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Monday, December 12, 2005

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The BYTE Fiasco


 This is the ALT "Home Page", which will direct you to the other pages in this section. ALT in this case is short for "can be way off topic" if you mean by "on-topic" mostly computer related.

This section began January 1, 1999.


Currently we have:

Altmail 6: Life in the Imperial City

SDI and The Wild Blue Yonder: some comments on strategic defense.

College Computers: what's the best to take to college?

Evolution, Micro and Macro: A long and frank discussion

Infantry and branch of service

Free Trade

The Military Debates of December 1999

Alt.Mail One January 4-1999 to February 14

Alt.Mail Two: February 15 to date

Marxism in the modern Age

  • Determinism and History

The New Era of Big Government

  • A prominent economist defends social democracy

Was Clinton Guilty?


Atl.Mail Special Topics