Crisis in Ukraine. Ivan Skavinsky Skivar needed?

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“Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”

President Barack Obama, January 31, 2009


If a foreign government had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightfully consider it an act of war.

Glenn T. Seaborg, National Commission on Education, 1983



Crisis in Ukraine?

It looks as if Robert Kagan’s wife may have just managed to provoke a war in the Ukraine.




Roland Dobbins

The Russians say it is not their doing. Meanwhile, the Ukraine has been allowing the Tatars to come back to the Crimea after Stalin expelled them all these years ago, and many have come to their homeland. Including I presume the descendants of Abdul Abulbul Amir?

The Ukraine is within the Russian sphere by any measure I know of, certainly as much so as, say, Canada is in the American sphere of interest. Is this one of those territorial disputes in Europe that Washington warned us to avoid? Or has the world become so much smaller? I would not blame Mrs. Kagan, a career FSO and now Assistant Secretary of State for that region (ne Victoria Nuland).  I would like to ask her more about Benghazi. Dr. Robert Kagan is the son of Dan Kagan, the Yale historian and author of the best work on Thucydides I know of.

It’s morning and I have not had breakfast. More later.

And now this  So perhaps it will be Mrs. Kagan’s War…




Blood sugar last night after LASFS (where I succumbed to a slice of pizza, but only one) was 240. Took a second metformin. Blood sugar before breakfast 121. No change in hearing, right hearing fine, deaf as a post in left ear and hear nothing with or without the hearing aid. Steroids continue, will take six with lunch.


Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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