germany Lose an Advocate


This is an exposition of the 1400 year old Mohammedan play book for taking over a peaceful free society. It is written by a former Mohammedan who became disgusted with the religion and left it.

We either interrupt the playbook NOW or we have a hellacious fight later.

IW: Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It


{^_^} Do watch the remix of the Stuck Mojo hip-hop. It's very grabbing.
It's also very accurate.


Daily Diatribe 20070110

The Times of London suggests that China and the US might be better off if we started cooperating more. We both are facing Mohammedan problems. We just had some fun in that regard in Somalia. China has just "removed" a terrorist training camp in its Xinjang province, which is overwhelmingly Mohammedan. As they start to recognize the scope of the Mohammedan problem maybe they will act with us in dealing with the Iranians.

ToL: Mutual Interest


Note the paragraph Marisol highlighted in this AP report about the Chinese raiding the training camp.

China says terror raid finds ties abroad


Nathalie Szerman has written an artucle describing the apparent views Reformist author Abdelwahab Meddeb. Meddeb was born in Tunisia in 1946, and has been living in Paris since 1968. Meddeb has written and published several books about Mohammedanism which have created quite a stir.

Szerman's article chiefly concentrates on the aspects of reform which must take place in Mohammedanism for it to remain pertinent in the modern world. Meddeb notes that Mohammedanism has become a prudish society rather than an open flourishing one which was learning tolerance and celebrated the human body and all the arts.

Meddeb also notes that the current anti-Semitism in Arab countries is directed towards imaginary Jews, the highly unrealistic monsters from the "Protocols of Zion." In this part of the discussion it is noted that the Protocols were imported directly by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who himself admitted the Holocaust and indeed admitted to taking part in it. "In his memoirs, {Al-Husseini, Mufti of Jerusalem} recalls a conversation with Himmler in the summer of 1943. [The latter] told [him] that three million Jews had already been exterminated as part of the 'Final Solution,' according to a methodical and industrialized plan... This excerpt from Al-Husseini's memoirs should be published in the Arab and Iranian press..."

Meddeb also states that the only solution to Mohammedanism's approach to women is to acknowledge that all Qur'anic verses regarding women's inferiority are obsolete. The veil must go.

Meddeb states that the only way for Mohammedanism to step towards the future and avoid becoming yet another old lost religion is for the religion to take a new direction and abandon the teachings of the extremists. In otherwords true Mohammedan Moderates must take their religion back from the extremists and make it relevant to the modern world.

MEMRI: Tunisian Reformist Abdelwahab Meddeb
: It's Up To the Arab to Take the Courageous
Step Of Questioning His Faith


In a move probably calculated to give him opportunities to push for allowing Hezbollah to operate in Latin American, Ahmadinejad is to set forth on a tour of Latin American countries. MEMRI: Iranian President to Tour Latin America


It took two days. But CAIR is busy now seething about how the driver and two nice Mohamemdans who were not in the truck according to the driver but were found on a search had done nothing wrong and it was all a racial thing against Mohammedans. The ability to cry on cue was apparently one of the key features of the driver, too. It is time CAIR was driven out of the US, and all its personnel as well.

LGF: Little Green Nostradamus Watch


Ellison "took his oath" on Jefferson's Qur'an. The MSM has not seen fit to review what Jefferson really thought of the Qur;an or Mohammedanism. Christopher Hitchens at Slate dug into the issue a little. It was Jefferson who sent ships to subdue the Barbary Pirates, Mohammedans charging what amounted to Jizyah on the US to shield our vessels from attack - protection money as it were. His possession of the Qur'an was not an article of respect for the document. It was an indication that he had learned the basics of "know your enemy." (Jefferson was pretty close to being an athiest at heart. He did create a heavily redacted version of the Bible which featured removal of all references to virgin birth and so forth.)

"It took several years of bombardment before the practice of kidnap and piracy and slavery was put down, but put down it was, Quranic justification or not."

Slate via LGF: Jefferson's Quran What
the founder really thought about Islam.


I see Israel does not think Mohammedan leaders who spout lies about fund raising for terrorists and spews anti-Semitic hate speech when he thinks nobody who'd care is watching than we do. The former imam of Ohio’s largest mosque, Fawaz Damra, was jailed and them deported for lying about funding support to terrorist organizations when he applied for citizenship has found his way to the West Bank - and an Israeli prison. Po' baby.

Deported Cleveland Islamic Leader Arrested in Israel


Back on the 13th of December a man was arrested for wanting to learn to drive a hazmat truck but tried to dispense with the backing up training. It seems the anti-terrorism investigation of Mohammed Yousuf Mullawala, an Indian national Mohammedan, is being expanded. It may have been fortunate that he drew attention by being impatient and wanting to dispense with some of the training but still get his license. His cell phone records are "problematic."

He also enrolled in three different colleges, listed seven different addresses, multiple drivers licenses, and other strange actions have led to, among other things, identity theft charges. It's indeterminate if his cooperation with authorities is real or simply apparent. The veracity of his replies to questions is itself in question.

Providence Journal via JW: Investigation
 of would-be truck driver widens


Hugh Fitzgerald discusses why Robert Spencer's recent book, "The Truth About Mohammed", is so dangerous, because he knows too much. Or at least Robert's point of view is wrong. Also note Robert's explanations of some of the things the Pakistanis found so offensive that they had to ban his book from the country.

I guess they do not like the thought that Westerners might be reading material about Mohammed that their own recent Pakistani Brigadier S. K. Malik (author of The Qur’anic Concept of War) wrote. It reveals the truely violent nature of Mohammed and Mohammedanism.

Remember that most Pakistanis, Mohammedan or not, do not understand, read, or write Arabic. So they are spoon feed the "good stuff" without the nastiness of things like 9.29. They memorize the sounds of the Arabic. But just like most Catholics in the days of Latin masses, they do not understand a word of the thing beyond the war cry, "Allahu Ahkbar". These innocents might get motivated to leave the religion if they knew too much. And Spencer's book would teach them.

JW: Fitzgerald: The Man Who Knows Too Much
FPM: Banned in Pakistan


Algeria is heating up for the French. The extremist "Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat" has pledged his allegiance to al Qaeda and states he has recently received a supply of weapons and ammunition. He calls for attacks on "Crusaders and apostates." Good luck, France. I suspect you've left this pot on the too hot fire too long and it's about to boil over.

JW: Algerian jihad group calls for
attacks on French nationals


Honor killing of women over trivia is alive and well today in most Mohammedan countries. Pakistan is trying to be progressive and move into modern society. But it has not quite managed it. Yet another girl has been killed in an honor killing because she had a job and was studying for a college degree. *THAT* is a death penalty offense for a women in any extremist Mohammedan area *TODAY*. The extremists MUST be utterly defeated and discredited or the world will never be safe from terrorists.

JWDW: Pakistani kills sister for working and studying


The bright spot today has Wal-Mart refusing to pull the Christian based video game off the shelves. You get points for converts. You lose points for killing. Mohammedans object to it. CAIR is crying. CAIR is pissing. CAIR is moaning. (What else is new? They're ALWAYS doing that. Gee, I can almost write this part of any comment without reading the whole article these days. CAIR is SO predictable. {^_-})

JWDW: Anti-dhimmitude at Wal-Mart:
Company refuses to pull video game despite CAIR complaints


Back to the AP "Jamil Hussein" scandal we have the suddenly "found" Capt Jamil Gholaiem Hussein is now equally suddenly unfound. This is the source cited by AP for about 60 stories from Baghdad about various attrocities or other events. It turns out a Capt Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim is assigned there. But he denies being the source, and certainly does not share more than the first name and a possible mistranslation of his last name as the purported last name for the ghost reporter. So AP is back on the hook for using sources that are fictitious. Ah well. We've grown to expect that. They also play copycat. When Reuters posted a picture of Lebanese devastation with a pristine Mickey Mouse doll on the top of the rubble as if by miracle the AP was not to be out done. They posted a similar picture with Minnie Mouse. Both are pretty Mickey Mouse outfits, IMAO.

MM with Dafydd ab Hugh reporting:
Jamil Hussein - What's In a Name?


On our Southern Border front we have the Mexican Army confronting our National Guard at the American/Mexican border. And fuzzident Bush does not see fit to offer them the arms they might need for defending themselves from our wonderful honorable helpful Mexican neighbors. I hope you all find this as utterly disgusting a situation as I do.

Dan Riehl seems to think it might have been a really small group with a good reason for being there. I note there *IS* no good reason for their being there, at least if there is no good reason for us to go chase the Taliban into their Pakistani hideouts. (If there is a presumed good reason the Mexican troops should call ahead for assistance. We need a mutual radio frequency set along the border for such communications. Of course, I am not at all sure I'd believe such communications. Don't cross - WE will deal with your urgent matter. Otherwise we will start crossing into Mexico at our pleasure.)

HA: Euphoric Reality: National Guard was
confronted by uniformed Mexican force


"Isaac Schrödinger" is the pseudonym for an apostate Mohammedan, a Pakistani, who has been granted refugee status in Canada. He is also has a blog in which he has chronicled his growth away from Mohammedanism and his apostasy. He had to face the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board. He naively tried to do it himself. He mentioned his worries on his blog. Others noticed, set up donation buttons, and soon he had a lawyer to help him. Ultimately he found himself at the hearing. Perhaps one of the telling features of surviving his three and a half hour ordeal, besides his unwavering testamony, was this outburst.

The RPO also asked me about life in Pakistan. "Can't you live some place in Pakistan where you can be safe?""


"Do you know the word "secular"?"

Hunh. "Yes."

"Can't you live as a secular Muslim in Pakistan?"

"I agree with the first part, the secular part, but I don't agree with the second. I don't want to behave like, and live as, a non-practicing Muslim or a secular Muslim when I'm not a Muslim!"

That was by far my most animated and passionate response.
(End quoting)

Yes, it CAN be fatal to be an apostate in Pakistan and other Mohammedan regions. And at least some authorities recognize this.

IW: The Marathon of My Life


Good site for the day. If you have a lot of time for reading this is a good book, it is available in E-book form, too. It is "An Introduction to Real Islam." It strips off most of the obfuscation and euphemism-ization taking place with groups like CAIR at the propaganda throttle.

Critical Analysis of ‘Real Islam’. Its People,
Culture, Philosophy, and Practices Yesterday
 and Today.




Daily Diatribe 20070112

Iran and Syria are angling to create a new super-power clash to counter balance the US by encouraging Russia. (And privately I think Putin is a big enough ass to go for it.) MEMRI has excerpts from two articles, one Iranian and one Syrian, that discuss this matter. Look for this to become a major playing card.

MEMRI: Iranian and Syrian Government
Papers on Renewed Superpower Role for
Russia to Counter U.S. in Middle East


Charles Johnson is not a fan of the main stream media. This time he catches them failing to report the actualities of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas call for Palestinian weapons to be turned against Israel. Talking about the weapons received from the US as part of that idiot 86.4 million dollar boondoggle payment to Fatah he declares, "...we have said that rifles should be directed against the occupation.” With friends like Bush does Israel need enemies? (At least Israel had not in any way dedicated itself to our destruction the way Fatah, Hamas, and all the other Palestinian Mohammedans have.)

Wire Services Concealing Abbas' Call for Attacks


Charles points to this little gem. The Iraqi government is siding with the captured Iranians and are asking the Americans to release them. One has already been released. It appears Maliki is not living up to his bargain. This puts Bush on a hot seat. I think he needs to speak with Maliki to declare in nice short uncomplicated words that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Iraq can be subdivided. (Or better yet simply given to the Kurds to deal with the whole thing as US supported top dogs.) If we are not allowed to remove the terrorist leaders then the whole effort is mooted.

We should also breeze it around the Arab street in Iraq that their own government is trying to let the Iranians take over. That should go over really well with the Arabs, who generally do not like Persians very much unless they are dead.

(via LGF)
NY Sun: Surrender? Iraqi Government Sides
With Iranians Arrested by American Troops,
One Iranian Already Freed


Guess what country supplied much of the money used by Somalia's Islamist movement, the people who sheltered some of the worst and most wanted of the al Qaeda terrorist operatives. Well, one of the major sources was British! Marisol reveals all telling how Finsbury Park mosque was one of the source of funds. Tony Blair's multi-culturalism is coming home to roost.

JW: Somali jihadists held UK meeting last year to raise funds


Some extremists in Tunisia have been apprehended after a deadly gun battle with police. They had blueprints of foreign embassies and the names of envoys. This time it is the Salafists, the "milder" form of Wahhabi. These guys infest the Southern coast of the Mediterranean where they are a problem for most of the governments.

(via JW) AP: In Tunisia, extremists bore blueprints


Robert Spencer discusses the CAIR member of Congress and his anti- profiling agenda. He makes the case that domestic terrorists are active among us. So far we've managed to abort any attacks. This does not mean we can outlaw profiling Mohammedans and Mohammedan activities when those activities can be used to hide terrorism attempts.

FPM: The Anti-Profiling Agenda


Special health care for Mohammedans is a major agenda in Britain today. It seems the Mohammedans are demanding same sex doctors, special prayer rooms, and several other special perks. The way I see it they can have these perks if they sell off their big expensive ostentatious (Saudi paid for) mosques to fund these special services. Otherwise we have a very non-productive part of society demanding a huge expenditure that is special for them. If they want to live by their laws then they can leave the secular country rather than expect the country to change for them. THEY are the ones who volunteered to move to Britain. Nobody British forced them to move to Britain. If they find they do not LIKE Britain - let them leave. They are free to go any time they want.

The same rule should apply in the United States of America, as well.

JWDW: British Medical Journal debate:
 Special health care for Muslims?


WSJ's Rob Pollock visits Gitmo. The only problems discovered were obese prisoners getting state of the art medical care while big name law firms are falling over each other to represent the prisoners. Of course, none of them seems to have ever bothered to try to do pro-bono work for any of the US soldiers accused if wrong doing, like Marine Lt. Ilario Pantano who was declared not guilty. I wonder what large corporations are financing this by paying these firm's over priced bills. So does See-Dubya.

MM: Yep, still nothing wrong at Gitmo


Haditha Iraq is a name few will forget because of the troops who went berserk there. As it turns out it is also the site of one of Americas biggest triumphs. The largest hydroelectric plant in Iraq is working at full capacity thanks to our reconstruction efforts. Michelle provides a video of this accomplishment on HotAir today.

HotAir: Vent


Oh my! AP's Jamil-Gate has just escalated to near nuclear level. No less than Tony Snow is declaring that he is "... looking forward to meeting Capt. Jamil Hussein." I think the in this little war of disinformation AP has been waging they've just received an MOAB incoming.

HA: Tony Snow: “I’m looking forward
to meeting Capt. Jamil Hussein”


On the home front it should be noted that the US budget deficit is down 33% compared to last year. You'd think the main stream media would notice, wouldn't you?

LGF: US Deficit Drops By a Third


This all got cut a little short - it seems has gone down. I can't get two of the really good sites to resolve or load. It's suspicious that the service providers for two interesting anti-jihadist sites have been knocked off the net. Both and are offline at this moment. Yes, I do suspect foul play.




Daily Diatribe 200700202

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani could not keep out of the fray any longer. His public statement says, "Everyone realizes the desperate need for unity and for renouncing divisions, avoiding sectarian fanaticism and avoiding arousing sectarian disputes."

He also cited "certain people" who worked to increase the strife. This is probably a veiled reference to the likes of Abdullah bin Jabrain who has referred to the Shi'ites as the Sunni's most vicious enemy. This is not just Wahabbi line. It is probably true. Despite what our radical lefties would have us believe our soldiers are effective but not vicious. The Shi'ites and Sunnis most definitely are vicious killers. It is not US soldiers who drill victim's rib cages and heads while the victims are still alive. We kill or capture them. If we capture them we treat them humanely, even by our standards. (Of course, this violates Mohammedan standards. We let them live. They don't. They torture then kill.)

Al-Sistani has his work cut out for himself trying to bring some calm and sanity to the zoo in Iraq. But he IS the top Shi'ite cleric and is also very well regarded by all. So maybe his pronouncement might do some good. Now if only a similarly well regarded Sunni cleric would open his mouth and say the same.

CNN:Top Iraqi Shiite: Sectarian bloodshed aids agitators


For today's extreme "Duh" entry we have this note on LGF about the indoctrination of very young children into radical extreme Mohammedanism. It seems Reuters has just discovered this in an article datelined Brussels. They cite some examples of the extreme indoctrination. Then they find someone to defend the practice. (How else would they keep to their al Reuters identity. If they DIDN'T find someone to defend the practice most people'd go into shock. The medical bills would bankrupt al-Reuters.)

LGF: Iran's Death Cult Curriculum


"Truce" has a unique meaning for Mohammedans. If they sign a truce with you then YOU are not allowed to attack them. But, they are allowed to attack you whenever they feel like it. (Erm, this is probably why the Hamas and Fattah truces have half lives of hours.) This example is from Mindanao in the Philippines.

LGF: Religion of Peace Strikes in Philippines


Robert Spencer found a good editorial in Investors Business Daily subtitled "Global Jihad: The ghastly plot by Muslim terrorists in Britain to kidnap and behead a British soldier to blackmail the U.K. into leaving Iraq is a grim reminder of the enemy we're fighting. And sadly, we need reminding."

The editorial declares it is time to take the gloves off and deal with the Mohammedans. This is very true. We either deal with them now in a more or less sane and civilized manner; or, we will have to do so later using far more draconian measures which may result in our forsaking some of the best qualities of our own civilization. Personally I find the latter choice is unaceptable.

JW: "We must declare war on jihad"


When you don't understand much about Mohammedanism an imam can stand in front of you and a group of your peers and pray for your conversion and you will think he is being wonderfully ecumenical. Robert describes how it was done my Hysham Al-Husainy, Imam of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center, a Shi'ite mosque in Dearbornistan, Michigan. He did it to the Democratic National Committee, who lapped it up like good little dhimmis.

JW: Imam prays to stop 'oppression and occupation'
at Democratic National Committee meeting


Lt. Gen. Odierno writes to the NYTimes. He expresses outrage. He delineates the violated agreements the embeds had made. He notes that no consent was even requested let alone granted to publish pictures of the soldier involved.

The NYTimes reporter and photographer are not disembedded from the unit they were in. But they are not banned from other groups - if other groups will have them at all.

MM: Lt. Gen. Odierno writes to the NYTimes


In his piece about Mohammedanism and peace Warner MacKenzie states, "Islam, understands peace to be a different bird of a different feather, altogether." They also have a completely different view of "intolerance" than you and I might have.

Peace to a Mohammedan, according to the Qur'an, is a world that is uniformly Mohammedan and nothing else. Tolerance means tolerating other Mohammedans. It is nothing about tolerating Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians as other than second class "citizens", a step above slaves. All others are not tolerated at all except for convenience.

MacKenzie goes into more detail than the above to hammer home the point. If you have any doubts about this Mohammedan duplicity of word meanings then read his article. Heck, at least scan it anyway. His points are good.

IW: Islam is a religion of....WHAT?


Abul Kasem has published section 10a of his Bismi Allah book. This one is on the concept that Muhammad is Allah. He makes a good case for this in the computer language sense "Muhammad = Allah" would be Muhammad assigned to himself the sole access to Allah in such a way as to define "Allah" to the pagans of the era. Anything Muhammad did, Allah liked and approved. Anything Muhammad liked, Allah liked. Anything Muhammad did not like (often because he was inept at the pursuit - e.g. music) Allah scorned and indeed prohibited.

And unfortunately for the world, Muhammad was not at all a nice person.

IW: Bismi Allah: Muhammad is Allah, Part 10a





Daily Diatribe 200700203

The Israeli Defense Forces oppose any Israeli intervention in Gaza between Hamas and Fatah, which is REALLY good sense. Let them kill each other off. At least when they are doing that they are not rocketing Israel and suicide bombing its civilians. Unfortunately, some elements of the Israeli leadership want to wade in. If Israel goes in I wish them luck. They WILL need it. (And maybe it will chasten some of their arrogance.)

There is NO way Israel could intervene and come out clean. Ask any police officer about how much he enjoys "family dispute" calls. You can't win. And you're likely going to come out covered with problems. There is always the danger that the family members would reunite to face what they see as a common enemy, the police, and jointly attack.

Hm, this is the problem we face in Iraq, too. But the unanimity of support for the various faction and their fighters is hardly as great as it is in Gaza.

FN: Israeli Military Opposes Intervention in Palestinian Infighting


Times of London reports datelined Washington that Ardeshire Hassanpour, a prize winning Iranian nuclear scientist, has died under mysterious circumstances. He worked at the Isfahan nuclear processing facility where centrifuges whip Uranium hexaflouride gas to separate the uranium isotopes for better use in bombs and reactors.

I love this paragraph: "Rheva Bhalla of Stratfor, the US intelligence company, claimed on Friday that Hassanpour had been targeted by Mossad and that there was "very strong intelligence" to suggest that he had been assassinated by the Israelis, who have repeatedly threatened to prevent Iran acquiring the bomb."

Note that the Iranian reports cite the cause as "gas poisoning".

Note also that they are working feverishly to have 3000 centrifuges assembled and online in time for Ahmadinejad's announce next Sunday - the 28th anniversary of the Islamic revolution - that 3,000 centrifuges have been installed at Natanz.

So I put together being in Isfahan which makes deadly uranium hexaflouride gas, a rush to get 3000 new centrifuges operating, and the reports from a fellow I dated for years who spent considerable time in Iran on classified projects in the 70s that the Iranians are notoriously "sloppy". Once these are assembled a picture breaks out that the "gas poisoning" reason is very likely true without any Mossad involvement at all. But it may help if they can maintain a reputation of being uncannily capable operators.

ToL: Iranian nuclear scientist 'assassinated by Mossad'


"Iran assists the organization with money, weapons, and training, motivated by a religious fraternity and ethnic solidarity," Nasrallah said. "And the help is funneled through Syria, and everybody knows it." I'd add "...except the Democratic party leadership and the UN." {^_-}

Nasrallah makes this and other revelations in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper.

LGF: Nasrallah: Iran and Syria Help Hizballah, and Everybody Knows It


Ruth Dudley Edwards at the Telegraph wrote a nice essay titled "Sleepwalking with the enemy". It describes how multiculturalism got so entrenched in the British bureaucracy. As with any policy that enters the bureaucracy it takes on a life of its own as empires are built around the policy. It took 7/7 to wake up the British to the dangers and get them to ask some of the right questions. Do the Mohammedans fit into British culture? The populace is starting to answer, "No." I hope it's not too late for that now.

LGF: Sleepwalking with the Enemy


As an example of how entrenched multiculturalism and politically correct speech is entrenched in British society there is this earlier report on LGF about a British teacher sacked for mentioning terrorism in conjunction with Mohammedanism. When it is not politically correct you are not allowed to call a spade a spade or mention that it's job is working in dirt.

LGF: British Teacher Fired for Telling the Truth


Robert posts an excerpt of a truly horrible article from "the Australian." It is a selection from Ayan Hirsi Ali's memoir, "Infidel". It tells of her growing up in Somalia where female genital mutilation in a particularly cruel fashion takes place. "But in Somalia, where virtually every girl is excised, the practice is always justified in the name of Islam."

If you have a weak stomach skip this one.

LGF: Cruellest cut in the name of Islam


Reports indicate that British intelligence has managed to break up twice as many plots as have been admitted before. That's one plot every six weeks. They are gearing up and training to respond to an explosives wired Beslan school style kidnap plot. It seems the threat of terrorist plots in Britain is worse than most people thought. And the people who care are doing something about it. (I bet this new word has the precious Mohammedans absolutely foaming at the mouth!)

HA: Good news: UK commandos preparing for British Beslan


And it that is not enough one of Britain's most notorious hard line Mohammedan imams has warned that any Mohammedan joining the army can expect to be beheaded. It's Omar Bakri at it again. Why the British allow that level of incitement to the violent overthrow of the British state and mass murder of the British citizens is beyond me. There comes a time that free speech is no longer supportable. If these people want to live in a different sort of society then toss them all out to find a place to live that is more suitable to their tastes - British citizens or not.

Yes, I am speaking heresy to basic sources of British and US law. But when faced with a choice of absolute freedom of speech and action or the continuance of some form of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is appropriate? I admit, I am conflicted on this one. But somehow teaching hatred, often from the child's first days onwards, is not something I can see that a civilized nation can support within its borders.

ToL: Preacher calls for death to all Muslim soldiers





Daily Diatribe 20070204

Beware of the info-bomb site I found and have lightly explored. It is very heavily loaded with somewhat "non-politically correct" anti-Jihad articles. (I'd like to meet the faculty member from the University of Michigan - simply because that was where I graduated decades ago. I was worried that the entire University was mired in political correctness with most others in the US. It seems not.) The site WILL overwhelm you with information. Between it and Islam Watch if you read much of them and remain ignorant then you had to work hard for that achievement.

"If you can't find a Muslim, NY squaddie (British Soldier) will do," declared the intercepted message from Pakistan. That led to the immediate action to smash the terror ring they had located. Of course, that means they have several million other young indoctrinated men ready and willing to take on the job. The British have a serious problem.

And if you devote even a few precious brain cells and milliseconds to the thought process, you'd realize we have a potentially larger problem here in the US.

Beheading Plot: "If You Can't Kidnap a Muslim, Any Soldier Will Do"


Every once and awhile the NY Times slips and lets something good through. They posted a Q&A with Ayaan Hirsi Ali who recently wrote a book about herself and her growing up in Somalia as a Mohammedan. She is now a Dutch member of Parliament known for her advocacy for women and criticism of Mohammedanism. (It was a quote from her book yesterday that I posted with the warning about the description of female excision as practiced in Somalia.)

At the bottom of the interview she gives the bottom line on why there are no moderates out there preaching against the violent jihad and terror. Basically, it is because the Jihadis have the Qur'an, Hadith, and Sunnah they can point to. They are VERY true to it. Moderates lose all their arguments with the extremists on purely theological grounds. (Of course, the NY Times did have to get in the last dig. I wonder what the ellipses on her last answer hide.

As I have been saying the religion itself is our enemy. The world must be exposed to the religion's lack of clothing obscuring the real identity of its "god", Satan, old man evil himself. I wish the atheists would take on the job of "killing" Satan now that they believe they have killed God.

NYT: Enter the Dutch 'Infidel,' Faithful to Herself


Robert Spencer quotes a bit from a David Thompson review of Spencer's latest book, "The Truth About Muhammad". The last paragraph Spencer quotes from the review echoes the comment Ayaan Hirsi Ali made about arguing with the terrorists about theology.

"Indeed, Spencer argues that, at present, it is the terrorists, not moderates and reformers, who have the stronger theological argument: "If peaceful Muslims can mount no comeback when jihadists point to Muhammad's example to justify violence, their ranks will always remain vulnerable to recruitment from jihadists who present themselves as the exponents of 'pure Islam', faithfully following Muhammad's example.""

JW: The other side of the Prophet


I passed this up the first time I saw it. But it's so damn disgusting to see a brilliant woman like Condi Rice spouting this sort of nonsense. She is basically 100% committed to creating a Palestinian state over any dead bodies that might create. Our State Department is absolute pure unmitigated poison to critical thought processes. I wish Nixon had kept his promise to rebuild it from the ground up. Instead he simply ignored the problem that was festering even then. So we get the likes of this tripe from a woman like Rice. It's a crying shame.

At least she is guaranteeing she will not be a viable Presidential candidate any time in the future if that is her wish.

JWDW: Rice: "There is simply no reason to avoid
 the subject of how we get to a Palestinian state"


Michael J. Totten has just posted a long interview in Lebanon with Toni Nissi. Nissi "heads up the Lebanese Committee for UNSCR 1559, an NGO which advises and lobbies the Lebanese government and the international community for the disarmament of illegal militias in Lebanon as required by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559." Nissi is too entirely to prominent and well connected for Hezbollah to kill him. Instead, they have tried to isolate him from the news media by simply declaring, "If you publish an interview with him we will kill you."

Nissi has some interesting takes on US politics, Lebanese politics, and how they relate to each other. If the US really committed the horror claims James Baker committed (handing Lebanon to Syria on a silver plate to gain Syria's support in Iraq) or the continued US support for Hezbollah in South Lebanon then our government is being more stupid than I thought. And that takes some doing.

Totten clarifies Nissi's statement about Baker, "Toni is referring here to Secretary of State James Baker who traded a green-light for Syrian domination of Lebanon in exchange for Syrian "help" in ousting Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. Most Americans have no idea this even happened, but Lebanese have never forgotten it. Hezbollah's Christian allies in Michel Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement in particular bang on this point again and again."

== QUOTE ==
Regarding US aid to Hezbollah in Lebanon Nissi declared, ""No," Toni said. "Because they want to integrate the Shia community. The Americans think that if they integrate the Shia they can teach them that democracy is good, that if they make them financially supported."

"Why do you think hundreds of millions of dollars flow to the Palestinians?" Noah said. "Same reason."

"It all gets stolen," I said.

"They think that by spending hundreds of millions of dollars that they're going to liberalize the Palestinians," Toni said.

Basically we are seen as attempting to buy the radicals into being nice folks. It isn't going to happen. The Qur'an determines what will happen on their side. And it does not allow for peace short of jizyah, which tribute is EXACTLY what the Mohammedans see the foreign aid as being. It is time to do what Jefferson did, punish the so-and-so Mohammedans badly enough that they will think twice before attacking again. And that has to be almighty serious punishment, aimed at their leaders.

MJT: The Beirut Branch of the Mossad


I found another good reference site for the History of Jihad over the nearly 1400 years the world has suffered with the cult of thugs. They with "How the Jihadi Mayhem began with the Jihad against the Arabs (622-634)" and continues to the present with no pulled punches.

=== QUOTE The History of Jihad site is brought to you by a panel of contributors. This site is coordinated by Robin MacArthur with Mahomet Mostapha and Naim al Khoury, New Jersey.

Other contributors to this site include professors and members of the faculty from the Universities of Stanford and Michigan (Ann Arbor), Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and the London School of Economics. We strongly suggest that this site be recommended as additional reading for students of Islamic History.

History of Jihad is against all forms of fanaticism - religious and non-religious. But the emotional appeal of non-religious fanaticism like Nazism, Fascism or Communism is not as pervasive as that of the religious fanaticism. When fanaticism and religion are mixed, we have a very potent and dangerous brew that can sustain itself for centuries unlike non-religious fanaticisms like Nazism and Communism which die out when the ringleaders are defeated

While all forms of religious fanaticism are negative, Islam is the most vicious and the most pressing danger we face today. This site is dedication to expose the danger of Islam. We support other people taking similar efforts against other religion posing smaller threats.

Note their take on the history of Mohammed. For example, they declare that his "epileptic fits were behind his hallucinations that an angel spoke to him revealing the Quran".

It is rather clear that they do not think at all highly of Mohammed and instead consider him to be am epileptic, mentally unbalanced, bitter, likely victim of being molested as a child, brilliant manipulator of people from his culture.

There is months of reading here. It is made up, over all, of three web sites, History of Jihad, War on Jihad, and News on Terror.

Thanks to Islam Watch for the pointer.

History of Jihad


The HoJ people have put a slightly different slant on the rantings out of Iran of late. It may be that they want to indulge in some Electro-Magnetic pulse nuclear war to disable the enemy so they can go in and mop them up while still leaving most of the cities in usable condition to be taken over. (It also gives the Iranians the visceral pleasure of torturing their victims in Qur'anically correct fashion. This would be things like cutting off an arm and a leg from opposite sides of the body, for example.)

"In an article titled, "Electronics to Determine Fate of Future Wars," the Iranian Military journal explains how an EMP attack on America's electronic infrastructure, caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon high above the U.S., would bring the country to its knees.

""Once you confuse the enemy communication network you can also disrupt the work of the enemy command- and decision-making center," the article states. "Even worse today when you disable a country's military high command through disruption of communications, you will, in effect, disrupt all the affairs of that country. If the world's industrial countries fail to devise effective ways to defend themselves against dangerous electronic assaults then they will disintegrate within a few years. American soldiers would not be able to find food to eat nor would they be able to fire a single shot.""

On this one they got it partly right. The civil sector will basically go down. The military sector will be slightly inconvenienced. Iran would probably cease to exist in as little as about 45 minutes.

WoJ: Electro-Magnetic Pulse Nuclear war to be
 launched by Iran - Ayatollah warns U.S. needs
punch on the mouth


Is warrantless wiretapping of Mohammedan phones ethical? Here is what the law says:

"The objective of electronic surveillance when used in law enforcement is to gather evidence of a crime or to accumulate intelligence about suspected criminal activity." Common sense also tells us that suspicion of intent to commit a crime is sufficient and adequate reason for detention and rendition.

They go on to cite reason after reason directly from the Qur'an:

"Oh believers, do not treat your fathers and mothers as your friends, if they prefer unbelief to belief, whosoever of you takes them for friends, they are evil-doers. (Repentance: 20)"

"Humiliate the non-Muslims to such an extent that they surrender and pay tribute. ( Repentance: 29 )"

The reasons go on and on and on. Is it unreasonable to presume that the mosques and the Mohammedans who attend them are a very likely danger to us? Should we do something about it to see that the danger is minimized? I believe we should.

WoJ: Warrantless Wiretapping of Muslim phones
and Electronic Surveillance of Radiation around
Mosques - Is it Ethical?




Daily Diatribe 20070205

This link contains an example of the libelous statements made by Mohammedans against Jews day in and day out. This one accuses Jewish rabbis of killing a Christian priest to drink his blood for strength.

Note PARTICULARLY that he does not cite references in the Talmud for his remarks. He simply uses insinuation to imply this is what is in the Talmud and a report of an actual event. Then note that I try to cite PRIMARY references about Mohammedanism or secondary sources that themselves cite verified primary references.

MEMRITV via LGF: Blood Libel on Lebanese TV


Pity the poor "top photo editor" who was quietly fired by Reuters in the wake of the Adnan Hajj "fauxtography" scandal. That is what we see coming from the Lightstalkers pro photographers' forum. John Bap raised the point that equipment was faulty, passwords were unknown, and a whole litany of problems existed. The editor was doing his best in very trying circumstances. Where was his backup when he had problems? Where were the Reuter's trouble-shooters who should have gotten the whole process sorted out rather than letting it fester?

I simply ask, is the article a stalking horse to see how well the concept is received in an effort to restore Reuter's blasted to flinders reputation?

LGF: About That Quietly Fired Reuters Editor


Under Mohammedanism a Caliph is a head of state AND leads the people in their prayers. This is why Egypt declares it is OK for a woman to be a mere "President" of an entity that should not even exist, a secular government.

LGF: Women Presidents OK Under Islam (Not)


Welcome to the FOB Al-Qaeda Mosque in Londonistan. Charles links to a video describing the plans for this 17 acre mega-mosque designed to cater to up to 70,000 Mohammedans at a time. It is being paid for by radical Saudi money. And it will assuredly be Forward Operating Base Al-Qaeda for the radicals, just in time for the London Olympics. The Mosque will dominate the Olympics site.

LGF: Mega Mosque London 2012


In case you have not heard Saudi Arabia is NOT our friend and ally. They are our sworn enemies. They teach hatred for and violence towards "infidels" in schools they sponsor all over England.

LGF: Saudi School in UK Teaching Hatred, Violence


Walid Shoebat is a former terrorist who lectures against the Jihadis. He is scheduled to give a presentation at UC Davis on the 6th. The local Muslim Student Association is trying to get the FBI (!) to arrest him and deport him. If they succeed that is the time I declare it is open season on Mohammedans. These little balls of excrement can't stand the light of truth on their actions.

Note that this association produced Hasan Akbar, sentenced to death for murdering his fellow soldiers in Kuwait at the beginning of the Iraq War. Fine people these are to be asking for the FBI to deport Shoebat.

LGF: UC Davis MSA Calls for FBI to Investigate Walid Shoebat


It appears our law enforcement agencies are being coerced into a specific mandated political spin on arrests of Mohammedans. Regardless of the spin note the subtext. Mohammedans are arming, with weapons unheard of on US streets. These are things like rocket launchers, hand grenades, and explosives. The Mohammedans are practicing urban combat. They are getting ready for a war ON OUR STREETS IN OUR CITIES. And, IMAO, we are not doing nearly enough about it.

Atlas Shrugs: Preparing for War in the Streets of America


Bill Warner is the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). He was interviewed by Front Page Magazine on the fifth. He explains how Mohammedanism is a religion of dualities. The Qur'an is literally riddled with contradictions. The principle of abrogation, itself a concept direct from the Qur'an, declares that the later one abrogates the former. But both aspects of the contradiction are true and you select which one is appropriate by the circumstances. He cites the Qur'an and other sources for his assertions.

This quite neatly explains the preaching in the British Channel 4 documentary, "Dispatches". When the circumstance mimics the early Mecca period behave as Mohammed did in Mecca at that time. When they resemble the circumstances of Medina then the Medina militancy surfaces. So we not only have a spokesman for CSPI stating this principle and its application, but we also have Mohammedan preachers caught in the British documentary saying the same thing.

More and more we see the Mohammedans starting to act as if they feel they have the strength for "Medina" behavior. We must be ready for this, both physically and emotionally. If we aren't we, our freedom, and our society are surely lost.

"All of Western logic is based upon the law of contradiction - if two things contradict, then at least one of them is false. But Islamic logic is dualistic; two things can contradict each other and both are true.

"No dualistic system may be measured by one answer. This is the reason that the arguments about what constitutes the "real" Islam go on and on and are never resolved. A single right answer does not exist.

"Dualistic systems can only be measured by statistics. It is futile to argue one side of the dualism is true. As an analogy, quantum mechanics always gives a statistical answer to all questions."

Yes, the CSPI has attempted to address an analysis of Mohammedanism via statistics. He has some pretty good sense to what he says. The next paragraph to the above contains some important statistics. For practical purposes Jihad is an act of war with very few references to peaceful Jihad.

"For an example of using statistics, look at the question: what is the real jihad, the jihad of inner, spiritual struggle or the jihad of war? Let's turn to Bukhari (the Hadith) for the answer, as he repeatedly speaks of jihad. In Bukhari 97% of the jihad references are about war and 3% are about the inner struggle. So the statistical answer is that jihad is 97% war and 3% inner struggle. Is jihad war? Yes-97%. Is jihad inner struggle? Yes-3%. So if you are writing an article, you can make a case for either. But in truth, almost every argument about Islam can be answered by: all of the above. Both sides of the duality are right."

But which side of the duality are we most likely to encounter? Hands down it is War.

This gem of a paragraph is also embedded in his interview. Upon reading it I ask, "How can a Black person EVER become Mohammedan?"

"Blacks don't want to face the fact that it was a Muslim who rounded up their ancestors in Africa to wholesale to the white slave trader. The Arab is the true master of the African. Blacks can't accept the common bond they share with whites: that both Europeans and Africans were slaves under Islam. Blacks like to imagine Islam is their counterweight to white power, not that Islam has ruled them for 1400 years."

It is quite well documented that it was Arabs who fed the slavers a large proportion of the slaves imported to the United States and other nations where slave holding was practiced.

It is modestly long. It is well worth the read. And do check the sources he cites. The USC-MSA translation of the Qur'an is as close to primary source as you, or even most Arabs, can get to. (Remember, the Qur'an is written in an ancient dialect of Arabic that VERY few Arabs speak today. So THEY need translation, too.)

By the way, how many of you knew enough history to know that the Mohammedan Jihad killed over 80 million Hindus as it swept through India? How about the 60 million Christians? This was back when that was not just as significant number of Hindus or Christians killed. It represented a significant percentage of the entire world's population killed by genocidal maniac Jihadis, whose descendants want nothing more than to repeat the slaughter.

Also note how LITTLE of Mohammedanism is religious and how much is purely politics and war. What would a similar analysis of the Bible show?

Frontpage Interviews Bill Warner, the director
of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI).


Adrian Morgan has posted part three of his article describing how the UK threatens US security. In it he details how the British regarded the imams preaching hatred and violence as clowns. It was not really until they faced their 7/7 disaster that they started to wake up. It may well be far too late for them to recover. Meanwhile Britain might be a danger to the US due to all the training schools for terrorists that exist in the UK.

IW: How The UK Threatens US Security; Part 3


As if to underscore the above note this piece about the wonderful Abu Izzadeen preaching that British Mohammedans who join the military should be beheaded. It took place two years ago. Why in PERDITION does the British government allow these people free access to British society?

Metro: Dramatic footage has emerged of an Islamic
extremist calling for British Muslims who join the
Army to be beheaded.




Daily Diatribe 20070207

Mohammedanism, at least in the hands of extremists, is a culture of death and detachment. Children can pray for their father's death in a suicide mission. Mothers can pray for their son's successful death in a suicide attack. This is the power of the lies taught in Mohammedan schools sponsored by the radicals.

In a way it's astonishing how the Jihadis manage to train out of people some of our most basic instincts and inclinations towards decency. Everything sane humans desire is negated in Mohammedanism. It's sad how these lives are wasted on a thug's theocracy.

MEMRI: Columnist Hassan Haydar: Iran Spreads a 'Culture of Death'


The Iranians are testing a new air defense system. This is not a good event. It'll make it harder to do anything if it's needed. (And if it is not needed eventually I'll be astonished.) I'd bet this is some of the hardware Russia has been selling Iran.

MEMRI: Iranian Forces Test New Air Defense System


And Iran is also making automobiles - Nissan Maximas, Volkswagen Gols, and Hyndais. This indicates they are getting some of their act together. Although there is no indication of their reliability.

MEMRI: Iran Produces Vehicles Including:
 Nissan Maxima, Volkswagen Gols, and Hyundais


Why is the New York Times ignoring Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the creature that has been assigned the leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq by al Qaeda. It seems like the main stream media is censoring news again.

LGF: NY Sun: Blackout of the Press


From the Oh Goody department: "Iran's head Ayatollah is threatening the United States with terrorist attacks around the world." It's so damnably tempting to scream at the bozo, "Bring it on, pig!" That'd likely kill a lot of people in the US. But it WOULD stir up some action. Sadly, it'd likely not be appropriate action. So, as usual, we should simply ignore the little chunk of solid waste.

LGF: Iran Threatens US


And now we know what it takes to have the British incarcerate a Mohammedan Jihadi living and preaching in the UK. Abu Izzadeen, aka Omar Brooks born as Trevor Brooks, has been arrested. Charles has a copy of the video that got him arrested on his site.

Note that Allahpundit over on HotAir indicates the MSM is already running interference for this creep. Charles seems to be the de facto clearing house for this event.

LGF: Islamist Raver Arrested in Britain


The Democratic National Committee had an imam pray at the start of one of their sessions. That imam is, at beat, a rather unsavory character. And right there in front of the Democrats he prayed for their destruction, submission, or perhaps conversion. Robert Spencer has more in this weeks JihadWatch video on HotAir.

"We thank you God, to send us your messages through our Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. Through you, God, we unite. So guide us to the right path.

That SOUNDS ecumenical. After all it invokes Abraham, Moses, and Jesus as well as Mohammed. But all four are Mohammedan prophets. The Mohammedans do not recognize any divinity about Jesus, though. And the "right path" in Mohammedan prayers is specifically Mohammedanism.

HA: Jihad Watch video


Steve Martin asks for a death fatwah.... (Thanks Robert.)
The New Yorker - Steve Martin - 72 Virgins


This is the article that pointed to the above humor. Robert points out that Mohammedans have no sense of humor. Joanne points out that they will use as fact anything, humor or not, that suits their needs. They MIGHT have gotten a double laugh, one at the basic humor and the other at the infidels feeding them more fuel for the fire.

JW: MPACUK reports parody as fact


Dinesh D'Souza is the darling of the far right. He has neatly white washed Mohammedan society trying to portray it as just like traditional Christian values. Robert excerpts a Bruce Bawer article which states neatly what Robert has been groping for in his reports. The conclusion is somewhat astonishing. And I see the sense of it.

JW: The traitor at home


Yesterday I remarked about fairly significant numbers of Mohammedans converting out of the religion and this courting death. Sedar Dedeoglu, now of Luedenscheid, Germany, claims to be a direct descendent of the "prophet" Mohammed. He has also converted out of Mohammedanism to Christianity. While that report cites France this one indicates there is at least some sort of similar trend in Germany. In my arrogant opinion this is a good idea.

JWDW: Descendant of Muhammad converts to Christianity
-- but faces threat to life if forced to return to Turkey


No comment needed. Go there. Read the links. Support "Spirit of America" when you can.

MM: Spirit of America


This is another "go there, read the links, view the video, and try to answer Ayaan Hirsi Ali's question at the end.

HA: Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam and atheism


Michael J. Totten has another dispatch from Lebanon. This one is titled "On the Top Floor of Lebanon's Civil Society." In it he talks with Eli Khoury. "Eli is the CEO of the advertising firm Saatchi and Saatchi in the Levant. He worked on Iraq's first post-Saddam get-out-and-vote campaign, then applied his advertising and design skills to Lebanon's movement to oust the Syrian occupation. His work was seen all over the country back then, and it's still all over the country today."

"He also runs a professional political consulting firm called Quantum. I went to see him in his futuristic post-modern office on the top floor of a glass tower in East Beirut. I felt like I had been whooshed into the 23rd century when I walked in there. The lighting, the windows, the walls.the whole place appeared straight out of a science-fiction movie. His employees looked like they had been genetically engineered to human perfection. I should have taken some pictures."

Instead, he started interviewing. And from it emerges a picture of Lebanon that is quite different from other pictures. Among other things he reveals perceptions of life from a Lebanese standpoint that could be studied by Israelis to improve their image in Lebanon. (Unfortunately this might mean eliminating the Syrian regime currently in power which might be filled by something even worse from the Israeli standpoint. But there are other little things they can do, too.)

It certainly appears that Lebanon is the country we should liberate. Even the Sunnis are relatively liberal and secular. Once Hezbollah, aka Iran (via Syria) is removed it'd be a nice place to live again. And it would be a really painful thorn in the side of the Syrians. Maybe once we nominally have Iraq pacified...?

MJT: On the Top Floor of Lebanon's Civil Society


There will be a one date skipped in the Diatribes. My diurnal clock has slipped enough I've used up most of the good stuff for the 8th already.



Daily Diatribe 20070209

Remember the Qana picture and video storm during the recent Israeli Defense Force visit to Lebanon? Those are the ones with the dead baby, the carefully staged dash to the ambulence for a corpse, and all that? (There was more nearby place to park the ambulence. But then the "dash with body" would not be dramatic.) Another picture has surfaced from the editor's slush pile. Note how callously the "rescuers" are holding the body for display and photography. These are evil men exploiting helpless dead for their own propaganda messages.

LGF: Qana Media Swarm Revealed


So it is legal to pee on a US flag or picture of Jesus at SFSU. It also is legal to burn or deface either of them at SFSU. It is legal at SFSU to use Jesus's or God's name in curses. But do not do anything even remotely disrespectful to the Hezbollah or any other Arab flag at SFSU, it's not legal. Do not even make Mohammed cartoons at SFSU. Why is all this true? Because they are liberals afraid to upset the Mohammedans. Why are they afraid to upset the Mohammedans and not the rest of us? Because the Mohammedans riot at the drop of a pin. The rest of us are civilized.

Fellow Californians, this is your tax dollars at work.

LGF: Insulting Allah Now a Crime at SFSU


Apparently Anjem Choudary is the judge of the Sharia courts of the UK. At least he describes himself that way. He declares the almost moderate Mohammedan, Asgar Bukhari, is an apostate. Bukhari has declared Abu Izzadeen, the recently arrested Saudi educated imam, as being over the top and crazy. Just off hand I'd describe Choudary as being fully as over the top as Izzadeen. Note how he thinks there are two legal systems in the UK, a point the announcer noted but put off exploring as Choudary foamed at the mouth and protested "out of context".

LGF: British Islamist Seething Over Izzadeen Arrest


It seems that in the last couple days Al Qaeda in Iraq has felt just a little put-upon as the US forces relentlessly target them. Top members are being captured or killed in rather significant numbers. Abu Ayub al-Masri's days may be strictly limited unless he can squeak his way out of the cordon.

Of course, the Main Stream Media are all hiding this behind a news blackout, for some reason.

JawaReport: Al Qaeda in Iraq Crumbling: al Masri on the run


Robert excerpts and lightly comments on an article by Mary Ann Sieghart about Gina Khan. Gina Khan is standing up to question her life long religion, Mohammedanism. And she gives an ear full of reasons. She addresses the lies and Jihadi's radicalizing Mohammedanism in Britain. She addresses the radicals teaching British Mohammedan youth the way of violent jihad.

It is important to remember that Britain is not that many years ahead of the US in the cycle of Mohammedan takeover. Note the number of very radicalized Americans we've already captured. These were impressionable young men turned into jihadis at some of America's most significant and largest mosques in places like Orange County Ca.

JW: Britain Unveiled - "20 years too late"


Patrick Poole has an interesting theory that Pope Benedict chose the city of Regensburg for his lecture about Mohammedanism with some serious symbolism in even the choice of that city for it. Regensburg figures very significantly in the wars fought against the barbarous Mohammedans in their quest to overtake Europe, hence the world. It was the high water mark for Suleiman the Butcher's campaign and successive campaigns by others. It was also the birth place of Don Juan of Austria, hero of the Battle of Lepanto in 1572.

A Historical Note on the Symbolism of Regensburg


"Pilot projects to root out Islamist extremists grooming young Muslims are being planned for British cities.."

"Another proposal is a network of local anti-radicalisation forums which would be charged with countering extremist street politics and interpretations of holy texts."

One wonders if this is the result of some real effort to achieve the stated goals or if this is an attempt to create enough news buzz with its activities that there is a consciousness raising experience going on for the benefit of the British populace in general. It certainly will expose how bad the situation has become in Britain.

JWDW: Fitzgerald: Do they really think it can be done?


In pulling this and killing the poster's account YouTube gave it far more exposure than the author would have otherwise received. The title of the piece is the author's only contribution. It is made up in its entirety of quotes from the Qur'an in a slide show setting. All of them are about death, destruction, eternal damnation, and the like. It is more than the Mohammedans could stand. So they complained loud and clear. Someone else has reposted it. View it or at least some of it before YouTube pulls this one as well. This is the part of Mohammedanism that its members do not want outsiders to know.

The second clip is made by the author of himself rambling about how his account was deleted with no notice over this video. His hurt is extremely visible throughout.

Islamic Teachings
Found in the Qur'an
Peace be upon you?

HA: Video: Too hot for YouTube


Abdul Kasem has posted part 10ii of his "Bismi Allah:" essay. This part is also subtitled "Muhammad is Allah." It is pretty clear that Abdul means that Mohammed created the Allah myth as an exact copy of himself and his own prejudices and desires. Anything Mohammed hated, Allah hates. Anything Mohammed wanted to do, Allah approves and requires. It's a quote filled chapter. And it paints a dismal picture of the ideology.

IW: Bismi Allah: Muhammad is Allah, Part II

### has reacted to CAIR's "American Muslim Photo Legacy Project" with some suggested inclusions.

TROP: Behold the Peace of Islam: Picture of the Week




Daily Diatribe 20070210

Michael Yon's latest Dispatch is up. It is another write-up of life for our military in Iraq. Rather than short "micro-embeds" in which a reporter may plan for 15 days for the project at most they get 5 days with their embed unit. That is not enough time to figure out what is going on, who is important, and what the prospects might be.

Michael Yon spends nearly a year at a time embedded, sleeping with the troops, eating with the troops, on patrol with the troops, all armed with his camera and no other armament.

This time Michael describes a typical night on weapons hunt patrol. The intent was to enter, search, and detain people within a home in Mosul. It got exciting after the initial action. Some insurgents fired mortars towards the nearby US base. Radar got the probable points of impact and origin, POI and POO respectively. It was rather close to this patrol. So they became involved. Michael becomes mystified at some of the command decisions and is enlightened at the end. Sometimes if you play dumb with the insurgents you learn more.

And Michael seems to be one of General Petraeus's greatest fans as you can find out in the recording on the second link.

MYon: Roughnecks
PunditReview: Michael Yon
 Live from Baghdad


The intolerance at the King Fahad Academy in the UK is far deeper than just the couple of passages quoted in the original video I pointed towards a few days ago. The school is institutionalizing maintaining Saudi type Mohammedan society rather than melting into one society, hating those who are not Mohammedan, and indeed is priming the children for becoming jihadis. This video does not come out and state the latter point. But what is being taught makes this obvious.

LGF: UK Islamic School Teaching Hatred (More Info)


"Imam Husham Al-Husainy, who delivered the now-infamous lines about doom, oppression, and occupation at the DNC winter meeting with party chairman Howard Dean standing at his side, was interviewed yesterday on Sean Hannity's radio show."

"And the imam had a shrieking, sputtering, complete meltdown. This one is a real hoot."

I'll enthusiastically agree with Charles on that last point. The poor fellow goes entirely bonkers. And in the process he rather reveals the militant Mohammedan in his make-up. (And for a person who CLAIMS he was born here and raised here he has one heck of a thick accent. I guess he failed to melt into the melting pot. Um, doesn't that make him some of the scum that raises to the top of a melt in a blast furnace or that raises to the top when boiling up some corned beef?) His utter melt down is as funny as it is pathetic. He can't answer simple questions.

LGF: DNC's Imam Al-Husainy Melts Down on the Air


"In a recent column at, Frank Pastore ably recapitulates all of the usual mistaken thinking on Islam:"

Responding to callers to his show Frank Pastore says this about the Mohammedans, "1) There are tens of millions of Muslims and Christians (and Jews) who have lived peaceably alongside one another for centuries, and who still do today in many parts of the world."

I commented:
10s of millions of Mohammedans living peacefully blah blah blah.

Item 1:
Fourteen tens of millions is still only 10% of all Mohammedans. 2 tens of millions is only 1.4%.

Think about what those OTHERS are like.

Item 2:
When outnumbered as in the US (until VERY recently) they operate in the Meccan mode of the Mohammedan duality. In Mecca originally Mohammed was so outnumbered he could not resort to military action. So he lived peacefully with but self-segregated from the others people in Mecca. 10s of millions live under those circumstances.

When not vastly outnumbered Mohammedans are expected to operate in the Medinan mode of the Mohammedan duality, militant jihad and war. We see that happening all over the world today, Somalia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Southern Philippines, Thailand, and so forth. 10s of millions of "polite" Mohammedans still leaves a billion or so impolite Mohammedans.

Think about the numbers. Is it time to do something about it?

JW: Islam is (not) the enemy


While we are on the subject of school book jihad, Marisol brings up the Iranian school books. They feature poems about the martyrs to the Iran Iraq war, weapons training for 10-year-olds, eternal Paradise to anyone who becomes a martyr, hatred for Americans and Jews, and so forth.

JW: Study says Iran textbooks urge "martyrdom"


Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. Here is a little dose of history.

Referring to a Reza Aslan quote about how peaceful it was for the tens of thousands of Jews living in Palestine along side the Mohammedans before 1948. He conveniently ignores these little tidbits:

"Without any problem at all? How about the Jerusalem pogrom in 1920 and the Jaffa pogrom in 1921? Or Arab massacres of Jews in Hebron and Safad in 1929? Or the Tiberias pogrom in 1938? (There was a reason the Sephardic Jewish sage Maimonides wrote in 1172 regarding Arabs, 'Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they.')"
JW: Falsifying history as a debating tool


Marisol seems to feel the same as I do about the lashings routinely given for misdeeds, particularly adultery and rape VICTIMS. There is an interesting case with a man being lashed - 80 times - for drinking and being with a (non-Mohammedan) woman to whom he was not married. He claims he was whipped too hard according to Mohammedan law. He bled from is lashing which is theoretically not supposed to happen.

JWDW: UAE case: Lashing 'is meant to be a deterrent, not torture'


In light of the "Truther" nonsense that is going around and is now being given credence in a couple UK newspapers consider this excellent article debunking the "Truther" myths about 9/11. Popular Mechanics sat down and analyzed several of the most noxious of the "Truther" claims and found them baseless and ridiculous on scientific grounds.

Debunking The 9/11 Myths - Mar. 2005 Cover Story




Daily Diatribe 20070211

In a report from the "We are our own worst enemy" department we have the important note that everybody has already read, I am sure. The Iranians are supplying the Mahdi Army (well, the make polite by saying rogue elements of the Mahdi Army) with Explosively Formed Projectiles. These are killing our troops. And between them, other captured Iranian ordnance, and captured Iranians it is pretty clear that the Iranians are engaging us in Iraq, directly and through their Mahdi Army proxies.

The Democrats, of course, are declaring that the evidence is not meaningful, it is doubtful, and above all don't engage Iran.

Wait-a-minute-thar-podnah! What is this bit about it's OK for Iran to attack our forces; but, not OK for us to respond? Oh, I see. Trent Lott, the Democratic whiz-not-a-kid (senile old buzzard) from Mississippi has declared you stop the arms flow by interdiction not invasion. And how does he propose to stop drug incursions into the US through our border with Mexico if it's that easy?

Of course, they are making a mountain out of a pot hole on this issue. Consider for a few moments that invasion of Iran is not nearly as simple a process as we made the invasion of Iraq appear. (For one they are Persians in Iran, not Arabs. In the past this has made a sincere difference.) OK, that's enough consideration time. Now consider what we could do with some serious sanctions on Iran, the kind that Putin and China don't want us to impose. Maybe we should quietly let China know that if Iran nukes ANYBODY in the world both Moscow and Beijing will disappear within an hour - along with Tehran.

FN: Democrats Urge Administration
 to Go Slow With Iran Evidence


Back in the diatribe for 2000205 I mentioned an article by Adrian Morgan titled "How The UK Threatens US Security". In three parts it showed how Britain is nurturing, indoctrinating, and supporting violent jihadis. Now they are exporting terrorists - to Somalia.

In a Times of London report we see that four Britains were nabbed along with 11 other terrorists from Somalia. The British SAS had the good sense to send them back to Somalia to stand trial. So of course, lawyers in Britain are foaming at the mouth. And the mothers are proclaiming how wonderful their little boys were.

"Ezzouek's (one of the captured terrorists) mother Malika, who has five children, claimed last week that she had no idea he was in Somalia. She said she had paid his airline ticket to Egypt, where he flew five months ago to study in a Koranic school."

"I am very worried about him because I know he has done nothing wrong," she said. "My son is innocent. He is not an extremist.""

Of course, she does not see that her son has done anything wrong or is an extremist. What he did is entirely according to the Qur'an and to mainstream (read Saudi or Iranian) Mohammedanism. Think about what that means.

As a second item note that Malika has five children. Compare that with the more common native British family of one or two children and very seldom any more. The decent folks are being out bred. Think about what that means.

ToL: Somali Britons caught by SAS face execution


And Adrian Morgan also introduces us to Britain's most vocal radical Mohammedan, Abu Izzadeen aka Omar Brooks aka Trevor Brooks.

"Abu Izzadeen's Arabic name means "Might of the Faith". He was born on April 18, 1976, in the Mother's Hospital in Lower Clapton Road in Hackney, east London. He was brought up in a Christian family of Jamaican origins, where he had the name Trevor Brooks. In 1994, the day before his 18th birthday, he became a convert to Islam. He changed his first name to "Omar". A trained electrician, he became a radical Muslim after he met Omar Bakri Mohammed at the notorious Finsbury Park Mosque, and joined Bakri's Islamist group Al-Muhajiroun."

And from there his life spiraled into a cesspit of Mohammedanism's worst attributes. And it took the British an incredible amount of time to figure out he was dangerous, was indoctrinating terrorists, and was aiding terrorists within Britain. At least they finally have him put away in prison. (And knowing British prison terms he'll probably be back out in pretty short order.)

IW: Meet Britain's Izzadeen: Sharia Law
 Will Conquer The Infidels (Part 1)
"A French intelligence report says that France is being targeted by al-Qaeda, the London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Friday." So why is this only reported on YNet News rather than all the MSM? Maybe they WANT to see some extraordinary new bloodshed in France because it sells newspapers and gives the talking heads something big to report about to gain viewers? Either way it appears there is a bin Laden signed letter ordering the Algerian wing of al Qaeda to attack in France prior to their coming elections.

"The writers of report fear a terror attack similar to the one which took place in Madrid in March 2004. In order to illustrate the concrete threat, the newspaper published for the first time a letter handwritten and signed by Osama bin Laden, which instructed a radical Islamic organization in Algeria to "attack in eastern and southern France.""

YNet (via JW) Al-Qaeda has France in sights


Robert Spencer discusses Michael Chertoff and his politically correct fog about how good Mohammedans are and it's only a few radicals we have to watch out for. reports, "Citing recent internal memos, Department of Homeland Security employees complain their boss Michael Chertoff is hamstringing counter-terror operations with pro-Islamic political correctness." (As usual, we are our own worst enemy, sigh.)

"DHS Secretary Chertoff set the tone in a staffwide memo last year, when he described as "extremists" the two dozen Muslim terrorists who plotted to blow up 10 airliners over the Atlantic. Unlike British authorities, Chertoff did not mention the religious motivation of the terrorists. Nowhere in the one-page memo were the terms "Muslim" or "Islamic" used."

And of course, Chertoff invokes the image of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to counter the millions of Mohammedan jihadis out there making the world more miserable for everybody every day.

Hey, President Bush, yeah, you - Shrub - 43, "Are you sure Chertoff is on OUR side?"

JWDW: Chertoff's 'Islam PC' rankles fed officials


If this report is correct then one of the people on the terror watch list in the US was arrested in Aurora Colorado - for suspicion of drunk driving, providing a false identity, and identity theft. The latter item is the one they are currently using to hold on to him. He has current addresses in Denver and the Dearbornistan, Michigan area.

Man reportedly named on terrorist watch list arrested in Colorado




Daily Diatribe 20070212

The trial for the failed suicide bombers continues in London. The jurors have now learned of the bombers steeping themselves in jihad videos, rock videos celebrating killing kafirs (eg you and me), recordings of Abu Hamza, beheading videos, and instructions for homemade suicide vests. The jurors saw the videos - although the beheading videos were stopped just before the actual beheadings.

LGF: Failed British Bomber Trial Continues (New Video)


You can revile Christianity, pee on pictures of Christ, and indeed do almost anything you want short of out right mauling or killing a Christian; but, if you print a simple cartoon about Mohammed, you're in trouble for your life and facing expulsion from Cambridge University. What a pack of fertile male bovine solid waste!

LGF: Dhimmitude at Cambridge


"The Jameah Islameah school near Crowborough on the Kent and Sussex border was raided by more than 100 anti-terror officers on September 1 last year after a lengthy surveillance operation by the security services."

And now the school has finally been shut down after being linked to recent terrorist activities in Britain. SOME of the British are starting to understand where the dangers hide - in plain sight.

LGF: UK Islamic Terror Raid School Shut Down


After the much publicized Saudi brokered peace deal Hamas isn't buying in to it. They will never stop the violence or recognize Israel. But the useful idiots have more nonsense to use when obfuscating the real issues.

LGF: Hamas: We Won't Recognize Israel or Stop Violence


Marisol notes an AP report out of Pakistan that has the militants in the border area ordering barbers not to shave off or cut beards in a move towards Talibanization of the border region. Pretty soon Pakistan is going to be more problems to us than solutions.

JW: "Correct yourselves": Pakistan jihadists threaten barbers


A new Zawahiri tape is out. And in it he pledges his allegiance to the Taliban Mullah Omar. Many news outlets have reported it. Allahpundit at Hot Air asks the next question, "What does this mean?" He also started wondering when was the last time a Zawahiri tape mentioned Osama other than the December 20th tape. It was a fair time ago, I do believe. I wonder what this means about Osama's state of health, both physical and political health.

HA: Zawahiri pledges his allegiance to Mullah Omar


OK, this is a "spoiler"; but, it should indicate the whole article is worth reading. The speaker is Walid Jumblat, the leader of the Lebanese Druze. Michael Totten interviewed him and posted this on the 13th (in his current time zone.)

"It would be bad for Lebanon and for the Middle East if the US withdraws from the Middle East. Because we will face a different Arab and Muslim world. It is very strange and ironic that even the pro-Iranians in Iraq are asking the Americans to stay. You could write a theater about it. Making the Americans totally withdraw from the Arab world would be a mistake, would be a disaster for the moderates in the Arab world. The radicals and the Iranians would win."

MT: The Fiercest Liberal in Lebanon


It isn't about Republicans. It's about America. I feel this speech by Rudy Giuliani hits the nail on the head. He and Republicans like him are prioritizing agendas with the first agenda being the do what is needed to defeat the most implacable enemy the US has ever had, Mohammedan jihadis. If we don't do that virtually none of the other issues will mean nothing.

PM: If It Walks Like a Duck...




Daily Diatribe 20070213

So the feds have broken with political correctness and nabbed an Al Qaeda trainee who happens to be a home grown American. Of course, it helps that he was nabbed by the Kenyan military fleeing Somalia where he got his training. Now, one wonders which mosque radicalized him. That mosque should be watched very closely in the future.

FN: American Citizen Charged With Training
in Somalia With Al Qaeda, Learning to Become Homicide Bomber


A mad minijab er Ahmedinejad of Iran has threatened to annoy the US by playing the oil card. In essence he says, "Bug me and I cut off your oil."

Two can play that game. And Saudi Arabia is not amused at the thought of nuclear armed Persians across the gulf. So they are talking about the oil card in their wallet. They've been pulling handsome surpluses in recent years. So they can stand a dramatic drop in oil prices. Iran is essentially broke, The Iranian mad man has been spending all the money he'd promised to spend on the poor in Iran on his Hezbollah adventures instead.

MEMRI: The Middle East on a Collision Course (6): The Saudi Oil Weapon


Speaking of Iran note that the little street thug politician Muqtada al-Sadr has scurried off to Iran rather than face the music our soldiers are dealing out. Poor little boy, he's afraid to be a martyr.

LGF: Mookie Bails


A shooter ran amok at a mall in Utah killing several people before he was killed by an off duty police officer and an on duty officer who joined in to stop the carnage.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome, that is a coinage by Daniel Pipes. It indicates a benign seeming individual suddenly going berserk and killing people with a Jihad flavor to it.

The shooter was a Bosnian with a very Mohammedan name. Was this a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome? If so we should figure out pretty quickly which mosque radicalized the bozo. Then we should do something about it.

LGF: Salt Lake City Killer Identified


Fox news has the story from the police officer who first tried to deal with the shooter. He was in the mall for a Valentine's Day dinner with his wife when the trouble erupted.

FN: Cops: Off-Duty Officer Helped Stop Salt Lake City Mall Gunman


Muhammad Al-Asi of the Islamic Center in Washington, DC seems to be another hard case radical Mohammedan we are tolerating in the US as the imam of a major mosque. Both Charles (LGF) and Robert Spencer (JihadWatch) have their comments about this Shi'ite weasel. He is quite positively a problem. Yet both parties of our government buy into his lies even though he has adopted the "Truther" agenda and is declaring that 9/11 was a Bush put up job. (And we elect these dumbturkies we have for congress-critters, senile-tors, and indeed Presidents.

JW: D.C. imam glorifies Khomeini, justifies suicide
bombing, preaches Islamic
LGF: Islamic Supremacism in Washington DC (Video)


A Mohammedan liberal woman speaks out to tell D'Souza (an apologist author) that he doesn't know waste from shinola about the lives of women in Mohammedanism. She enlightens.

JW: D'Souza Knows Not: A Letter to Dinesh D'Souza
 from the Traditional Muslim World


Robert Kilroy-Silk is the controversial talk show host that BBC fired and replaced with the former Al-Jazeera editor-in-chief. He has gone controversial yet again calling one of Mohammedanism's chief beliefs 'backward'. (Specifically it appears he called then "backward, tribal and from a medieval period".) It is expected he's going to ignite a nice little Mohammedan firestorm.

Guardian (via JW): Kilroy calls for 'backward'
 Islam to open mosques to women


Tashbih Sayyed, PhD, has some words about Iran and its nuclear ambitions. His basic conclusion is that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb it will use the nuclear bomb to clear Israel off the map. I believe he is probably right.

IW: Iran: Time is Running Out




Daily Diatribe 20070213

So the feds have broken with political correctness and nabbed an Al Qaeda trainee who happens to be a home grown American. Of course, it helps that he was nabbed by the Kenyan military fleeing Somalia where he got his training. Now, one wonders which mosque radicalized him. That mosque should be watched very closely in the future.

FN: American Citizen Charged With Training in
Somalia With Al Qaeda, Learning to Become Homicide Bomber


A mad minijab er Ahmedinejad of Iran has threatened to annoy the US by playing the oil card. In essence he says, "Bug me and I cut off your oil."

Two can play that game. And Saudi Arabia is not amused at the thought of nuclear armed Persians across the gulf. So they are talking about the oil card in their wallet. They've been pulling handsome surpluses in recent years. So they can stand a dramatic drop in oil prices. Iran is essentially broke, The Iranian mad man has been spending all the money he'd promised to spend on the poor in Iran on his Hezbollah adventures instead.

MEMRI: The Middle East on a Collision
 Course (6): The Saudi Oil Weapon


Speaking of Iran note that the little street thug politician Muqtada al-Sadr has scurried off to Iran rather than face the music our soldiers are dealing out. Poor little boy, he's afraid to be a martyr.

LGF: Mookie Bails


A shooter ran amok at a mall in Utah killing several people before he was killed by an off duty police officer and an on duty officer who joined in to stop the carnage.

Sudden Jihad Syndrome, that is a coinage by Daniel Pipes. It indicates a benign seeming individual suddenly going berserk and killing people with a Jihad flavor to it.

The shooter was a Bosnian with a very Mohammedan name. Was this a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome? If so we should figure out pretty quickly which mosque radicalized the bozo. Then we should do something about it.

LGF: Salt Lake City Killer Identified


Fox news has the story from the police officer who first tried to deal with the shooter. He was in the mall for a Valentine's Day dinner with his wife when the trouble erupted.

FN: Cops: Off-Duty Officer Helped Stop Salt Lake City Mall Gunman


Muhammad Al-Asi of the Islamic Center in Washington, DC seems to be another hard case radical Mohammedan we are tolerating in the US as the imam of a major mosque. Both Charles (LGF) and Robert Spencer (JihadWatch) have their comments about this Shi'ite weasel. He is quite positively a problem. Yet both parties of our government buy into his lies even though he has adopted the "Truther" agenda and is declaring that 9/11 was a Bush put up job. (And we elect these dumbturkies we have for congress-critters, senile-tors, and indeed Presidents.

JW: D.C. imam glorifies Khomeini, justifies suicide
bombing, preaches Islamic
LGF: Islamic Supremacism in Washington DC (Video)


A Mohammedan liberal woman speaks out to tell D'Souza (an apologist author) that he doesn't know waste from shinola about the lives of women in Mohammedanism. She enlightens.

JW: D'Souza Knows Not: A Letter to Dinesh
D'Souza from the Traditional Muslim World


Robert Kilroy-Silk is the controversial talk show host that BBC fired and replaced with the former Al-Jazeera editor-in-chief. He has gone controversial yet again calling one of Mohammedanism's chief beliefs 'backward'. (Specifically it appears he called then "backward, tribal and from a medieval period".) It is expected he's going to ignite a nice little Mohammedan firestorm.

Guardian (via JW): Kilroy calls for 'backward'
Islam to open mosques to women


Tashbih Sayyed, PhD, has some words about Iran and its nuclear ambitions. His basic conclusion is that if Iran gets the nuclear bomb it will use the nuclear bomb to clear Israel off the map. I believe he is probably right.

IW: Iran: Time is Running Out




Daily Diatribe 20070214

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is annoyed that the FBI has posted a $5 million reward for the capture of Jihad leader Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah, believed to be operating in Damascus and for Mohammed Ali Hamadei, leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah militia. They are threatening "all our interests in the area," So what else is new.

They are also offering a reward for information or help in arresting American President George Bush. Hey guys - his current residence is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. I want my $50 NOW.

FN: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terror Group Warns U.S. to Keep Hands Off Its Leader


And I wonder just how well the recent directive from al Qaeda that orders jihadis to attack "all interests that provide crusaders with oil". This should leave the Saudi AND Iranian governments rather annoyed. And it should annoy even Chavez. (Hm, dark clouds DO have silver linings after all.)

FN: Al Qaeda Publication Calls on Jihadists to Attack Oil Facilities That Supply U.S.


Apparently Syrian and Iranian goals are starting to diverge. This could lead to a split. Or so thinks a Jordanian columnist. One of the conditions the Syrians are adamant about is the international tribunal for the Al-Hariri assassination. They want to pack it at the very least. The Iranians have other goals. BUT, Syria is not likely to get their way with the US in the picture. So I suspect Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will perforce have to stick with Iran and grit his teeth unless he can find a way to go it alone.

MEMRI: Jordanian Columnist on the Possibility of a Split in the Iran-Syria Axis


So now the Taliban in Afghanistan is using children, local Afghani children, as human shields. Methinks it is time to drop some very heavy ordinance on their home bases - in Pakistan. If their women and children are there with them, well, THEY obviously don't care about women and children so why should we worry about theirs? We, of course, should make any such attacks when we know the Taliban thugs are at home. And we should make reasonable effort to get the thugs without getting the women and children. But let's not be fanatical about not getting ANY women or children. That's about all that will stop these despicable creatures.

JW: Taliban flee battle using children as shields: NATO


"Top House Democrats, working in concert with anti-war groups, have decided against using congressional power to force a quick end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, and instead will pursue a slow-bleed strategy designed to gradually limit the administration's options." John Bresnahan at The Politico (

Bryan Preston has his words about this report. And he's not harsh enough.

Slow bleed, eh? It's our soldiers who will bleed. It's our Democrats who are talking about making the soldiers vulnerable. They are going to force a defeat in Iraq at ANY cost. They are despicable.

Something to note. When this sort of thing has happened in the past the soldiers have been unamused and have instituted regime changes - at home. Something else to note, most of the Democrats are anti-gun and are disarmed. We may find out if an elected government can so mistreat the military that the military mutinies and takes over. I've often wondered just what it would take, what the soldiers will swallow in their loyalty to the Constitution. Are we there yet?

HA: Murtha and the Democrats: A new low


Once you get past the banner and boilerplate you'll find the title below. It is a series of bullets for a projected timeline for what is in store for the future given the way events are leading today. This is as good a description of the scenarios I dear will happen, which is why I urge rather strong action today to avoid what we will have to do later. (Folding and embracing Mohammedanism just is not in the cards.) Hint, the scenario sees WW-III as being nuclear starting with a huge terror attack in Israel with nuclear weapons.

I think the scenario posted is too pat. There are too many rather nasty wild cards that a nuclear Iran could play without going to nuclear bombs. Mass poisonings come to mind. (Iran DOES have a huge and effective chemical warfare capability.)

News on Terror: How Hamas and Hizbollah will Demolish the Middle East



Daily Diatribe 20070215

One wonders how Iraq's interior ministry knows this to report it. Are they in cahoots with BOTH sides in this "insurgency?" Anyway, the story is that Brig. Gen Abdul-Karim Khalaf said that Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri was wounded and his aide, identified as Abu Abdullah al-Majemaai, was killed.

FN: Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq Wounded, Aide Killed in Clash, Iraq's Interior Ministry Reports


HotAir has some of the most cogent discussion of the report thinking past the obvious question to the next question. The obvious question is "how do they know?" The next question is, "Has he been captured?"

Allahpundit finishes up with an apparent report that this is another bust from the MOI officer who has screwed up his reports before, Brig. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf. It appears that al Masri may be using the Saddam trick of having body doubles that can be sacrificed. Note that this latest report is based on DNA evidence, supposedly. Now, if this happened within the last 24 hours there has not been enough time for DNA testing. So it's still up in the air as far as I am concerned - unless DNA testing was planned but something simple like blood type testing ruled answered the issue more immediately.

HA: Breaking: Al Qaeda in Iraq leader wounded
in firefight? NBC: Al-Masri in custody; NBC
 backs off capture claim; PJM: He probably wasn't wounded, either


In case anybody doubts it we home grow jihadis and have networks for nurturing jihadis operating in our country. Daniel Joseph Maldonado (aka Daniel Al-Jughaifi, aka Abu Mohammed) is a case in point. He was arrested in Kenya after fighting for the Islamic Courts in Somalia. He was also an administrator in a jihadi Internet discussion site, Islamic Networking.

Both Charles Johnson's comments and the article at internet haganah he quotes from are worth reading.

LGF: American Jihadis' Web Network
Islamist terrorism, from to


The Deseret Morning News reacts to LGF's wondering if the recent mall shootings by a nominal Mohammedan was related to Sudden Jihad Syndrome or not with some screeching about ultra-conservative bloggers. Among others Robert replies and slipped. He made one criticism that was off the mark. So I posted a comment...

"Um, relax, Robert. I think you overreacted this time to one aspect of the article you quoted. (Hey, that's MY job, didn't you know?)

"The (sic)'s that were quoted went with spelling errors "dont" rather than "don't" and "shotting" rather than "shooting". This is normal practice and usage.

"Aside from that - he is apparently Mohammedan. That suggests his going into an apparent jihadi mode is suspect. But it is ONLY suspect. The Deseret Morning News is derelict in its duties to inform the public because it failed to discuss this issue presenting what scanty information is known.

"Finally, from an FBI standpoint it MAY be effective to deny a jihad related operation here simply to leave any possible connection lulled into complacency while it is being hunted down. It also does serve to keep the public from overreacting. After all, the overreactions do fuel the Hooper-mania, doesn't it?"

(Hooper-mania is my coinage for CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper's instant reactions to any hints that Mohammedanism may be connected in any way to any violence.)

JW: Deseret Morning News hits "ultraconservative"
websites for suggesting Salt Lake shooting was
LGF: Deseret News Attacks LGF For Publishing Facts
Meanwhile, it appears some of Sulejman Talovic's juvenile records have been leaked. (He's the above mentioned mall shooter.) He was not a very good little boy at all.

There is a pointer to a video at Hot Air of the incident (never showing Talovic. There is some controversy about whether some of the voice sounds heard were somebody shouting "Allahu Akbar" or not. I am with Charles on this one. It wasn't. It sounded more like it was a cop shouting "Come on up". The setting, I believe. had the cops on an upper level and the shooter on a lower level. So that would make sense.

LGF: Salt Lake City Killer's Records Released


Charles has a pointer to an article about the arrest of 11 supposed al Qaeda recruiters in France. His comment at the end of the quote from the article is choice. "Tip of the iceberg," indeed. It's the tip of the tip, to be sure.

LGF: Al Qaeda Recruiters Arrested in France


Well, nothing is perfectly good. Nor is anything perfectly bad. Our Congresscritters are a case in point. They certainly are a corrupt bunch of "stuff". But sometimes they do the right thing. This time they have blocked the transfer of $86 million to security forces associated with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party. That was one of President Bush's more stupid plans.

(via JW) WND: Congress blocks aid to Palestinian militias


"Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: Hey, don't threaten us, we're on your side" shows just how far out of it Chavez can be. Al Qaeda threatened Venezuela along with other oil interests that supply "the Crusaders". Chavez is not a Mohammedan. Ergo, he is an al Qaeda target one of these days depending on how fast al Qaeda can achieve world domination. (Even Chavez's buddies in Hezbollah will come gunning for him one of these days soon if THEY are the ones to come out on top.)

JW: Venezuela to Al-Qaeda: Hey, don't threaten us, we're on your side


Barney Zwartz issues a warning to Australia based on historical evidence and trends with regards to Mohammedan immigrants. Historically when Mohammedans amount to 10% of the population they start their violent jihad activities and turn the nations into places in which the original inhabitants feel like strangers. France is there now and is lost. The French people will lose control and face the 9.29 options: convert, submit and pay jizyah, or die. The time for Australia to act to prevent this is now. For that matter, Buffy, the time for the US to act to prevent this is also now. The danger is not the Mohammedans themselves, it is their freaked out Satanistic so called religion that provokes and requires the jihadi violence.

"French people say they are strangers in their own country. This is a point of no return." Do we want to see this happen here? Do the Aussies want to see this happen there? I think the answer to both question is closer to "expletive no" than a mere "no".

LGF: Limit Muslim migration, Australia warned


As an example of what can happen when political correctness overrides good sense and proper protocols an Arabic speaking man was naturalized as a citizen and obtained high security employment on a false identity.

"The man pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in New York to having several documents in his Brooklyn apartment after two deployments to Iraq. He earlier pleaded guilty to charges of using a false identity to obtain U.S. citizenship and to gain access to classified military material."

JW: Arabic Translator Who Faked Identity Pleads Guilty To Having Secret Data


Is Turkey necessary any longer as an ally? Maybe it is time to rethink our relationship with Turkey. Certainly the Kurds in Iraq would think well of such a process if it ended up with an independent Kurdistan. But then, I am not sure that's any better than the status quo. The Kurds are our nominal friends. But lest we forget, they are ethnic Persians and happen to be Sunni rather than Shi'ite like most Persians.

Hugh Fitzgerald looks into the concept of whether "secular Turkey", which really amounts to at best 25% of the country, is worth cultivating any further. The bases we have in Turkey are worthless to us. Maybe THOSE are troops we should pull home and leave the current troops in Iraq where they are doing some good.

JW: Fitzgerald: The precarious position of Turkey today


Palestine Media Watch notes that US aid dollars sent to Palestine for their Al-Najah University in Nablus are being used to sponsor anti-American activities. What in H E double-toothpicks are we doing spending money on the Palestinians. They are down-trodden by their own leadership and choice. They choose to continue fighting at all costs terrorizing Israel as Israel tries to bend over backwards to stop the violence. We should spend the money on Israel instead. At least they're a nicer brand of bad guys who are not howling for our throats.

(via JWDW) PMW: US-funded Palestinian university holds anti-American symposium


I'm speechless. My reaction to this article is simple. The entire US Department of State should be lined up against a wall and shot. They are supposed to be working for US not our enemies. But, alas, they do not get that concept at all.

JWDW: Europe's Muslims find ally in U.S.


Hugh Fitzgerald has written an essay about the Jizyah er foreign aid we are paying to Mohammedans, who are turning it around into efforts to end our country and end all other religions and peoples.


Hugh explains this at length in his essay.

JWDW: Fitzgerald: Those you presume to protect and instruct deserve better


My first question, "Is it genocide to wipe out those who wish to exterminate you?" My next question, "Can we do this if it is needed without becoming as bad as those we are wiping out?" Islam Watch may have a pertinent article in their "History of Jihad" series. This one recounts the Mongol hordes who flooded out of Asia and wiped out most of the Mohammedans who'd been tormenting them for close to 600 years. (Had Genghis Khan been looking for loot and wealth China and Japan were much closer at hand.)

The Mongols out nastied and out brutalized the Mohammedans. They wiped out the Assassin's sect and its records. They won most of the Mohammedan world in warfare. The Christians were too stupid to ally with the Mongols and utterly wipe out Mohammedanism, which had also been persecuting the Christians in Europe for most of the same 600 years. (The Christians demanded the Mongols convert to Christianity before any alliance was possible.)

It all ended with, literally, the Mongols becoming their enemy. Creeping conversion to Mohammedanism eventually turned the Mongol empire into its worst enemy. This is one of the reasons I am so adamant that something be done NOW rather than later to contain and ideally wipe out this hideous religion.

(If you click on the History of Jihad link under the title you can find several other articles in this series.)

IW: History of Jihad against the Mongols (1050-1258)


The very concept of limits on their behavior other than what is in the Qur'an is repugnant and anathema to Mohammedan males. Thus they are never taught to control their sex drive so they don't rape women out on the street. Actually, the Qur'an teaches that uncovered women are sexual meat on their tables to be done with as they wish. So how does Malaysia handle such a situation when there has been a rash of bizarre sex crimes? A leading Mohammedan cleric has suggested chastity belts. Self control is just not in the cards.

Malaysian: Chastity belts 'help' women



Daily Diatribe 20070216

It appears the Dutch have a politician who reads and has read the Qur'an. Geert Wilders campaigns to end immigration, ban new mosques, and ban new religious schools. In the past he has campaigned to ban the burqa. He figures any Mohammedans wishing to live in Holland should tear out half the Qur'an and throw it away. (Um, statistics on the content suggests that the figure is closer to 90% should be tossed.) LGF: Geert Wilders on the Koran


As Charles puts it, "British tabloid The Sun specializes in overheated language, but this really is an outrageous story: Muslim fanatic works on trains." Oy!

(via LGF) The Sun: Muslim Fanatic Works on Train System


Well, Sudden Jihad Syndrome has not been ruled out by the FBI in the Sulejman Talovic mall shooting case. They have no immediate indication it was related to his being a Mohammedan. It obviously has no immediate indication it was NOT related to his being a Mohammedan. They are still investigating.

An interesting detail is that he often attended Friday prayers at the Al-Noor mosque but had stopped coming in December. By coincidence another problem child from the Al-Noor mosque was Wassef Ali Hassoun, the Marine deserter who claimed he'd been kidnapped, then fled to Lebanon.

LGF: Salt Lake City Killer Update


WND has some additional information and a nice write-up by Art Moore. There are some puzzling aspects to the story. And there may be a semantic issue tied up in the whole picture.

The main puzzling aspect is that Talovic's home was searched but no computers were taken. Why? (As an aside, it's rather amazing that it has become just as impossible to imagine a home without a computer today as it was to imagine a home with a computer in 1960. But that is a possible reason.)

The semantic issue involves the definition of terrorism. I suspect the FBI and others see it as organized and coordinated terror operations. Thus a recent convert to Mohammedan jihadi ideals is simply a loose cannon on deck rather than a member of a terrorism cell. Jihad does not need to be coordinated. Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad was as much a jihadi as was the shoe bomber or the 19 9/11 terrorists. We can't let semantics and razor sharp definitions blind us to the obvious. Believers in jihadi Mohammedanism are by definition terrorists or terrorist supporters even if they never go to Pakistan and never coordinate their activities with any central authority. WND: Terrorism not ruled out in Salt Lake case


KSL in Salt Lake City has brief bits from a telephone interview with Talovic's father. "Somebody got (the guns).and maybe (they were) training him and tell(ing) him (to), 'go shoot somebody.'"

Even his father is suspicious that something radicalized his son and lead to his violent activity. I wonder if we will ever learn the identity of the person who actually purchased the shotgun.

KSL (via Pajamas Media): Mall Killer's Father
Thinks "Somebody" Told Him to "Shoot somebody":


If it is corrupt or despicable the Democrats don't seem to mind as long as it also makes Bush look bad. They have NO scruples and are going to place our service men in increased danger with their new policies to cripple our military. Congresscritter Murtha is at the root of this one.

"It's being called the "slow bleed" strategy, and that's what it is: an ugly, cowardly effort to defund the war in Iraq without having to suffer political consequences. Murtha and Pelosi are trying to drive the country into a hard left turn on a very dangerous road: Congressman Murtha Crafts Bill to Prevent Iraq Troop Deployments."

LGF: The Democrats and the Slow Bleed


Something to think about is the detail that Mohammedanism is not just a political ideology wrapped in a religious skin. It is also a detailed description of all the science and medicine you should ever need to know because it all flows directly from Allah.

As an example of this Mohammedans Northern Pakistan have circulated a rumor that polio vaccine was an American plot to sterilize innocent Muslim children.

"The disinformation - spread by extremist clerics using mosque loudspeakers and illegal radio stations, and by word of mouth - has caused a sharp jump in polio cases in Pakistan and hit global efforts to eradicate the debilitating disease."

I rather suspect the reason a young firebrand cleric in Swat, Maulana Fazlullah, denounced the polio campaign through a local FM radio station lies in its not being medicine from the Qur'an. Therefore it is suspect.

JW: Polio cases jump in Pakistan as clerics
declare vaccination an American plot


Many times I have bemoaned the fact that real moderate Mohammedans are not speaking out on a regular basis against the atrocities committed by other Mohammedans. Jamal Mitfah had the courage to do so. He was banned from his Tulsa Oklahoma mosque until he apologizes for the op-ed he wrote condemning Osama bin Laden. Leaders at the mosque have not been calling for his death. But they have been noting that killing him is a way to go to heaven.

JW: The intimidation of moderate Muslims in
 the U.S.
Hot Air Vent - Video about the situation


So a Christian country, Serbia, is being changed into a Mohammedan nation. The process is taking place through terror, violence, and treachery. It's Saudi Arabian Wahabbi Mohammedanism doing it. James Jatras, one of the Jihad Watch board members, is interviewed about this on CBN News. Kosovo is becoming a center of opium smuggling, slave trade, and exporting Mohammedan violence.

Saudi Arabia needs to be eliminated.

CBN: Islamic Terror In Kosovo


(Rhetorical request) Please, someone, explain to me how you can have effective rule of law when a person can select which of two conflicting sets of laws he accepts?

Canada seems to think this is possible. Ontario Canada has not completely shut out the possibility for Sharia law in Ontario. One of the most important places Sharia law differs from Western legal tradition is in family law. Under Sharia law the rights of women and children are very sharply curtailed. (And before somebody comments, "Gee, that sounds like what happens to men and their children in the US," note that what happens under Sharia is MUCH worse.)

JWDW: Canada: Sharia law still not dead


David Thompson has a wonderful piece on moral relativism that equates Mohammedan extremism and Christian fundamentalism, which is amounts to equating tens of thousands of suicide bombers and dozens of Sunday sermons. It amounts to comparing and equating 600 million Mohammedans who OPENLY approve of violent jihad with scant dozens of Christian extremists who actually take up arms and commit violence. Moral relativism has no sense of scale, it seems.

Thompson highlights some of the more atrocious examples of the results of this moral relativism. He also had more to say a couple days ago about moral tourism.

Someday the supposed thinkers on the far left need to regain a sense of scale rather than attempting to judge everything, particularly Western culture, as bad and therefore all equal to each other regardless of their degree of badness. Self loathing is just plain stupid. Yet they call themselves "intellectuals." Ayup, and their excrement doesn't stink.

David Thompson: Blunting the Senses in the Name of Fairness
David Thompson: The Perils of Moral Tourism


California may have unwittingly (via political correctness) financed some Mohammedan terrorism abroad and trained some terrorists here in the US "Sister Khadijah" founded several rural charter schools in California and received state tax money subsidies. Among the things the school taught was several forms of combat, including live fire practice with what sounded like full automatic weapons.

At least the investigation and eventual sentencing of "Sister Kadijah" resulted in a general cleanup of the California charter school oversight.

HA: Mercury-News: Charter school chain may have funded terror group


Have a hanky handy for this video.

HA: Watch it - don't ask - just watch it.


Part III of chapter 10 of Abdul Kasem's "Bismi Allah" book is online now. This is the third part of the "Muhammad is Allah" chapter. He makes the case that there is an identity between Muhammad and Allah. He starts with a mini-refresher of Qur'an and ahadith quotes:


This should not surprise anyone. We will review the following provisions in the Qur'an and ahadith.


Provisions set by Allah and Muhammad are binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives...33:36

Here are a few important excerpts:

Allegiance to Muhammad is allegiance to Allah (8:17) (Ash Shifa, Tr. Aisha Abdurrahman Bewley, p 27).

Let us read verse 8:17

8:17. You killed them not, but Allâh killed them. And you (Muhammad) threw not when you did throw but Allâh threw, that He might test the believers by a fair trial from Him. Verily, Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

Allah made obeying Muhammad tantamount to obeying Himself (ibid, p 215).

Ash Shifa writes:
He made obeying His Messenger tantamount to obeying Himself, and he placed obedience to Himself alongside obedience to His Messenger. Allah promises that doing this will result in an abundant reward and threatens a severe punishment for opposing it. He made it obligatory to obey the things that the Prophet commanded and to avoid those he prohibited.
Oppose sunna, become an unbeliever (Ash Shifa, p 220)
Ibn 'Umar said, "The travelling prayer is two ra'kats. Whoever opposes Sunna is an unbeliever."

The above stipulation means disobeying Muhammad's rulings (Sunna) is disobeying Allah's rulings. Previously (see part 8) we noted that Sunna is from Allah.

Kasem goes on to make the case for this identity. The subtext is fairly obvious. Mohammedanism is a self-serving product of Mohammed's mind and not anything like a real religion. (Although there is a remarkable resemblance to Scientology here. And it is called a religion....)

IW: Bismi Allah: Muhammad is Allah, Part III


On a slightly different issue that is dangerous to us note this report from Britain. Essentially it reads, "Ban guns, double crime." And with the increase in Mohammedan terrorism in the US as well as elsewhere in the world, do we REALLY want to be disarmed? It was the presence of a gun in a Salt Lake City mall that saved an unknown number of lives when Talovic started shooting. An off duty cop from Ogden Utah was armed. He identified what was going on, saw dead bleeding bodies, saw Talovic with a shotgun, and pulled his own service revolver and opened fire severely distracting Talovic. If more of the good people in the mall had been armed would he have gotten even a second shot let alone enough to leave a trail of dead bodies as he did?

UK Telegraph: Gun laws that constrain the law-abiding



Daily Diatribe 20070217

Surprise Surprise, the Times Online has an article describing some of the aid given to the Somali Mohammedans by other Mohammedan countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Eritrea, Iran, and so forth. When are we going to figure out that the Saudis are no more our friends than are the Iranians, Hamas, or Fatah> I wish we'd start to apply some heavy leverage NOW rather than later.

ToL: Arab states trained Al-Qaeda men to fight in Somalia


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a rather extraordinary woman who has managed to move forward from her birth in a Somali clan to a resident, citizen, and former MP in Holland. She appeared at the Wohlstetter Conference Center in Washington DC for the American Enterprise Institute. In her presentation she explains how she came to write of her life in her book "Infidel". She made a 7 minute presentation then filled out the hour with question and answer. She is a fascinatingly extraordinary woman. It is hard to believe she is a former Somali Mohammedan for whom 9/11 led to some introspection, investigation, and rejection of Mohammedanism. Her advice is well worth heeding. Note that she is dead set against the poison of multi-culturalism.


AEI: Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


One of the items Ayaan touches on in presentation above is the way Mohammedans stifle and refuse to allow any discussion of imperfections in the ideology. Serge Trifkovic also discusses this on Front Page Magazine's site. (Of course, he uses the current favorite pseudo-con whipping boy for a foil.)

Furthermore, D'Souza uses "Islamophobia" with the implicit assumption that the term's meaning is well familiar to his readers. For the uninitiated it is nevertheless necessary to spell out its formal, legally tested definition, however. It is provided by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC), a lavishly-funded organ of the European Union. Based in Vienna, this body diligently tracks the instances of "Islamophobia" all over the Old Continent and summarizes them in its reports. The Monitoring Center's definition of Islamophobia includes eight salient features:

1. Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change. 2. Islam is seen as separate and "other." 3. Islam is seen as inferior to the West, barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist. 4. Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a clash of civilizations. 5. Islam is seen as a political ideology. 6. Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand. 7. Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society. 8. Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

This definition is obviously intended to preclude any possibility of meaningful discussion of Islam. The implication that Islamophobia thus defined demands legal sanction is a regular feature of the Race Relations Industry output. It also routinely refers to "institutional Islamophobia" as an inherent social and cultural sickness of most Western societies that needs to be rooted out by education, re-education, and legislation. In reality, of course, all eight proscribed statements are to some extent true. As I have argued in these pages and elsewhere,

FPM: Dinesh the Dhimmi


Sulejman Talovic, the Trolly Square shooter, left almost nothing behind him to indicate why he went on his rampage. He left no notes and didn't have a computer.

A TV station has interviewed his father, who has relatively poor English making him hard to understand. The father believes somebody had influenced his son. He describes a personality change that is not inconsistent with changes seen in other converts to jihadi views. And the mosque at which he attended prayers has produced at least one other radical in the past.

LGF: Video: SLC Killer's Father Believes Son Was Trained
LGF: Salt Lake City Killer's Father Believes His Son Was Trained


Hugh Fitzgerald touches on the lackluster, nay downright disgraceful, record of Mohammedans in science and medicine. He asserts the reason for this is the basic Mohammedan education that teaches students how to not think. So with their critical faculties turned off the Mohammedans are hopeless when it comes to advancing science.

The assorted crazinesses and conspiracy theories (I like best that well-known one about Neil Armstrong hearing the azan on the moon -- one giant step for Homo Islamicus, apparently) that are widely believed in the Islamic world provide yet another example of the susceptibility to lunatic ideas and the most absurd rumors among populations of people who have been brought up in societies where they are deliberately taught not to think.

For Islam teaches that Allah must never be questioned. The products of his will or whim are simply there. Ours not to reason why, for Allah Knows Best. And that is how the ask-mr-fatwas sites, in giving their opinions which have the effect of unappealable rulings to the inquiring ("Can I wear a bouffant hairdo?" "Can I defecate in a toilet if the water in the bowl is still?" "Can I inherit property from the parents of my 'reverted' spouse?") always conclude: Allah Knows Best.

"The habit of mental submission leads not only to susceptibility to every kind of crank belief, or even to the entertaining of two separate and contradictory beliefs."

Once he demonstrates the "can't think critically" thesis he moves on to the Mohammedan arrogance. "Muslims are inculcated with and exhibit a sense of superiority: we are Muslims, we are the Best People (cf. Qur'an 3:110), "Islam must dominate and is not to be dominated," Allah will prevail and Muslims have a right to, and will, rule everywhere."

He proposes using the disaffection and sense of conflict between the lack of ability to match the West in achievement with the concept that Mohammedans are superior critters as leverage for at least grabbing the attention of those few intelligent Mohammedans who can still think.

JW: Fitzgerald: Crazinesses and conspiracy theories


Qur'an 3.110


The headline indicates the planned super-mosque right outside the London Olympics venue is going to be turned down by the planning commission. At best I'd say it MAY be turned down.

With this report going public look for the Mohammedans to weep, wail, whine, and war over it. Yes, I expect violence in addition to the usual three "W" response of the Mohammedans to anything they don't like.

JWDW: UK: Supermosque for 70,000 'will be blocked'


This seems to be a moderately slow day. So how about some sexual entertainment. No, not that kind. I was thinking of entertaining reading about Mohammed's sex life. 11 wives at one time, marrying 9 year old girl, and even marrying your adopted son's wife sounds like some level of sexual indulgence well beyond the norms of society today. But that is not all. He also had slaves. And forcing sex on slaves was kinda neat, too, eh? Read about it.

RoP: The Sex Life of the Prophet



Daily Diatribe 20070218

CNN describes one of the ways al Qaeda and other extremist Mohammedan groups brainwash young men into being killers. Part of it relies on threats and coercion. Parts of it rely on relentless indoctrination. Basri, the single name of the killer of three Christian girls. On orders from the al Qaeda terrorists who'd radicalized him he beheaded them.

CNN: Terror suspects: Al Qaeda brainwashed us


Iran accuses the US of sponsoring terrorist attacks in Southern Iran. Of course, being Iranian they had to make it look bigger than it was at the very least. They showed an arms cache. But it was done fauxtography style. They cloned picture elements over and over again. Furthermore, there is no proof the material did not come from Iraq, where Iran has a rather significant presence, rather then anywhere in Iran.

LGF: Iranian Fauxtography Bust


Geert Wilders has managed to tee off the Saudis even more. This Dutch MP was already living under heavy guard so having nothing to lose he very strongly suggested that if Mohammedans wanted to live in Holland they'd best rip out about half of the Qur'an, first. (IMAO, This was a vast underestimate on his part.) The Saudis are seething mad demanding apologies - you know - the whole nine yards of typical annoyed Mohammedan whine.

LGF:Saudis Seething, Demanding Apologies from Wilders, Netherlands


Sometimes you just can provide enough evidence to get the media to declare your acts are Mohammedan terrorist inspired. For a case in point:

In February 1997, Palestinian English teacher Ali Abu Kamal went to the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building, pulled out a gun, and opened fire, killing one person and wounding six others before killing himself. Even though he carried letters ranting about the US and Israel, the media heavily promoted the story that he was despondent and suicidal after a financial loss.

Today the killer's daughter-who works for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian "refugees" (UNRWA)-admitted that this story was a complete fraud. She wants the world to know that her father was "martyred for patriotic motivations."

LGF: Ten Years After Empire State Terror Attack, the Truth Comes Out


Do NOT get into a religious argument with a Mohammedan unless you take adequate precautions, particularly with Mohammedan cabbies. Sigh! These bozos are so droll and predictable. There is a reason for that predictability, of course. It's in the Qur'an.

(via JihadWatch) WSMV: Cabbie Runs Down Students,
Religious Argument Leaves One Hospitalized


Pakistan has made the deal with the Taliban giving them autonomy in the South on the condition that they do not support terrorists. So of course, al Qaeda is building large training compounds in the area. Maybe a certain Pakistani leader needs to remember the threat he claims was leveled against Pakistan at the start of this mess. We can still do it.

And maybe we should. Do remember that hundreds of years ago the Mongols under Temujin er Genghis Kahn learned you cannot fight fair when you are fighting the Mohammedans. You need to reach then properly with utter brutality. A mushroom cloud is enough brutality, I think.

HA: NYT: Everything comin' up roses for Al Qaeda in Waziristan


And for some comedic relief on a slow day....

Mohammed's Believe It or Else!





Daily Diatribe 20070219

Fox News reports that Iran may be as little as six months from being able to enrich uranium on an industrial scale. Now, in UN years that is only one resolution away from now. I really wish we had Bolton ramrodding sanctions through the UN right now. Iran MUST be stopped. If it doesn't we go to the next step of the War on Terror site's predictions for the course of the future. Each step brings full scale planetary wide nuclear war close to hand. As I see things today there is NOTHING that will prevent a full nuclear WW-III scenario on the near horizon since nobody seems willing to act NOW, when sub-nuclear means can still work.

CNN: Iran 'close to enriching uranium'


And just to make life more interesting for that WoT site's schedule Iran is actively probing defenses along the Iran/Iraq border around the off shore oil terminals.

CNN: Officials: Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters


Heh - Mohammedans are crazy sometimes. It seems some terrorists have petitioned King Abdullah for more public involvement in the law making and government processes.


A petition addressed to King Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz was published on February 2, 2007 demanding economic, social, and political reforms in the country. [1] The 19 signatories stated that the success of reforms in Saudi Arabia depends on involving the public in decision-making by establishing a parliament through free elections, on ensuring just distribution of resources and on fighting poverty.

On the next day, February 3, 2007, some of the signatories were arrested on charges of collecting donations for funding terrorist activities.Some of the signatories are indeed known Islamists who support jihad in Iraq.

Well, that is the Saudi story and they're sticking to it. MEMRI has translated excerpts.

MEMRI: Saudi Petition Calling for Reforms Issued by Islamists who Support Terrorism


Charles Johnson has a very important point in a short posting at LGF. Honor killing is not just a Mohammedan problem. The recent case in the US in which a recent Iranian immigrant bludgeoned three women, his wife, his sister-in-law, and his mother-in-law, was not Mohammedan. He is an Assyrian Christian.

It is so tempting to ascribe all the world's ills to one of the prime contributors to the world's ills that one must be very careful to avoid that event.

LGF: Honor Killing in Chicago


Regarding the Iranian fauxtography report from yesterday some bloggers have dug a little deeper. The faux part of the picture gets deeper and deeper. The Winchester shell boxes were not military issue AK-47 shells. They were civilian type. Charles has a follow-up posting on LGF.

LGF: Iranian Fauxtography Update
LGF: LA Times Publishes Iran Propaganda Claim, Ignores Fauxtography


Sometimes even BBC does something right. It seems the "Truther" movement is a little too raw for BBC, a little too easy to see through. BBC ran a documentary about the "Truthers" and their extreme conspiracy theory that the Twin Towers were demolished by explosives rather than a progressive collapse from a weakened structure. They insist that the Pentagon plane was something much smaller than the aircraft that was supposed to have hit it. They also claim that flight 83 was empty when it went down. (That one REALLY puzzles me. Why empty it when the other three planes still had passengers aboard, people, real people, dead and in most cases literally vaporized in the crash and its aftermath. Find me those people. Prove they did not die. Prove the ticket manifests are false. "It stands to reason," is no argument here.)

Charles has excerpts of the show's video.

LGF: Video: BBC "Truther" Investigation


Marisol excerpts a French news agency, AFP, report that multiple teams of 10 to 20 terrorists each are being trained in Pakistan at this time. The training has been taking place for several months already. This corroborates a previous Newsweek report. The terrorists are equipped with British passports.

"Some in the Pentagon advocate air strikes on the camps and while others in the State Department worry that too much pressure will undermine the government of President Pervez Musharraf."

JW: U.S. Official: Multiple groups of jihadists training in Pakistan for attacks in West


As Charles puts it, "Here is a terrific video by Anti-CAIR at YouTube (thanks to News4U). Catch it before YouTube deletes it."

If the video leaves you doubtful then click through the second link below to Anti-CAIR's site. Then scroll downwards and start clicking at random on their evidence regarding CAIR's perfidy and intents. If THAT leaves you doubtful, I for one would consider you hopelessly brain damaged.

YouTube: Council on American-Islamic Relations Exposed


Robert posts, "Last night, Jihad Watch reader Eric sent me a link to a story in Qatar's The Peninsula, featuring remarks by Ahmed Younis, the former national director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). Eric included the piece in his email, but I clicked on the link, read the story at The Peninsula site, and decided to put it up in the morning."

The article itself is same old same old sort of trash talking about any people who speak ill in any manner against Mohammedanism, even those who condemn merely the "radical" terrorist strains of Mohammedanism. In this case a suggestion that the Mohammedans melt into American culture rather than remain aloof to it while living here and working to destroy our culture was not well received. IMAO they SHOULD melt in rather than become the scum that fails to melt and raises to the top. When they do form a separate scum that fails to melt they should be scrapped off and tossed aside. It is the melt which made America great, not the ghettos.

JW: Now you see it, now you don't: Ahmed Younis and the "Jewish lobby"
Google cached item for above.


The majority, 80%, of Canadian Mohammedans are happy to be Canadians. "Apparently "more than 80% of Canada's roughly 700,000 Muslims are broadly satisfied with their lives here.""

The news business calls this burying the lead. The really important item in the report is in the 20% who are not so happy. More like it's in the "Fully 12% of Muslim Canadians polled by Environics said the alleged terrorist plot -- that included kidnapping and beheading the prime minister and blowing up Parliament and the CBC -- was justified."

The CBC called this 12% a negligible amount. But given Canada's 700,000 Mohammedans just how negligible are 84,000 extremists who are quite happy with the idea of beheading the Canadian Prime Minister. Now, I know he is not wildly popular. But beheading is a little on the extreme side, methinks. But, I must note that it IS traditionally Mohammedan.

And Robert wryly notes at the bottom that it is not just Canadian Mohammedans who think this way. We have too many radicals in our country, too.

JW: "84,000 Canadian Muslims think it's justifiable
 to behead our democratically elected prime minister
 and blow up the very symbol and centre of our democracy!"


American Digest has a light update to a portion of George Orwell's essay of 1941, "The Lion and the Unicorn". With light touch up via an editor it reads as pertinently today as in 1941. This is the man who created the simple quote, "The quickest way to end a war is to lose it." When the priority is to end the war the politicians pay too little attention to the consequences of losing. We are about to fall victim to this if we let our critters in Washington decide without our getting on their backs for a little sense of reality.

(via Michelle) AT: Updating Orwell for Presidents' Day


Allahpundit reports about Baghdad becoming a fairly normal city with the Mahdi Army lying low. The strict religious law is not being enforced. Youths are gleefully playing in the streets. And even more interesting is how Sunni's and Shi'ites are celebrating prayers together in the same Mosque in Ghazalia.

Then he asks the next question. "How's Patraeus going to keep them (the Mahdi Army) from coming back?" My other question is, "What about the Sunni extremists?"

HA: Hopeful signs in Baghdad?


Kurdistan is a part of Iraq that is not reported on very often. It is too unexciting. For some reason CBS decided to report on it. Maybe be CBS has done a 60 minutes episode on it because they want to make the case for a separate Kurdistan, not a part of Iraq. The Bush way is to have a united Iraq, not even partitioned as a federation of states. (How little Bush remembers the way the United States started. sigh.) So while Bush pushes for no partition at all the liberals are pushing to partition Iraq with the Kurds getting Kurdistan (and Turkey getting indigestion), the Sunnis getting Central Iraq, and the Shi'ites getting the South as three distinct nations. Where is the defense for a lose confederation with strong state's rights? Won't somebody please adopt the radical middle position?

HA: Video: The Kurdish miracle on "60 Minutes"


Michael J. Totten has very complimentary remarks to make about the 12 minute CBS video above. He picks only one nit. The Iraqi flag is not banned in Kurdistan. It still flies in Suleimania in its old version from before Saddam scrawled "Allahu Akbar" across the flag. The Kurds seem to be the secular Mohammedans the world needs to see more of than we do. They surely seem to be genuinely nice people. (And burqas are conspicuously absent from the CBS video. So this might be correct. Although I did note that almost all the people seen on the streets are men. Women are still somewhat isolated it seems. When they do appear it is in decidedly Western but modest apparel - blouse and bluejeans rather than halter top and shorts. SOME Mohammedan ideas are not all that bad. {^_-})

MJT: The Other Iraq


Just as a refresher course for why the Serbs might have been just a little perturbed with the Albanians Islam Watch has posted a reminder of Albanian Mohammedan's role in the Holocaust. "Albanians murdered 7% of the Jews in Albania proper and 40% of the Jews in Kosovo." These are the savages that President Clinton supported.

"In fact, Albanians made up two Nazi SS Divisions, Skanderbeg and Handzar, the 13th Nazi SS Division formed in Bosnia and made up of Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Muslim Nazi SS troops."

IW: Albanian Muslims' Role in the Holocaust


Our military keeps its eye on the ball. They are studying the enemy we are fighting and understands they are not ragheads, beating their wives, and living in caves. We are fighting a very technologically adept enemy who can manipulate the web, media, power-point, and other forms of presentation quite adeptly for their ends. Even computer games are propaganda in their hands. Kudos should be awarded to our military for maintaining this awareness.

GMA News: West Point cadets told: 'Islamic terrorists' tech-savvy


Mumin Salih has a semi-humorous article about the infallible Allah learning through trial and error. It's an interesting take on the rampant self-contradictions within the Qur'an, abrogation not-with-standing.

IW: Infallible Allah's Learning Through Trials and Errors



Daily Diatribe 20070220

Lest we forget Pakistan is a Mohammedan society. Fanatics abound. And in a Mohammedan ruled society in which Sharia law takes precedence the fanatics are VERY hard to deal with.

Mohammad Sarwar is such a fanatic. He killed the Pakistani minister of social welfare for the Punjab province. She was a woman in a position of power AND she was not wearing full head covering. So the fanatic decided she needed to be killed. Now he is on modestly strong religious grounds here. This has served him well in the past.

But wait, it gets worse. He is well known for his fanaticism. He was held in 2002 in connection with the mutilation and death of four prostitutes. Be was never convicted. There seems to have been a lack of evidence. Of course, the most likely witnesses were other prostitutes. A woman's evidence is worth half a man's evidence in court. And a man who stands accused by women is not convicted without FOUR women witnesses. (Or two men who'd stand up to the fanatic.)

This is cited as indicating the failure of the government's failure to curb Mohammedan extremism. But, again, it is time to note that the extremists are the ones who are CORRECT by Sharia law. So it is VERY hard for a nominally Mohammedan government to curb them.

FN: Female Pakistani Minister Shot Dead for Refusing to Wear Veil


MEMRI has an interesting break down of the sophisticated uses which the radical Mohammedans have for the Internet. They cite how most of their propaganda and discussion groups are hosted on Western facilities. As I noted yesterday, our enemy is not a bunch of radical dudes living in caves with IQs between null and void. Our enemy is smart, has a well practiced over historical periods protocol for taking over enemies, and is using every resource that comes to hand in their fight against us.

MEMRI: Islamist Websites as an Integral Part of Jihad: A General Overview


Construction on the Iranian nuclear reactor is temporarily halted. The Iranians are not paying the Russians for the work. (But I doubt this will alter Putin's truculent refusal to support sanctions against Iran.)

MEMRI: Russians Halt Construction on Iranian Nuclear Reactor - Iran Not Paying Up


The whining little Mohammedans got their feelings hurt again. This time it was in Germany, Düsseldorf to be specific. "A Muslim leader criticized a (Carnival) float in the city of Düsseldorf that satirically suggested Islam was not peaceful."

Gee, it's all right to criticize Bush say with a float featuring the Statue of Liberty spanking Bush. It's just fine to show Bush as Uncle Sam going green sniffing the Iranian nuclear armpit. But it's not proper that one should in any way suggest that Mohammedanism is in any way connected with terrorism. There is a short pithy 8 letter word that fits here. It refers to the solid waste of fertile male cattle. Mohammedan excrement stinks just as much as anyone else's.

LGF: German Muslims Seething at Carnival Parade


Marisol updates a previous story about a proposed Afghani law that grants amnesty for all war crimes committed by mujahedeen fighters against the Russians. Now the upper house has approved of it as well. This sets a rather bad double standard precedent that does not look good for the future of Afghanistan.

JW: Afghanistan's upper house of parliament approves
resolution granting "mujahedeen" immunity from war crimes charges


Frank J Gaffney Jr wonders if the American Conservative Union is about to elect a very well connected (with radicals) "conservative" Mohammedan to one of its two vacant board of directors slots. Then he goes on to detail the background and connections of the candidate in question, Suhail Khan. He seems to have his fingers in quite a few particularly radical pieces of pie. Read about it at FPM. Extracted bits of it here would not convey the full effect.

FPM: Khan Job


The United States of America has had over a 200 year involvement with jihad and jihadis. More specifically we've been involved with them since we came into existence. Before that the people who would later on become the people of this nation were involved with jihad and jihadis through our British connection. This involved the payments to the Barbary leaders to stop them from capturing our ships and enslaving our seamen.

President Adams paid fully 20% of the national budget to these Mohammedan jihadis once we were no longer under the British protection. Thomas Jefferson was sent to talk with them about peace.

"The Adams Administration in 1790s was paying about 20 percent of its federal revenues in bribery to the Middle Eastern pirates. Thomas Jefferson was from the opposing school. He said that the more you paid off the pirates the more bribery they would demand. Jefferson said that any treaty signed with any individual pirate ruler - whether they be from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, or Libya - that treaty would only be good as long as the ruler's life."

That quote was from Michael J. Totten's interview with Michael Oren about Oren's new book, "Power, Faith, and Fantasy". Oren characterizes the book as "not a (just) military history, it's also a diplomatic, cultural, artistic, and economic history - I wanted to show Americans today that our experience in the Middle East has very deep roots."

Read more at the link below. It'll be worth your time. Oren shows that every time a President has violated Jefferson's wisdom we've come to grief, even when it was Eisenhower or Reagan who miscalculated our actions in the Middle East. You CANNOT deal with the Mohammedans. You must defeat them, utterly. (And then they will simply pop up to bug us yet again.)

PM: Power, Faith, and Fantasy in the Middle East



Daily Diatribe 200700221

One of CNN's more liberal nutcases, Christiane Amanpour, has taken new marching orders from Iran. She is supposed to sell the US on the idea that Iran is a natural ally for the US not an enemy. She sat down with a "senior Iranian government official" who espoused this idea. So she has taken it up as a good idea.

She ignores the basic support for terrorism from the Iranian state. She ignored their bellicose stance towards Israel. She ignored their rampant support for Hezbollah. She ignored their heavy support for the Shi'ite radical militias, like Mookie's boys, in Iraq.

The cute thing in her report is this statement, "We are natural allies. Why?" he said. "Because now the major threat for both Iran and the U.S.A. is al Qaeda."

So Iran wants us to solve their sectarian problems with the Sunnis, eh? Maybe sitting back and watching might be amusing if we could limit the weapons choices to avoid nukes. Regardless, I do not see a nation that has declared its intent to wipe us off the planet after they've finished dealing with Israel as any sort of potential ally, EVEN if Amahdinejad and Khamenei are kicked out and replaced with "more moderate Iranians".

It's the religion, not necessarily its practitioners, that is our enemy.

CNN: Iranian official offers glimpse from within: A desire for U.S. ally


MEMRI exposes a fauxdoc from the jihadis. A supposed massive attack on an allied compound in Afghanistan was not carried out with much in the way of military precision, to be sure.

"3. The mujahideen are seen walking towards the target in broad daylight, crossing an open area which offers no possibility of concealment, while U.S. helicopters supposedly circle overhead."

I'd like to note that this speaks well to the Mohammedans. It's meant to suggest Allah had clouded the minds of the people in the (empty) compound. This is right out of several verses in the Qur'an. It is very important to notice these little details as you check out the news reports. Propaganda films are as much targeted at Mohammedans as they are targeted to create fear on our part, a point MEMRI seems to have missed this time around.

MEMRI: Islamists Stage Jihad Attack for the
Purpose of Psychological Warfar
Qur'an 2.7: and on their eyes is a veil;


Remember the Plamegate supposed "outing" and all the fuss and bother over "outing" an inactive field agent? (Like, how could you forget so soon, hey?) Well, the Los Angeles Times has participated in the real thing. They managed to track down three of the "rendition" pilots by figuring out their real names. If I don't see very public and loud screaming about it REAL SOON NOW, I won't be surprised at all. Please do remember that the Times is a liberal rag. That gives it a golden ticket of "Absolute Moral Authority" they can put into play to get off free. We should NOT allow them to get off this time - or any other time.

LGF: LA Times Outs CIA Agents


Lest we forget that we're growing terrorists here at home with rather more proficiency than is strictly speaking wise consider this report from Chicago about another pair of would be jihadis nabbed midst plotting.

"Zubair A. Ahmed, 27, of suburban North Chicago, and Khaleel Ahmed, 26, of Chicago, were accused along with three other men who already had been under indictment on charges of plotting acts of terrorism against Americans overseas."

NBC5 (via LGF): Two Chicago-Area Men Arrested In Ohio Terrorism Case


The Times of London has an article about Anti-American feelings are soaring among Mohammedans. Keeping in mind that polls are only as useful as the honesty of the answers and the quality of the questions asked this poll based article is worth reading. Anne at Jihad Watch highlights some of the important and significant findings. One such is that the wealthier and better educated Mohammedans are the ones more likely to radicalize.

JW: Muslims in Germany becoming "more religious,"
Islamic associations are "fostering the trend"


Sher Khan examines Mohammed's profession. "Thug" is the word that comes to mind along with maniac, cruel, and warlord.

Most Muslims claim and believe a myth - 'Mohammed only fought defensive wars; he never harmed anyone unless he was attacked.' Surprisingly, the Ahadith, Quran and Sirat Rasul Allah repeatedly prove otherwise. Here are a few examples from Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasullah, out of many incidents.

"THE RAID ON WADDAN WHICH WAS HIS FIRST RAID: ..until he reached Waddan, which is the raid of al-Abwa." (p 281).

"THE RAID ON BUWAT: .Then the apostle went raiding in the month of Rabiul-Awwal making for Quraish." (285).

"THE RAID ON SAFAWAN, WHICH IS THE FIRST RAID OF BADR: The apostle stayed only a few nights, less than ten, in Medina when he came back from raiding Al-'Ushayra..(286)

"THE RAID ON B.SULAYMAN IN AL-KUDR: The apostle stayed only seven nights in Medina before he himself made a raid against B.Sulayman." (360).

"THE RAID OF DHU AMARR: When the apostle returned from the raid of al-Sawiq he stayed in Medina for the rest of Dhu'l-Hijja, or nearly all of it. The he raided Najd..." (362).


Anyway, let's continue with Mohammed's business deals. At the end of Mohammed's life, he invaded Khyber where the Jewish tribe B. al-Nadr lived, and Kinana b. al-Rabi was the custodian of all the treasures that the tribe had. When inquired by the prophet of Islam, being a responsible person, he refused to disclose the whereabouts of the treasure. Ibn Ishaq reports in Sirat Rasul Allah,

"When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-Awwam, 'Torture him until you extract what he has,' so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was nearly dead." (515) . Tabari, another famous historian, describes the same event with more details:

"...the Messenger of God gave orders concerning him to al-Zubayr b. al-Awwam, saying, 'Torture him until you root out what he has.' Al-Zubayr kept twirling his fire stick in his breast until Kinanah almost expired..." (123).

Oddly, the prophet of Islam knew when the world would fall apart, and he had the ability to split the moon, yet he did not know where the treasure was hidden. Besides his inability, he did not hesitate to order torturing an innocent person. So much for defensive war!

In other words, a rather nasty minded charismatic thug.

IW: Muhammad's Profession: Booty Ahoy!




Daily Diatribe 20070222

A teacher brought an anti-Mohammedan screed to his grade school class. The Mohammedans are up in arms about it. CAIR is fulminating. This could be a good thing and it could be a bad thing. It all depends on precisely what is in the screed. If it was prepared carefully and accurately with full quotes from the Qur'an and Hadith then having this go to court would be a VERY good thing. One of the student's fathers is suing for slander. However, truth is an absolute counter for slander charges.

Sorry, bub, truth is ALWAYS free speech.

FN: Teen's Dad Says 'Anti-Muslim' Literature Handed Out in Class Isn't Freedom of Speech


Al Jazeera reports that the Taliban is getting ready for its spring offensive. 6,000 are ready now and the number "will rise to 10,000." And we're letting them do this in neighboring Pakistan unbothered. We learned in Korea that this is a dead end policy. Why do we still do it? We learned in Vietnam this is a dead end policy. Why do we still do it? Do we not really learn?

MEMRI: Taliban Recruiting Hundreds of Suicide Bombers
 for Major Attack on NATO Forces in the Spring: Al-Jazeera Reports


A mail and phone campaign about cabbies who refused to allow alcohol into their vehicles helped push the Minneapolis Airport Commission to consider harsher penalties for drivers who refuse to take part in a normal business transaction to drive a passenger and any material that will fit into the taxicab to the passenger's destination. The exceptions to this might reasonably include explosives or other dangerous substances. They certainly do not include alcohol, unless you are abiding by Shari'a law.

Daniel Pipes is again asking for mail and phone messages to the MAC as it is accepting public input at this time. Unless we want to have selective laws in this country where a person can decide, "I don't like your laws, I want my laws." we must stop this practice and urge the MAC to institute even harsher penalties than they are considering.

LGF: Help Prevent Shari'a at Twin Cities Airport


The Muslim Council of Britain is not urging that Britain's schools follow Shari'a law, for ALL students not just Mohammedans. If the British cave in to this then you can figure Europe has become Mohammedan. Watch for the blood baths to begin.

LGF: Muslim Council of Britain Steps Up Islamization Effort


Poor little Hamas babies cannot stand it that the US is holding back money because they continue to murder Jews and advocate the destruction of Israel.

The Jihad Watch has the news sourced from YNET. Note the paragraph that was highlighted in Marisol's report.

"Throughout the duration of the 'truce,' rockets launched from Gaza have continued to land in southern Israel, and security forces say they foiled many terrorist attacks aimed at targets within Israel."

LGF: Hamas Whines, Seethes, Threatens
JW: Hamas' military wing calls off "truce" with Israel


Marisol has more information on the attack by Mohammad Sarwar on a woman government minister which left her dead. It seems he is a serial killer who has confessed. Defects in the Shari'a based laws in Pakistan have allowed him to go free in the past despite the confessions. All I can say is read it and note the highlighted passages in the quote.

JWDW: Pak minister a victim of "Islamist serial killer"






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