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Dr. Pournelle’s family appreciates those that have taken the time to send condolences and well wishes.

For those that are interested in Dr. Pournelle’s books, please see the e-books page or the Amazon page . Here’s a list of all of Jerry’s books: All The Books.

Jerry’s last post is here. The text of the eulogy given at the memorial is here. Site news is here. – Editor

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  1. John Gwinner says:

    My condolences to Dr Pournelle’s family.

    I always enjoyed his columns in Byte Magazine, his short stories, books, and novels. I even used one of his editorials (I forget if it was Analog or Glaxy) as the basis of a speech for a debate class (on Energy).

    I’ve been a fan of his for years, and had the great fortune to see him a couple of times, including speaking a bit with him at a GLAWS dinner.

    He will be missed. His works will live on, and that’s a great testament. I am looking forward as well to more Motie stories.

    == John ==

  2. James W Crawford says:

    I was a pesky pest as well as a fan of Dr Pournelle’s. Among my many sins was that after learning so much from Dr Pournelle from reading his columns as well as his fiction, I had the terminity to point out that the fusion powered photon drive that he and Niven used in THE MOTE IN GOD’S EYE actually has 1/20 of the theoretical Specific Impulse as a simpler fusion rocket. (The secret is that the fusion powered photon drive has less “reaction mass” than the fusion rocket). Dr Pournelle quipped that if I would actually build a fusion rocket and fusion powered photon drive, he would gladly test them to determine which had the higher Specific Impulse. Alas, I have failed to provide working hardware for testing.

    I also disagreed with Dr Pournelle about President George W Bush’s adoption of the NeoCon grand strategy of attempting to spread democracy thoughout the muslim world at the point of a bayonet. Dr Pournelle’s pessimism has been vindicated.
    If not for the fact that that hydraulic fracturing technology has given the US energy independance, the US would be in dire straights indeed. I now join Dr Pournelle among the ranks of the PaleoCons who advocates neoisolationism.

    No tribute to Dr Pournelle could be complete without offering condolences to Roberta and her children. Hopefully; Jennifer will continue writing in the THE MOTE IN GODS EYE universe.

  3. Regina L Reynante says:

    While words are of little use, add mine to the condolences and know that you and your family are in my thoughts. He was a truly amazing man!

  4. Jay R. Larsen says:

    Thanks for all of the greatness. I read your Byte columns as a kid, and then discovered your fiction and read it due to reading this site. Member for many years. RIP. The world is missing a vital force from this day forward.

    Thank You.

  5. Scott LeGear says:

    Byte magazine. Jerry’s column from Chaos Manor was always a delight. I deeply regret the passing of this voice from my world. At the same time I’m ever so respectful that he peopled the earth for the time that he did. Life is a gift and Jerry had a big bow on his package.

  6. Adrian Ashfield says:

    I was so sad to read that Jerry had passed away. Long,long ago he was a reliable source of help in computing. In later years I much enjoyed his science fiction and then read Chaos Manor for years.
    I will miss him.

  7. Marc Handelman says:

    My sincere condolences to the Pournelle family.

  8. Terry Romine says:

    A sad day, and my thoughts are with Jerry’s family. I knew him from his books and LASFS, although I doubt that he knew me.

    My favorite memory is standing with him on the stairs of Moscone Center during the West Coast Computer Faire (1983, I believe). I had just published my first game and as we stood there looking out over the vast sea of consumers and venders, he said with typical tongue in cheek, “isn’t it great to be in this industry during a resession.”

  9. Eric Buchanan says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of Jerry’s passing. I have been reading Jerry since his Byte days. I didn’t always agree with him but his thoughts were always well reasoned and I appreciated that. I will miss his commentary.

  10. Chris Spratt says:

    I was deeply saddened to learn that Dr Pournelle has passed away. I will miss his insight and wisdom greatly.

  11. Robert Matthew Hayball says:

    My sense of loss is much the same as what I felt at the time of Robert Heinlein’s passing. I have followed him as a favorite author since “A Space Ship for the King” first appeared in Analog, I own a copy 90+ percent of his books, and reread them
    regularly, since they are old and trusted friends. I hope the last Tran book gets finished up by one of his friend and colleagues.

    Dr Pournelle was a man who mattered; a man of wisdom and influence; decent, honorable, brilliant and uniquely talented. His name was never under the title as author or coauthor of any bad, or even mediocre, novel; anthology: or column; and his blog has been a joy over these last years. His absence leaves a hole in our civilization which will not be easily or quickly filled.

    My deepest sympathy and condolences to his widow; sons; extended family and colleagues, be proud of his life, and happy in your memories from sharing yours with his.

    His stories informed and influenced my careers, in the Navy and later, the Merchant Marine – and all for the good.

    “Mote” was as good as they get, and will remain a classic.

    When I depart on eternal patrol, I hope to finally meet him. Perhaps at CDR Pournelle’s welcome aboard reception at the USN Club up the hill from the Fleet Landing at Fiddler’s Green, in God’s good time. Maybe before that, the guy in charge at the gate is a seafaring man, and I’ll ask for directions…

    One thing for certain. If he shows up at the Submariners’ Bar there, and I’m in the place, his bill is on me.

    Rest in peace, Sir. Bravo Zulu. Thank you for all your good work.

  12. MD Vickery says:

    My condolences to Dr. Pournelle’s family. His fiction stands along with Robert Heinlein; his other works are outstanding on their own. He was a teacher, an explainer and a source of both wisdom and inquiry. I have long dreaded this day. Like millions of others, I will miss him for many reasons.


  13. David Macho says:

    A sad, sad day. Dr. Pournelle taught me so much on how and why governments work. His insight will be missed. I will truly miss him.

  14. George Williams says:

    Chaos Manor was a daily read for me. My deepest condolences to the family.

  15. Andrew Clapperton says:

    Dr. Jerry Pournelle was probably the first Science Fiction writer I read after discovering Science Fiction as a teen through Andre Norton’s books. Later I discovered Byte Magazine and his Chaos Manor column.

    His work has been with me most of my life.

    He will be greatly missed by many. My condolences to his family.

  16. Bruce Karsten says:

    I’ve read many of Jerry’s writings since he appeared in Byte Magazine and always found them enjoyable. I was quite interested to learn of his wide array of experience through his writings on Chaos Manor. My best to his family, he will be missed.

  17. James Pruett says:

    I read his writings with interest, profit, and appproval from the days of Byte Magazine. I shall miss his wise counsel greatly. I offer his family my deepest sympathy.

  18. James D. Pruett says:

    My sympathy toDr. Pournelle’s family. His is a great soul and I am confident that he left a great hole in your lives.
    I have been following his writings since the days of Byte Magazine and have always welcomed his technical information as well as his philosophical and religious musings. I shall miss learning from him.
    Rest in Peace.

  19. Jay Springer says:

    He will be missed. In noting his work on INFERNO and ESCAPE FROM HELL, I wonder what he would have made of Purgatory and Heaven. Perhaps, he is the protagonist of his last unwritten adventure in the latter even now…

  20. Laura Dolly says:

    My condolences to Dr. Pournelle’s family. I recently discovered his Chaos Manor column and have looked forward to each new post. He will be missed. RIP

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