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Bookmark Test

[Note: this repeats some material from a previous post. That was part of the test. Apologies]

I have two ways of creating entries for this site. One is to use Word 2007 (soon to be 2010 I think), and put that into “Blog mode” as I call it by doing Office Button menu item Publish, select Blog. The first time I do that Word wants a bunch of information about the blog site, after which it now knows that site and offers to create a new post or download and edit previous posts. It has its tricks and turns. One quirk is that while it understands what bookmarks are and has a series of operations that will allow linking to bookmarks. What Blog Mode does NOT have is any way to insert bookmarks. None. Zero. I can open a new non-blog Word window, put in the line which I want to link to, insert a bookmark, mark and copy that line including the line above it, go back to Blog mod, and paste that in. This puts in the line and the bookmark. Alas it does it badly, and the result has been some of the idiocies you have seen sometimes here. That can be fixed by editing the html code – but Word Blog Mode does not offer me an html editor.

The second way to create an entry is with LiveWriter, which is part of the free Live package that Microsoft offers and would in fact incorporate into Windows were there not some buffoonery in Europe that says it is unfair competition for Microsoft to give awy with Windows what some European companies are trying to sell for money. They will let Microsoft give the Live package free, but you have to know to go find it and download it. Many users won’t know to do that, and may buy some other package instead. This is a fairness doctrine. To whom it is fair is debatable. In any event LiveWriter, like the lamented and no longer supported FrontPage – a superior program in my judgment – LiveWriter offers edit, edit source, and preview views of what you are working on. It will also let you bring in previous pages to edit – but there’s the first rub. LiveWriter does not believe that any page it did not create exists, or that has been my experience. This is in fact a test of that hypothesis: I am creating it in Word Blog mode. I will presently publish it. Then I will see if LiveWriter can find it.

A Test of Bookmark

I am going to create a bookmark to the line above and paste it in. Then I will link to it. I want to see what LiveWriter sees as code, assuming that LiveWriter will see this entry at all.

Here goes.

As hypothesized, LiveWritr never heard of this, and doesn’t believe it exists. I will now copy and paste this whole mess to LiveWriter to see what happens.

It has now been pasted, with the designation of test- x – lw as opposed to the previous designation. The link, while tedious to create, did work on line. Now what happens when I publish this? Here goes.

And that worked. I also note that the list of latest posts lists both x and x –lw. Of course it would. But does that mean that x can be imported to edit here in LiveWriter now? That’s the next test. And the answer is NO. Although the “x”  version is in the Latest Posts list on the site, it does not appear in the menu to browse for latest posts to edit in LiveWriter.

I suppose the nest test should be to do this in the opposite order: create something in Plain old Word complete with bookmarks and links, copy and pasted that into LiveWriter, publish it, forget Word Blog mode entirely. I’ll try that next. Meanwhile the tests are done for the morning. I now need to do a Computing at Chaos Manor column. Thanks for putting up with all this mucking about. You’ll probably see this adventure in a column, since it’s part of the silly stuff I do so you don’t have to.

Meanwhile, BYTE launches shortly.

Dana Rohrabacher has a comment on the last Shuttle. Dana has not abandoned the dream. I have a ton of mail about the lady arrested for trying to grow a victory garden, and I’ll put up a selection with remarks in mail. And much more. Stay tuned.

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