Message from Dr. Pournelle

Dr. Pournelle asked to have this posted:

Monday Dec. 25, I had a stroke.   I think my head is all right, and I am recovering.  Alas I used to be a touch typist and I am now learning to be a two finger typist.  At present I am a one finger typist.  Call it 1.1 finger, but after today’s therapy , maybe 1.2; I am learning. I just made the Spock sign.

Started a ramble to post, but it is easy with Windows 8 to have what you write vanish.  I will keep trying.

Please someone post in my blog that I am here and learning.  The Surface works but learning to use it and Outlook 13
after a stroke is hard enough and I am clumsy. But I am trying and think I will recover. But it takes time.

But I am coming back.

Comments are enabled for this post for any encouraging words from his many readers.


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  1. Chris N says:

    All the best and a speedy recovery. You can handle this!

  2. Cleve Watson says:

    Dr. Pournelle, I have been a fan of your work since the 70’s, and have enjoyed your blog immensely in recent years. I hope, pray, and am looking forward to, your full recovery.

  3. jim fuerstenberg says:

    I trust you will have a fast recovery! All my best.

  4. Frank Campbell says:

    God speed on a quick and complete recovery.

  5. ewan says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery !

  6. Mason Shaar says:

    You are in the thoughts and prayers of many. Godspeed to a quick recovery. No doubt there are all sorts of tools, software and hardware, that can be used in the process of recovery. That’s a nice chunk of reviews for “The User’s Column” — and a fair bit of stuff to help you recover quickly and fully.

    Best wishes to you, to your lovely wife, and to your family.

  7. Timothy says:

    You are in my prayers! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Carrington Dixon says:

    God bless you, and a speedy recovery.

  9. Robert Griswold says:

    Jerry, we (your friends) are glad to see you starting to post your thoughts. Keep at it. We will not be troubled by a typo here or there. Let’s hear your running commentary about the 2016 election. That should get the juices flowing!

  10. Curt Behm says:

    You have been a friend via your writings for a long time, including in my cargo pocket on a combat tour. I await your recovery so I can return to your world of honor and common sense. Thanks for everything so far and more good wishes for a speedy recovery!

  11. Good luck, Dr Pournelle. You’ve been in inspiration and enjoyable presence in my own writing. I look forward to more panels with you.

  12. Red County Pete says:

    Praying for a good recovery. God bless you and yours.

  13. Doug Smith says:

    Long time reader, first time emailer. Get well soon, I am still waiting for the last installment of Janissaries. All kidding aside, my heartfelt prayers are with you.

  14. Rod McFadden says:

    Go, Doc, go!
    Prayers ascending!

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