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Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send condolences and well wishes.

For those that are interested in Dr. Pournelle’s books, please see the e-books page or the Amazon page . Here’s a list of all of Jerry’s books: All The Books.

Jerry’s last post is here. The text of the eulogy given at the memorial is here. Site news is here. – Editor

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  1. John Rolater says:

    I was very sorry to learn of the passing of Dr. Jerry Pournelle. I began reading his science fiction books in the ’80s and every time I went to a bookstore after that I always looked for new books under his name first. I learned a great deal from his works, both fiction, non-fiction, and online. His words and thoughts have profoundly affected my life.

  2. Norm Abookire says:

    An “old” Byte subscriber – got a big stack of them somewhere – “Notes from Chaos Manor” was always a favorite.

    I read and Mr. Pournelle’s work, whether solo or collaboration, hours of enjoyment.

    He is missed.

  3. Tony4219 says:

    Thanks for all the memories, especially RealSoonNow which is part of my vocabulary since your Byte columns.

  4. Ax says:

    I purchased Mote literally the month of his passing, which I just learned about. I loved it and will continue to read his work.

    Thanks Jerry for your contributions towards making the ‘empire of man’ smarter.

    Please keep this site alIve.

    Love from India + Singapore


  5. Patrick Holley says:

    My last correspondence with Jerry was years ago and it was iconic of all our previous communications.

    I would send him hardware and tech data with all kinds of information and he would send a single word email.


    He truely got paid for his words because those emails to me were priceless.

  6. Cleaver says:

    I only today learned of Dr. Pournelle’s passing. His passion for knowledge and small computers fuelled my own. As a Canadian kid in a small town in the early 80’s, I often never had a chance to use the hardware he wrote about, but the Chaos Manor column kept me excited and informed until I finally did. I appreciate his opinions—I wouldn’t always agree, but I always learned.

    As great men and women of Dr. Pournelle’s generation pass, we lose their vision and experience. What remains is a model for how one person can through care, integrity and passion, impact so many.

  7. Eric Mack says:

    I have read many of his books, but it was this blog where I felt a personal connection. Such an intelligent and compassionate man. Thought of him today, how I miss his insights.
    To a life well lived, through physical problems that were hurdles but not daunting to such a man.
    God bless you, Jerry!

  8. Alex Averbuch says:

    I regularly read Chaos Manor since mid 80’s when my English reading was sufficient, and kept reading when BYTE stopped to exist. loved Jerry’s style, and professionalism in all his reviews and stories.

    I’ll Miss you.

    RIP Jerry Great man and great writer.

  9. Greg Sheldon says:

    I first discovered Jerry in Byte magazine, and from there his SF work along with Larry Niven. He was always so insightful on many things, and I loved reading his thoughts on the space industry in particular.

    RIP Jerry

  10. George Boynton says:

    Wow :`( I came here looking for an old maxim of Jerry’s about editors and always keeping an older version – may have even been a “Pournelle’s Law” category. I started reading his column in Byte (~1980?) and purchased a CP/M based S-100 CompuPro based on his experience and desire for a reliable machine. I already knew some programing but fell in love with PC based editors – the killer app for me. There were many twist and turns along the way and I loved to read his column – feeling a kindred spirit with his tag line – which I hope I haven’t butchered too much – “I do these stupid thing so that you don’t have to.” I know all good things must come to pass but I had been so happy to see his continued work over the many years I’d followed him. Even his documenting his personal struggles with disease, although hard to read, became very relevant to me. His personal and engaging style are a great model for technical subject writers.

    I will miss him. Thank you for keeping the site alive. My deepest condolences to you.

  11. Stephen Beare says:

    I am sorry to hear of Dr. Pournelle’s passing. I wish to pass my condolences to his family: a great man has passed. His ideas were always thought provoking. His books were entertaining. The things he did were remarkable. He was a leader in so many ways.
    He will be missed by many, all around our small, blue planet.

    One of the problems dealing with the passing of someone like Dr. Pournelle is dealing with the things he had unfinished. I hope his family can find someone to complete some of his unfinished stories. However, finding a person good enough and trustworthy enough will be difficult.

    I was shocked to hear of his passing. Truly the world will be a poorer place now that he is gone. I can hope that those inspired by his writings and character can continue to promote his memory and ideals.

    To his friends and family, though I know you not, I would wish you peace. It is never good to lose a loved one. But his memory will live on in the minds of all of those he touched.

    He will be missed. But his memory will go on.

  12. Fred Stephenson says:

    Very simple: I remember Jerry from the Byte publication days and I never missed a column. Irreplaceable.

    So long Jerry and best wishes.

  13. Pat says:


    I will miss you very much. My goal is to read all of your books, which inspire me now as they did 50 years ago. You now know the secret of what is beyond. Godpseed


  14. Scott Perdue says:

    I have been a devoted fan of Jerry Pournelle and his writings since the mid-70’s. I voraciously devoured his columns in Byte and every single book I could get my hands on. All things must pass, but by any measure at all Jerry Pournelle has achieved great success and touched the lives of thousands and we are ALL better for it. No man could ask for a better legacy than this. My condolences and prayers go with the family. Thank you all for all you’ve done and especially Jennifer for the excellent Eulogy and I hope you can find a way to keep the site going!

  15. Bart Prine says:

    I read her eulogy. Exactly the man I was fortunate to know.

    You don’t know me, We met when Van Vogt died. I was a disgusting little fan of his and of Dr Pournelle. I had no idea they knew each other.

    Pournelle’s King David’s Space Ship was to me a formative book in life. His Byte articles actually were why I bought the magazine.

    Pournelle would pick up a phone and call the chief Nobel Laureate to clarify a point. And he seemed to always get through. I know this is rambling… I JUST learned he passed. I will miss this good man.
    -Bart Prine

  16. David Clavadetscher says:

    My condolences to the family. I was introduced to Dr. Pournelle by Frank, whom I was working with at the time, and he was very gracious to invite another friend of mine to meet him at his home in Sherman Oaks. My friend was a huge scifi reader and a great fan of his works. I have been trying to get in touch with Frank, please ask him to contact me at this email.

  17. Dave Spooner says:

    With all the news about the LA fires, I became concerned how Dr. Pournelle was impacted. Only to be greeted by his eulogy.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed his books and Chaos Manor for many, many years.

    As many others have stated, he will be missed. Both as an author, philosopher and political commentator.

    I really can’t express my sorrow. My prayers go out to everyone.

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