We are changing the ordering system to work better with PayPal, but PayPal works now.

If you have any questions send email to Roberta Pournelle, rjp@earthlink.net.


Her PayPal account is rjp@earthlink.net.


The program cost is $199.95. California residents add $19.99 California Sales tax.

Overseas shipment is $45.

Shipping and handling in the United States is $11.00.



A US order from anywhere but in California adds up to $210.95

A US Order from California adds up to                           $239.40

An overseas order costs                                                   $244.95



All prices are in US Dollars. To order:

Go to PayPal www.PayPal.com and click the "send money" option.

Send the requisite amount to PayPal account rjp@earthlink.net and give PayPal your shipping address information. If you'd like you can write to Roberta Pournelle first.  This system will change to a PayPal button soon, but for now this will work.

You can pay by PayPal account OR PayPal will allow you to use your American Express, Visa, or Master Card without your having to have a PayPal account. PayPal does all the collection and notifies us.

When you are done with the order through PayPal please send the order information with subject heading "reading program" to Roberta Pournelle, rjp@earthlink.net, just to be sure. You do NOT send any credit card information to Roberta Pournelle. PayPal takes care of all that and provides the secure connection.

Thank you.