WOTF Awards

Chaos Manor View Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony and dinner are later this afternoon, so this will be brief. I hope to be home in time to post a bunch of accumulated Mail, but I see that I am typing slow; it may have to wait until tomorrow.

WOTF makes too much of new writers so the winners need reminding that except for a very few, this is as good as it gets for years, but that shouldn’t discourage new writers from entering the contest. The week of instruction by Tim Powers and his guest speakers that all the quarterly winners get (all free, including transportation, room and board, etc.) is worth more than the Grand Prize. You can find the rules on line.

Anyway it’s time to get into my tux; actually I’m doing the tux with variations since my fingers cannot handle the studs and tie…


2300 Well it was fun, but it’s late and I better get to bed.  I still have pills to take.




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