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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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The BYTE Fiasco

I have been asked for photos of the model of INSS MacArthur. The original model I used for the book was destroyed in the earthquake. This one was sent by a reader, and alas, I have forgotten who it was, which is my fault and I regret it. But here is INSS MacArthur or at least a model thereof...

This model was originally the "Explorer ship Leif Ericson" published by a company whose name I have forgotten. I built it in about 1970 and used it for MacArthur in the novels. I suppose I ought to do a top view.

The shuttle bay doors are on top. I should get pictures that make it easier to see when opened and closed. They are very large.


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From Mike Zawistowski:

An addition link for this page 

All about the space ship model, the AMT Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser  l 



Received May, 2009:


Dear Dr. Pournelle,

On this page  you have the link:

"All about the space ship model, the AMT Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser"

That link has changed to: 

There's a re-direct on the old link, but it will be removed June 15, 2009.

There's a mention there of something I hadn't known, that the LEIF ERICSON was designed for AMT by the late Matt Jefferies, designer of the original starship ENTERPRISE, and the ERICSON design evolved out of the same original concept drawings as the ENTERPRISE ( ), just taken in a different direction. At one point, the ERICSON was being considered for use in the 1973 Saturday morning animated version of STAR TREK, to the point of appearing in some early storyboards. Later, Mr. Jefferies used the design again as a "hyperspace carrier" in a proposal for a t.v. series of WAR OF THE WORLDS along with George Pal, although "upside-down" from the way it's normally rendered, to make it slightly less recognizable from its source.

The new UCLA page links in turn to several other pages, with scale line drawings; some amazing CG renderings; caps, t-shirts, and mugs for sale with the LEIF ERICSON pictured; pages about your and Mr. Niven's INSS MACARTHUR, and lots of other interesting stuff. New kits of the ship (under the title "UFO Mystery Ship") are being manufactured and will be available for sale beginning in July.

Next year in Luna City,

David K. M. Klaus




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