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Whatever way you subscribed, but particularly if you sent a check, BE SURE you send me an email note saying you did! Put "I Paid" in the subject line. It makes life a lot easier for me. I have the paper records, but I am not very good at paper processing. It also helps if you send the notice from the place you want mail sent to. That isn't required, but do be sure to make it clear where you want replies, notices, etc., sent.


Note that PAYPALS works fine. See the Paying For This Place page. Paypals automatically notifies me, and sends the mail address you used; you need send me a reminder only if you want an address different from the one PAYPALS has for you. If that's the case, send a change of address notice.

If you have sent in subscription money by mail, please do me a favor: Send me email   saying so, using the subject "I paid". I will then be able to check that against the paper mail I have, put all and only those in a separate folder, and generate a mailing list. That will be a LOT quicker and easier than my having to type in everything. [And in fact I have been doing this for months now. Works like a charm.]

Please try to send this using the email return address you want me to use. OR make it clear that you want a DIFFERENT address used, and tell me what that address is. Assume I am not very bright and you must explain it as if you were speaking to your neighbor's ten year old.

ALAS: If you DO NOT do this, it will probably take me a bit longer to get you on the electronic subscriber list since I have to check the paper against the electronic list.


   Send in YOUR NAME, how and when you subscribed or renewed (as best you remember), and both the old email and new email addresses:

old address = myoldaddress@wherewasit.foo

new address = mynewaddress@weherenow.foo

i.e. remember to make it clear which is old and which is new. 

And once again, THANKS!!

Page revised: Sunday, July 26, 2009