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(8 Sep 2017 – 1130pm PDT) The site is experiencing a heavy load due to the number of visitors wishing to share their thoughts on Dr. Pournelle’s passing. You may experience ‘database errors’ or other problems during the next few days. Please be patient, the ‘web guy’ is adjusting things to reduce these impacts.

This site will be maintained – and we’ll let you know with updates on this page.

Rick Hellewell, the ‘web guy’

(9 Sep 2017 – 10:20am PDT)
The site is still under a heavy load, mainly because of all of the comments on the “Well Wishing” page. We’ve installed some caching controls, and added a page that will explain the problem when you can’t get to a page (a ’50x’ page, for you geeky types).

We’ve also fixed the eBooks page so that links to Jerry’s ebooks can be found on Amazon – or you can go to his Amazon book page here: .

We’re monitoring the site, but suspect there will continue to be access issues for a few days. And, we’ll be maintaining the site and adding new material gleaned from the ‘archives’. You might want to subscribe via that ‘Subscribe’ link over on the right (or below, for smaller screens).

11 Sep 2017 – 9:40am PDT) The number of visitors to the site has decreased to the point that the site is much more responsive, and is not having any of the 50x/timeout errors from before. Site visitors peaked at 4000/hr over the weekend, which is way over normal rates, and was the cause of the site problems. Right now, it is still high at about 450/hour, but that is a level that is not causing problems.

Many comments on the “Well-Wishing” page keep coming in. Thanks to those that took the time to leave a comment.

Site plans are still in flux, but we plan on keeping this place going for now.

13 Sep 2017 – 7:30pm PDT) The site continues to perform well, even with more visitors than usual (but not the amount a few days ago). “Well-Wishes” are still being shared by visitors; we appreciate those that took the time for a remembrance and condolences on Dr. P’s passing.

Ongoing plans for the site have not been decided; we expect that discussion will start next week. But we appreciate those that use the Contact page to express thoughts on how this place might continue. We appreciate those thoughts, and invite you to share what you would like to see on the site.

No further details on the memorial, but we will post them here when available. (As Jerry would say: “Real Soon Now”.) We will also do a mailing to all that have subscribed via the “Subscribe” box over on the right (or below, on smaller screens).

(14 Sep 2017) Jerry’s family added the following today (14 Sep 2017):

We are still making plans for a live stream of Jerry’s service. Details to follow.

In lieu of flowers or other memorials, please consider making a donation to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund, covering genre writers who need assistance. Start here: .


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