Links to Reports

January 16, 2011


Actually this is just to preserve some links to reports I have done. There seems to be something wrong with the REPORT link in the header. This link leads to a page that points to two photo-illustrated reports of walking trips, one in Rome and the other in Paris. They’re both interesting and chatty stream of consciousness rambles, of the kind I used to do when I would take some of my seminar students on a walk at lunchtime back when I was in the professor business. points to the Reports Summary page. There are about a hundred reports, ranging from Macaulay’s Lays of Ancient Rome to the hilarious Dogs in Elk (don’t be drinking liquids when you read it) to The Day of the Tyrant. There’s a lot of good stuff in there and one day I’ll mine it better.

Chaos Manor Reports: A Guide


July 20, 2011

In June/July 2011 the Chaos Manor web site moved from a boutique web host maintained by my friends Greg Lincoln and Brian Bilbrey to Blue Host. The Chaos Manor Site has been around a long time, and we have accumulated a great deal of information, some of historical value only to those with an interest in the development of the Web, but some of continued interest, and a few of considerable importance.

Begin with the general summary page for Chaos Manor Reports at This page isn’t well organized, and it’s not entirely complete, but it’s about the best we have. It can also be confusing, because it points to just about everything, and it would take a while to browse through everything there. It is also in FrontPage, which means it is exceedingly hard to revise. Fortunately, this page is in the new and modern system, which makes it possible for me to make revisions and generally keep it up. It should be obvious that I prefer the old FrontPage, but that is no longer a supported program, and I’ve been advised that I will learn to love this WordPress system Real Soon Now.

There is a lot of interesting stuff here. It’s all free, but of course you are welcome to subscribe. Indeed I urge you to…

Some are long standing, such as The Iron Law of Bureaucracy. Some have to do with the Space Program. They are all worth attention.



There are also Science Reports, which has its own summary. It contains essays on:


There is also a special reports page listing reports I have recommended from time to time.



Other Reports recommended at one time of another. These include:



I will have more revisions of this page from time to time. There is a rich store of intellectual wealth in the Chaos Manor Reports, and while finding the gold among all the clutter can be confusing, it is often worthwhile. More another time; I’ll try to keep this page updates at leas a little.