<Literacy Connection - The Reading Program


The Literacy Connectionÿ PACKAGE CONTENTS

Your package of The Literacy Connection for Windows includes:

One CD-ROM containing the lesson files.

The application including seventy-five lessons with sounds, graphics and text.

The Word Jungle Game of seventy-five games.

The Student Database (Management System).

The following documentation is included:

Warranty – attached to CD-ROM.

Getting Started on The Literacy Connection – How to install Program.


Program Manual – (Only 8 Pages Long!) Brief description of operating the Program and its design with suggestions on use.

Copy of Milestones 1-4 (reproduce to meet your needs).

Copy of Telegram (reproduce at will).

"Using the Literacy Connection in the Classroom"

Blackline Story Booklets for reinforcement – copy at will

TLC Quick Placement Test.

Multi-Cultural Aspects of Word Jungle Game.


*It is recommended that you copy the CD-ROM to your hard disk and run it from there. Otherwise, the CD-ROM will have to rev up to speed each time it plays anything. This is caused by "Green" features on many machines.