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Chaos Manor Mail, Sunday, June 19, 2016

Liberalism is a philosophy of consolation for Western Civilization as it commits suicide.

Under Capitalism, the rich become powerful. Under Socialism, the powerful become rich.

Under Socialism, government employees become powerful.



I am pounding away on fiction with my ASUS ZenBook; the keyboard is great for two finger typists.  The mail has been accumulating, Alas, this is NOT presented in order of interest, or importance, or indeed any discernable order at all.



Correlation is not causation, but…


But, indeed. In another life when I was an OR man, we tried to make and solve models of real world processes and activities. We knew a secret that apparently modern science does not know: The Map Is Not the Territory. I learned that from A E Van Vogt’s space operas, which also got me reading Korzybski; but of course philosophy has known it for two thousand years, only they didn’t say it that way.

But the map is not the territory, and scientists as well as OR men must realize that.


Antarctic: past 8000 year warmer than today


Facts are stubborn things. There were dairy farms in Greenland during the Viking era; now those farms are mostly still under ice but emerging. There were grape vines in Vinland, now known as Newfoundland, We all learned this in grade school in Tennessee, but perhaps modern climate scientists didn’t have very good grade schools. Mine had four teachers for eight grades, but perhaps we were richer in Capleville. But somehow we had time to learn about Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky.







Subj: Murder by Gun Control, by L. Neil Smith

There is ample other red meat in today’s The Libertarian Enterprise, not surprising given that the Republicans are finally making caving noises at Obama post-Orlando gun-control push.

Denial of the right to self-defense is the essential prerequisite to mass murder. It is also, arguably, treason under the US Constitution (“…the right to keep and bear arms, being necessary to the security of a free state…” is fully consistent with the Framers’ intent and with their definition of “militia” in the aftermath of a Revolution whose first battles were fought to prevent British confiscation of arms).



Arnold Ahlert: Progressive Insanity Endangers America — The Patriot Post



SUBJ: The Orlando cop  Dear Jerry,

Please keep prompting for further facts on the Orlando first-responder-that-wasn’t. Like you I have been unable to find any significant details about his actions. Or lack thereof.

There is this:


But the article raises more questions than it answers. Timelines given and other details are vague. Very vague. I opine intentionally so.

The very premise of an armed professional on the scene is to run immediate interference and interception in cases precisely like this.

Didn’t happen. Full details of this are needful and none seem to be forthcoming. Or sought.

T’was not always thus! I am minded of Jeff Cooper’s story of an old-west Arizona sheriff’s instruction to his deputies when offered

violence: “Respond with disconcerting alacrity!” Didn’t happen in Orlando. Just didn’t.

The (always unspoken) premise of the gun-ban Moonbats is “give up your guns and the police will protect you.” Yeah. Right.

It is well-known in today’s Kop Kultur that “Job one is going home safe at shift-end.” Well all the cops did and 49 civilians didn’t. The equation damned well doesn’t balance.

It seems the OPD is indulging in the time-honored government agency practice of misdirecting public interest until the Usual Suspects (i.e.

you, me and the NRA) have been safely court-martialed, shot and sent to the Russian Front. Six months from now there’s be a chorus of “At this point what difference does it make??”

And it seems to be working. Indeed, yours is the only internet board on which I have even seen the topic raised.

But there are those (of us!) who smell a rat.

Please keep asking, Jerry. Your bully pulpit has longer legs than you may realize.



It now appears that the off duty officer exchanged fire – probably at a distance – with the shooter, then was joined by a radio car team, who also exchanged fire with him. No one was reported hurt in either firefight, but the shooter then retreated into a bathroom, and the three officers declined to follow him in. Other officers arrived on the scene, and they took the period of relative calm to evacuate more civilians; presumably a watch was set to keep the shooter in the bathroom to which he had retreated with an unknown number of hostages. The shooter then began posting on Facebook and elsewhere, swearing allegiance to the Caliphate, and boasting of explosives and suicide vests.

Other more senior ranks came up and decided to evacuate all savable civilians before renewing the engagement, It is not clear how many, if any, of the nearly 100 casualties were wounded or killed in the three hours of relative calm, and that number may be zero; I have been unable to get an accurate timetable.

I conclude from what I have learned that the lone off duty officer, faced with an unknown number of assailants, one of whom was certainly better armed than he was, acted sensibly in not rushing the shooter, and after he was joined by the patrol car, the three of them, having driven the shooter into a bathroom, certainly had ample cause to decide to await reinforcements and higher command. They were still unaware of how many they faced; they did know that at least one was quite well armed.

Having said that, I remain curious about the long delays in releasing so little information, which is the only reason I have for skepticism about the above otherwise reasonable account.


Dr Pournelle

In Donald Trump’s attack on President Obama’s refusal to say ‘radical Islam’ and the President’s angry response, I detect Trump’s successful campaign strategy: he is not going to campaign against Hillary Clinton; he is going to campaign against Obama. And every Trump ad will end with a photo of Obama and Clinton together.

Quite possibly.


War Against the Caliphate

Hi, Jerry.    You propose: “I have proposed one action that can be taken quickly: require all the serving combat arms officers in the United States armed forces to BE armed, not just on duty, but at all times.”

Military “retirees” are in a status of reduced pay for reduced service;  we’re not actually “retired”.   That’s why military retirees who leave the country can lose their pensions.  Retired officers should be offered the same opportunity. And I’d suggest that senior NCO’s, E6 and above, should _also_ be routinely armed.

Ken Mitchell 

My only reservation is tactical: it should be easier to get Congressional Mandate that active duty combat officers of the armed services be required to be armed at all times during this state of war without adding retired officers and noncoms to the initial package. I would support adding senior noncoms, then retired officers, then other retired military combat personnel over time.

The goal is to have a well regulated militia available at a minute’s notice. I wonder what we can call them.


A way to use your ZenBook as an external keyboard –

Jerry, you mentioned your budding love affair with your new keyboard (I hope Mrs. P. isn’t jealous of the sweet young thing), and that you wish you could use a ZenBook as essentially an external keyboard for Eugene.

There is a way to do this, but not in exactly the way you describe. Remember Microcom’s “Carbon Copy” software that let you operate a host computer remotely from a client? Same thing is still possible.
You can use a Remote Desktop Connection from one Windows computer to operate another Windows computer remotely. At one time (and maybe still) at least one of the two computers had to be at least a Windows Pro or a Windows server. There are other tools that do the same thing and don’t require a premium version of the OS, such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk, a number of VNC clones. Your regular tech support people will be able to advise.

The basic idea is that your client computer displays the screen from your host computer, and the client’s mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals act as if they were attached to the host computer. When I take my laptop to the remote project site, I use a VPN connection back to my office, and connect to my desktop machine, which has all the development and database management software on it. My laptop has minimal software, just the basic Microsoft Office and a few other things. I do the bulk of my writing and drawing on the laptop but remote into the desktop whenever I need to research something in the database. There is no noticeable delay when I work on the slower laptop because the work is actually being done by the desktop machine back at the office. All the laptop has to do is display what the desktop puts on the screen.

With the right configuration selected, I am able to print to either site, and I can copy and paste between computers with Control-C and Control-V. I literally can Ctrl-C on the laptop, Alt-tab over to the Remote Desktop session, and Ctrl-V to paste onto the desktop, or vice versa.
The two machine’s hard drives are directly accessible to each other. (As I recall, this took a little bit of configuring to achieve and was not the default.)

I hope this is helpful. I can begin to imagine how frustrating this is for you.

Here are a couple of links to speed your research. The comments have a fair amount of useful info, as well.

One comment mentions Remote Utilities, which appears to be free for business users with up to 10 remote PCs: https://www.remoteutilities.com

On Jun 12, 2016 12:57 AM, “Jerry Pournelle” <jerryp@jerrypournelle.com> wrote:

It’s copy and paste between the machines I need to do.  How hard is that to set up?  Thanks!

A way to use your Zenbook as an external keyboard –

Like so many things with Windows, you have to start by holding your mouth just right. Okay, not really, but you know what I mean.

It’s been a while and I don’t have the work laptop here for the weekend. I did recall that it was done when I first set up the connection, so with that in mind I did some searching. This fixit guide does a good job of taking people through configuring the connection. On Monday I will look at the connection settings I use for work but this should get you pretty close.



I believe I am homing in on a solution. I love the ASUS ZenBook’s keyboard, and heartily recommend it to skilled touch typists who have been reduced by a stroke to two finger typists who stare at the keyboard. The ZenBook has improved my productivity by 100 % I am sure.


TPAJAX and Khomeini

Based on my discussions with people who were involved in the politics of the day, following TPAJAX, the Shah said they would “no longer pay tax to the blue eyed brothers”. This preceded policy changes that made the Shah a persona non grata with his benefactors who installed him.

Many men told me that CIA had a hand to play in placing Khomeini in power. Then, they say, Khomeini turned against the United States.

When I mention this among middle class folks, I get scoffed at. When I mention this among intellectuals or people who higher socioeconomic status I’m either greeted with knowing grins or curious looks.

Well, it seems we have more evidence to support the views that I accepted long ago:


The BBC’s reporting suggests that the Carter administration took heed of Khomeini’s pledges, and in effect paved the way for his return by holding the Iranian army back from launching a military coup.

The BBC Persian service obtained a draft message Washington had prepared as a response to Khomeini, which welcomed the ayatollah’s direct communications, but was never sent.

The corporation also published a previously released but unnoticed declassified 1980 CIA analysis titled Islam in Iran, which shows Khomeini’s initial attempts to reach out to the US dated back to 1963,

16 years before the revolution.



◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Most Respectfully,

Joshua Jordan, KSC

Percussa Resurgo


Speaker Ryan’s Better Way to Fight Poverty



Speaker Ryan’s Better Way to Fight Poverty

The Washington Times
June 10, 2016
Newt Gingrich

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It has been more than half a century since President Lyndon Johnson announced the War on Poverty, a vast expansion of the welfare state aimed at lifting up America’s poor.

Yet after three generations and tens of trillions of dollars, Americans who are born into poverty today are just as likely to remain stuck in poverty as they were when Lyndon Johnson made the issue a national priority in 1964. 52 years later, it is time to admit that we have lost the war.

It is clear that we must rethink our approach to poverty if we are committed to every American having the right to pursue happiness.[snip]





DNC to Build Wall Around Convention!

Isn’t it the left that’s crying about the very idea of having a wall and protecting US sovereignty? And now the left wants to build a wall

around the DNC convention? HAHAHAHHAHA

It’s in the video.


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Most Respectfully,

Joshua Jordan, KSC

Percussa Resurgo


Subj: Trump: Man of Science?



Which of the many candidates for president this season is familiar with the SCIENCE of persuasion? Only Trump, until recently. He saved time and money by ignoring the stuff that doesn’t matter (facts) while putting all of his energy into the stuff that does. And it is working.

If you are NOT a trained persuader, the scientific consensus on the climate change PREDICTIONS seem solid to you. If most credible scientists are on the same side, that’s good enough.


If you ARE a trained persuader, you might believe the underlying data

shows human-made climate change, but you probably place LOW credibility

on the models that say it will destroy the world. In the worldview of a

trained persuader, mass-wrongness of experts is a routine feature of our

experience. We see it all the time. …

[end quote]

Long ago, at the end of _The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom_,

James Burnham asked whether a scientific approach to politics was

possible. He concluded that it was — an approach based on the

logico-experimental findings of Vilfredo Pareto and the other

Machiavellians, who found that humans actions are driven far more by

non-rational causes than by rational arguments grounded in

logico-experimental theories and results.

Somewhere, in the Valhalla where Thought-Warriors go, James Burnham is


Rod Montgomery==monty@starfief.com


‘Because I’d recently read many other papers on the topic, once I came across the papers we’re discussing it is was immediately obvious to me that they’d reported their results wrong.’



Roland Dobbins


Handicap problems

Glad to hear that you are back working on Mamelukes. It is one of my favorite series and I have read all the books many times. This along with the Falkenberg series and King David’s Spaceship are my favorite stories. I wish there was a Kendal edition of The Prince because my hard copy is falling apart.
I am a year older than you and have many of the same problems. I had a minor stroke 16 years ago and had trouble typing. I never gave up touch typing and my typing speed is now back up to speed so don’t give up. My office and shop is in the basement and a stairlift has been a lifesaver. They aren’t that expensive and well worth the cost. Look into one.
I just found that the Project Mercury Astronaut’s Handbook I wrote back in 1960 can now be found on the Internet. Google SEDR-109.
Chuck Anderson


Gaming navigation apps in order to alter traffic flows through residential neighborhoods.



Roland Dobbins




Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.




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