Endgame in Crimea; the hearing story postponed; a young prima dona discovered.

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St. Patrick’s Day

“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”

President Barack Obama, January 31, 2009

If a foreign government had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.

Glenn T. Seaborg, National Commission on Education, 1983


The President continues to say that he will never recognize the validity of the Crimean plebiscite despite the widespread views of foreign visitors to Crimea that it was in fact overwhelmingly in favor of joining Russia; and hints darkly of the terrible punishments Russia will have to endure now. President Putin does not seem to by paying much attention. The Germans are concerned because the real costs of the economic war President Obama is eager to declare will fall on Germany.


I spent yesterday at a paperback book fair and signing, and as usual after the book signing I had dinner with Larry Niven, Tim Powers, Karen Anderson, and John DeChancie. While at the fair I got a chance to talk to some other authors. This annual thing is a bit like the old SF conventions were in the early days, a place for fans and authors to get together and talk a bit. Modern conventions are bigger and more crowded, and better organized which rally means there isn’t much chance for just talking shop with other writers. We had a great dinner at the Glendale Outback.

Today I have a little more hearing in my left ear. Not much. It’s not loud enough for understanding. But it makes me think it’s possible they can reprogram the hearing aids. Alas, COSTCO says it will be three weeks before I can get an appointment for that. Disappointing, almost depressing. But nothing for it.

I had other things to say but I got this:

Hello Jerry,

You like opera. Therefore, you will like this.

It came from a Dutch friend locally and is from the Dutch version of ‘American Idol’ (???) or something similar.

If you got it from someone else, sorry for the duplication. If not, enjoy:

"This little 9 year old girl has had no

singing lessons, and was just getting over a cold. But she decided to show-up for her audition on " Holland ‘s Got Talent" anyway.

For those few of you that don’t speak Dutch, the video is sub-titled, although you won’t need those for the singing part.


Bob Ludwick

This is a nine year old girl singing the ingénue’s song to her father from Gianni Schicchi, and – well you have to watch it. One of the judges wondered if it were Maria Callas singing it. Then in the final she sang nessun dorma from Turandot. I have never heard this song – which was Pavarotti’s signum song, and clearly written for a tenor – sung by a soprano before. It is startlingly beautiful. This girl is very likely to become one of the great opera donna’s of all time. She has great poise and aplomb. If you have any interest in opera, go listen to her, and when that’s finished choose some of her other performances. She is astonishing.


I had other things I thought I would say, but we have both been feeling a little down today, and I have some other work to be done.




Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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