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This page contains information about new or enhanced features of this site, shown in ‘newest first’ order. Comments or suggestions welcomed through the Contact form. — Rick Hellewell (CellarWeb.com) – the site’s web guy.

8 Jan 2011

Your humble web site designer screwed up the weekly views of the View and Mail pages. That has been fixed. And I have given the web designer a “Gibb’s Slap” to help him remember the error of his ways. (Although it is difficult to give yourself a Gibb’s Slap.)

5 Jan 2011

A minor change to the background of the text area in the main area of the pages. The background is a little bit lighter so that the text has more of a contrast. This should make the text a bit easier to read.

Links on the right side now have a green dotted underline, to make it more clear that they are links.

The new “Starswarm” ebook link was added to the e-Books page.

19 Aug 2011

The right side now has a random showing of two of Dr. Pournelle’s e-books, with buttons to the product purchase page on Amazon and Barnes&Noble (as available). The complete listing of all of the e-books is on the e-Books page.

And a minor change to the “Supporting This Site” area on the right side; it’s now a list.

8 Aug 2011

The e-Books page now has a list of all of Dr. Pournelle’s books that are available on Amazon or Barnes&Noble. There are buttons below each cover image to get you to the book information page.

1 Aug 2011

By popular demand (ok, it was just one guy) there is a new choice on the menu bar. “The Week” will show all posts (Mail, View, Reports) in a Week view, ordered by oldest to newest.

The View / Mail / Reports menu choice has a sub-choice that will show those post categories in a oldest-to-newest view.

If you have any suggestions for the web site, use the Contact form.

28 July 2011

The ‘blimp’ is back. Yes, due to popular demand (there were at least three of you), we’ve added the famous email blimp to the ‘Contact’ page. A small thing, perhaps, but the web guy listens.

20 July 2011

Added a new “Tell a Friend” page that will send an email about this site to your friend. A great way to share! There’s also a new “Add to Favorites” link right next to that, so you can get the proper link in your Favorites list.

12 July 2011

Updated the “Tour” page to include some technical details about this site.

11 July 2011

The ‘e-books’ page now has two of Dr Pournelle’s ebooks available for the Kindle: “A Step Farther Out” and “Fallen Angels”.

9 July 2011

One of the features of the ‘old’ site that is missed by many is the organization of posts (View and Mail). The old site had all Views and Mails organized by weekly pages, with the most recent entry at the bottom of the page. This allowed visitors to read the posts in sequential order, a practice not normally followed in blogs these days.

But, for those that like the ‘weekly views’ of View and Mail, that option is now available for you. Look at the submenus of “View” and “Mail” for the “View – Weekly” and “View – Monthly”. This will show you a week’s worth of posts, in sequential order (Sunday to Saturday).

Links at the top of the new Weekly views will let you jump to a particular post. And the “Next Week” and “Previous Week” links are also available.

So, enjoy the new weekly views. If you have comments or suggestions, use the Contact page.

5 July 2011

The problem with the goofy underlining of bookmark ‘targets’ (as used in Mail) has been resolved.

The technical issue was an errant plugin that was changing the generated HTML code. The correct HTML/XHTML standard way to do a bookmark target (the place to jump to) is to use a <a id=’bookmark’ />; note that the closing tag (indicated by the slash character) is within the tag. The fix is to use this code <a id=’bookmark’></a>. (Note that the ‘id’ parameter is used, not the ‘name’ parameter; the ‘name’ parameter has been deprecated. The proper syntax is to use the ‘id’ parameter.) While the second is not technically correct, it will be interpreted correctly by the browser. And disable the errant plugin.

4 July 2011

The View and Mail menus have a new sub-choice that shows the current week’s entries, in date order (oldest to newest). This is for those that like the weekly view on the old site. This is the next step towards showing all content in an optional weekly view.

2 July 2011

Fixed the “Subscribe by Email” button. (That one had been bugging me all week.) Turned out to be a “SPE” (Stupid Programming Error), also known as a “SAF” (Smack Against Forehead).

1 July 2011

The View and Mail menu choices have a sub-choice that shows View/Mail entries from oldest to newest. This is a precursor to enabling views by week, in oldest to newest order.

30 June 2011

The Subscribe form will now process properly – there was a database problem because of the hosting move.

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