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Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send condolences and well wishes.

For those that are interested in Dr. Pournelle’s books, please see the e-books page or the Amazon page . Here’s a list of all of Jerry’s books: All The Books.

Jerry’s last post is here. The text of the eulogy given at the memorial is here. Site news is here. – Editor

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  1. Joel H. Steiner says:

    My favorite author ever, for over 40 years. I miss his books and columns.

  2. William Fuller says:

    I have always enjoyed his books and the way he told a story. His writing is among the finest I have read. So sorry he is gone.

  3. Mike Clark says:

    This isn’t my first contribution to this Well-Wishing message area, but two months later I feel I need to make one more contribution.

    When I consider the many works of his which I read and enjoyed over the years, I am saddened that some things that were in progress will not be finished.

    I have waited many years for the next installment of the Janissaries series, and recall that he had written that he was close to complete on it. I was the originator of the Wikipedia article “Janissairies series” back in 2006, and recall some discussion among other editors concerning the incompleteness of the series (with “Mamelukes” so long in the making), and this leads me to want to suggest that perhaps his previous collaborator on the series, Roland Green, might be engaged to finish the book? I’m sure Jerry would have preferred his good work not to go to waste.

  4. Donald T. Stewart, MD says:

    I was so sad to learn today of Dr. Pournelle’s passing two months ago. It was mentioned in a web article about the Star Wars program.

    I first started reading his works in 1969, when I was 19, a student at the University of Washington, and came across the non-SF adventure novel Red Heroin, set in Seattle, and describing perfectly the U District where I lived (with scenes in the cafes I frequented). The RAH endorsement on the book jacket convinced me to buy it, and I was hooked on his writing for life.

    Of course, I read all of his SF novels, and enjoyed them, but just as important were his Byte articles, that I often discussed in depth with my father, who was a computer buff.

    Dr. Pournelle, through his writing, had a tremendous influence on the person I came to be. I last checked his web site blog a year or two ago, and it appeared at that time that his health was slowing him down, which was sad. However, reviewing the posts in the few months before his passing showed me today that he had recovered and seemed back to his “normal” thoughtful and insightful self, right up to the end. That, at least, was a bright spot.

    I wish his family, friends, and fans the best. His influence on many in my generation was tremendous and very positive.

  5. John W. Vinson says:

    I only met Dr. Pournelle once, at White Sands after the first public flight of DC-X, but he was a major influence on my life. I first read about the SSTO program in his Byte column, and I spent almost a decade trying to make it real on X-33. I'm afraid we let you down Jerry, but I would do it all again.

    Thank you for the childhood pleasure of reading your fiction, the knowledge from A Step Further Out, and the inspiration to try to make the vision real.

  6. Mark Schaeber says:

    We have lost one of the wise men of our age. I first encountered Dr. Pournelle’s works when I was in high school in the late 70s. In a pessimistic age, his books contained a sense of optimism that I found refreshing and invigorating.

    Later on I was privileged to be able to read Dr. Pournelle’s commentary on this website. He conveyed much wisdom and sound thought, and again provided me a sense of reassurance in a seemingly insane world.

    Our Lord in Heaven has surely welcomed you unto Himself, Dr. Pournelle. You are missed.

  7. Robert Porter says:

    Our world lost a bit of its light. Having read his columns from the Byte days forward as well as having read many of his books I can state with no doubt whatsoever that Dr. Pournelle will be missed sorely. And he cannot be replaced. I remember the thrill of having him reply to an email or reply via this site, only a few times but each is a treasured memory.

    My thoughts to his family and of course to the greater family he included all of us in.

    Clear sailing and calm seas sir.

  8. Carl R Beevers says:

    Farewell and thank you for years of entertaining education. Valhalla awaits.

  9. Brian Jacobs says:

    We have lost a lot of computer pioneers lately – Jerry, David Bunell and a few others who weren’t as well know as Jerry. I have been following Chaos Manor off and on for years and have read many of his sci-fi books.

    Condolences to the family. We share your sorrow.

  10. Curt Behm says:

    He will be sorely missed. In these troubling times I will miss his insights and vast knowledge. I am so saddened that all else I can say is he will be remembered with great fondness and respect.

  11. David Hewins says:

    Jerry will be missed! I think he always addressed issues head on and gave sound economic and philosophical answers to current problems. And he was not afraid to admit things he didn’t know!

    I hope the family and others will team up to keep his website and works available at low or minimal cost. They are very valuable, and it is convenient to have them online for quick access.

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