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Jerry Pournelle

Monday, May 30, 2005

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 This is the organization page for the TOPICS pages. TOPICS are projects and questions of interest that we expect to be current longer than simple inquiries and requests for suggestions. This came about when I realized that some topics continue over many weeks and months, and the letters from readers, and my replies, get scattered through the system and become hard to find.

For the most part TOPICS will be computer related, but we will see.


"If a foreign nation had imposed this system of education
on the United States we would rightly consider it an act of war."

Why the Kids Can't Read (June, 2004)

  How the Ashkenazi Got Their Smarts (June, 2004)

The Education Mess  (April 2004)

What Shall We Do About Spam?  Begun May 10, 2003


What Do We Want Our Fast Machines to Do?  May 10, 2003


How to Achieve Space Access: Prizes and SSTO (June 11, 2003)




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