We are in a war Obama will not admit.

Chaos Manor View, Tuesday, June 14, 2016



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[For homosexuals] Death is the sentence. We know there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this. Death is the sentence.

Imam Farrokh Sekaleshfar in an address at Hussein Islamic Center, Orlando. Florida, 2013


We have to start with the premise that the goal is to defeat the enemy.

Jim Woolsey



We are at war. This is not controversial. The Caliphate has formally declared it, and has claimed responsibility for the Orlando massacre, which was an act of war against the people of the United States.

President Barrack Hussein Obama does not accept that, nor does his former Secretary of State whom he has endorsed to assume the Presidency and carry on his regime. Their refusal to accept the state of war does not mean we are at peace. It does mean we have no war strategy.

That’s one war.

There is a second war, not quite so formal, but just as deadly, and it overlaps with the declared war. It is the worldwide war of Islam – not radical Islam, but Islam – against the homosexual community. Under Sharia Law homosexuals can be, and are, sentenced to death for homosexual acts. This is practiced by the ISIS – the Caliphate – in varying ways, including throwing gays off high buildings. Other Muslim countries employ other methods, the most usual being the traditional method of execution by the sword. Iran has chosen public hangings. This becomes war against the United States when they attack our citizens, at home or abroad.

Beyond that narrower war, there is yet another: the Koran proclaims perpetual war against infidels until they submit; until the world becomes one house, the house of submission; the House of Islam. There can be no other end to that war, although the Koran does allow truce; but truce is only truce. It cannot be peace.

The war against the Caliphate is the easier of of our two wars. It requires two sets of action.

One is domestic: we must defend our citizens. Since there is no defined field of battle – attacks can take place in nightclubs, county recreation centers, marathon races, and nearly anywhere citizens, gay or straight, assemble – we will need far more citizens in arms. That means civil defense programs. The need is acute, and I have proposed one action that can be taken quickly: require all the serving combat arms officers in the United States armed forces to BE armed, not just on duty, but at all times. When in uniform they should wear side arms, on and off post, as the British officers wore their Webleys with Sam Browne belts (given the sheer weight of a Webley the shoulder straps was needed). When not in uniform, they may carry a concealed weapon.

This alone would put tens of thousands of trained and responsible citizens in arms in many likely places of attack. It would complicate terrorist battle plans, reduce their frequency, and reduce their effectiveness. There would need to be rules of engagement, but we can argue those after we put armed men onto the battlefields of this war against America; but wee need the protection of the Army, and now.

That is defense, and cannot be decisive. We must also have an offense. The action required is a more conventional military operation: massive action against all Caliphate territories, so that it is a state no more. Reduce it to terrorists hiding in caves and spider holes. The way to do this is with overwhelming force. Give Libya to the Navy, and let the Admirals plan the air, sea, and Marine operations to recover all ISIL territories. Occupation of recovered ground is an international problem; it is unlikely that Secretary Kerry is sufficiently skilled to bring this off, and Hillary has already proven that it is beyond her abilities, but there is a good chance that someone more skilled could induce the Europeans and Britain to come up with a European force to do so. They have a large stake in restoring Libya to the community of nations; and after all, there is oil there. Surely some deal can be formed.

We will require at least three divisions, one of heavy armor, on the Iraq/Syria front. In addition, we will need all the A-10 close support aircraft, and sufficient other Air Force resources to destroy Caliphate air defenses, mostly missiles. A-10’s are the wrong instrument for that operation.

The actual conquest is our task, and like Iraq and Syria, will require a lot of military resources, but we have most of what we need. The important point is that it cannot be done gradually. It requires overwhelming force.

The more difficult war is with Islam itself. There are two phases to this as well. A good part of the first will have been accomplished when the Caliphate vanishes. Once they have no state, the resources for Islamic Jihad are greatly diminished, and it will be much more difficult to plan operations against the American homeland. They will have fewer recruits when it is clear that they do not have the favor of Allah. Once the Caliphate is destroyed we will need to distribute the former Caliphate territories; that will require negotiation skills that it is clear that neither Barrack Obama, nor Kerry, nor yet Hillary possess, lest we find ourselves entrapped in the Mesopotamian sand pits.

It is war, not law enforcement, that we need now. When the nation itself becomes the battlefield, armed citizens are the best defense of the land.



Newt on Orlando and President’s response


Phil Tharp


Newt takes on, respectfully, the President on Islamic Supremacy.


On Orlando — two months ago

I don’t know how legit this is, but it was posted two months ago:

The Scarlet Pimpernel


The Wall Street Journal says it’s true. http://www.wsj.com/articles/islams-jihad-against-homosexuals-1465859170






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Paul Ryan: A Muslim Ban is not in our country’s interests


They have all become idea-logs and lost all common sense. People like Ryan have had it too good for too long.


Obviously the Trump supporters believe so.  Mr. Ryan is trying to find a modus vivendi. I do point out that our last balanced budget happened under President William Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich. A conservative Speaker and a pragmatist President, in the days when the Clintons were pragmatic New Democrats. Hillary has long ago given up pragmatism.


“If our fleet of small numbers is so fragile that it cannot afford the loss of a single ship due to budgeting, how will it survive the inevitable losses of combat?” Commander Phillip E. Pournelle wrote in Proceedings.’



Roland Dobbins


replacing Americans with 3rd world companies


I hope they all speak up this election year. This has to stop.



The image says it all


What could I possibly add to this?




Trump: Man of Science?



Which of the many candidates for president this season is familiar with the SCIENCE of persuasion? Only Trump, until recently. He saved time and money by ignoring the stuff that doesn’t matter (facts) while putting all of his energy into the stuff that does. And it is working.

If you are NOT a trained persuader, the scientific consensus on the climate change PREDICTIONS seem solid to you. If most credible scientists are on the same side, that’s good enough.


If you ARE a trained persuader, you might believe the underlying data

shows human-made climate change, but you probably place LOW credibility

on the models that say it will destroy the world. In the worldview of a

trained persuader, mass-wrongness of experts is a routine feature of our

experience. We see it all the time. …

[end quote]

Long ago, at the end of _The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom_,

James Burnham asked whether a scientific approach to politics was

possible. He concluded that it was — an approach based on the

logico-experimental findings of Vilfredo Pareto and the other

Machiavellians, who found that humans actions are driven far more by

non-rational causes than by rational arguments grounded in

logico-experimental theories and results.

Somewhere, in the Valhalla where Thought-Warriors go, James Burnham is


Rod Montgomery==monty@starfief.com

Pareto was one of Asimov’s models for Hari Seldon and his science of psychohistory.  Pareto was a bit more modest in many of his claims. Burnham’s book is long out of print, but an audible version appears to be available. https://www.amazon.com/Machiavellians-Defenders-Freedom-James-Burnham/dp/1470889269/ref=tmm_abk_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&amp%3B%3Bqid=&amp%3Btag=chaosmanor-20  I have not listened to it.



The importance of the Caliphate

You seem to be placing a lot of faith in the idea that collapsing the Caliphate will keep angry disaffected Muslim men from executing these kind of terrorist attacks on Western targets. Unfortunately, it isn’t as if the world was free of Islamic terrorism before ISIS declared itself a Caliphate in 2014. Al Qaeda never declared itself a Caliphate or sought to claim and control territory, yet they were able to spread their ideology with some effectiveness, and had an ability to attract recruits and inspire actions from afar.
In comparing the two, is the greater effectiveness of ISIS in spreading radical Islam mainly the result of their Caliphate declaration, or is it as much the result of their greater mastery of social media? Perhaps Al Qaeda has been eclipsed by ISIS mainly because of their stubborn pursuit of ever more spectacular, centrally directed terrorist plots (which are easier to defend against), whereas ISIS never had that focus, and was able to seamlessly shift to a strategy of outsourced jihadism once the expansion of the Caliphate stalled?
I suppose, from an Islamic theological perspective, the association of ISIS with a Caliphate increases their legitimacy with some Muslims. But is that really a decisive factor when it comes to converting someone like Mateen into a jihadist? Was he a diligent scholar of Islam, persuaded by a theological argument, or just an angry Muslim who happened to associate himself with ISIS because it is the highest profile proponent of jihadism at the moment? Isn’t it quite possible that, absent the continued existence of the Caliphate, people like Mateen will have no trouble finding other sources of inspiration and justification for their actions?


The number a d sophistication of attacks on the United States (and in the United States) has increased since the proclamation of the Caliphate, while its existence gives enormous advantages to its recruiters and mission planners. They proclaim legitimacy and their open existence strongly supports that claim.  When they first declared war on us, we could have extirpated them with a single division of armored cavalry; it requires much more than that now.  They declared war on us; must we wait for them to gain equal strength?  How long would you wait?



Congress can authorize and require all commissioned officers of the United States to carry firearms at all times, on duty, off duty, and retired.

David Couvillon
Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Retired.; 
Former Governor of Wasit Province, Iraq; 
Righter of Wrongs; Wrong most of the time; 
Distinguished Expert, TV remote control; 
Chef de Hot Dog Excellence;  Avoider of Yard Work

But there can be legitimate concern about retired officers, possibly with stress related problems; I would not think they ought automatically to be included, particularly at first.  As part of a civil defense organization, yes. As a second phase, including retired officers would seem advisable.  We entrust the active duty officers with our sons and daughters; surely we can trust them with firearms.





Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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