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No one seems to have commented to me about:

NASA Quietly Tests Engine That Uses No Fuel And Violates The Laws Of Physics

  • NASA has successfully tested a new space drive that doesn’t use a propellant and shouldn’t work, at least according to the laws of physics, according to a story that broke in Wired.UK. The drive, called the Cannae Drive, worked in the NASA directed test, defying physics.

I don’t blame them. It’s hard to believe. But if there is an aether, just perhaps — but of course there goes relativity both special and general. Just right for old fashioned science fiction, a bit awkward for modern…


West Bank – Total fertility rate – Historical Data Graphs per Year


Netanyahu’s rejection of a two State solution is being driven as much by demographic realities as politics.

James Crawford=

More data on demographic realities influencing the rejection of the two state solution.

Given the anticipated influx of refugees from Europe, Israel can retain Gaza and the West Bank while remaining majority Jewish. This trend could be reinforced by emigration from Gaza and the West Bank

James Crawford=

Even more data.

James Crawford

The numbers appear to be correct. The interpretation is debatable.


You say

They will have a bomb no more than two years from when they decide to get one. What they do with it is unpredictable, although Obama predicts that they will do no worse than North Korea


Two years from now Obama will not be in office.

Limp Dong Ugh is not suicidal.  He has a big mouth and talks a good story, but he knows if he sends a nuke South the retaliation will be merciless and his buddy Red China will look the other way.

In Iran’s part of the world ‘Suicide Bombing’ is part of the culture, a nuke in Israel might provoke retaliation, but they just might not care.


It would certainly worry me if I lived in Israel.

America, Iran, Israel and Nukes.

As I see it, if Iran nukes an American city, we’ll lose a couple hundred thousand people, take a big economic hit, and then we’ll come back and wipe Iran from the face of the Earth. A lot of people around the world don’t quite understand just how big and resilient the United States of America is; or just how much redundancy and spare resources we have. Barack Obama’s major blindspot is that he still acts like all Muslims are rational people, including fundamentalists, and would never do anything so self-destructive.
If Iran nukes Tel Aviv, that’s a devastating blow to Israel. Their country is too small to take more than a couple of nuclear hits and keep going. Of course I wouldn’t put it past an Islamic Fundamentalist group to nuke Jerusalem and then pin the blame of the Israelis saying they did it themselves as part of a conspiracy to attack Muslims. Netanyahu is fully cognizant of what the threat is, and how damaging it would be. Israel can’t afford to take the, “let the other guy throw the first punch” option. They absolutely must strike before a nuke is delivered.


Many share your view. At my age I am not digging shelters, and my old survival company is long dispersed.


Regarding white roofs and Earth’s heat balance

Another approach to the Global Warming problem, assuming it exists, that is just as easy as white roofs to undo (probably more so, in fact) is dumping a couple of hundred tons of fine iron filings into the tropical ocean in an appropriate place. Why? Well, it turns out that iron is the limiting factor for phytoplankton growth in quite large areas of the ocean. More iron, more phytoplankton; and of course the plankton is a CO2 sink.
As a side benefit, this would also improve the productivity of that patch of ocean too – which means more food, at least potentially.
Ian Campbell

SSPS, White Roofs & Dinner For Six

I am so willing to venture that white roofs would be a big help that I will forego the bet and offer to take your six to dinner. I don’t know when I will be in California (I live in Georgia), but I will pay up should I get there.
That is the kind of thinking we need. We have had an affect on the albedo of the planet, probably a net negative one. Painting roofs white, especially with titanium dioxide which has been shown to breakdown airborne pollutants, could go a long way towards
increasing the planet’s albedo. Mix it in with all of the concrete that goes into side walks and highways, too.
SSPS would be a huge step in the right direction for the environment as all we would need to control would be excess heat pollution.

Kevin L Keegan

SSPS net heat

Dear Jerry –

A couple of days ago you responded to a letter which suggested that an SSPS would produce significant heat by remarking

“SSPS can intercept heat that would come to the Earth anyway; no additional heat regardless of the efficiency of the operation. It can also gather energy from sunlight that would otherwise not come to Earth, if the concern is cooling.”

You might want to rethink this. At an altitude of 22,000 miles, an SSPS in geosync orbit will block the sun’s energy from reaching the earth about 6% of the time (8000 / 2 x pi x 22000) . Assuming the SSPS has a system power conversion efficiency of 25%, it will produce net heating of the earth as long as it operates for more than about 25% of its orbit.

Disabling an SSPS for 75% of its orbit seems an unlikely option, if the goal is “no additional heat”.


Jim Martin

You got me. I came up with that argument years ago, and you’re the first to challenge it. I haven’t done the maths, and you’re probably right. It isn’t a necessary argument anyway.


“We know that some of these bones belong to Cervantes.”


Roland Dobbins




Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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