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Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send condolences and well wishes.

For those that are interested in Dr. Pournelle’s books, please see the e-books page or the Amazon page . Here’s a list of all of Jerry’s books: All The Books.

Jerry’s last post is here. The text of the eulogy given at the memorial is here. Site news is here. – Editor

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  1. Marc Hess, Cherry Hill, NJ says:

    Dr. Pournelle’s books had a great influence on me as a college student. Inferno motivated me to read Dante. Strategy of Technology and The Mercenary motivated me to serve in the military and as a federal agent. He precisely diagnosed the great and perhaps final dilemma of our times: WMD counter-proliferation requires a large and powerful global authority. But that brings its own problems and corruptions. RIP.

  2. Craig Arnold says:

    I always loved his sensible political commentary, the wonderful way he was able to bring his extensive knowledge and insight into current events whilst having no trouble keeping his moral compass during turbulent times.

    I loved his everyman reports in Chaos Manor and his journey through the great information revolution.

    And of course, most of all, his science-fiction writing.

    Some people put in far more than they take from the world, and Jerry was one of those. He made us all richer and the world is a better place for him having been in it.

    I sure will miss him.

  3. Lance A. Leventhal says:

    I first met Jerry in 1956, so I am probably the senior person on this blog. He was a friend of my music teacher, who decided I needed extra help on my way to college and beyond (no one in my family had ever been). He was always gracious with his time and advice to a nerd in the making. And he knew everything (or at least he seemed to when I was young). Whether it was car racing, sailing, directing plays, discussing Aristotelian logic, current politics, or ancient history, Jerry was an expert (and I was mostly excess baggage). But he treated me as an adult, introduced me to interesting books, subjects, and people, and encouraged me to take all kinds of classes (he was disappointed that my school offered no Greek, logic, or medieval history, but he sure made me take lots of Latin – I can still read building inscriptions very nicely). Quite a character, and he left me with plenty of stories to bore my children with. My regards to Roberta, Alex, and the rest of his family.

    Lance A. Leventhal

  4. Michael F. Stewart, MD says:

    His wit and wisdom will be greatly missed.

  5. Jeff Giedt says:

    It is with profound sadness that I learned of Dr. Pournelle’s passing. I discovered Jerry’s writing as a teen more than 30 years ago and have been an avid reader of his works ever since–having re-read several of his books many times. He was an author with few peers and fewer equals and always my favorite.

    Dr. Pournelle, you may be emulated, but you will never be replaced.

  6. jmze says:

    I just found out about Jerry Pournelle via reddit. I’m saddened to know such a great writer and interesting man has passed away before I had the pleasure of discovering his work — RIP, and I’ll be reading your backlog and wishing I had discovered your work sooner.

  7. Brian Tucker says:

    My sincere condolences to Dr. Pournelle’s family. I read Jerry’s column in Byte magazine for many years, read and enjoyed his fiction and appreciated his musings and commentary on this site from time to time over the years. I am one of the many who owe him a debt of gratitude; he will be missed.

  8. Philip Quardokus says:

    I attended Comdex in Chicago many years ago with my highest goal of meeting Jerry. He graciously chatted with me at the Byte Awards. His death is a loss to the world of one of God’s amazing gifts.

  9. Bob Keller says:

    Back in the ’70s The Mote in God’s Eye was required reading in a Science in Science Fiction physics class I had at Florida Technological University (now University of Central Florida). Since the his books have been required reading on my own lifetime reading list. A great mind who will be missed.

  10. Dan C says:

    Followed Jerry for most of my adult life. Love Mote in God’s Eye, Lucifer’s Hammer, et al. Subscribed to Byte because of Jerry’s column. RIP.

  11. Aphelion says:

    In 1978 at the Phoenix Worldcon i met Jerry Pournelle. I was planning an Air Force career and he was interested in talking with me about this. I think we talked for 30 minutes or so. He was friendly and full of good advice. That he would take the time to encourage a stranger impressed me.

    I have been reading his books and following him on Byte and Chaos Manor since then. While I never ran into Jerry again (I served in the Air Force all over the world and didn’t make it to any more Worldcons).

    Just got the hard back release of TWBW Vol 1 and 2. I expect I’ll have to get all of them.

  12. Paul Callaghan says:

    I have read the books and followed Doctor Pournelle’s ‘day book’ online diary and commentary for most of my adult life, and will miss his modestly expressed and reasoned discussions of ‘the way we live now’. I wish his family well and I’m sure his kindly expressed thoughts and opinions will say more about the good American, than much of what is written elsewhere within this relatively novel, social network environment we inhabit. God bless hm. his family, friends and even the better sort of opponent who actually new him. Best wishes from Paul Callaghan. RIP.

  13. Tom Mouat says:

    Such wonderful stories… They helped me so much as a bullied young man to escape my troubles… Thank you.

  14. Cleveland Watson says:

    Jerry, I followed your blog for years, and your writings far longer. Thank you for your imagination, clarity of thought, and honesty. “The Mote in God’s Eye” is one of my favorite novels, reread many times. I will miss you.

  15. cat says:

    He must have had a beautiful heart to write a story like Starswarm. I enjoyed listening to Jerry guest on podcasts and will miss his unique point of view.

  16. Mark Edwards says:

    Sad to hear of your passing. I always enjoyed your columns in Byte. It was a nice surprise to cross paths at Comdex. Thanks for many years of amusing tales.

  17. Mike B says:

    Jerry was the reason I subscribed to Byte back in the 1990s. I’ve been following and enjoying his writing ever since. I will miss him. Sincere condolences and all my positive thoughts to his family. Vale Chaos Manor.

  18. Doug Smith says:

    I don’t have the words. He was an example to us all of a life well lived.

  19. Scott Quinney says:

    Sad news. A loss for fans like me, and a much greater loss for his family. Dr. Pournelle influenced my world view – a priceless gift. I will miss his voice.

  20. James R. Hudson says:

    My deepest condolences to all of Dr. Jerry Pournelle’s family. I always enjoyed my trips down to LA to visit at Chaos Manor. Jerry, Roberta, and Alex always made me feel so welcome. I remember flying down to LA to give Jerry the 8087 add-in board I had designed for the Godbout 8088/8085 CPU board that Jerry had in his CompuPro computer (Circa 1982’ish)…. That seems like it was long long ago in a Galaxy far far away… Jerry was cooking his Chili, and gave me a bowl of it. First time I had ever seen anyone put Yellow Hominy in as an ingredient. I cooked up a big batch yesterday to honor Jerry’s memory. I will miss Jerry. RIP Jerry.

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