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Think of VIEW as my column on the installment plan, but there are major differences; here you see what happens as it happened. That has some disadvantages: it's not as smooth as the column. There is little rewriting. It's a day book. This is the View "home page"; there is generally a new View each week, which ought to be sufficient hint for interpreting what those numbers down below are.

Many of the best discussions end up as Reports. See the Reports page for summaries. If you got here through an external link, you might want to look at the index page. Note that VIEW is personal, and isn't part of BYTE, and BYTE gets exclusives on the columns themselves. Of course BYTE is, ala, gone; but I do try to keep the column as it was in BYTE days. Clearly I can't do the work of 30 editors, but I try. VIEW covers the world as I see it, not just technology; it's a substitute for the seminar on Technology and Civilization that I used to conduct. The views expressed are of course my own. I tend to be a political centrist, but I define centrist in the terms of the Pournelle Political Axes, which was my PhD dissertation. Those who think I am a right wing extremist should read that before exploding. I try to keep my political views out of the column, but I make no such attempt here.

IF YOU SEND MAIL it may be published; if you want it private SAY SO AT THE TOP of the mail. I try to respect confidences, but there is only me, and this is Chaos Manor. For more about mail and mail formats, see the instructions.

The default font is Georgia, and I advise you to set your browser to that. It looks ever so much better than Times New Roman on screen.


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View began in June, 1998, and in general there is one page per week. For an index of the previous view pages, see VIEWDEX. For an attempt to keep track of this whole site, see  the New Order page, which tries to make order of chaos. These will be useful. For the rest, see What is this place? for some details on where you have got to.

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This is a day book. It's not all that well edited. The regular COMPUTING AT CHAOS MANOR column, 7,500 words, appears monthly, but not here: you get that at BYTE.COM

I try to keep this up daily, but sometimes I can't. I'll keep trying.


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