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In the Classroom


After a couple of years of research and development of the Windows version of TLC we began testing it with individual students (described above) and in classrooms. 


By watching these students use the Windows version we saw places where it needed improvement or clarification and we went back to the drawing board.  We are extremely grateful to these students and their instructors.  The students gave us comments after a while and their insights into why they operated in a certain way with the software.  This was most valuable!  It caused us to change how we expressed ourselves in recordings for the CD-ROM. 


As a Reading Specialist I realized how important inflection was in using a word in context, how the direction were expressed, the timing and pitch placement. 

I had hoped that I could hand over the recording of each syllable, word and sentence to someone else.  I could NOT.  I tried with a couple of people but there was no joy.  Every few months I would become agitated that it was taking me so long to do the recording so that I was happy with the quality of presentation.  I would look around again for someone to take over the task.  Being in the middle of Hollywood I had plenty of skilled orators to choose from.  By the time you have recorded a syllable seven or eight times and checked the results you can begin to hate the job.  However, when I would turn to the kids to check how we were doing it was all worth it.  Kids who were failing in every sense of the word would perk up with the program and their shiny faces sent me back willingly to the little sound studio I had built in my miniature office.  Then I was good for another couple of months.


All this time I was receiving mounds of e-mail from parents, grandparents and teachers who were waiting for me to finish. I knew their need was real and pressing.  They had students who desperately needed the Software Program.  To all of those folks I apologize for taking so long.  However, I wanted to make sure we did it right. 


See below for statistical gains in classroom settings for the Windows version



GRADE FIVE  Program in use for two months.  April 11 - June 14, 2001 LA Unified Public School. Pupils were Hispanic, and English was not primary language at home.


PUPIL Pre-Test Post-Test Gain/Loss in years/months # Lessons completed
C Gonzalez K.7 2.9 +2 yr 2 mo 36
R Lomeli K.9 3.0 +2 yr 1 mo 24
Y Ferriera 1.1 3.6 + 2 yr 5 mo 30
F Chiquito 1.1 3.1 + 2 yr 15
E Flores 2.2 2.9 +7 mo 27
K Gonzalez 2.4 4.2 + 1yr 8 mo 16
M. Medina 2.4 6.3 +3 yr 9 mo 30
J Mays 2.4 5.7 + 3 yr 3 mo 15
J Cordero 3.5 4.8 + 1 yr 3 mo 30
A Padilla 3.9 5.3 +1 yr 4 mo 12