This page is for site visitors to post remembrances and thoughts at the time of Dr. Pournelle’s passing (8 Sep 2017).  Your thoughts can be added using the form at the bottom of this page. Comments that are not related to words of encouragement or condolences will be removed.

Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send condolences and well wishes.

For those that are interested in Dr. Pournelle’s books, please see the e-books page or the Amazon page . Here’s a list of all of Jerry’s books: All The Books.

Jerry’s last post is here. The text of the eulogy given at the memorial is here. Site news is here. – Editor

1,226 Responses to Well-Wishing

  1. Douglas Lewis says:

    I’m sure Jerry was loving the show today! He helped point the way.

  2. John Harlow says:

    I wish the Doc could’ve seen the Falcon Heavy launch and the spectacular recovery of the booster stages today…

  3. Ariel Fabius says:

    It is said that you can never repay favors, you can only pay them forward. As untold numbers of his readers, and later as a participant in some debates in his online columns I stand in debt to Dr Pournelle for his many illuminating comments and for providing a forum where we could make our opinions known. Never mind if he agreed with them or not. He always provided reasoned information, guidance and the essential benefit of sharing the information to which he had access, an endless bounty of verified data.

    In his own special way he marked a road for many of us who are quite a bit younger (in my case almost exactly 23 years) and in so doing illuminated a critical view of life and living. I won’t even try to deal with the enjoyment his books provided.

    It was only today that with much sadness I learned of his passing, to his family and personal friends my condolences.

  4. Tim Hulse says:

    I am sad to hear of Dr. Pournelle’s passing and I offer my condolences to his family. I was an very engaged reader of most of his work, beginning in England in the 1970s. I was as impressed with his none-fiction work as well as his science fiction. Later, I would purchase Byte primarily for his column and its practical approach to problem-solving.
    I believe that he influenced many people, in the best possible way.

  5. Daniel Mojoli says:

    I grew up reading every article you wrote on Byte Magazine. I became a computer scientist because select people like you showed how fascinating pretentious pocket calculators could be.

    Thank you so much. Perhaps in an afterlife I’ll read your articles on hacking the universe’s virtual machine.

  6. Kurt Decoene (Belgium) says:

    I happen to bump into the first book of the Janissaries series somewhere in a second hand bookstore in the Scottish highlands. I loved it and I had incredible difficulties finding the two other books in the series (I finally found both as second hand books through amazon.com after 2 or 3 years).
    I always hoped he’d write another Janissaries book.

    I hadn’t realized I already had some of his other work in my bookshelf (Heorot series). I tried to find as many of his books I could in the following years.

    I’m sad to hear he passed away last September.
    My condolences…

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