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The View From Chaos Manos, Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Today was devoured by computers: the D Drive, which is the data drive for Alien Artifact, my older but very reliable main machine, Windows 10 now but Windows until not long ago, seems to have failed. It seems no longer to exist. Alien Artifact is behaving wildly. The C drive remains, with all the programs; and of course I have backups of all the important files, and a several days old backup of outlook.pst and all the mail I have received on other machines. It’s not a huge disaster, but it’s going to be a pain.

I’m doing this on Swan, a Windows 10 system in the back room. Swan is fast, but will stay here. I’ll convert to Eugene, the newest system in the house, as my main machine, and probably start construction on a new barn burner. And I may have later backups of outlook.pst; if not I’ll import all the Input files from another system, probably this one, and use rules to deal with that big food. It’s about time for all that anyway. I’ll report as I do it.


Dentist again today. Took the same route getting there as I did Monday, passing all the public works sites, and I have to say, at every site all the people were working; moreover, in the place where I saw 19 people doing nothing, today they were distributed among a good half dozen sites and digging holes at each, so I probably did see a planning session. I have to apologize for my remarks Monday. Not entirely; the local TV stations have been finding a number of public workers napping, or drinking, on the job and delight in publishing the incidents, so some do go on, but I obviously caught a statistical anomaly Monday. On the way back, they were just closing up for the day on the yearlong work site, and once again I saw no one goofing off. Good work, guys.


Cruz, and now Kasich have withdrawn; Trump will be the Republican candidate. When he started as one of a group of seventeen, no one I know thought he had a chance. I myself thought he was in in for a lark: he could afford it, he’d learn something, and he could obviously influence the direction of the debates; but everyone thought he wasn’t serious and hadn’t a chance even if he were.

A year later he’s the last man standing. Cruz, who ran him a hard campaign, was also anti Republican Establishment, a bona fide candidate, US Senator, serious, not thought of as a clown. Now he retires, defeated. If you add their votes together it comes to well over half of the Republicans voting in this year’s primary election going against the Republican leadership and establishment. Even the Stupid Party ought to get that message. They’ve had the purse strings yet the budget grows; bunny inspectors and other needless government workers remain; the size of government grows exponentially; there are more regulations all the time; 20% of American families now do not have one employed person in them; real unemployment as opposed to the artificial “official unemployment rate” is over 20%; the Depression continues; and nothing whatever has been done about unemployment. Jobs go overseas never to return, cheap goods flow in to be paid for with borrowed money, corporate profits and the Dow go up as employment stagnated; the public school system is in ruins – and the Republican Establishment wonders why no one trusts them.

And now there are mutters from otherwise intelligent people that they might have to vote for Hillary –first time I ever voted for a Democrat, and a left wing Democrat at that, but at least she’s not Trump. And yes I actually heard an intelligent friend say that.

My answer was simple. With Hillary you know it will be more of the same as we’ve had for the last 8 years. More Depression, and with it you will get a Liberal majority on the Supreme Court. Obama has already nominate the first one. Do you think the rest will be better?

“No, but—“

“I’m not through,” I said. “Trump has already said – said within hours of Scalia’s death – that he would appoint someone as much like Scalia as he could find: a scholar, original intention, literal black letter constitutionalist. He has already said he wants to make America great again. Maybe he can’t. Maybe he can’t build a wall and control the borders. But at least he wants to and will try. Hillary and Obama don’t even want to. Like Jimmy Carter and his national malaise, Hillary and Obama don’t think America will ever be great, doesn’t even deserve to be great. I don’t know what Trump can do, but at least I know he wants the same things you and I want, and I damn well know Hillary doesn’t want them.”

“I think I’ve been listening to the media too much.”

“Maybe you have. I repeat: Trump wants what you want. He may be able to do it. He doesn’t know how to build a wall, but then he doesn’t know how to build the Trump Towers. I’d rather have someone who at least wants what I want that Hillary who says she wants what I don’t want.”

“Ok, OK, OKAY. Enough”

And I suppose it is enough.


What would I have done if I’d been running Cruz’s campaign? First, I note, he’s anti District of Columbia Beltway Establishment. He says so. Of course he doesn’t attack them much. He attacks Trump, to the delight of the Establishment.

“Whoa,” says my friend the Cruz supporter. “He attacks them plenty”

“How do you know.”

“Come on, I read his web site.”

“Sure, I have so much Free Time. Do you think you become President by having a great web site? I learn what the candidates say by watching the news.”

“Yeah, but the media aren’t going to report anything but his attacks on Trump. They won’t be fair to Cruz!”

“Oh, you know that do you.’

“Sure, don’t you?”

“Oh, I know it all right. Why doesn’t Cruz?”

And that’s the point. If I know that the media are going to report the most vicious things I say about Mr. Trump, then I intend to be known for saying them or I am so stupid that I shouldn’t be running for office, It’s no accident I’m all over the TVB saying bad things about Mr. Trump

I also ought to know that he’s going to strike back, and he’s a lot better at that than I am. So my first rule for Cruz would have been, avoid going negative, and hope that Trump won’t start the billingsgate. He says he won’t. I can think he’s just being cynical hoping that I’ll start it, but I have better reasons not to start the mudslinging than he has.

So what do I do? I agree with nearly everything he is for, but I’m better qualified to make it happen. I avoid some issues, but I go for his most popular ones and say, yeah! Want that! And I can make it happen better than he can. I’ve got the experience of working in government, but I’m not the establishment any more than Mr. Trump is. Heck, I’ll offer him a cabinet post. I could use his energy in my administration.

And other words to that effect.


Election 2016


We now know who the Republican Presidential Candidate will be.

We know that the Democrat Candidate will likely be either Clinton or Sanders.

(Likely because Clinton may be under indictment before the Election and the Democrats may choose someone else.)

It really doesn’t make much difference who the Democrat Candidate is. The real issue in this Election is getting the Federal Government out of the way of the Economy. The onerous un-legislated Regulatory State will continue under a Democrat President. While it is not completely clear where Trump stands on this there is hope that some of this might be rolled back if he wins.

The choice is clear for those who love and cherish our Country.

Bob Holmes

I completely agree.  A majority on USSVC is at stake.  Suppose that goes to Hillary?




Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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